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i like it

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    Thank you!

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      ooh finally i saw someone from iraq xD lol

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        ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) thanks

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Very good! Thanks

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    WWOOOOW.I really got 10 of 10 correct ,and i would like to thank you both … that was useful lesson
    Ronnie keep doing funny and smart class like this

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    I liked too

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A lot of good tips in this video, thanks Ronnie! I’ll use them in my next meetings with the kids frequenting the local school here, since i have to organize a series of meetings with them every year. Thanks again.

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Thanks Ronnie for another way of practicing speaking English. I’d like to talk to my son but how can I speak to him If I still make o lot of mistakes. Don’t you think I can teach him to speak in incorrect way?

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Thanks Ronnie,
Nice video and Nice kid too.

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Thanks Ronnie for this lession. I have always practiced English speaking with my son who is studying English as well in kindergarten

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    can we chat on facebook my link is

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      Hi. I want chat with you on Facebook,too. But i can’t search Taqveem.arain because it’s not exit.My Link tvl2019

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      Yes sure, let’s talk on fb….my fb rustam xsm

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Thank you, Ronnie. Great and fun lesson :)

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Thank you Ronnie, I agree with you to practice speaking english with kids I thought I’m not feel shy when I talked to them. It feel comfortable and relax when I speaking.

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Thank you, Ronnie!

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    Do you have account Facebook

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very interesting video Ronnie,very inspiring,good idea bringing the kid to demonstrate. keep it up.

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Great Ronnie!

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Ronnie thank you for this lesson. Quiz 9/10

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Ronnie, thanks alot. you are the one.

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thanks a lot roonie, I’m happy learned with you in this channel. I’m a fucking stupid about English,

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Thanks Ronnie for this lesson.. I feel this way you have used to teach, getting a person to talk to you, is awesome..
I think the other students will agree with me

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Thanks a lot Ronnie!

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i am in China. i can’t see any videos on line. it’s strange that engvid doesn’t work well in China.

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Thanks Ronnie for this lesson !

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It’s absolutely useful & I’ve tried it before… it really worked
I love EngVid Cuz it brings the best way to learn English .

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It is really nice. Thanks a lot Ronnie!

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Thanks ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie and Mohamed ;)

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Thanks a lot for this lesson, it was fun.

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Oh Ronnie, you’re so funny and cool. I’m looking forward to your new lessons.

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I’m a child! Does someone want to be my pen-pal/pen friend? I really like meeting new people of any age! :)

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Good day, Ronnie! Thanks for a good lesson. I have my own child, he is a 1 year old boy. I want him to learn english earlier than i!

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Hello, I’m new here,teache let me say something, you’re so good in your job, you explain a lot of good, thanks for all.

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Nice lesson, Ronnie. Thanks

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Thanks, Ronnie and Mohamed, for this lesson about English conversation!

I perceive it sounds uncomfortable to talk to a strange kid in my country, because parents, with a certain amount of reason, may be a little paranoid about security here. Besides, only a few speak English well, as a second language.

Fortunately, Mohammed, I can understand you quite perfectly, except when you begin to speak this quickly! :) Really, several topics to talk, which I couldn’t ever imagine in this short period of time.

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excelent ronnie good job

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Thanks teacher:)

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thanks Ronnie and Muhamed. this class is pretty good!

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Hello Ronnie , Hello Mohamed .
Thanks for the tips.
Now , I can’t help thinking why a so clever young guy waste his time being passionate by GTA V and at the same time feeling so concerned by footballers’ health. Weird !
Take care

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Thanks you very much

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ok is very difficult

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Thank you so much Ronnie,i really loved that lesson :)

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thanks a lot ronnie and mohamed .mohamed really cute kid

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I definitely agree with her. When I was in Canada I was living with India family to have two kids. I talked to them everyday so I could practice my speaking English. Now I think I got my speaking English improved with those kids.

