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who can win?
occupied vs busy
reckon vs [think-contemplate-musing-speculate]
difference vs various
hulking vs enormous
mammoth vs large
Elated vs delighted
Melancholy vs miserable
Owing2 vs because
There4 vs so
inspite vs although
oughtta vs had better

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    Well done O’kotoz
    Well Well Well

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    Good. Congratulations.

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      Ty Kindly O’Nkh.453

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    My congratulations! Tomorrow is Tuesday, the day, named after the Gog of war.
    Please, check our motto for this week. SKIKDA suggested the winner to be a shark!
    Sweet dreams.

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I was being lacking enthusiasm

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Je manquais d’enthousiasme

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Since I am from Peru, a latin country, I knew about names of the days and their origin.
Now I know that there is a relation between the English and Spanish names of the days too.
Thank you very much

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Thank you, Gill. It is another interesting lesson

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Ur Method is pretty east Mrs/Gill
Ty 4 All ur precious time

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nice lesson

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Hi respectable Engvid’s director, could you add video’s subtitle, please? because without subtitle is hard to understand the whole lesson :( ..

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    Check back now, the subtitles have been added!

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Great lesson as usual.
Thanks a lot Gill.

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Friday is the best!!
Please teach us about literature!
more and more, tnx

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    Friday is yours :)

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      Friday is for all of us , Iranians!

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        I wrote it because it’s the only female’s name in the week ;) but actually yes it’s a special day for all of us

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        You are so clever !

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Thanks a lot Gill. I really appreciate your real British ascent.

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Did not watch the video before my first test, just watch and re-answer got 9point…..awesome

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Where is Ronnie she left this web

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In Moldavian (Roumanian) the weekdays have such names: Luni /Lun’/- Monday from Luna- Moon, Month; Marti /Marts’/- Tuesday; Miercuri /M’erkur’/- Wednesday; Joy/Zhoi/ -Thursday; Vineri /Viner’/- Friday. In Russian such days like Vtornik (Tuesday), Chetverg (Thursday) and Pyathitsa (Friday) are named after their order numbers, but Voskresenie (Sunday) is named after Resurrection (of Christ),Ponedelnik (Monday)means the day after Sunday. Sreda (Wednesday)has the word Middle (Seredina) in its root.

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It’s fun lesson for me …thank you Gill …I love it …Have a nice day

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Hi everone it seems very dificult to hunderstand the days of the week,but it is very histrical materials.

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A difficult but interesting lesson :) I’ve scored 7/10

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can’t understand any question

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Very interesting lesson! Sunday is called Domenica in Italian, after the coming of Christianity. Indeed “dies Solis” (Sun’s day) has been changed in “dies dominica” (Lord’s day). Instead Saturday is called Sabato from Jewish word “shabbāt” (day of rest), a little bit unexpectedly. This root is in all the romance languages.

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    …and don’t forget to say that in Italy, Monday is the FIRST day of the week!

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thnks for thıs ınterestıng lesson.

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I got 10 out of 10 Interesting !

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I have scored only 6/10.
Shame on me.

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hi gill, i think that you’ve mispronounced the word “lune” in french. haven’t she french native speakers?

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    just to correct ‘hasn’t she’ i have to concentrate next time.

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Great job, Gill. Thanks a lot.

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nice teacher

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good class

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Thanks Gill!!Interesting lesson ;)

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Interesting lesson my dear teacher . Thank you for a lot of jobs that you do to teach us so useful and interesting topics. Your calmness in teaching causes not forgetting happen for your students !

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It’s nice..a quiz after learning a lesson..it really exciting and fastens the process of learning… Really a very good idea…and Gill you Sweet

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thnx a lot fr this infos

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why the turn of ronnie is skipped ? is she sick ? is she busy ?

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Thanks Gill ! 👏👍

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As on the typical English phrase or sentence, “Oh my god!” which would mean “surprise”, I am in doubt with the idea of “token female” because I haven’t listened to this question before, it was my main concern in the questionary but anyhow, this lesson has been funny and amused, we have learnt this curious topic of the days of the week, its etymology, it was very interesting. Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, a very good explanation.

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Hi Gill, why is the Sunday the first day in Britian. In my language and culture is the first day the Monday. In Slovak language (and in all slavic languages) is the Thursday called the fourthday (4.day) and Friday the fifth day (5.day). It means, we have counted the days form Monday to Sunday for thousands years.

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Tnx very helpful

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Thank you, Gill.i don’t know those things before. i just knew we have 7 days a week and i didn’t know why. Now, i got it!

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Oh, I know why Days of week are named like that just now. Thank for Gill. See you later

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Thanks Gil, this is undoubtedly a better way to memorize (and understand) the names of the days in English than….using Solomon Grundy’s doggerel!

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thanks gill for this good lesson

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Saturday = Samedi (French) . It is coming from sabbat or Shabbat which is the seventh day of the week. The Shabbat is the Judaism’s day of rest.

