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Well done Becca! It was my pleasure. :)

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    My pleasure, as well, roshavbg. All the best to you!

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      Very useful expressions Rebbeca; easy to remember and put them into use in a wide variety of contexts.

      Well-developed quiz Rebecca. It allow us to understand much better the important of context when using these expressions.

      Well done! Take take Rebecca.

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        . . . mmm . . . making mistakes as usual:

        “It allowS/allowED us to . . .”

        Who’s to blame? I had no time to proofread my comment.

        It’s all my fault folks! Great weekend!

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        Here we go again . . .”It allows us to understand much better the IMPORTANCE of context”.

        I should’ve proofread my comments twice.

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      my pleasur

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Hello Rebecca ,
I am in a hurry this morning , do the quiz before watching the video . 10/10 . I will try to improve that score after watching the video but it sounds hard job .
Well done Rebecca
Thank you , see you .

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Very hard I got 6 out of 10.

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thanks very much Mrs Rebbeca , it’s a pleasure to be here, i’ve watched the entire video and had a 10/10, but i have one question about sth that i have not unserstood, in the quize , the ninth question there is a statment: “You are almost finished the report, so …”, my question is
why have you used the auxiliary verb “to be” instead of “to have” ? , or “You are almost finishing…” instead of “finished”. i don’t know where i am wrong, i did not get it !

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    I ask me the same question. It is a very strange sentence. I guess it is a mistake

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Thanks Rebecca. I got 100 out of 100. Really helpful!

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    Yes that’s a good remark, I also thought that “You have finished…” would be a better phrase, but maybe we are both wrong my Algerian friend struggleforeng ???

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    Hi Wassi how could you get 100 out of 100 when there are only ten questions looool…. Just joking my friend

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Thank you very much teacher Mrs Rebbeca,
i have understood the entire leason and i got 9 to 10, Really that was fantastic leson Where I can improve my English speaking as a native.
I’m suggesting anyone who want to practice these fantastic words we can Shure a convection On my Skype – cabdishakuur.cabdi

Thanks everone including Teacher and studens

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    Well said Abdishakur!

    This lesson is really good, indeed! I love Rebecca’s videos, because she teaches us very nice tips and expressions which are so useful for our everyday life.

    By the way, you are writing much better, my friend. I am very proud of you.

    Take care!

    Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

      My pleasure,buddy Eduardo,

      Well said, was nice leson, we got very commen words that we can use our daly English.

      Thanks you so much my best friend of mine.

      Take care,

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Thank you,Rebbeca!
Well done!

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As Roshavbg has said : well done Rebeccca, it was my pleasure !

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Well done
My pleasure
It is really kind of you, Rebecca. I realy like Your lessons and the way you explain them and the way you speak. Keep on, I will be waiting enthusiasticly for each lesson of yours.
Take care

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Well done Mrs.Rebecca!!! Yours lesson really very helpfull for all us. I watch yours lesson everyday, and now I understand 80-90% what you say even without subtitles ))

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Thank You Rebecca, well done

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Dear Rebecca,
No problem, I got 10 correct out of 10. :-)
Best regards

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what you’ve said before,AFTR YOU and if allow ME,i say:NO PROBLEM to see your lesson because it’s WELL SAID in your teaching and i found them always useful so WELL DONE for you and i will follow your advices and WILL DO what you said,and because you polite excellent teacher,MY PLEASURE to see youre lessons,so WATCH OUT in youre life to teach us more english, untill next lesson TAKE CARE.

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    Haha! That was fun to read. Congratulations on using so many expressions at once! All the best, Skikda.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    Wow! you are excellent.

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    Hi Skikda your text is actually very funny, but let me tell you that I am not surprised cause I know that people from Skikda like jokes, and I am well aware of this cause my parents are from there !!! Looool

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    this comment really was excellent :) :)

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I got 10 out of 10 :)

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got 80%. very good lesson.

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Thanks a lot for this lesson, Rebecca and take care !

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10/10 ☺ . Excellent lesson ,rebecca! Thanks.

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Thanks Rebecca. Great lesson.

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Well done Tsako :)) 10 out of ten .thank you teacher :)

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Nice lesson Rebecca, Well done your video lesson.

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i got 9, great lesson, thank you.

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I manage to get 100. Well done to me!!

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    Yes, well done, indeed, siby!

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      Hi, Rebecca. Thank you very much for your replying. I did not expect at all.
      A big surprise for me.

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Nice lesson Rebecca!!Thank you very much!!

