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Hello Rebecca,
I’m really appreciate your video lessons.
When I was founding out an English information, I found your webpage. It’s quite good. I’m sure that It’s going to improve my english skills.
I’d like to know “L”, “R” pronunciation.
It’s really difficult for me who is KOREAN.
Thanks in advance.


    Dear Charlie,

    This is Bill Ralens here from http://www.naruhodo-eigo.com. In your post, you asked about the pronunciation for L and R. I first suggest getting a mirror so you can watch yourself. Feedback is everything you know. To pronounce R, open your mouth, place your hands in front of your face and breathe out like you are wanting to waRm up your hands. R is waRm. To pronounce L, place the tip of your tongue on the back of your top two center teeth. Suck air in and you’ll notice that the air feels coLd on your tongue. L is coLd. That is how you pronounce L and R.


      Thanks for helping out, Bill.

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        Hi,Rebecca,Could you tell me how about the exam levels of English in the world?And please give me some advice how to learn more international or North English in China.Thanks for your lively courses.


      Actually Bill to pronounce L you put the end of your tongue on your lower teeth keeping rest of your tongue flat and exhale across the top of your mouth never moving your tongue and pronounce from your throat

      Charles Clay

    Hi. I heard about this site from my foreign friend but I can’t view your videos here in China. Do you have any alternatives? Hope you can help me out with this. I want to be a fan of your videos too, same as my friend. Thanks!


      Hi xiaojana. You will have to use a “proxy” that will allow you to view YouTube videos in China. Right now there is no other option. We are hoping in the future to put our lessons on Youku or a similar Chinese site.

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      you should sign in a account of google mail(gmail),then use gmail proxy,you should set parameters of IE or firefox,then activate command,then view this frequently.it’s very useful and free my question is similar to you but solved by myself.


you are a very good teacher thank you


i just would like to thank you for your great efforts and wonderful informations




thanks a lot for everything, you a great person, I’m from Perú and Learnt a lot with your videos thanks


Hi Rebecca!!

thank you very much for show these videos, i´m going to take an english test next week for my college, becuase i want to take all my college classes in english, but first, i need to pass that test.
i already watched all your videos, you have been such a great help for me, thanks Rebbeca.


Hi Rebecca,
I’m really happy to watch your video lessons. These are really helpful to improve our English knowledge. You are doing a good job, keep it up. This is my first time, but I wish to be with your lessons in future. Thank you.

jeyapriya thusyanthan

hello rebecca
you are avery good teacher.


hi rebeca i really appreciate your lesson but i think you can help me a lot if u send me a list of verbs with ending ed and d and expain me how can i know which of the words i have to pronouns in the right way thank you dear theacher. and god bless you


    Hi Rebbeca… i will also like to receive same information Hector requested. I’m trying to be a translator and this would be really helpful for my pronunciation


I was very excited to find ur website, and and i appreciete it.
I would like to thank u for ur videos lesson, and it absolutly help
me to prove my english.

Weyl furatay

thanks a lot realy it’s a great job thanks again


Hello Rebecca,

Thanks a lot for your lessons. I would appreciate if you can send me a bigger list of regular verbs and their pronunciation. I understood your explanation about them, but I do not know how can I know the right way of pronunciation. Is there any rule to follow?

Thanks in advance,



    There are three rules to pronounce past tense verbs.
    1. The past tense ( ed) is pronounced as (t) when the last sound in the present tense is voiceless :
    Ex: Look — Looked (t)
    Miss — Missed
    Stop — Stopped
    2. The past tense (ed) is pronounced as (d) when the last sound in the present tense verb is a Vowel or a voiced consonant
    Ex : Love — Loved (d)
    Stay — Stayed
    Tune — Tuned
    3. The past tense (ed) is pronounced as (id) when the last sound in the present tense verb is t or d
    Ex : End — Ended (id)
    Brand– Branded
    paste — pasted
    I hope this will help you.


      Thankx for the detail information. That is I want to know.


      Great advice, thank you!

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      Great. Thanks ;)

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      Do “appeciated” get /id/ sound? the result of the quiz give it like mistake. thanks for your help.

      Profile photo of ka-hora ka-hora

      4. appreciated

      in this situation, why is the correct answer is letter b? can you help me?

      Profile photo of Sam Sam

Thanks to all of you for your feedback and please let me know if there are other topics you would like to have me explain.

English pronunciation has a lot of variations, but keep listening carefully and don’t give up.

Sandra and Hector – I will email you some information about what you’ve asked about.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    Hi Rebecca! thank you for this video lesson, the pronunciation of the past tense regular verb is a big problem for me


    Hi Rebecca, like Sandra and Hector, could you send a list of verbs with ending ed and d and their pronunciation ?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Rebecca, like Sandra and Hector, could you send me a list of verbs and their pronunciation ?
    Thanks so much!

    Profile photo of Tamaraf Tamaraf

Dear Rebecca:

Since june i’m studying english, and for me is very hard to understand the correct pronuntiation of regular verbs in past tense, so i need a lot of help from you; first as well as Sandra and Hector i need a list of regular verbs with their corrects pronuntations also i want a list about the usual irregular verbs.

I hope to get your response soon, thanks a lot.

This is my first view at your website it’s amazing!!!!

Regards, george ;)

Profile photo of iq_george iq_george

thanks 4 posting your videos. Could you cast some light as 2 how 2 pronounce thew u vowel. For instance pool and pull; fool and full. thanks again

Profile photo of carlos blanco carlos blanco

Hi Carlos

Thanks for your comments.

In the word pull or full the u is short as in the words up, cup or nut. It’s a kind of “uh” sound.

In pool and fool the u sound is longer, like “oo” and you need to bring your lips together into a kind of o shape.

Hope this helps.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi George

Glad you found the lesson helpful. There are many grammar books which provide a list of the irregular English verbs. For example, you can look at the back of English Grammar In Use by Raymond Murphy.

