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Thanks a lot for the lesson, but I have a question. How is the situation where both sides lose named: lose-lose situation or zero-zero situation?


    well done


      To tell the truth, all these were completely new business expressions to me -except one- piece of cake. In fact, I use it frequently.

      Great lesson as usuall Rebecca.



    Zarni Aung

      I think if Lovers broke up with each other, they would have faced the situation that you said. :)

      Zarni Aung

    Cambridge Dictionary says

    A lose-lose situation or result is one that is bad for everyone who is involved:
    He said that going ahead with the strike would be a lose-lose situation for all concerned.


    Dear Roman, the situation when all sides are losing is usually described as a lose-lose situation. Something like a divorce in a family (all the members are suffering – husband, wife, children and parents) or budget cutting in a company because of sales crisis (owners and workers receive less money).


    Yes, Roman06. You could also say “a lose-lose situation”, to describe that scenario. I wish you all the best!


09/09 ☺ Thank you Rebecca. <3


Thanks very much for your teaching


Thanks Rebecca ..I got a piece of cake in a quiz today.


husam simawi

thank you teacher, I got 9 right answer.


Thanks Rebecca. I like a lot lessons like this.


well done


Thinks teacher for your kindness witch emanates in this lesson.Can we consider these expressions as idioms?.


    Thank you for your generous words, lino3. Yes,many of these expressions are idioms, as well.My best wishes to you.


Rebbeca your are amazing . Thanks


I’ve got 10/10, it’s a piece of cake, thank Rebbeca you teach us very well so you and me are a win-win situation

nguyen van long

    There were only 9 pieces of cake :-)


    That sounds good! We’re in a win-win situation! I wish you more of the same, nguyen.


Thanks Rebbeca. I’ve appreciate very much your way to explain. Thanks againn.


Zero-sum and Win-Win situation come from Game Theory, just to let y’all know!!!


I’ve got 10|10. Thank you Rebbeca


Thank you Rebecca.


Thank you very much, teacher…!!

Jakub Alvarez

Thank you Rebecca


Thank you for your teaching, Rebecca! But I have a question for you. Which one is correct in the below sentences? If different, would you let me know what the different meanings are?

I am going to school.
I am going to go to school.

ShinHun Kang

    I am going to school means that you are doing this right now.

    I am going to go to school means you are planning to do this (go to school).


Thank you Rebecca! It was great and very useful!
Looking forward to the next one!

Ligia Yukumoto

thanks so much!


Thanks Ms. Rebecca!


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Hi Rebecca, it’s an interesting lesson and study english with you is always a piece of cake. :)

Leandro Cleber

    Thanks, Leandro! Smart use of the expression. All the best to you.


I got 9 correct out 9
It’s a lucky break


    Me too

    david Farzi

100)) I found this lesson very useful. And thanks to your explanation everythink seems like a piece of cake.

Mir Murad

Thanks a lot Rebecca!!!


Very interesting lesson, Rebecca. I got 9 correct out of 9.

Wilian da Cruz

Thank youbfor your teaching😊


Excellent lesson! Extremely useful. Thanks!


thank Rebecca!

Anh Ngoc Dinh

Thankyou mam, very knowledgeable session

Hemant Rawat

Thank you Rebecca! Taking a good care of kids and teach them how to protect themselves of religions is a win win situation for the hole world.


    whole world*


Are common expressions that, sometimes can be written with other words, but having the same sense
For exemplo : ‘ A piece of cake’ in Brazil we say ‘papaya with sugar” when as to do something is easy, one task easy

Thanks ma’am


    or in Persian laungage,same the drinking of water

    david Farzi

the lesson is superb really enjoyed it. more lesson


Dear Rebecca! Thanks for your lesson!
I know it’s besides the point of this lesson but I ask you to explain it. In the first paragraph of your lesson you used an expression “kind of has”. I encounter it fhor the second time and cannot find explanation and meaning of it. Thanks in advance.


Good video – as usual. Thank you!
It’s interesting to learn some opposite expressions to those you already know and which are very often used.


A great lesson!


I think in an any battle only one side will win. so there is no place where both sides lost


    Hmmm…There is another English expression, a “Pyrrhic victory”, about a fight that neither side really wins. It comes from a story about a Greek king, Pyrrhus, who won a battle, but all his best soldiers were killed and there was no one to replace them. So you could say that a Pyrrhic victory is one situation where there are no winners.

    engVid Moderator

Thank you a lot 👍😀
Did I say right ? Or Thanks a lot


I’ve got 10|10. Thank you Rebbeca


Thank you Teacher Rebbeca for your english lesson today.
I hope you will do more lessons and quiz for me in future.So that I can do practice more in understanding english lessons.

S Chit Chit Win

Rebecca You’ve done a great job as usual! :)


Nine out of nine it`s really fantastic


Thanks for this and really appreciated the way you teach us plus the quiz.


This lesson was very helpful to me, and i got a full mark in the quiz.
Thank you so much for your hard working, you’re a good teacher.
Keep the good work up.


thank you so much for your teaching


Very good thanks

Noha eldeeb

Thank you so much.