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Realy easy, very good explanation. Thanks

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Thank you so much Rebecca. It’s a pleasure to watch your lessons. Well done! :-)

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Good lesson, Rebecca. Thanks.

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Thanks Rebecca this lesson was easy to understand…:)

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Well done Rebecca.. Your lessons are always important to us

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Good lesson!

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i got 9/10!!!! very usefull lesson. i´ve learnt!!! Well Done Teacher Rebecca!! Saludos desde Venezuela!!

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Thanks a lot for the lesson, Rebecca!

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I just want to learn English language.my problem is I am unable to frame sentence.please help me. Give me to tips

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Thanks Rebecca well done..!

Your teaching is awesome. it could easy understand able. the way your explanation with those expression is pretty much impressed.

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Hi iam so hapy to be here to learn english languge
But iwant to know how can i dawnload vidio?

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    Sorry, our videos are only available on YouTube. Our teachers make money from YouTube ads, which lets us offer all these lessons for free. We hope you understand.

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Well done Rebecca.thank you for all your great lessons

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Thanks Rebecca. I got 90 out of 100. Really helpful!

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I got 100.

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I got 100%. Well done, Rebecca! Thanks for one more great lesson.

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    Congratulations, celsofurtado. My pleasure! Thank you for your kind words and all the best to you.

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Well done! Well Said! And take care Rebecca

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Thanks teacher
It was a great video. I got 10/10
Take care

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thank you teacher for this lesson. It was a very good lesson because as of now I´m goint to use them at my daily job.

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you explain the lesson very well ma’am. that’s why its easier for me too understand the lesson. I GOT A PERFECT SCORE!! 10/10 .

am i correct with my grammar?

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Rebecca, thank You very much! You are the best teacher! I watch your lessons with great pleasure.

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ႊIt is very clear lesson. Thank you.

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Thank you, Rebecca, it´s a pleasure follow your lessons,

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Well done Rebecca I got 90%

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Thank you, Rebecca. I got 11/10 ;) Well done. Take care.

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Hi would you please tell me what is the best way for motivating teens to speak in English at English classes. What kind of matters should be teached in other to see the best result. I Wana a way, an style to improve their speaking.what is your idea on interchange books they are based on 4skill I think those are the best choice for teens is there any other books for example I had tried objective first books too,but they were not engaged by them matters were highly tough and kinda boring for them
I hope you could help me on
Thanks indeed
By the way this is mehdi form iran-tehran

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Thank so much Rebbeca for your nice lesson. I got 10 on 10.

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Thanks Rebecca! I’ve understand everything 😁 I’ll surely keep this in mind

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Thank you, Rebecca. It’s a pleasure study with you!

Profile photo of Catarina Dias Catarina Dias

    Absolutely! It’s a pleasure TO study with her.

    Bye for now!

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Hello Rebecca!

Thanks for teaching us these word expressions, I think they are used quite often, on every day situations, so leaning them will help us to master our English.

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Very nice video Rebecca, you explain all expressions very well, I will see more about you, thanks very much.

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thank you teacher Rebecca your so cute and good explanation it’s quite easy to understand.

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yes 10/10 am a good student hhhh

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One of the best classes I’ve ever seen in EngVid.
My first time whatching your classes and simply loved you, Rebecca! You’re amazing!!
That was really useful for me!
Could say: WELL DONE!! Keep been as you are so we can improve our English day after day!!
Tks and Take care!! ;)

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By the way… got 10/10 on quiz :)
You did the best, we do the best as well!! hehe

Profile photo of Rodrigo Silva Rodrigo Silva

I really like your lesson Rebecca you’re very helpful thank you so much

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I have got it, that’s so easy to understand when Rebecca explains thank you My Great Pleasure!) Well done I had myself in this lesson

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I got 10 to 10. tks Rebeca for this great lesson.

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I get 100 allowed me to sey that you are a great teacher

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thanks lot teacher Rebecca well done.

Profile photo of Bader Carmali Bader Carmali

Hello Rebecca!

Firstly, I would like to compliment you for this excellent video. I loved it! In spite of being very simple and straightforward ones, these expressions are rather helpful for our daily English and make our speaking more natural and fluent. Keep on making lessons like that please!

I also liked your advice to practise English in our mind when it is not possible to speak. I do it a lot! Ha-ha!

Well done and take care!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

I got 10 out of 10
thank you

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Will done for me

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100%. I did it😊

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Very good class! Thanks a lot!

