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10 of 10. Thank you for this lesson. It was the first book that I red. At first was heavy to read for me because I did’t understand many of words. But when you moving deeper to the text, at once moment you had understood that many of words you already know. It’s simply, just try it.


    Exactly! The more you read, the more you will start seeing the same words again and again until the text is no longer a mystery.


Hello I am new here how can I improve my speaking skill ,am very shy and if I talk to someone I got confused ,so what should I do


    Welcome to EngVid, Emmakid! Speaking is definitely the most difficult part of learning a new language, and it takes a long time to develop confidence. I’m learning French, and it helps if I have others to practice with, but if I don’t have other people around, I also just watch movies, read articles and books, and have Google translate very close to me to help. :)


Thanks a ton. It is absolutely helpful


    You’re very welcome. Thanks for studying with us!


Hello, Thank you for your teaching. I left a comment to all of the Engvid’s teachers for making a video for the confusing words which are listed at the below but unfortunately they did not do that.
1) so as to
2) in case
3) in that
4) as though = as if
5) so far as
6) in order that
7) thereby
8) therein
9) thereof
10) therefore
11) thereafter
12) wherein
13) henceforth=henceforward
14) barnone
15) bar=except
16) as for
17) as per
18) as to
19) much as
20) many as / as much
21) …
What are these words and what do we call these words in English?
Is there a complete categorization for these words?


    Thank you Alex it was useful. I really like reading books like this one but unfortunately I can’t do it anymore. Because I’m so busy with my lessons but as a matter of fact watching engvid is more effective for me.
    Thank you again.


      I understand. It’s difficult to read or do enjoyable hobbies if you’re busy with other things in life.


    You have a mix of prepositional phrases and adverb sentence connectors here. These would be good for a writing lesson. I’ll keep them in mind!


hello my teacher alex. althought, it was a long lesson; i have taught many expressions and vocabulary, and sorry for your hard work . maybe you got tired because of the long writting. you are really excellent teacher and i am alayws looking farward your lessons. thank you a lot.


    My pleasure! Thanks for watching, SKIKDA. It’s definitely a longer lesson. I drank a cup of coffee before I started recording it! It took a lot of time and energy to plan and to record it. :)


Thanks for all of your kind and useful feedback, everyone. I really appreciate it. It seems like Harry Potter has a lot of fans on EngVid! Just a reminder that if you’d like to sign up for a free 30-day trial at Audible.com AND receive a free audio book, check out this link: https://www.engvid.com/out/audiblealex By signing up, you’re also helping me and EngVid directly. As always, thanks for clicking, and thanks for studying with us. :)


Great job! Keep it up!


Pigs delight in the mire more than in clean water.
People read every rubbish such as the harrypotter.


    I think it’s a really fun fantasy series, especially for teenagers. Everyone has their own opinions about the series, though.


      Yes, of course, lessons on the value of friendship, teamwork, loyalty, and stick-with-it-ness can be found among the horcruxes and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. But for me Harry Potter is pure escapism – a way to disappear into a fantasy where your troubles can be addressed with the flick of a wand. Woe is me!


        Oh, it’s definitely escapist fiction. Sometimes, that’s what people want and need. :)


        Hi compatriot. What are you doing here? I see your English tongue is hung up as cool as Russian one. Kind of learning English? Your english is an easy game to play.


it is a time to start!

bereket tesfaye

    For sure! Good luck!


It’s awesome! Are you going to continue? I’d like to see lessons about next chapters. Thanks:)))


    I’d love to! We’ll see how many people watch and enjoy the lesson first.


Thanks so much teacher!!! I undertand perfectly…




I think, this.. what you do here, is very important for me… I mean for us, I’m going to read it Thank you Professor


    You’re very welcome, Vlozky. Thanks for studying with us.