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thanks a lot it was amazing lesson

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am new

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simple to learn english with example
thanks a lot….

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I really like your lessons. I always learn something from them.

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nice video good start

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Nice for speak but in my country, We don’t have children who can talk English

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    yeah! Because everyone use Vietnamese to talk together. Haha let’s go to UK live.

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It’s funny :D …
Oh my god i cant :-(

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Thank you Ronnie.

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thank you! it was very useful!

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Thanks Ronnie…

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Funny and a great lesson thank you miss Ronnie

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thank you

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Thanks :) good advice.and it was a very funny lesson:))

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Good job ronnie your lessons are interesting and funny I’d really want to learn speaking your language Best wishes for you

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It was a good and dangerous advice. Even though you have only good intentions to talk to them it can easily put you in trouble. In my opinion, if you are a child it is completely fine to talk to them. However, if you are an adult you should first ask their parents. Instead of talking to kids, I prefer talking to elderly (old people). They are often lovely me understand. Be careful!

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Dear Ronnie,

Fist I would like to say thank you so much for this lesson,
I have got pretty good ideas from it.

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Thanks a lot :)

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thx UR so funny in UR explain

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I really like watching your lessons!awesome!

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Great lesson. Thank you!
I’ve got 10/10.IvMohammed’m so happy.Thanks Ms.Ronnie and Mohammed.

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    Awesome! I just got 8/10.

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that kid is funny jaja thanks great video great advice!!

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Keep go on Ronnie,,,I love you…

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Thanks a lot, teacher, Ronnie.

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Very nice class with Mohamed, thanks Ronnie!

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hello there, thank you very much for the pieces of advice you shared.
Could make a lesson in which you explain the difference between a phrase, sentence and a clause?

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that’s cool , thanks Ronnie , I have a qustion whaich is about grammar , please answer my question I feel confused when I want to say I had and I have , I know that had in past and have in present but the difference between these sentences not clear , I had bought a car I have bought a car , does first mean that I havent the car now and the second one that I still have it , what is the difference between past perfect and present perfect , and thank you , I LOOOVE YOUUUU Ronnie

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I had a lot of fun.

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Dear Ronnie,

Thanks a lot, really its amazing to improve our English.
very fun..

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Thanks Ronnie teacher

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thank you Ronnie^~ This is the first time to leave message here. It’s pleasure to meet you~

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thanks teacher. hi everyone. i want to practice my english by speaking with everyone. my Skype lehduc153. Add friend and talk. thanks.

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New way of teaching Ronnie,I like it!

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    hi we can talk each other .due to the fact that i will be fine for our speaking

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It’s very interisting!

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Nice video
Thanks :)

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marvelous teacher.I want to teach like her one day

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That was a very nice class!Ronnie is the best!

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Nice class! :D

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thanks ronnie for this amazing class.

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It’s great!! Ronnie.

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I GOT 10/10
thank you teacher ronie ,
ive learned a lot from you in your videos .. keep it up, good day

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it’s nice lesson. i also got 10/10..
any one want to have speaking practice. you can contact me on skype (dilawar.lashari)

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Thank´s Ronnie! you are the best!! If someone are interested in speak in English for improve the language my Skype is: Juan Casanova. My photo is the same :D

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Ronnie I like so much your lessons you are so cute and funny you make me laugh every time specially when you teach us about slang words
I loooooooove you

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Ronnie, that`s amazing! Very smart and interesting, thank you!:)

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Thank you!
It is easy to understand.

10 correct answers from 10 questions, I guess not bad for a start. ;-)

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Thanks ronnie

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Amazing, lesson! It gave me another idea to improve my English skills! Thank you!

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    Hi,I am searching for person who wanna talk with me on skype for exsample? Do you wanna talk with me to improve my english?

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      Hi, I would like to improve my english. If you r interested then we can practice through skype. My skype id is nidhi.narain13.

