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thanx :*

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    hi Nora we can make chat in English to improve our language if you want . this is my email ghatrevy@hotmail.com or over whats up 0537975613



    excuse me
    i have 2 questions
    how can i use who with present simple ?
    and y can’t i leave comment :'(

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    nice way of teaching …………


    Useful lesson, tnx!


    Thanks a lot for your helping


Thank you

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Dear Rebecca
What is the name of the mechanic machine which is used to smooth metals?
thank you

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    do mean MILLING MACHINE ??

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Dear Rebecca:
I love u, and thanks For teaching and I learn new way

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Thanks Jan I will shear these Generalize with my classment in the Afghanistan Kabul University students And this a good way that u teach Afghanistan student I love U….regard

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    So glad you find our lessons useful. Thanks for offering to share our site with your classmates in Kabul. All the best to you.

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Thank you Rebecca. Would you teach us “Somehow”, “Somewhat”.

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    Will certainly add that to our list of ideas for future lessons. Thanks!

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overall i belive that .if you learn this way you will good

md masum

    Yes, you will improve!

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I’m very happy because l do it correctly


Thank you Rebecca!

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Hi Rebecca ,thank you so much for your lesson . Could you please
explain usage of “start and begin ” ?


    They are basically the same, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    I started working at 7:00.
    I began working at 7:00.

    The word “begin” is a little bit more formal, but only a little. All the best to you, Nay.

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Thank you very much with nice explanation

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thank you very much, good luck 2 u dear Rebecca.

Efrain Dominguez

good lesson but it would have been much better if you had shown more examples….

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    Basically, George is a great guy.
    Overall, this site is very helpful.
    Generally, I go straight home from work.
    On the whole, I agree with your father’s position on this matter.

    Hope that helps!

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Thanks for helping me to learn English.

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thank you Rebecca.

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Goodmorning mam,iam from India.Thank you for the lesson,and could you make a lesson on resume building which may be helpful for my interview.Thank you

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    Thanks for your suggestion, Aditya. All the best with your job search.

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Awesome! I got 10 correct out of 10.

Ashsih Prakash

All in all
On the whole
In general
For the most part
Broadly speaking
By and :D ?

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Overall I believe the situation is out of the control
Generally I believe the situation is out of the control
All and all I believe the situation is out of the control
On the whole I believe the situation is out of the control
Basically I believe the situation is out of the control

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Overall, I think the government has misspent our money
Generally, I think the government has misspent our money
All in all, I think the goverment has misspent our money
Basicially I think the goverment has misspent our money
By and large I think the goverment has misspent our money
In general I think the goverment has misspent our money
EssentiLly I think the goverment has misspent our money

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Thank you very much




thanks a lot

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Thank you teacher


hi REbecca and thanks a lot for these important and usefull lessons
sidali from north africa ALGERIA

sidali H H

you are good teacher rebecca.thank you very much.


Thank you teacher.

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Thanks a lot


thank you and more lessons of advanced english please.



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Thanks Rebecca,very good lesson :)



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Hi dear Really ,i’m very happy to join with you .I will continue with you .
All in all,i will feel improve my English skill with you
thank you so much

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thank you teacher Rebecca


Thank you ……….

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Thank you very much Rebecca.


Thanks rebecca
overall these are very useful points for me.

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Thank you

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Broadly speaking ,I believe that there is no website better than ENGVID.com .

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    Well said!

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First of all, Thank you so much for this amazing website. I started to visit it one month ago and since that moment I use to spend half hour every single day. I started with the oldest lesson. Currently I find so difficult to find which was the last lesson that I visited. My suggestion is, If would be possible to write down a number at the beginning of each title? Thank you


    Have passed on your suggestion and glad to know that the lessons are helping you improve steadily. That’s the way!

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Thank you Rebecca. Nice lesson .

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Thank you. Very good lesson.

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Hello, Teacher Rebecca.I like yours
This is a good way to learn English.
Thank you so much.


I am looking forward to seeing a video lesson on following (or the following?)Topics,

1.Difference between,
a.happy, pleased, delighted, etc..

a.Ridiculous, awful, terrible, nightmare,horrible, delicious, fantastic, phenomenon, extraordinary, marvelous,apparently,literately,wonderful,great,etc….

TamilEelavan – Toronto

Tamil Eelavan

    Have noted your suggestions. Thanks! All the best to you.

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Tamil Eelavan

Very useful words and expressions. Thank you.

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Thanks for teach us

kamal hossain

Thanks a lot i’ve learn it………
God bless and good luck of this program…….


Thanks a lot……….


Very useful.
Thank you so much


Thank you very much. it is very simple and useful

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Thanks Teachher Rebecca,
Just 60% correct but I learning. Have nice weekend. Lily Dias from Brazil


Hi and tank you vero much For the lessons.
. THERE is a mistake in exercise number 8 / answer. Bye. Marcello Tringali

Uldis kurzemnieks

It nice to score 100%. Thank U.

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thanx alot

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thanks a lot Rebecca, all in all your lesson is very good

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Thank you .this is a good lesson.

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This was my first time in this site and I loved it!


Although I did not get good score in this time, this lesson was one of the best because you noticed what words or phases are not frequently tough. Thank you very much.