Hi, Alex) I had to sign up here just to be able to express my gratitude to you for this lesson) Actually, all your lessons are great and captivating, but this one is… well… magical)Looks like a great deal of work was done but it’s totally worth it!
Are you going to continue such lessons based on the books? Maybe other parts of Harry Potter or just any other masterpiece) It can be interesting, I guess)


    Thanks a lot, ColdPenguin. I’d love to continue with this series of videos. It was definitely more work than usual, but I think it was worth it in the end. Share it with your friends. :)


Oh, and by the way, great T-shirt! I’m a bit envy)


    Thanks a lot! :)


Super leçon que j’ai vraiment apprécié. Mes petits enfants sont fans d’Harry Potter et grâce à vous, je comprends mieux leur plaisir.


    Merci! Je comprend presque tout que tu ecrit. (ecris? ecrits?)


      J’écris, tu écris, il écrit, nous écrivons, vous écrivez, ils écrivent.


thanks Alex your lesson is great.

Rebaz barznji

    You’re welcome, Rebaz! Thank you very much for studying with me.


just like always a great lesson
Alex i have a big problem with speaking English, actually i am good in understanding English because when i listen to English videos i can understand just like those movies, i have watched all 7 harry potter movies and i can understand what they say but when i want to talk with myself i can’t, there is nothing in my mind.
What should i do?


    Hi nadia, this is a common issue for anyone who is learning a second language. Sometimes this is because we feel shy to speak and make mistakes, and sometimes it’s because we just can’t think of the words we need quickly enough. The answer to this problem is to put yourself in as many positions as possible to speak the language you’re learning, and to try to be PROACTIVE in the conversation…START the conversation instead of waiting for someone else to start it. If you’re speaking with someone’s who understands that you’re learning, they’ll be kind when you can’t think of the words in the moment.


      Thanks Alex for your nice advice as I see you’re
      absolutely right,ُafter this I will try to start a conversation in every place or position even with myself, it’s no matter if I make a mistake
      Also, I have download all your last videos on youtube and always watch them it help me to repeat English words and learn how to pronounce them.
      again I want to say Thank you so much for teaching us so nice and helpful


        I’m not sure if I’ll have the time, but I’ll definitely read about the results afterwards.


Mr.Alex this lesson has been very awsome, i have realy liked your way to expline the meaning of words. when you wer explaning them with real actions, i’v not felt of any boring or anxiety, indeed i was relaxing and enthusiast , it was more easier to understande and memorize the vocbularies than to use dictionaries. thanks very muche , it was very useful , is it a serie of explanation of harry potter storis or it was just one ?


    Just one for now. If enough people enjoy these types of lessons, I’ll be happy to make more. I had a good time preparing this one.


Hi teacher Alex, I have been watching WWE wrestling for so long and I confuse with this word ‘animal’. The reporters say ‘the animal Batista or Brock Lasnar is the animal’.Do they scold them or it is an offensive word or it has another meaning here? Thank you.


    “He’s an animal” or “He’s a beast” means that they are ferocious beings. They’re wild, powerful, and unpredictable…like animals. :) It’s not really offensive, but it meant to make them seem more dangerous.

    Do you think Lesnar and Goldberg will have a good match?


      This match gonna be the greatest match in WWE history which the world champion who can breaks down The Undertaker’s record and the unbeated wrestler Goldberg.I am looking for this match. On this matchm, will you go and watch the match?


        I don’t intend to watch it because I probably won’t have the time, but I’ll definitely read about it afterwards.


Fantastic lesson Alex…!!!
I like a lot your lessons like this. They are so interesting and fun, and so useful and effective for learning.
This lesson has reminded me your lesson about Star wars.
Thank you so much! Keep on teaching this way, please…!


    Nice! I’m glad you remembered the Star Wars lesson while watching this. It has a similar idea behind it.


thanks Alex
I imagine the hard work you did to prepare this long lesson.
thanks again


    You’re welcome, papens. It was definitely more work than usual, but I think it was worth it.


Thank you Alex.


    You’re very welcome!


a really good lesson..and well understood


    Thanks for checking it out and for improving your English with our lessons.