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      hi i would like to improve my speaking with you
      if you want we can speak on the skype

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      Hi, I would like to improve my English. If you want speak with me.
      Phone:+9647702914199 Viber / whatsapp

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      I would like. My skype is daniel.locomotive.

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      yes i wish to talk u in english ant want to improve english

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    that is amazing josie.

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Thank you for this video, it help me

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Thank You Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie!

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I like kids, but its difficult to find them here, who can speak english. but its okay. I hope I can meet the kids like Mohammed, he is so cute :D

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thank you

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Hi Ronnie! i am very interested in a very difficult gamma, for example. so do i, neither do i. my neither, could you make a video about that please.

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Thanks, Ronnie…!!!

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Good video
I feel I can improve my listen skill

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Love this channel… Teaching me a lot thanks

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10/10 Thanks

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thank you Ronnie. Very interesting lesson!

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Ronnie. You are “Unique” great lesson..!

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Hi,I am searching for person who wanna talk with me to improve my english on skype ?

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    Hi. I can talk you
    I have not account on skype
    i have account on facebook
    you accept please

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    skype I don’t have skype but I got an acount in facebook you can contact me rodrigo wolfgang pereda ok see ya soon!

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thank you Ronnie

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Very interested lesson I liked

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thank you Ronnie =D

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You got 9 correct out of 10.
Funny and I get a new method to practice English.

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You have a very very good sense of humor. Thank you Ronnie. And Mohamed

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Thanks Ronnie you are good and funny. I understood everything you made it easy!

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That’s true.

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Very Good!


Thank u Ronnie

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Very Good! Thanks.

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i like this kid

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Thank u ronie i really like you and the way u teach us I really appreciate for your effort that you make every lesson very understandable for us thank you once again

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Thank you very much for this lesson
but i think that talking with others whos learning this language is more nice to that,and i need some of you to talk with them and practice what we learne

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Thanks a lot for this exciting lesson.

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Good lesson. Talk to children ever funny >< Thanks Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie!!

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Thanks ronnie and i’m proud of you & canada :) <3

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Nice tips! Thanks.

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very good. I am improving my English with you, Ronnie.

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I got 9 out of 10.But it was pretty good.

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Thanks Ronnie this video is very good and there are useful tips about kids in it ; I like it

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i got 8 out of 10. and inshallah i will get 10 out of 10
if some one want to add me at facebook this is my Facebook ID name.
Hamayoun khogyani khogyani
most welcome my dear friend.
and thanks for your lesson Ronnie

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Thanks a lot.

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It’s fun. Love it!

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very good lesson

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Thank you Ronnier for this lesson.
I try to practice with my older daughter because she learns in a bilingual school.

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many thanks, I enjoyed so much to see and listen this amazing video

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its fun

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Great ! I love it.

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Yahoo! Got perfect score!!

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thx a lot ronnie,because of you i learnt some new words and im tryin’to get slang words you know im in iraq in my country people say funny things if i speak english actually that sucks anyway thx again

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Thanks Mrs. Thanks Muhammed

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Ronnie,you are amazing!!!😉😉😉👏👏👏👏👏👏

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Thanks I think it is good lesson

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I fun this lesson!! Thank you Ronnie you´re a great teacher :) :)

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out of 10 i got 8 correct answers thank ypu ronnie:)

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that is not bad for me. because english is hard for filipino people

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who want to help me to improve my english pls… help me. thank you

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Thanks Ronnie.

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thanks a lot

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It makes fun to watch the Video. Keep on going Ronnie. I love it…

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That is nice

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thanks teacher !!

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thanks it was a really good and important lesson…but am in a country that the english id not the first language…and that lead as to the kids do not speak english…i want to ask you what about chat rooms ist good to improve my speaking? and thanks

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thank you for lesson today. like this will become easy :)

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finally i have understand the lesson and got 80% marks thanks ronine

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Very good!