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That was a fantastic English lesson, Gill. Your the best:)

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Hi Gill. I have a special request for you! Could you do a topic about Compound words? Thanks, Adam.

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Thank you gill. It was really fantastic lesson.
In japan, all days of the week are named after planets.
Sunday sun, Monday moon, Tuesday mars, Wednesday mercury, Thursday Jupiter, Friday Venus, Saturday Saturn. I don’t know why, but it might be similar reason to English and Southern Europe.

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Hello, everyone! Thank you, Gill! It was fascinating as well as instructive. But my question is about ‘token female’… Can somebody explain to me what it means?
And yeah… Ivanka… I’m still laughing..

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Hi Gill
Thank you so much.This lesson was Great lesson for me.

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It was so informative.

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Thanks Gill, this lesson was great..

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Thank you teacher. Beautiful lession <3

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Thanks Gill, very interesting lesson.

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thank you Gill

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Thank you Gill. Nice lesson about this subject

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great lesson

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I really love your classes Gill…thanks a lot!!

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Hello Gill. Thanks for this lesson, it was very inetresting.

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Tanks prof.

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Great lesson , Mrs Gill! Thank you so much!

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Thanks Mrs. Gill!

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Thank you.

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Hello Gill .
Thank you for this lesson .
God of gods in the Roman mythology is Jupiter . Jove is the latin name of Jupiter. So Jeudi in french is the. Day of Jupiter . In French each day is for a god and a Planet except for Dimanche which has replaced “soles dei” ( sun’s day) after Jesus Christ came .
Just a kind thought for Venus the only woman among a men’s world . Why god is not a woman and men tokens ?
See you

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An useful lesson, Many thanks, Gill.

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Thanks a lot, Gill. Great lesson, really.

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Interesting topic. Good lesson teacher!

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I got 9 correct out of 10!

Thank you for the option “Ivanka” (Q8) )))))

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

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Thank you Gill.

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Dear Gill,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on this amazing lesson. I really appreciate your historic videos, and I hope you make many others. It is so interesting to know the origins of the words because we can understand better our culture and how it is linked with other cultures. That’s fantastic!!

Well, I would like to use this opportunity to make a question (it is a completely different topic). Which is the correct sentence: “My brother and I” or “My brother and me”? Or both of them are correct? Could I say “Me and my brother”?

Thank you in advance. I regard you a brilliant teacher!

Until next time!

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thanx so much Gill

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very exciting

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I found thse topic very interesting, cause on spanish, I dont kow how that happend but sounds very similar, some days. like mars (martes), friday-venus (Viernes), saturn day, (Sabado) lol iI dont know if the translations were just similar words on how it sounds or had some reason

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hi Gill, this lesson is very interesting. Thank you

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very good lesson I enjoyed it. thank you very much, I learned a lot

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I love this lesson….
thank you teacher Gill! that was a very useful and very informative lesson about the derivative names of the days in the week!
it was a very interesting lesson for me….
We would be waiting for one more lesson as such by Engvid group.
thank you again for the video teacher! :D

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Thank you Gill!

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Great Job!!Thanks a lot:)

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Gill,thank u! Very interesting lesson! :)

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thank you gill.very interesting

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Very interesting lesson, thank you very much Gill!

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Extremely interesting lesson,Gill. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you, Gill!!

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excellent, ı like ıt

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awesome Gill… tks

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Thank you so much T.Gill for such a wonderful lesson :)

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You got 9 correct out of 10.
I love you lovely Gill

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Thanks! you explain very well!

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Thanks Gill very interesting!

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Thx Gill, fantastic lesson!!!

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8/10, is well. I didn’t read one question correctly.

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Good morning Professor Jill,
I came across your lecture regarding the names of the days of the week, the names of the months of the year; and the names of the planets while watching videos on YouTube.
I am in awe at the findings in your teachings and would like your permission to publish these lessons in a book that I will be publishing soon, as this will profoundly impact people’s knowledge. There are many more videos on this subject that popped up when I went into your videos; so in order to give you full credit; I would like your written permission to use it, your photograph with the lecture to give you full credit, and a little of your educational background to prove that you are a professional teacher. I will contribute to the Invid.com program as soon as the revenue for my book comes in; but if you disagree to the publication of your teachings; I understand and thank you for the knowledge that I have acquired about the ancient gods.
I look forward to your response and if you prefer to have a more private conversation, please send me your personal email and I will respond.

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great lesson

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Hi, Gill! I found EngVid 2 months ago and could not stop binge-watching videos here since. But I have avoided to watch your videos until recently because they seemed too difficult for me. Then I checked this video and was surprised how easy it was for me to listen and understand counting that I don’t know the topic at all. I can’t wait to check the rest of your vids!

I also have a kind of suggestion for you or other Engvid teachers. Could you please make a video about history and etymology of English names, surnames and place names? This topic is so fascinating <3

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9/10 great!!! I am very happy .. I am learning a lot with your videos.. Thanks Gill :D

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Got 9 out of 10, I made a mistake on the seventh one, but regardless of that, the lesson is exquisite!

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