Hi Alex,

Thank very much for this lesson. It’s sometimes a little bit difficult to understand the context, you know, you were saying unknown words. But you did very well, when you act explaining us the vocabulary it´s easier to learn.


    That was my goal. I’m glad you were able to understand the lesson well and that my gestures helped.


Wow! The realization of this video was a real effort, no doubt.
My sincere thanks and congratulations.
By the way, my old Grandma always told me that a good book is the best fellowship you can get: always faithful, sincere, interesting, stimulating, and so on and so forth…


    I agree with your grandma. If you have a book, you’re never alone.


9/10. Thank you so much Alex for helping us with our vocabulary.

ann ann

    It’s my pleasure! I’m a fan of Harry Potter, so this was very fun for me to make.


Honestly, I must say that I don´t like fiction stories at all. I prefer real stories instead. But I must also say that after watching this lesson, I´ve changed my mind a little bit. You explained all the chapters with such an amazing energy that I feel like continuing reading the whole book. However, I think that I wouldn´t be able to understand all of these expressions and vocabulary without your explanations.
So, thank you so much Alex for all your effort and enthusiasm in preparing this lesson ;)


    No problem! I’m glad I was able to sway your opinion just a little bit. I understand that fiction isn’t for everyone, and that some people prefer to read non-fiction.


Although I´m not this novel fan, it was a great story and I learnt new vocabulary.


    That’s the most important part! I’m glad you were able to learn some new words with this video.


Hi Alex! Very nice lesson with new vocabulary. I watched all Harry Potter movies, but I haven´t read any book jet.

Thanks for this video!!


    You’re very welcome! I really prefer the books to the movies, but the movies are pretty fun too.


it is great to reply the comments . that means you are modest and you care about your students. and ifeel happy when you reply me thank you MR ALEX.


    You’re welcome, SKIKDA. The best way to learn is to interact with others who speak the language, so I hope my comments add a little extra to the learning experience for students.


Thanks for your lesson.Alex,I have problem with reading. I try to read book in english.i can not understand meaning of them. lots of time i failed to read books. What can I do?


    You might be reading books that are too advanced. I’d recommend starting with kids’ stories, developing your vocabulary, and improving your grammar before trying to read full novels.


10/10. Thanks for your lesson.I’m waiting for next one.

Kent Truong

    You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it! A new one should be out in two weeks or so.


really great! i’m waiting for the next chapters!


    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ll see if chapter 2 is possible. :)


Hello Alex, excellent lesson. I´m librarian and storyteller I would like to know titles about weird stories but short in english language for to tell its. I´m trying out with someone writers but Edgar Allan Poe or W.W. Jacobs it´s not a good idea. Could you suggest me some title or autor? We have few titles in english language but it´s long stories (Neil Gaiman). Thank you.


    Good question…I know Neil Gaiman has a short story collection out called Trigger Warning. (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22522808-trigger-warning?ac=1&from_search=true) He also has two other short story collections entitled “Fragile Things” and “Smoke and Mirrors.” I can’t think of too many other contemporary weird/horror/alternative fiction authors who have short story collections available. For some Canadian content, I suppose you could try “Despair and Other Stories of Ottawa” by Andre Alexis. (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1329207.Despair_and_Other_Stories_of_Ottawa?ac=1&from_search=true)


      Thanks for links Alex, Definitely Neil Gaiman has been a favourite in my library, and no knew this title or Andre Alexis too. Mmmhh. .. I´ll write a letter to Mr. Noel. Thank you again.


        No problem. If you find something good, let me know. I mostly read science fiction and fantasy, but don’t actually know too many good short story collections/authors.


Hello, Alex, really great lesson. I have started book after your lesson and now reading chapter 11. Thank you! I can understand almost 80% of it. But I have a problem with one sentence from chapter 1.
After Mr. Dersley meets people in cloaks it says “The nerve of him!” I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me an answer. Or anyone else who can understand it. Waiting for the next chapter. Thank you!