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Thanks Rebecca:)
can you please advice me Is paragraph below corrective or not?
Hi, Good Morning Peter
Good Morning Mohammad
How are you? I’m fine and, you? Fine, thanks you.
I’m very happy for you level at the work, you (well done) about the last problem with Mr. Ali, please (allow me) to give you a small reward for your effort with the client.
(Well said) when you describe the best solution to Mr. Ali, I would like to (pleasure) you for your smart and cleaver in treatment with this problem.
In next time (watch out) from this type from the customer, I suggest finishing his contract on the end of the year.
Please (after you) to receive your reward from the marketing manager.
Peter: I would like to thanks Mr. Mohammad for this support reward and I hope to be your good opinion, I (will do) all Mr. Mohammad suggestion to success our department and improve our plan on next year.
Marketing Manager: Mr. Peter, I m very proud of you and I hope to continuo at the same level in your work.
Now, the eating time started, you can (help yourself) Peter.
Peter: many thanks, I should (take care) from the junk food because I have been started the diet system since two week.
Marketing Manager: no problem, enjoy
Peter: (will do )

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thank you so much

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Well said Rebbeca, thanks a lot….

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i got 9 out of 10. lessons were interesting. thank you rebbeca

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well done

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Well done, Rebecca! Very good class!!

“You got 9 correct out of 10”.

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Thank you Rebecca.

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thanks Mrs.Rebecca for that lesson

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I got 100% ,it’s nice to see your lessons. your explanation is so clear and very easy. thanx ,well done!

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Well said and well done Rebecca !
Thank you ! Take care !

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thank you , rebecca my pleasure

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Rebecca, I have a question regarding question number 9. Actually, only a piece of the question. We have:

You are almost finished the report, so you answer:

For me, something is missing there, between “finished” and “the”. That’d be “with”. So:

You are almost finished “with” the report, so you answer:

Or even:

You are almost “finishing” the report, so you answer:

I’m very curious about it. If you could help me clear that, I’d be very thankful.

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thanks Mrs.Rebecca for that lesson

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Got 10 out of 10. Thank you, teacher.

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its really helpful thanks mam

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Hello Rebecca, thank you, for this important class. take care.

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The lesson was so nicely delivered that my children who don’t speak English only a few got 10/10 at the quiz !!!! That means the teacher is not so bad !!!

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Dear Rebecca,

Firstly, thank you so much for all that you have been doing to help English learners. I am 38 years old, and planning to apply for Ph.D. program. I must pass IELTS but it is difficult for me because of my hectic work schedule.

There are many materials for the test preparation, and I am confused what to read. Could you please introduce some books for vocabulary and reading skills.

Thanks in advance.


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thanks a lot

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Thanks Rebbeca,
I understand all of these,
I got 100, Will done Rebbeca.

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Thank for your
philanthropy…… i want to search this. very good.

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Tnx dear Rebecca well done!

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Thank you,Rebbeca!

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It’s useful. Thank you

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Great. I got 100%,it’s wonderful. Thanks a lot.

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thank you, awesome

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Really Nice Rebecca, I would appreciate for you time and knowledge your are sharing.

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I’ve got 10 out of 10! Thank you so much Rebecca for this useful words!

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I can’t differentiate between Allow me and After you. Almost the same!

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Thank you for your lecture. It is really helpful.I feel like my English became better than before. Thanks again!

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thanks very much Mrs Rebbeca. I get 8 correct out of 10..its is really can helpfull every day talk with family and friend.can improve my language ..thanks again.

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Wow I enjoyed today’s topic I scored 10 out of 10 thanks Rebecca.

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Wow I feel like an intelligent

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Thank You becca. i enjoyed wathing your video

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thank you, this is my first quiz and i got 100%
thans Rebecca

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thnx for the lessons it was realy effective

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well said ! because of you i loved English again thank you

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My dear Rebecca,
In fact, I do love your charming smile. it always makes me hopeful and more interested in learning English. Really, I can’t thank you enough.
yours sincerely.

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You got 9 correct out of 10. :) Well said!

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thanks Miss Rebecca, I like to learn from you

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well done to me :) 10 of 10 succesfull

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keep the good works up

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I enjoyed the quiz. It is very helpful.

I’ve got 8/10 it’s not bad for a beginner, like me.

Thank’s rebecca, for a great lesson.