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Thank you very much

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Its very good. Thanks Roonie

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Thx a lot Ronnie, I really enjoyed myself watching you kidding with mohammed ,the kids idea to learn more English and being more confortable while you speak English is pretty much useful,althought kids sometimes pick up a very stranger topics to talk about hahaha , but it’s okay when you realize that you are more older than them . Thx again .

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Thank you very much. I got 10 correct out of 10.

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i like it

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oohhhoo good !! thanks you so much

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Thanks Ronnie. Perfect.

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need a friend

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Thank you Ronnie,

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That lesson Washington very fun. Thanks both.

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You are great people

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Thank you

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i think that’s good idea to talk with a children, but in my case i live in contry like morocco where the second language is French so it’s difficultly to find some kid to speack with him, thk Ronnie

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amazing !!! thanks Ronnie and mohameed

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It was an excellent idea!!

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wooow good idea and you are good teacher thank you Ronnie

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thanks ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie .

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Hello Ronnie! I would like to suggest that you or other person in EngVid make videos to children. I have two children in my home and I think very intersting to show this type videos to them. If is possible could you please open new Section – Topic KIDS. Thanks in advance. Regards

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she is really awesome XD

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this is a great idea !
I like lestining to kids so I can hear thier grammar very well .
thank you so much for making this type of funny lessons which is a rear thing .

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i love the way you tell its awsum

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Loving and funny class. Very good idea talk to kids, specially if they are clever and intelligent like Mohammed. This is a pleasant way to learn about new vocabulary and interact with them.
Thanks Ronnie!

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I like the way you teach
Thanks Ronnie!

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Nice class Ronnie!

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an amazing conversation

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thank you teacher

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Thanks Ronnie for give a good idea! We really could learn a lot of great things with kids

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very good lesson

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i got 10/10

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its very useful , thank you ronnie

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I really liked your orange color, and the kid. I don’t like too much routine, and everything that’s different takes my attention.

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    bugger off!

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i really like the way of Mrs Ronnie she is the best

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I GOT 100….. YUPIII!!!

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I like it :)

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thanks ronnie

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my phone number is 0912417660

Profile photo of Killer Dat Killer Dat

Thank you Ronnie for interesting lesson. Mohamed, you’re so cool guy! Nice sunglasses! I also like baseball. BlueJays are one of most dangerous team offensively. Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, Edwin Encarnacion, Troy Tulowizki, and more. I saw many times that Japanese pitchers allowed home runs to them.

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Thank you, Engvid! I think that I’ll learn very!

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Thanks Ronnie ,its really amazing lesson.love U Lots.

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this lesson very helpful, thanks ronnie

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100) thanks!!!

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Thank Ronnie you are like a genius!! It’s absolutely amazing to learn with you. Thank.

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As teacher it is important realize what types of children or teenagers you work with, as you have said, my wonderful teacher, this will become more tolerated and fun our classes and we can learn each other as much as we can! I love working with these real humans!

Thanks Ronnie, as usual you rock!
Be well! bye bye!

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nice video but I always forget words what should I do ?

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What a surprise the kid!

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good way

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I try it but… all of them speak spanish :(

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I got a perfect score. thanks for this lesson..

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fantastic lesson
you are the best teacher very funny.
keep going
by bye

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thank u

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I am Enjoy with learning English with Ronny .. she teacher Good

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I love this lesson and ronnie.thank you so much runnie mam….

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Nine of ten!

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Thank you

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thank you very much.

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How i would speak like canadian speaker ?
How to be confident in speaking English on stage?

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Thank U it wad really funny

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nice i wish a partner which talk me in english.

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Kids like me can be really usful.

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    Anyway, thanks teacher.

    Profile photo of tony2958 tony2958

Thanks both of you! Great and funny lesson!

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Thanks both of you, but I´ve a question. Im from Argentina, my country has a lot of brilliant an celebrities in “football” (Maradona, Messi,Kun Aguero, Tevez,Icardi ) I know american’s says : Soccer. But english says “football” as I do (fútbol). I don´t know in Canada how is the wright word to describe this sport. Thanks all of you.