    “Nerve” refers to a person’s courage, boldness, or strength of mental state.

    “You have a lot of nerve!” is a common sentence you’ll hear in movies or see in books. In this context, people use it negatively when they’re surprised at a person’s words or actions. “The nerve of him!” is kind of like saying “I can’t believe he did/said that!”


      Thank you very much. Waiting for the next chapter ?


I stayed with you through the whole lesson teacher Alex. What a good way to increase vocabulary through Harry Potter´s magical world. And your friend Steve showed up. Thanks ;)

Emanoel Pereira

    Haha. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for studying with me, Emanoel.


Excellent, funny, helpfull lesson! I will continue :)


    Fantastic! Thanks, Giraffe. I’m curious how you chose your name!


Thanks Alex for your lesson. I could understood several new words. Now I will by a Harry Potter book. I am waiting for the chapter 2.

Joubert Mosquera

    Thanks, Joubert. Stay tuned. I’ll see if chapter 2 is possible. :) These videos take more time to plan and prepare.


9/10 Thanks, Alex! Buy I am reading Godfather.


    Nice! I’ve never read it, but it’s on my list of books I’d like to experience one day.


How good to be successful in your career and to be frank you’re really Successful teacher sir. I’m lucky to be your student and a student of Engvid teachers as a whole . I’m really GRATEFUL for all of you.


Bushra hg

    You’re very welcome. Thank you for watching!


Thanks a lot


    You’re very welcome!


OMG, this is great. I hope there’s other chapter explanation.

Lidya Ayu

    Thank you very much! Stay tuned. These videos take a lot more preparation and work, but I enjoyed making this one!


i’m egyptian i am speaking arbic and i can’t translet languge english but i can speak english 20% soon
are you can lrean me speak english please ^^

ahmed menam

    mr alex

    ahmed menam

    Hi Ahmed, as a beginner student, you should focus more on our “Beginner” videos. I do not do private online classes.


Alex, you are a teacher of God. I never cease to be amazed with your energy and ideas. I very like read Harry, very slowly but very like =) There are the rich vocabulary, interesting plot and deep morality that filled not only my lexicon but also its fill the heart with hope


    Thanks for your very kind feedback, Aleksandra. The book is morally complex if you start thinking about the decisions the characters have to make. I agree!


Thanks.its very useful.9of10.how about chapter 2?


    You’re welcome. I’m glad you liked it. We’ll see about chapter 2.


Thank you AleX. :)


It is lucky to find this site^^


    You’re welcome, Vicky. Welcome to EngVid! We’re happy to have you here.


it is lucky find this site

Hasan Bash

    just like always a great lesson

    Hasan Bash

    Welcome to EngVid, Hasan! I’m glad you found the site and that you’re enjoying it.


I had watched this video and went to buy the book. Now I look forward to your next video. Thank you!


    You’re welcome! My next video will be available in the next 48 hours or so.


Fantastic Job Sir


    Thanks a lot.


Hey Alex. Can u do a lesson on vidieo games please. Like minecraft, Call of duty, blah blah. Also I got 10 out of 10. U r the best teacher here. love


    I have a surprise for everyone in the middle of December. Stay tuned. :) It’s about a video game from 1997.


so cool , i hope improve my english skill , thanks :)


    “I hope to improve my English skills.”

    You’re very welcome.


hi,mr alex,again,i see that you reply at all your comments untill the next your lesson and maybe it will be tommorow, i really apreciate that thank you for your great efforts,great thank alex.


    Not a problem! Thanks a lot for studying with me, SKIKDA. I hope you’re enjoying our site and that you’re improving your English.


Thanks you great work
I hope you continue with potter and other books

aya shawky

    Hi aya, I hope so too! We will see. :) I’ll definitely do more book videos in the future. They’re fun!


thanks good job. i’m new in here but, i surely will talking english more better in here..