It’s kind of difficult to find a list of the regular verbs and how they sound because there are so many of them. There are some guidelines you can follow by looking into an English pronunciation book. You can also try to listen carefully to good native speaker pronunciation and you can learn well that way.

Good luck to you!

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi Rebecca!

How r you?
You’re good at explaning I was a little confuse wit this topic of pronunciation, but I saw u and Im not anymore thank you :)

Israel Banda

    Thanks, Israel. Glad I could help. Good luck with your English!


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Hi Rebecca
you are very good teacher .
I’m going to appeare in IELTS exam that’s why I need your help. Basically I belong to urdu medium. Would you please guide me how can I get 7 band.

Profile photo of rabia rabia

    Hi Rabia

    The IELTS is quite a challenging exam. Please allow enough time to prepare for it. The speakers have English and Australian accents on the listening sections of the exam and you must get used to this.

    You can start by checking this website:


    It will give you a lot of information, tips and strategies to get a higher score on the exam.

    You also need to get hold of a good IELTS exam preparation guide book, such as Cambridge or any of those you see recommened on the website above.

    Work through the tests, find out your weaker areas, and then do lots of additional practice to strengthen yourself in those areas.

    It would certainly be helpful to attend a good IELTS preparation class if you can. You need to get feedback from a teacher on your IELTS writing.

    Make sure you know whether you need to take the General or Academic IELTS.

    All the best to you, Rabia.

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Needless to say u r a very good teacher. Your gesture,body language, voice quality and tone are perfact and flawless. Keep learning good english in a very simple and interested way.



    Thanks for your kind words, Surya. I wish you all the best.

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Hello Rebecca! You are a great teacher . I ´ve learned a lot from your class . Thank you very much , but I was wondering if you could help me to improve my listening skills , I am going to take TOEFL exam again and I want to reach a higher score . Please can you email me some information?
Thanks a lot!


    Aside from doing extra practice from various TOEFL guidebooks, you might want to look for a really good listening book and CD called Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn. It has many helpful exercises to build up your listening skills.

    Remember also that taking notes effectively will make a big difference to your listening score, as well as your integrated writing response.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks For you

Profile photo of meha meha

Hi, your lessons are great! I’m using them here in Slovakia to teach adults. Some of your videos the focus is not constant. Some camera advice…the camera should have an infinity focus setting. Try setting it to that setting, it should stay focused on the board and not go out of focus when you step forward. It should also sufficiently keep you in focus when you step forward. Keep up the great work! TJ

Profile photo of tjmorton11 tjmorton11

    Hi. I’m happy you are finding the lessons useful. It’s wonderful to hear all the different countries that the lessons are being watched in. Thanks for the technical suggestions, too. The problems you’re talking about shouldn’t appear in our newer English lessons, but please let us know if you do have other suggestions. Thanks for watching!

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

I’ve really learned this for the very first time.
thanks a ton

aijaz khatti

hi…i have a query..if ‘kissed’ or ‘worked’ ends with ‘t’ sound then how does ‘killed’ pronunciation ends with? how to chose words for correct pronunciation? …


    ‘Killed’ ends with a d sound. Check with a pronunciation book for a more detailed explanation.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you teacher! I did the quiz and I got 50 :( But thank you for the information you give too! I am going to practice more then the usual!

Profile photo of Cristobal Cristobal

    Yes, keep at it and you will surely improve. By the way, you should actually say,

    I am going to practice more than usual.


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Hello Rebecca,

first i want to say ty for the leassons i like and enjoy them..
i start to learn english just before a few months, so sorry for all the grammer mistakes..

i didnt understand about the ID, what is the diffrent?
if is right to read them with “d”

i have a nother juestion, i dunno if u can help
do u know if they are here some leasons that teach how to read properly?, how to pronounce word

tank you


    i wanted to ask something else,
    how i know that what are the vervs that i need to pronounce with “t” “d” “id”

    how i compared?


      Hi Yanina

      There are many good English pronunciation kits available which can help you. Look for them online under ‘Improving English Pronunciation’

      Otherwise, you could join a course or find a good private teacher to make quicker progress in English.

      All the best to you.

      Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

        Dear Ms rebecca ,
        Many thankes to you for teaching us this english in esay way I’m happy to find this site and I want to offer many thanks to http://www.Engvid.com and your team
        do you mind to give me or us your link such as email or your account on facebook or tiwtter to talk with you
        I have problm in english i kown many vocablary but when I want to talk in english iI don’t know how i put the worh one after one and about grammer i ask you nicely to teach us more about grammer like how to use if
        and what I can do in my problem
        many thanks to you

        Profile photo of airofficer airofficer

Thanks for the video class. It really helps me a lot, you’re an excellent teacher. I hope some day I’ll speak English as well as you do.
Thank you.

Profile photo of cricri cricri

    I’m sure you will. Believing in ourselves is what makes everything possible. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

hi teacher… thank for ur lesson.. for the result of the quiz.. i only correct 3 questions…. T.T sad to see this… haha.. however, may i know when i need to pronoun t, d , id for a verb ?
is it only 1 way to know how to pronoun that is hear other people talk ? sorry again for my poor english

Profile photo of LIEW VUI LIEW VUI

There are some rules, but I believe the easier way would be for you to learn naturally through listening, at this stage.

You don’t need to apologize for your English. How wonderful that you have made so much progress. That’s all any of us can do – keep going, try our best. Each day you will improve.