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Thanks ,Rebbeca
Appreciated your effort

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got 9/10 not that bad but the problem is its easier for to answer when i see than when i am trying to say it in real life, Any recommendation

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Thank you my teacher

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Thanx. I got 9-10

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i do 7 of 10, thanks you for help me, teacher Rebecca, i’m brazilian.

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Thanks, Rebecca for all your lessons
Well done, you’re awesome.

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Tnaks mam.Its really
good lesson.

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It’s a useful lesson. Congratulations theacher.

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Thank You so much Rebecca mam and others for all your videos and i am glad to found this website and its very help full for me now, and after watch your this first video I got 10 out of 10 in Quiz. you are doing such a great job to providing free English language.

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Thanks mam.

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it was great learn about “allow me”, I have some doubts with that expression, but not anymore. Thanks teacher Rebecca

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Cool lesson, Rebecca! :-) Thank you!

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    Yep! I absolutely agree with you, it was cool.

    Nice day! Take care Arsean.

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Thanks Rebecca you make a good job

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Thank Rebecca. This lesson is very understood. The first time I get 100 points ,hihi

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Thanks Teacher Rebecca

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Thanks Rebecca. I will do best in the next time becuse now i will take 6/10

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Hi Rebecca, thank you for such a wonderful lesson

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Thank you very much Rebecca

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Thanks for the lesson, very useful :)

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Thank you, teacher. You have a nice smile.

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Thank you so much. This is very helpful :)

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thanks very much Mrs Rebbeca

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thanks teacher 6/10

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Thank you Rebecca for the beautiful lesson.As always ,it was well done. It ‘ll help us to look polite, that is very good to be. Take care.

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ou got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thank you for good lesson Rebecca :)

Take care.

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Thanks… it’s 10/10

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why can’t i watch it

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thank for your good lessons:):):)

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Thanks very much Mrs Rebecca, I would like to learn from you.

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thank you so much :)

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very good explanation

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Thank you Rebecca,
Will do!

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Thank U Rebecca ❤️🌹

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Thanks Rebecca. I got 10 out of 10!!!

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Well done. God bless.

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Thank you Rebecca! My peasure!

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Amazing teaching way . God bless u

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well done
easy exam 😄
9of10 its a great mark

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hi everbody!!!please I would like to know how to watch the next lesson video without come back?

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Well said ms becca i got 100 :)

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thank you Rebecca for your work. l got 10 out of 10. well done!

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Hello Rebecca!
Firstly, I would like to compliment you for this excellent video. well done :) :)
i got 100.. it’s very important video …!!
thank you.

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I am not find the lessons

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Thank you Rebecca.

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so nice i have 10 thanks Rebecca well done :)

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Well done,Rebecca. You explain them clearly.

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thank you I find that is very instructive and well done.

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Thank you Rebecca for your leson. I got 100%

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Thank you Rebecca I got 7 out of 10.I am so happy bcz this was my first quiz.

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thank you

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Again i got 9O points :(

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thanks Rubecca , i got 10/10 , and that was an awsome lesson <3

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U r superb man ur way of teaching is osm

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I got 10 points

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thank you my teacher Rebecca i’m learning very well from you.

Profile photo of deena almaghrebi deena almaghrebi

and I get 100 :)

Profile photo of deena almaghrebi deena almaghrebi

Thank you Rebecca for your interesting and useful lesson! I got 100%! now I’ll try to use this words in practice :))

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thans too much

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Well done, Rebecca. I’ll use them phrases every day. Thank you.

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Thanks Rebecca, well done! Excellent video!
Have a great day!

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Ya, I watched many your video, Well done! When I came back home after had finished my work in the company I opened this website and study English. This is my pleasure. When you teaches us how to use word-Expressions in English, yeah Will do! Take care, Rebecca

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Good lesson. Well done

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Thanks your video about learn English, I got useful word from you.

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Well done Rebbeca

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I got 100% , oh ya

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Thx!I got it.

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Thanks Rebecca, My learn is very fast, Thank you for teach me.

I got 10/10

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thank you Rebecca, very useful….got 10/10

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Well salid ! 😀

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I am saying to my self well done! because i got everything right. it is my pleasure to join this class.

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Well done to me I got 100%. You make it clear Rebecca.

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well done to me 😁
i got 10/10😁😁😁

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thanks Rebecca . its really helpful.

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well done!

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Well said! Take care!

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Thank you for the lesson. It is a real pleasure to study english with you. You gave some good expressions, well done!

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well said

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Thank you so much teacher, this one is helpful. I learned a lot and after examination I got 10 out of 10.