Thank you so much


Wahhh 100%


thank you very much it fun to watch you teaching

reda el

Thank you

Biju paulose

Watching your great lesson is a lucky break for my efforts in learning English. It did help me a lot. Due to your exciting video, improving English now likes a piece of cake for me. After all, I got enough skill to have a safe bet in getting a good job. Thanks!


    Thanks so much and good job! I wish you all the best in the future, my friend.


Gr8 lession.


💯 thank you Rebecca.All your videos help me a lot to understand English,write and pronuncition.I know that I need to improve my English, but with you videos and advices I will.Thank you again ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


That was a great lesson. I have hope that will be useful in the future and whole business vocabulary will be a piece of cake for me. Not like now, then all this phrazes are an uphill battle.


I got 100…. Its just a piece of cake after I listened to rebecca…

Jessica Sison

It’s a very helpful lesson for our English learners. Rebecca, thank you for your hard working. I will keep going on learning it.

Louis Liu 0707

I got100 I am doing well and thank you


While it could be easy to get disappointed about life because many times it could become an uphill battle there is always a possibility you can face a lucky breack.


Thank you.

BN Nacima

8-9 ;) the first question haved doubts between a or b… but i scored 9 so :D , thank you teacher


thank you 9 by 9 piece of cake


Just out of curiosity, the expression “a zero-sum game” comes from the (academic field of) game theory: it’s a game where the sum of gains (represented by positive numbers) and losses (represented by negative numbers) for all players, in each possible outcome of the game, equals to zero (additionally, a game where that sum is a constant can also be seen as zero-sum game).


its good learning


Hi, I’m just trying to start but all the videos I open were changed to a different web site or somewhere else maybe they are only available with subscription in Youtube. The company I work with does not allow to open Youtube. Is there any other way to access the classes? Thanks. Nicolas


It’s a lucky break to me that I’m here to learn english, tanks from engvid and u teachers.

Bahman samim

Thanks for this lesson!! It’s very useful!

Carlos Helder

Thank you Rebecca!
I got all


Learning English is a long shot.


Hi Rebecca, im looking for an IELTS teacher who could help me in my essay writing. Please tell me how to enroll in your class.


I want to know if these expressions are litterary used or not???


That’s a lucky break happened because I’m here to learn English.
Thank you Engvid and Rebecca


Thank you Rebecca thats realy great.


getting better and better everyday thanks to you Rebecca


Tkanks Rebecca!With your way to teach, my project to Speak and understand English fluently will be a piece of cake

Assyo Fidele

thank you Rebecca.because of you that was a biece of cake for me :=)


Although I have a mistake, you are amazing


you are very good!thank you


Very clear explanation. Thank you

Rehulina sitepu

I’m going through an uphill battle now, struggling with my minithesis to graduate from a university.


Dear Rebecca,
You have the wisdom of making learning English a piece of cake. This lesson was amazing.


understanding the lesson was a piece of cake thank u so much

Marouan Tirichen

Thank you so much for the time you spend teaching others. it has really helped me much.

Fredrick Banda

Thank you so much!

Aziz Tlektes

9/9 great lesson. Thank you


Thanks for the lesson


thank you, that was an excellent video, i have learned too much. i really appreciative.


I got 9 correct out of 9! Thank you Rebecca.


thanks for all you useful lessons rebecca, helps me a lot.


thanks, u Rebecca.i have learned too much


That is an uphill battle to improve communication skills. But it is significant to have them in order to be in a win-win situation with a carrier. Having excellent soft skills you will definitely never have a tough break.


Hey Teacher,

By listening you I began to believe one day I will speak like you :)

M Sarfraz

I with my business partner work in a win-win situation and our business flourishes.

Thank you for this knowledge, it was a piece of cake to me!


Hey all answers are correct it’s a win-win moment for me


respected madam,
Thank You for teaching.


The lesson was a piece of cake.


Hi It was a great learning experience.Thanks


thanks for your lesson Rebecca. it is interesting and useful to me.

Michelle Fung

Thank you Rebecca,
English business is a piece of cake with you.

Abdelkadir. Koudjil

It is beneficial lesson, thank you very much. I have got 9 of 9.


Thanks I got 100% in this lesson. :)


Thank you Rebecca.
This lesson is essential for my carrier and it is special paramount in our meeting. Of course it is not a piece of cake but it also motivate me to studying on Engvid.com.
Have a good night, my teacher!


I used to think that to improve my English language skills is an uphill battle, but when I met Teacher Rebecca I realized that it’s a piece of cake. My appreciation Ma.


Thank you teacher ! I got it !

patry dias

Hi Rebecca, thank you Rebecca you are amazing person and a fantastic teacher. I’m improving my english substantially.


Please clarify me ” A lose-lose situation” both or all lose?


it’s clear to me now, and i think it is just a piece of cake when learning English with teacher like you.


It’s a very helpful course for me. I really appreciate it.


i joined your class it is very good it is lucky break you are here


Nice and brief content


It’s a very useful course for me.Thanks

aung san moe

Thanks madam


Thanks a lot amazing Rebecca. (Azores Islands, 30Aug2021);


Thank you, you are amazing :)


I watched this video twice on December 06, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got nine correct out of 9.


Your lessons are amazing…and remember the expressions after your eplications it’s just a piece of cake…;)


I got 9/9
The quiz was a piece of cake for me
Many thanks teacher Rebecca 🙏

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