My best wishes to you.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca



thank you for teaching i learn a lot i have a good news for you because of you i am the best in english in our room thank you very much


Thank you for all lessons. Can you explain this sentence to me? I could see the waves lapped against the rocks. Someone told me that I should use lapping instead of lapped. Can you tell me why


Profile photo of ann1970 ann1970

hello, Rebeca
that is defenitely a very important subject to teach our students. But, you forgot to teach us when we are supposed to sound like “t” or d” , which happens to most of the verbs….then you say, “we have 3 options” it might sound like i can pronounce the verbs whatever way I want, so here are the rules, people:

t sound- verbds ending in – f- k-p-ch-cs-ss
ed sound- verbs ending in t or d
d sound- for the rest of the verbs…
thank you]


hi my best teacher please i want to know is there any rules to know whene you pronociat the verb like d or id or d i want please more details about this thanks a lot mes best wishes


well, i’m so glad to see these video lessons about grammar.
i hope to learn so much from you, so i’ll be watching this page more often.
thanks for everything.

luis c

Thanks Rebecca for your video but i want to know ended word T and D and id please answer and thank’s again


thanks a lot Rebecca.we’re waiting for more lessons.


i would like to thank all the amazing teachers on engvid.com. i would like all of them to send me what is new from the available videos.thanks very much
this is my e-mail


Thanks you. Now I understand more the topic. :)

Fernanda Vega



hello!! thank you very much. i am an amateur teacher, this my first year teaching. i have to look for tips and information that make my class understand the topic easily and this was a perfect example for me.


Hi Robecca, May you recommend for me a website that telling more about how to get correctly pronunciation for regular verbs in past tense,like when we say -ed is -t,-d or -id. Or you may talk about that more detail

Profile photo of Nhat Nguyen Nhat Nguyen

nice.nice.nice….thank u miss you are a very good teacher. and we wait from you and from your partenersother lessons with the same quality.


Very nice, Rebecca. I never knew that in some past regular verbs there is a ‘t’ sound.
I always pronounced (‘d’ sound?) ‘d’ and ‘id’ but never ‘t’ sound.
Well, I really don’t see such a big difference when pronouncing “worked” with ‘d’ and ‘t’.
It somehow always overcome the ‘t’ sound.

I really do not know what I wanted (‘id’?) to say above, but I hope you understood me.

One more thing. You said there are some rules in the last message. Can you tell us what are those rules?

Thank you! Keep up the good work. (This is an idiom, right?)

Profile photo of Rancher Rancher

thank you very much for the video. it’s really a big big BIG help to me as an english instructor.

mary grace vallejera

hi! thanks teacher rebbeca i have so many learn about english ur the best teacher and i watch ur video!:D


Dear Teacher,
i have problem with native speaker Pronounciation when they speak quickly but i cannot catch their message soon.
What can i do?
along with my problem i follow english TV,english web like BBC,VOA and speak with some people accross the world.
do you have anything without which i mention you
Thanks in advance
Ihsanullah Totakhail

Ihsanullah, Totakhail


Profile photo of bigboy85 bigboy85

Thank you so much.
I’ve watched how to teach pronunciation of the past tense verbs.
So I can teach grade6 tomorrow well.


hi rebeca you are a good teacher,I like this class but, how can i know if the end of the word sond whit ´t´ or ´d´? i don´t know that…..



Thank You Rebecca for helping Non-English speakers.I would appreciate more if you can explain us about “Verb”,”Adverb”,”Noun”,”ProNoun” etc..

Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of mohammedazam7 mohammedazam7

hi it me constanza again. I clicked the submit comment botom accidentally, rebbeca I want to ask you if u could send me a list of verbs with ending ed and d like Hector
thanks in advance


It’s very basic lesson but very important. Most student don’t care about it when they speak. Thanks.

Profile photo of kyoung mi kyoung mi

50 words in past tense


    need now :)




good comment because my commen is I want up girt the 15 and 23 Not marrie we know yes thank girt see you

yeferson sosa

Thank you for this interesting lesson. I’m a intermediate student from Perú and I would like your help to explain how can I know the right way of pronunciation of the first and the second group. The third group, ending with d or t, was clear. Is there any rule to follow for the another groups?


Thanks for your classes, teacher.
You are an excellent teacher. I´ve learned many things from you. I like all your videos.
Could you tell me how to use the words “that” and “so”, please?
God bless you.


hi miss rebbeca. I’d like to ask something about. what is the difference about COULD BE,CAN BE and MIGHT BE? thanks for teaching.. I’ve learn a lot of correct grammar from you.


I want pass the ielts but my English not good i want immigrate to Canada
i want speak English
please give me advice to what i shall do to improve my language .

Profile photo of emadcaesar emadcaesar

Thank you Rebecca. It has been an important lesson for me. Pronunciation of past tense verbs has been sort of challenging for many people. You have such a great clarity of speech!

Profile photo of mssdaviss2010 mssdaviss2010

Hi Rebecca I enjoyed the lesson, it was very helpful. In addition I like to thank Bill Ralens for his comment. I sometimes like to read other comments and saw that someone inquired about he letter R & L and I’m just estastic

thank you all


Hey nice video..but I’m in doubt about ..when will I know wich sound I must use?


Hi Rebecca
Could you give us the role for use it.



I made the exercice about “Past Tense Regular Verb Pronunciation” and it correct me “appreciated” with a “d” ending pronunciation and I was thinking it was “id” ?? Could you confirm me please ?



Hi, teacher. thanks for all of lesson and appreciated for your cleared explain me.


how do I realize when to make the right sound (of the three ways you teach in this lesson) when I am speaking, there is some kind of rule???


Great lesson. Thanks.
But need some practice to remember it :)


It is my first time discovered this website and just signed up. I realy appreciate and thank you so much Rebecca, for watching your video is my first encounter on the web.
Stay blessed!


I discovered this website today, and watched some videos, thanks a lot for this quick and helpful lesson.


Hello Rebecca!!!
My name is Akhat Bekturganov. I`m from Aktau in the Kazakhstan. I’m not good at English, I would like to communicate with you via Skype! Do you have free time? My Skype akhat97, waiting!


I don’t Understand!!@_@!