    Welcome to EngVid, aiie! You’ll definitely improve your English with our site. I’m happy to see you. Thanks for commenting. :)


Dear Alex, thanks a lot for this lesson! Very interesting and useful. Tell me please is it possible to make a similar lesson for the book “The Lord of The Rings”? This is favourite book! :)


    I’d love to! It’s a very challenging book too, though. We’ll see. It’s definitely on my list of lessons I’d be interested in making for you guys.


Hi Alex ,I really enjoy your class here ,and I am really a BIG fan of the of the Harry potter ,will you continue to explain the Harry potter to us ? thanks a lot ,it is really help me to understand as well as Harry potter .thanks


I love to read a book, but when you need to do it with a foreing language it’s so difficul because in books they use words that i don’t use daily. liked this video cause you were in
the rightest point. thank you.

edson bruno

Wonderful super ? helpful interesting thank you thank you ? thank you Alex thank you all for this hard work ? and thank you for your time . I hope you don’t stop ✋ because seriously we NEED you ??????????????

Hiba naamani

Where can I get this audiobook?


You can get it from audible.com sagaydachniy.

Adwait Shiva

Thank you for these awesome English lerning videos you make.Thank you Alex. Wish luck!


Thank you very much, Alex! Great work! I’ve watched the video many times and look forward to next parts if it’s possible, of course…


Thanks, Alex, for this vocabulary lesson and for the tip!

I’m yet reading the Hunger Games books serie, but one day I intend to give to this serie a try too.

Fabio Cicerre

Thank you for your wonderful lesson Alex! I hope that you can keep doing this. Have a nice day!


i will improve i know. BtW the best lecture i love to take your classes thankyou sir!!! YEAH!


I love this lesson very much because I’m a big fan of HARRY POTTER.I’m very happy when I can study English with my hobby.


You are so great!!! thank you a lot. I understand the story in a better way and I want to keep every word on my mind. :)


Thanks for your teaching!
I have never read Harry Potter.
After this lesson,I want to read this book.^^


Thanks for the wonderful lesson! I love all the Harry Potter books, so it`s been truly enjoyable. I’m new here, but after this first lesson I’m sure I’ll stay. Thanks again, Alex.


Congratulations! you are great! I like your classes so mutch!


Hi, Alex! Thanks a lot for your efforts! It really makes sense to explain chapters from Potter books. As for me, I’ve read them all, swallowed like a crocodile, but there are lots of words and expressions there I doubt I understand. So, it would be most interesting for me to hear your explanations. I am waiting for the next Potter lessons!


Thanks Alex for a very useful lesson.


Alex what does it mean “he stood rooted to the spot” ?

nguyen thi hong chau

    i understand now :)))

    nguyen thi hong chau

Hey teacher can you teach more videos like this? It was very fanny and there were so many words that I learned and thank you. I Hope find another video with new words. I need to learn a lot of different words like I see on the books, but the problem is I also need a teacher speaking the words. Thank you


Thank you very much, Alex I love this lesson please do others like this


I have already read Harry Potter and the philosopher stone, but I found your lesson very useful. Your way of explaining is very clear and bright. Thank you!

Teresa Flores

Thank you Alex! Harry Potter is really one of the best series ever! Very nice to use that to teach English.

Evandro Prado

Hi Alex, thanks for the great lesson. I love Harry Potter soooo much and did enjoy the way you explained those vocabs. Is there any chance you teach rest of the chapters from the book? Please~~~


Thnks teacher

Amiin adam


I would like to listen Harry potter’s audio book
in english of course


I would like to listen Harry potter’s audio book
in english of course


Dear Alex,
I’ve seen some mismatching in video and in assignment. In the video you wrote “murmered” but in the quiz has written “murmured”, so what’s the right option?


well done,Alex (Kazakhstan o7 Dec2o21:)


I Love Harry Potter And engVid Videos! This Video Is A Mix Of Both! It’s Amazing That You Explain Every Word Precisely. Appreciate Your Effort. Thank You Very Much!

Hafsah Siddiquah
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