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made mistake , word pagan

Profile photo of manojramanlalpatel manojramanlalpatel

He describes the aspects of an object that change over time

I am confused that, that refers to object or obeject’s aspects plz

Profile photo of Mruthyunjaya Mruthyunjaya

He describes the aspects of an object that change over time

I am confused that, that refers to object or obeject’s aspects.
plz help me

Profile photo of Mruthyunjaya Mruthyunjaya

Thank you, Gill. Very interesting theme

Profile photo of adsn167 adsn167

Hello! Hope you are fine. Sorry! I am a new on this program. May you let me know where to starting with my studies of English please?

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Profile photo of Raymond1954 Raymond1954

Excellent lesson as well as the quiz.
I wish you, dear teacher, a wonderful Easter.
Thank you very much for your wonderful lessons.
They are always useful and informative.
Many thanks.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Interesting lesson to learn more about traditions and religions. Thank you Gill.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Happy Easter Gill!!!Thanks for your interesting lesson ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

thanks Adam

Profile photo of labady charles labady charles

Thanks a lot, Jill, for such an interesting lesson! Happy Easter! Have a good rest! Be happy and righteous!

Profile photo of Larisa392 Larisa392

9/10 , Lovely lesson.
Gain more knowledge in the history and tradition of western culture

Profile photo of Ye Yint Aung Ye Yint Aung

Happy Easter!
In my language Good Friday is called Big Friday.

Profile photo of Milan.klima Milan.klima

Very good video

Profile photo of Tom Cristhian Tom Cristhian

So clear! I love this teacher! :=)

Profile photo of Alelichapiro Alelichapiro

Interesting knowledge about Easter holiday. I am in the Germany now. The lesson is useful for me.

Profile photo of leo2liu leo2liu

Hi Gill, I wish you a very happy Easter!. The way you celebrate it in England is almost the same we do in my country “Argentina” but, we take Thursday and Friday on holiday instead of Friday and Monday. Thanks for the lesson, it was very interesting. Till the next one.

Profile photo of pussy in boots pussy in boots

its very interesting. thank for the information, from philippines here

Profile photo of lhynn22 lhynn22

Thanks very much may God reward you am really learnt a lot in this site I wish all the best my teachers God bless you

Profile photo of Mahandees Mahandees

Hi..thanks for your help…how can i download these movies?

Profile photo of reza reza

I can’t see the lesson.

Profile photo of Mohammad1972 Mohammad1972

Hi Gill,

Thank you for this lesson.

I would like to go to London for 2 months an enjoy taking english classes. Do you have a school list to advise me? Thank you in advance.

Profile photo of bambamarcel bambamarcel

great and increase my cuture .thank you teacher

Profile photo of CStephane CStephane

Excellent lesson

Profile photo of Leo SZ Leo SZ

i need to learn English but i confused ,
where to start education to study english ?
what is best and simple way ?

Profile photo of Ayman ibrahim Ayman ibrahim

    Hi Ayman!

    If you want to learn English, I am sure you are in the right place! I recommend you to start from the lessons for beginners and then increase the level little by little.

    It’s also a good idea to buy an English student book or grammar to improve all your skills.

    Finally, I suggest you to practise English chatting with foreigners. If you don’t have this opportunity in your real life (like me), you should try to make international friends on the internet. I talk in English on Skype very often and I love it. You can find nice partners in this website.


    Regards from Brazil!

    Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

The voice had problems in beginning of the video so pls try to fix it and make more religious videos like that.I liked it, 80 percent of 100 rare drop?

Profile photo of lazare lazare

    I wanted to say is it normal stat?

    Profile photo of lazare lazare

9/10 but on my opinion this – helpfull and interesting – lesson was more ADVANCED than INTERMEDIATE.

Profile photo of rmalfatti rmalfatti

Thank you for being truthful in this topic. Really, the Easter has nothing in common with Christ because it was celebrated long before Jesus’s death and in non-christian countries.

Profile photo of msrom msrom

Very nice teaching . easy to understanding
Thank you very much teacher .

Profile photo of Chandresh96 Chandresh96

I really like the easter chocolate eggs :9 Thank you for the lesson teacher Gill!

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