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Hello,Rebecca!I really like this video about Past tentse verb pronounciation. I wanna ask you if that verb appreciatied sound like id or d ….?thaks


hello!mss rebecca irealy very happy to write this because ilearnt many things from ur good lesson because i’m a student first year english studies …………ihope to give me same advices ……………..


hello!mss rebecca irealy very happy to write this because ilearnt many things from ur good lesson because i’m a student first year english studies ihope to give me same advices


OK, thanks

Profile photo of Martin Martin

hello,i am Mongolian want to improve my english


Hi Rebecca, I love your classes, I have been learning a lot, I was wondering if you could recomend either a class or a book that can help me with my spelling, I’m a horrible speller and I would like to improve. thank you

Profile photo of chon chon

I would like to know where I can find a sofware or program for English Verbs pronunciation. I would like to have that on ny phone that way I can listening anytime anywhere, everywhere. The would help me enourmesly my my enlglish pronunciation. I am from Colombia and my first language in Spanish. I am goin to apreciate your help


Sandra Jamison


Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the video.
Can you please tell how “appreciated” is pronounced, i think its ending sounds with id , am I right?


Hi Rebeca, why when I heard an other pronunciation Is very hard to me to identify this sound, I mean if I heard an american pronunciation I can´t understand a lot. It is normal?


Profile photo of sdmarck sdmarck

thank you Rebeca. your lesson is the best lesson.


Why appreciated is d and negociated id?


hi, could you help me, how to teach simple past tense effectively to the students?


hi Rebecca….could U help me, how to teach simple past tense effectively to the students?


Thanks teacher I need more practice because i got 6/10 :(

Profile photo of taniawaqar taniawaqar

Hallo, Rebecca! Thank you for the lesson! This topic had been a big problem to me for a long time. I used to think that native speakers don’t pronunce the ending -d letter at all, because I rarely heard that sound when I washed films or listen to the music.
Thank you for your time and for this amazing project!

Profile photo of lisblaz lisblaz

thanks you very much!


melli merci
you are Able woman


Hello Rebecca,
I’m really appreciate your video lessons.
When I was founding out an English information, I found your webpage.


A Sound mind is in a sound body


hi Rebecca

i’m really appreciate ur video lessons

take up

have a good day


No more to say, that Thank You very much.

Best Wishes to You

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Hi Rebecca,thank a lot for the interesting class I really appreciate.


Hi . teacher could you help me to identification the verbs end T, D, ID OR PROVIDE LIST OF THE VERBS.THANKS A LOT .

Profile photo of kmcatracha kmcatracha

Hi Rebecca,
could you help me how to identify /d/ /t/ and /id/ sounds?

Profile photo of rafi19 rafi19

How are you Rebbeca?I have been learning a lot from you.Thanks a lot.You are a good professional,indeed.Congratulations.Tell me please –apreciated..is appreciated –D or ID.?Thanks Rebecca.I wish you all the best.CARLOS SIMOES


How are you Rebecca?Please tell me where the differences among appreciated,demanded and negociated are?You are a very good professional.Congratulations.Thanks a lot in advance.CALOS ALBERTO SIMOES


I have the same question with FreeManStars’s comment,It’s abount the pronuciaton of the “appreciated”.
I need the answer,too.

Lisa Tsai

    O have the same real name as u

    Profile photo of sweetchild sweetchild

Rebecca thanks 4 your effort.



I am a Brazilian. Times ago I found a book which taught me that if the verb ends in -TED or -DED, the suffix ED sounds as /ID/. Examples: ADDED, WANTED.

If the last sound of the verb ends in your lips, ED sounds as /T/ as in WASHED /T/, STOPPED /T/.

And if the last sound of the verb is in throat, the suffix ED sound as /D/ such as ARRIVED /D/, TATTOOED /D/.

Do you agree with this, teacher?


i love it to much raally tomorrow i have a diagnostic exam and thid help me so much thanks


rebecca thanks for givin me a lot a i’m conchita fom Argentina i lov yu yu ar de best


Hello Rebecca !
You are my favourite teacher !
Thank you very much !
I am so happy to learn English!
God bless you !!


hello, teacher rebeca ,I jut started to study whith the program and I,d like to know how to start from the beginig becuse sometimes I got confused. so ,Idon,t know how to follow the lesson oder,,but ,Ireally like it..¿is there manual or so that shows how to follow the program.

lisa leger

    Hi Lisa. There is no ‘program’ to follow. You can watch any lesson that you think will be useful to you. You can start with the English lessons for Beginners, if you want.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

Good lesson Rebecca, but I would have to ask you something about quiz! Look at this example: appreciated
id, The right answer was “d”, but I think it should be “id”. . . Could you tell me what answer is correct? Thank you in advance :)


I really love your lessons.. Thanks a lot!!!


I really love your lessons.. Thanks a lot!!!


its so humiliating


Pls how can I use the word ‘was’ and ‘were’ and’ can’ and’ could’ and ‘did ‘and might


Great lesson C=

Profile photo of jack121212 jack121212

hi Rebecca idont know how thank you for your lessson


Profile photo of medysatta medysatta

Thanks Rebaca


Rebecca is the best teacher


Hi Rebecca, I am new to this site and I am all hooked to you –what most Teachers don’t understand you have to take your time with adults that have been out of school for a while and break it down like you, I am going on 50 and need it a little slower -I thank you and keep up the good work.


sorry added in the wrong word–but I love you, and you are a blessing to this site keep it coming.


Hi Rebecca, Thanks for the lesson. If you could go over the rule when should we pronounce “t”, “d”, or “id”, that will be perfect. Julie


thank u for being have a beautiful vidio huh


HI!:) Is this site useful for someone who want to learn the british english? Grammar of american english is same like grammar of british english?? I don’t know how to right set up question…but I hope…Best wishes.:)

Profile photo of deki deki

    There are only small differences between North American and British English, so you should be good!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

How to define the pattern for the sound of t , d & id?


Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of ceylontimes ceylontimes

thanks teacher now I can understood the proununcation past tense regular.


rebeca , I am new

Profile photo of sweetchild sweetchild

I really want to know that is the exactly list of the regular past verbs which are pronounced as /id/ could you be so kind and corteous to post in in order to memorize and dont make friggin further mistakes


Hi, I’m confused with ‘T’ and ‘d’ sounds. How can I differentiate those words which are pronouned with both ‘T’ and ‘d’ sounds? Thank you! :)

Profile photo of cying cying

Hi Rebecca! Could you make a video in past participle. When and how to use it. Thank you.

Profile photo of yllsa25 yllsa25

Rebeca, I like so much to hear you, you help me a lot…


Thank you very much teacher

Profile photo of amodi amodi

hello i am atheena i am just telling what are examples of regular verbs and give their past forms in our subject english…. may you help me with my assignment….. im a filipino from baguio city…… MABUHAY to all of you….


Hello I am Atheena Ashry I am just telling that what regular verbs transfer from past forms…. please help me with my question please…. I am a Filipino from Phillipines and MABUHAY! to all of you who answered my question :)


Hi Rebecca, I¡m sorry but I`v not undertood still the difference between each pronunciation, thanks !


so interested


thank you so mach


plz teach me past perfect bc0z i d0n’t kn0w how to use it


Hello Rebecca
I would like to thank you for your very useful lessons. I saw in your quiz, you say appreciated is spelled with “d”, but I suppose “id” is correct.

best wishes


Hi Rebecca!
Please help me! What’s difference between alright and all right?


hello hahahaha


Dears theahes,
Iam like all of you learns i learn english form engvid .thanks to vere one ,i shall overcame on myIgnorance.


Hi Miss R?
i have watched your all videos but here in our country English not speaking well
Give me some idea !


thank you so mach

Profile photo of naeir naeir

nice au.. cea… pang grade one.. :)\

eng2x n jopaii

you are the best
we pray to have a brilliant teacher(here in Iraq) like you


you are an excellent teacher and your lessons are very easy to understand

Profile photo of bhantal bhantal

Hi Rebecca,
why the word “appreciate” has ending sound /t/ is pronounced /d/?? I think it must to pronounce /id/ but above answer is not like that. So please show me :( :(
Thank u so much! :)


Hi Rebecca,
Can you teach me how to pronoun “I” as “e” or “ai”.
Thank you


hi rebecca i am waibhaw and i m very poor in english speaking and writing can you help me ,i m very anger to learn to good english


please pay attention

dr dre beats

[…] Click here for the same video followed by a quiz. […]

Pronunciation « ESL with Jen

Dear rebecca,

Thanks a lot for your excellent lessons.
I have a little question about the quiz of this lesson: I don’t understand the difference that there is between these 2 verbs negociated and appreciated; both of them ended by “t” but their pronounciation are different. can you please tell me why. Thanks in advance for your help.

Profile photo of shilou shilou

Thank you ,, but I want more lessons ,, I got in guiz 50 >>

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i want to be your friend.Where you live now? thanks

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I wish you were my High school teacher.


the lesson really help, but is there any tip or information that you can still give me to improve in my accent

ibrahim shaba

great lesson. I didn´t know the difference in pronountiation. Greetings from Chile Rebecca.

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hi rebecca!

Appreciated is pronounced as d or id. I took a quiz, my answer was id but it says i was wrong. which is really correct pronunciation? thanks.


i need to study more


I have a doubt!
Would you consider these differences important to teach them in a EFL classroom for just kids?
When would you teach it?
Thanks anyway :)

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Hey Rebecca, i’m a foreigner from israel.

i think the site is amazingly good to learn english and i hope to improve really soon.

although your video was pretty clear i wanted to ask: when do i know i need to pronounce it ‘t’/’ed’/’id’ ?
you showed some example but you didn’t give guideline.

looking forward for your answer.

BTW, if i wanna learn properly, is there an order for watching videos ?

oh last question, how can i improve my voice infliction and pronunciation while talking ? i can easily express myself over writing but i would say a sentence in 30 second.

again, Thank you Rebecca.

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hi thank you very nice teacher for me.




Tnks about it !

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it would be helpful to me if you teach me how to pronounce var,were,where,wear,wore




Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the lesson. I’ve learned a lot, but I got a question from the quiz. Isn’t “appreciated” pronounced “id”? Thanks a lot!!


    I think you right. We must use in this word.

    Profile photo of ilya86 ilya86

      I think you right. We must use id in this word.

      Profile photo of ilya86 ilya86

        And again :).
        I think you are right. We must use id in this word.

        Profile photo of ilya86 ilya86

What is the difference between
1 should have and should have been
2 would have and would have been
3 could have could have been

Profile photo of patilrr patilrr

    Hi patilrr ….

    should have been –> Which is happened in past …
    Should have —- > Which is going to happen in future

    would have been — > we assumed that something is happened in past …
    would have —> something is going to happen in future ….

    could have been –> less possibility of happened in past …

    could –> less possibility of something …

    Profile photo of Gopinath Vicky Gopinath Vicky

Thank you, Rebecca.
I like these videos.

Could you tell how to pronounce “send to” [send tə] or [sent tə]? And other examples?

Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

    I have same doubt ….

    Profile photo of Gopinath Vicky Gopinath Vicky

Don’t worry about forgetting gmramar. The mere fact that you are speaking English means that gmramar is constantly being applied and memory is constantly being stimulated. It is fantastic that you are taking the time to teach your students Accent Reduction. With today’s global workforce bringing together all the diverse speakers of English as a second language, it is vital that one’s accent be understood. An understandable accent will make the difference in their job success. Cudos to you!www.askalia.squarespace.comAlia


hi Rebecca, thanx for the lesson. I have a quick question. In the test above it says appreciated is pronounced as “d” instead of “id”. it seems, it ends in “t” sound. if so why is that? please help.


Hi, Rebecca, your lesson is very good but i wont to start from first lesson. I can not to deal what is first lesson, second lesson etc.


