It was my pleasure that I could see my two favourite English teachers, Gill and Alex, at the same time in this video. I like Gill’s recent interview series because it’s a natural conversation and I can also learn the native speakers’ way of speaking when they speak online. It’s not easy and rather challenging to understand the conversation so I feel free to turn the subtitles on when I watch advanced-level videos.

Insoo Yeo


Seif Eldawla

thank you for this time, I am improving my english and your speech wah so helpful for me.

Ingrid Barillas

It’s perfect as as usual..


I want to improve my reading so I want to join you.


It was my first day here at Engvid.com and i was delightful with this wonderful conversation about books!


It’s an amazing and practical lesson of interview.
Thank you, Gill.
But how can I get the book of Marcus Aurelius that Alex has identified?
Best regards

Msgdy Alhaddad

Ok, I wish you all a nice weekend


This is plaesuru to lesson this discussion this is excellent for english learner in all over the world/

Ramkrishna Chhetri

I took many notes in this lecture. Thanks to you dear guys, especially I like Alexandros much more than anyone.

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