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Well, your teaching method is great. If you please talk with slow speed, it will be easy for a student like me to understand & follow.

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well done dear teacher ! Complete as usual .

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it is very useful a lesson for daily english

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Hi there,
Nice to meet you! thank you for teaching my English course. I got 10/10 from this section.
I will go on to learn more.

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it is my fist time for me to be her and this video was very useful for me thank you

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Let’s talk by Skype:far-flung-reza

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It was a nice revision,….

Thanks you very much Rebecca!

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ı dont understand ……..

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when ı used will do
and when ı used well do

Profile photo of Yehyaihsan Yehyaihsan

i always enjoyed
your videos
thank you!

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10 of 10 well done

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You are a great teacher, Mrs. Rebecca. Thank you for the lessons, I am learning faster!

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Thank you. It’s

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Hi maam Rebecca thank you, these lesson,

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Thank you very much for teaching me, Rebecca. This lesson is useful. This is my first time here and I am loving it.

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Thanks for your lesson. By the way, I got 100 scores, haha.

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Thank you Rebecca ^^
Take care

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Need a speaking partner. I am preparing for IELTS.
if anyone is interested please add me on Skype.
ID: ehtisham.hussain.kokab

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Thank you very much, Rebecca!
Useful lesson for me!
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hello thank you Rebecca it was a useful lesson really well done

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hello how are you every body my name is mohammad from Kuwait my age is 18

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thanks Rebecca they are very easy to remember

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This is my first day and second class in engvid..and I got 10/10& 9/10.you are really polite and the way you all teaches are amazing…its really change my mentality towards online classes..it helps alot..I think in few coming month I would be perfect in english:););)

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I found this video very useful, thanks Rebecca :)

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How to improve my English Skill?
Please give me advice.

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the words “of mine” in the end of the lesson sounded like GlaDOS speech, inflection-wise =)

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my score on the quiz was 100 %

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You’re a great teacher. It is really easy to understand your lessons. even though I’m not living in a English-speaking country I will follow your advise to try to use those expressions mentally.

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    I meant advice. greetings from colombia

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I got 10 to thanks to you.
I have learned so many useful exprssions that I can understand about that.

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I’ve found this lesson really helpful, and I got 10/10. Well done teacher(Rebecca)!

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You are always using a simple way to explain the lesson. Thank you, Rebecca!‎

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how can i say

maybe there’s a puddle on the street
maybe there’s a puddle in the street

your lessons are amazing


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Thank you, Rebecca!! I don’t know if it is just my impression, but sometimes the options in the quiz seem to be jokes: …Bill is about to start crossing the street when you see a car speeding towards the intersection. Option: after you, Bill… Hehe don’t seem to be able to say “I am such a nice person”

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Every day, I’m better and better…thank you Rebeca…

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Hi,Rebecca!I am really inerested in keep learning English and that’s why I am asking you to make a video of in which you talk about technological terminology and how to learn to learn .Thanks for your help.

Warm regards,

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It was a very nice video.Thank you.

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I’ll try again later…

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i really appreciate what you have done for me ,i can`t say how grateful i am for being one of your students Rebecca

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Well done! Rebecca! Thank you very much. I got 10 correct out of 10.

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well done Rebecca, i like the way you teach.

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good topic mam, thanks for it, 9/10

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Shineshine again. Thank you for the enlightment, Rebecca; I have learnt so much since I joined your classes.


Very useful! Thank you Rebecca !You are the best ! I keep going .

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thank you well done english is easy white you

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Yours lessons really are very helpfull for me. Thank you Rebecca for you explain. I certainly need to learn more English.


Thank you for these tips Becca. I got 10/10. So, well done for me.

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Good Job Rebecca! well done :-)) wonderful teacher.

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Ty rebecca.. I got 100

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I’m very happy to be your student Rebecca, you explain so good
Thank you very much

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Thank you very much, Mrs. Rébecca for these courses whose value is no longer to be demonstrated. I enjoy watching 2 or 3 of your videos every morning for the past 3 months. I have been waiting unnecessarily for three months to go to the exercises. I have just completed my second exercise with the same result: the grade of 10/10. Congratulations to you for your excellent teaching skills! You are a very talented teacher! …

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My pleaser to answer your quiz, Rebecca!

Thank you well done

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I like the clear pronunciation of the English teacher and the blackboard writing of the letters(characters). Thank you.
The quiz is easy,but it’s hard to choose.

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well done

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A million thanks to you mam for your wonderful lesson!Well done mam!

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