Excellent presentaton thank you very much.
I just didn´t undertand the rule to pronunciate t or d. (id is when the word finish in t or d but the other two I´m not sure). regards

Juan Pablo

Thank you Rebecca, this lesson is very good.

Li Ra

Hi Rebecca! Your videos are all great and I have learned a lot from your videos. I’m just wondering why the correct answer for apprecitaed is “d” and not “id”. I took the test and i got one mistake in #4.
4. appreciated
d-correct answer
id-my answer (wrong)




    I think you are right. 4 nuvber is wrong in quiz, I think so. Good luck.

    Profile photo of ostap ostap

    You right, the answer for question 4 is wrong. You don’t worry !!!

    Profile photo of luanquangle147 luanquangle147

hello dear Rebecca i believe it is not east at all .But as what you have said we have to know it by heart . Thanks dear again
bye bye

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Thanks!!! aproved my skill english grammar good more.

Profile photo of pissamaithaigirl pissamaithaigirl

I tried your test and I thought to choose (id) for the verb “appreciate”. Can you tell me why the correct answer is (d) instead? Thank you.


thanks for your lesson


hello, thanks for your lessons, I have a question, I’ve done the quiz, and I thaught for long that “appreciated” is pronounced with ‘id’ rather than’d’, so how could we differenciate between “negotiated” or “granted”?


how to speaking English.



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hello, thanks for your lessons, I have a question, I’ve done the quiz, and I thaught for long that “appreciated” is pronounced with ‘id’ rather than’d’, so how could we differenciate between “negotiated” or “granted”?

dhea wulandary

Thank you Rebecca excellent lesson about pronunciation…thanks again

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hi. i really engoy ur program. thanks so much, but i can’t acces the video ,so what will i do to get u on video, please help…thanks and keep on teaching.


hi. Ribecca is u i sent the isue of video for.


Hello Rebecca
I want to thank you, this lesson is very useful for me.
I have a remark concerning the quiz:
according to the rule ‘appreciated’ must pronounce like ‘id’, but in the correction I found the correct answer is ‘t’.

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Thank you a lot Im learning a lot from you :)

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negotiate d is added to form negotiated . so d sound heard .
appreciate add d , too. d sound heard .
I feel confused , why say id sound in the verb –negotiated ?

Profile photo of stupor67 stupor67

I thought I had trapped myself . verbs which end by de or te + d , but still pronounce id.

Profile photo of stupor67 stupor67

I wonder if the answer was wrong — appreciated pronounced d rather than id ?

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tnx teacher for teaching me
a bunch of flower for u.
love, miss hana

Profile photo of misshana misshana

“appreciated” – please tell me, how it can be pronounced with only sound “d” at end of the word?…

Profile photo of mikekant mikekant

    absolutely agree with you) I think it just was an unfortunate misprint

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Good lesson

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    Hi james … i’m from india, ‘m trying to speak like native english speaker but could not able to speak like a native speaker , i cn’t control my mother tongue slang in my english speech ?? i asked you b’cz you are from US ?? i hope you can clarify me ?? Could you ?? …

    Profile photo of Gopinath Vicky Gopinath Vicky

Hi Rebecca. In the question 4, appreciated final sound is id or d?, I answered id, would you mind explaining me why it is incorrect?, thanks for your help.

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Good lesson!

Profile photo of znamensky znamensky

Hi rebeca. I have the same question of jose delgado. Is it correct the pronunciation of appreciated with d instead of id?

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Good Video, Keep Going!

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Thanks Rebecca! I need more practice. But you are helping me out improving my English skills

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Hi Rebecca! Than kou very much for this lesson. I got a 90 on the quiz, but I really have a doubt. The answer I had wrong was that one about the pronunciation of the verb “appreciated”. According to your explanation and to the grammar I have learned so far, the final “ed” in this case should be pronunciated as “id”, nevertheless, the system tells me that it should be “d”. I’d like you to explain that to me, please.

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very helful. thanks so much miss

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I was confused about the quiz. I got 6 correct out of 10 :( I should be careful about pronunciation. Never give up! Thank you, Rebecca :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Wrong I look forward to meet you.
Right I look forward to meeting you.
Rebecca could u help me here to understand why i will use v+ing form after To (infinitive)???

Profile photo of bhaskor bhaskor

When I will arrive, I will call you.
When I arrive, I will call you.
why ” when I Arrive” will be in a present indefinite form???

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good job my lovely teacher
if someone wants to practice english language with me please contact with me through skype english.learning58

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thank u

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It is very nice that you help others to improve theirs language skills. For me English pronunciation is very difficult, I think I cannot speak English and it is something that stops me from speaking.

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Thank you,now I can understood how to pronounce the verb in past tense. Thanks once again. I hope I’ll use this correctly.

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Thanks I got 60%.

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Hi Rebecca,
could you help me how to identify /d/ /t/ and /id/ sounds?

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Thank You Ma’am Rebecca, Another Wonderful lesson.

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Thank you

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Hi Rebecca.., because of slow internet connection i could not see your video … , i have doubt in overwhelmed …. , how to pronounce ?? is L is silent ?

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yah I too have the same problem as Sandra has.

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Hi Rebecca,
thanks fot your lesson
take care

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Thank you

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Hey rebecca,

really you are a good teacher.please let me know correct words sometime i have to send an email to all colleauge for the meeting but really i dont have any correct please send me exact email sample…if you could do this for me..

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Thank you Rebecca!
nice website!

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Very nice. Thank you

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Hello Rebecca,

I’m really appreciate your video lessons.

Thanks in advance.

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where’s the sound……..i can’t hear anything else here.

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It was really hard for me..HaHa!

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The first lesson is good, thanks Rebacca.

Profile photo of Lorenza79 Lorenza79

APpRECIATED is written with “TED”
why this word is not pronounced with “ID” ?