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    We say “soccer”!

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thank you so much
itis amazing

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Thanks Ronnie and Mohamed ^__^

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thanks RONNIE and mohamed i really got him some new slang

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Thank you again! Awesome hint!

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that lesson is great

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good idea, good teacher,smart boy
i got 10/10
keep on going

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i search about person for speak with you,becouse improve my laungue english in skype

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Thanks again Ronnie for your lessons and thank you for Mohamed

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Thanks teacher and boy. I wish you all the best

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this is a nice lesson with me….i am going to improve a lot of english skill thought these lessons…tks teacher :)

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Hahahaha this is my first to get 100 points!
I will practice my English everyday!

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I need to prectice this lesson again because 70

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I really need to improve my speaking !!

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I got 90% I really need to improve my speaking

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cool, I like this lessons. Your tips are realy useful

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Then, I try to talk Joshua many times.

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Woow I scored 10 out of 10

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it is a very interesting english programs ,i really like it

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TEN OVER TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you Ronnie you are a great teacher

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This video is kind of different, Ronnie! Creative! I like it! And Mohammed seems a good guy! Thanks.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie for such a amazing lesson .Its a good idea that you give to us . And i hope you will present more video like this in upcoming days also. Once again thanks a lot.

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We can also use this method to learn another language. Thanks Ronnie, you’re a great teacher!

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Thanks Ms Ronnie

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I like it

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good! Thanks.

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Help!why cannot i see the vedio ?

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Thanks Ms Ronnie
I am also from Libya ^_^

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Yes I got 9 out of 10. I like it

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thank you Ronnie

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Thanks M’s Ronnie :)

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thank you

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thank u ronnie

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thats interesting video. thankyou for ronnie and mohamaed.

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Great lesson!!!

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I liked it….!!

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thanks for your advice,Ronnie! But in my town very hard to find kids who can to speak english and I don’t know what should I do

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Thanks Ronnie and Mohammad! Good lesson, i like it very much!

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thanks Ronnie , and welcome to my cousin Mohammed from Libya

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I didn’t think about that need to talk with kids for improving my English. That’s good idea. But, Ronnie, there is no any kid who can speak English near my environment. Please advice how should I do ? :(

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Very good Idea!!!!

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Ronnie you are very funny! Thanks for your videos and lessons.

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I forgot to tell you that you are my namesake, since my name is ronni also on other sides I thank you for this lessons are very interesting

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It was helpful lesson. Because of my Libyan nationality,I have a comment about the weather in our country.It’s hot in the summer but in the winter quite cold,you can’t go swim.

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thanks ronnie that amazing

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It’s cool

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Thank you.

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i can’t find mohamed youtube channel

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Great lesson! You’re amazing!!

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

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Thank you so much, but I can’t find like Mohamed because I live in an Arabic country :(
Mohamed is an Arabic kid, but he is probably living in an English speaking country.
Everybody in my country speaks Arabic not English.
What can I do?

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Thanks Ronnie!

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Thanks a lot Mrs. Ronnie!

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Thanks Mrs.Ronnie

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8 out 10 its not bad

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Mrs: you are good how to explain in English with kids because the kids don’t need to speak anyone to speak other kids thank you see you again, could you please help me how to meet you, when we are meeting what I’d like to increase more about in the English language, if you want to meet me just you can call me. Ok, I’d like to relate to you. Goodbye, for now, let’s keep in touch.

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It’s great!! Thank YouTube!

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Awsome, thank you Ronnie

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Always I don’t understand actually kids how they are talking is too fast so I confused it

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You´re wonderful. thanks for these classes.

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Hi , how are you ?

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I got 10/10!!! It’s for the first time!! Yey;)

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i got full marks. Thank you, Ronnie.

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Amazing. It was very useful

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Thank you Ronnie. I will try with my kids.

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