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thanks so much

Profile photo of argenis argenis

Thank you so much for the video. I’m having one question regarding the quiz: Can it be that it is a little programming mistake regarding pronunciation of ed – in appreciated? – I clicked on – – id and it was shown as a mistake and the solution was shown as being – d. When I pronounce the word – appreciated – I have the feeling that I pronounce the ed ending – as id and not as d. – – I love all your work and also appreciate all your effort. My lines here should not come as a complaint at all. It’s just a small hint. It can happen. – thanks again for your work . best wishes, Rachel

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Pronunciation is not easy

Profile photo of yusayap yusayap

i cant differentate the sound t and d?what should i do?

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thank you Rebecca really these lesson so helpful and good for the students who they don not have basis about English language.

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Thank you so much i got 9 0f 10 . That makes me understand more than before.

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i appreciated your efforts.Thank you:)

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Teacher your class is excelent, thank you for your time.

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I have a question, What is the pronunciation of “played”? that word ends at “t” or “d”. I hope you answer my question i’m confused.

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Hello Rebecca! I thank you for your slowly pronunciation! It’s so good for me who can’t speak English very well!

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what is sign sound of t, d, and id

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thanks a lot

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My question is:
what is the criteria to differentiate the pronunciation of -ed is t, d or id ?

Profile photo of Reza93 Reza93

t, d, id

Profile photo of Lucas kang Lucas kang

Honestly not a very clear lesson! I mean when do we use t d or I’d sounds ?

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I need learn Englısh for my work.How I learn quckly.ı dont know grammer.please help me for grammer.

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Hello Rebecca!

In the quiz nr 4 says that “appreciated” should be pronounced with “d” but I consider it should be “id”. Which one is correct? Thank you!

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Dear Ms rebecca ,
Many thankes to you for teaching us this english in esay way I’m happy to find this site and I want to offer many thanks to http://www.Engvid.com and your team
do you mind to give me or us your link such as email or your account on facebook or tiwtter to talk with you
I have problm in english i kown many vocablary but when I want to talk in english iI don’t know how i put the worh one after one and about grammer i ask you nicely to teach us more about grammer like how to use if
and what I can do in my problem
many thanks to you

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by the way I listen to you when you saying
little pit
what does it mean and I wort it right

Profile photo of airofficer airofficer

Thank you rebecca,I have not concentrated this subject.I will be careful

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Happy women’s day!!!

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first exercise in which i get 5 correct answers out of 10. its not that difficult, just need to get used to it…..
thanks Rebecca

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when pronounced with +, d, id. :(. There is some rule to know?

Profile photo of adrianlarez adrianlarez

thanks a lot it is very helpful

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hello miss Rebeca
thanks for your teaching.
in this video the sound wasn’t clear . it had some noisy.

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This lesson was interesting, thanks a lot!

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thank ur

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Dear Rebecca,
Everything is clear, but I need some practice.
Best regards.

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Thank you .I do best

Profile photo of alhadi42 alhadi42

I’ve passed the quiz and i have a question.
Why end of “negotiated” sounds like -id, but “appreciated” sounds like -d?
Both of them end with -te in their infinitive form: negotiate, appreciate.

Profile photo of tiany tiany

    did you find out what is right ?

    Profile photo of moscowdima1975 moscowdima1975

Hi Rebecca, thank you.
I understood that exist three forms to pronounce the end of verbs in past tense.
But i have a question:
How I can do to identify when pronounce the “t” or “d”?
In which verbs I pronounce the “t” and which verbs the “d”?
I appreciate your support

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İ derived so basic knowledge from your class.tank you very much.

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I have finished your all lesson from last march until today;Monday 3 Aug 2015
Congrotulation to me Rebecca.I also finished Emma lesson,Jade,Ronnie before march.Ronnie is the teacher I like the most

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I really love your lessons.. Thanks a lot…. I have 60%

Profile photo of shathaaaa shathaaaa

Dear Ms. Rebecca
Thanks for the lesson.
I have lots of problem with the pronunciation.
I have a question: Where could I find the rules about D T ID for the past simple?
Best regards

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Hello=)Thank you so much for your explanation)

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good explanation this lesson
thank u very much

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thanks so much

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I`m so pleased of these lessons.This is so excited way to learn English here.I don`t know to describe my feeling so i just thanks and i wish every day to finding a new one lesson.

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Thank you very much

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

Dear Rebecca;
First of all, thank you so much for your useful lessons. I think “d” and “ed” realised as “t”after unvoised letters except “t”., and “d” after voiced letters except “d”. And they realised as “id” after D, and T. What I would like to ask you about is in the quiz there are two verbs which are “appreciate “, and “negotiate”. It is realised after the first one as”d”, and realised after the second one as”id”
Could you please explain it for me?
Thank you again for you.

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thank you for my first lesson on this site. Now I know more.

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i want to learn english grammer from begging please suggest me some good ideas to start,

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Hello Rebecca! it is so amazing lesson! could give me some advise about speaking please! thank you so much!!!!!!!

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thanks rebecca

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it was 8 years ago)))8 years ago i was studying in college and even didn’t guess that i’ll be learning English… I was young and stupid patriot)))

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I’ve been studying english for the last 3 years, and i have still problem with the pronunciation of past regular verb, so i review these lessons usually. Thanks rebeca one more time!

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hi, rebecca! your lessons very well,your teaching easy to understand peoples,
iam venky from india, iam not able to speack english, i want learn from basic english to advanced,please give me your sggetions and reference sites,

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Great lesson, thanks.

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I got 8 of 10.

Profile photo of Maliban Maliban

doctor i want to thank you for this best video but i have a question , in this video the verbs are examples but i want a rule to apply it , what is the rule to apply it in the pronunciation of any word ? so if i apply it i will know if it is (t) ,(d) or (id)

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The sound of video in not so good and confuse me

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Teacher Rebbeca,
Thanks very well.

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thanxs for the class

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Thank you Rebecca.

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4. appreciated
The ending of the word sounds like ‘id’, not ‘d’ as it’s shown in the test

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hi every body. I very like english. iI’d love to talk to foreign friends.But my english is not good. I want you to help me so I can confidently talk and make friends with many foreign friends.
Thank you very much

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Hi, my name is Diva Pena, first i congratulations for leraning to class, but I have a question about the word (appreciated)
when I say the word (appreciated) I hear the termination (id) and is really with termination (d), I thank you if I can solve the doubt.
I appreciate your kindness. Diva Pena

Profile photo of Diva Pena Diva Pena

I got 80 of 100

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Hi, My Name is Nader , i like English, But unfortunately i can ‘t speak English fluently, i want you to help me for improving my communication in english as soon as posible.

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i feel better to improve my English

Profile photo of Nader khan Nader khan

Hi Rebbeca, I loved this lesson :) My doubts were solved. Thanks.

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Thank you very much

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hi Rebbeca, Thanks for your lesson. I’ve got 9 out of 10. But I want to ask about the verb ” appreciated”, I thought that the “ed” ending should be pronounced as /id/, but I found that it was with /d/. Can you explain it please? Thanks.

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thank u !

Profile photo of SnowZhang123 SnowZhang123

Thank you 😊

Profile photo of Hawre mohammed Hawre mohammed

aaaaa I have the same problem as others here.
Anybody could me explain ?
I’ve got 9 out of 10. But I want to ask about the verb ” appreciated”, I thought that the “ed” ending should be pronounced as /id/, but I found that it was with /d/.

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Dear Rebecca My score was not good but I will try to get better my understanding of English,

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its great

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Thanks teacher .

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Thank you very much.

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I started once again with the lessons, thank you very much

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thank you teacher i got 60

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6/10. Very bad, Sorry. Very important topic, though. I’ll try to be better next time. Thank you! Where can I exercise more in this topic? I’d like to stress it.

Profile photo of macprivera macprivera

Its so fun to repeat those words and also the questions are fun too… I’ve got 80 pts.

Profile photo of aldin aldin

Hello! 9/10 I guess, there is a mistake in this quiz:

4. appreciated
id (I chose this one and I was wrong. But why? |əˈpriːʃieɪtɪd|)

Thank you.

Profile photo of Raz0rB1ade Raz0rB1ade

hello whats the complete words for ESL in ESL lesson

Profile photo of mmahdi1356 mmahdi1356

Is there any connection that when verb end with k word in the past simple must sound t ?
or there was same rule that we should know.

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Thank you

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thank you

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I got 60! Thanks!

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I got 7.
Now I’m shocked with the result.
I have to review about that.
Thank you.

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thank you so much

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Great advice, thank you!

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the more that I Study more that I’m wrong :(

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Hello Rebecca,
I’m really appreciate your video lessons.

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interesting lesson i like it now practice

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Thanks, great lesson.

Profile photo of Edgar Miranda Guzman Edgar Miranda Guzman

Hello Rebecca great lesson.I took the quiz but I got 90 … I don’t understand why the question appreciated at the answer id it correct to d , because it ends at t then the pronunciation I think is id but , is it an exception ? I would like to know , ty

Profile photo of amcrn2002 amcrn2002

    Yeah me too I wana to knoe that
    If you don’t mind dear Rebecca

    Profile photo of Vahidfarzi Vahidfarzi

    I have the same question. Please, let us know. Thank you!!

    Profile photo of marinrj marinrj

You got 6 correct out of 10.

thank you so much.

This is my last video of Rebecca.


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thank you

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Thank you

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Thank you

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I got 5/10 jajajaja,
I don’t understand your expectation, tanks

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how i know what sound use, what tips i need to know

Profile photo of jessicaerazo jessicaerazo

Ma’am Kindly check this sentence …
He did not take good sleep since last night
Or from last night… Which is correct ..please tell me

Profile photo of Jitendra754@ Jitendra754@

I got 70%.

Profile photo of ascalon ascalon

Thanks, but i want to know other rule added when a word finished with a consonant or vowel…

Profile photo of orisinara orisinara

Thank you so much for the real Service

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Your answer to number four of the quiz is wrong. The word is appreciate. And the correct answer should be ‘id’ not ‘d’

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Hello, thank you for the lesson. the answer for “appreciated” is with final “id” thanks again :)

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thank you , i appreciate your efforts for u all.

Profile photo of yara salama yara salama

Hi Rebecca! First of all, thank you for the great lessons!
I want to know if there is a reason why the pronunciations of “paid” and “said” are different. I know it’s about phonetics, but I’m a teacher and a student has asked me about it!
By the way, do you recommend a great material about phonetics?
Thanks a lot!

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I’m totally confused plz tell me anyone which teacher read whole teacher’s or one teacher plz help me guz

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Hi, great work, thank you Rebecca :)

Profile photo of @Joanna@ @Joanna@

Hi. I’m confused about “appreciated” pronunciation. It ends in t, I think it’s a “id” sound, but in the quiz review you say is a “d” sound. Please let me know. Thanks!!

Profile photo of marinrj marinrj

    I made the same mistake.

    Profile photo of @99lizarazo @99lizarazo

What do we depend on when choosing the word end?

Profile photo of khalilsyria5 khalilsyria5


Profile photo of celikkol celikkol

I also really appreciate your video lesson, but after doing the quiz and chcecking the answers I can’t understand why we pronounce ‘ed’ in the verb ‘appreciated’ as ‘d’ not ‘id’…

Profile photo of Kafusia Kafusia

It was nice lesson
Thank you teacher 👍

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great Rebeca thanks

Profile photo of claude faos claude faos

Hi.. Is there any way to know where to use each pronunciation.

Like, if there is a word ‘reached’ how could i know that i have to use “t” instead of “id/d”.

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good day Teacher Rebecca.great .Thanks

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Hi, thanks for your help us.

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