Thank you Rebecca

Thaaaanks alott ,, nice lesson ^^

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It is such an effective way for those who want to learn English that it drifts someone from his /her native language to English fall.
Thank you so much.
Deniz Demircioglu


thank u so much
all in all ,i think this website will benfits all people from none english speaking countries.


thanks . . . am learning

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Thank you very very much

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I got 9 correct out of 10

Thank you so much

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wonderful. I have studied from this web very much! Thanks!


thanks for teach us

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I want any person chating with me that may be improve our language my email address is

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thnx, that help very good.

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thank you for your help rebecca

rachid bermache

Thank you so much :)

li kam yuen

Thank you very much!!


You all explain very simple things for beginners (1-Beginner) but you usually speek very fast. Beginners can’t understand nothing. It is not logic. If you explain something for beginners, I think you should speek slowly.
Despite this you are excellent teachers, thank you for your activity.


    … can understand nothing… Sorry.


thanks alot

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thanks a lot


Thank you for the quiz

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sample resumes

Thank you dear Rebecca, it was a useful lesson…I would like to received a lesson about “Whether” and “whatever” please.

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    Thanks for your suggestion. All the best to you!

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thanks so much
i learned many things from you all

naila karima

Thank you for this useful lesson.

Pierre Chanel

this is what i need, but too short lesson, i prefered more exemples to practice converstation, all in all is good lesson, thank you rebecca


tanks teacher that lesson is very important to any one want to learn english ,tank you agai????


Excellent Rebecca :)


Thanks God..
Finally i found the best and simple way to learn english.
Thank you Rebecca


Hi dear Rebecca!
Thanks so much from your good and useful teaching English i’m your new student from Afghanistan i wish can use for your good method thanks again

Mohammad Hossainpor

thanks teacher

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tnkz for telling how to generalize thing earlier it was not easy for me to discuss in eng but now i can do it quite easily….tnkz


Generally, i love the way teach us!


Thanks Rebecca for this lesson.

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Hi Rebecca!
I have such question. Im 29 old. I have no any education and Im beginner. So is it possible for me to become as russion-english translator?


    Everything is possible. However, you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to pick up the language well enough to be able to translate accurately. This is not an easy challenge and may be best left to those who have already spent a long time studying and are really interested in languages. My best wishes to you.

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i would like to say something here this website it has so benefit and thanks to you how to help us

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Overall, it was a nice video, thanks for this


thanks…it was useful to me


Thank you my teacher I want to study English please give me advice for that

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Thank you Rebecca

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all in all,I happy with this lession


too short :(

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Hello mam Rebecca , Could you please give your email . I really want to learn english . I’m not good in english . I want you to ask how can i learn if you dont mind i want to send you an essay made by me and you can check im so poor in english pleaase help me I’ll owe you for that your the one I like most teacher please


    Thank you for your kind comments. At this time, I am not taking private students. I am sure you can find a good teacher where you are or else online. All the best to you.

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Can someone teach me english in private please :(
i’ll appreciate it


Thanks !

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Thanks for the lesson….

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Hi I start to day is 20 of February 13.

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Awesome; keep going


The lesson was very helpful . Thanks a lot Mrs. Rebecca
and I’m waiting the new inforamtion :)

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Thank you so much Teacher.


Dear Rebecca, I love your lessons.

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Amazing teacher


How can I ask which birthday is this of someone?(I want to know how many birthdays has he or she passed and which one is this?when I don’t know how old he or she is?)


    In English, we don’t usually ask a person’s age. If they tell you, fine, that is up to them, but it is not considered polite to ask, especially of a woman. My best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca it’s my first session with you. On the whole, I feel my English could improve with your lessons!

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    Welcome aboard! All the best!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

it’s very useful for me,thanks a lot^^

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broadly speaking , i would say he took the alarm clock apart. magazine says that fashion ,enviromment . nuclear weapons .harry and gloria winrow enjoy the fruits of their retirement in a spacious island home. vero beach home on the indian river lagoon is nothing short of breathtaking .”you have amasing bird life all of the time ;manatee swimming by.we have been seeing a lot of white pelicans lately,too”.

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hi why i can’t see the video related to the lesson? someone help me please.

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    you need to use VPN connection or proxy.

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Thanks Ms. Rebecca for this lesson, I found it very interesting. I missed 3 questions on (or in? ) the quiz. that means I need to see the lesson again.

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80 %. Thanks Rebbeca

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Thanks to all for your comments and feedback. My warmest wishes to you.

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Thanks 90%

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thank you for those lessons mis rebecca

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Thank you Ms. Rebecca it’s very useful to me.

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Great! thanks a lot for this wonderful lesson!!!

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thanks a lot for this wonderful lesson!!!

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i’m new member, thank you for this site , it’s very useful.

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thank u Rebecca , i’d like to ask u a question.
should i memorize all of these expression or just the most used? and which of them is the most common? would u list me the most used in speaking ? thanks so much for your lessons, all the best to u my dear teacher.

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Dear Rebecca I’m a new studenti. My English si very bad but I think it will improve thanks your lessons. Thanks a lot. Ciao

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Thanks Rebecca!

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Iam a new in united state , I don’t know how to speak english iam from Bhutan .my english is very bad. Give me a idea how to learn .

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Basically I believe that the situation is out of control because the government misspent our taxes. Furthermore, I think that the crisis has not been averted at all and we are just running into more troubles.

Profile photo of Lakshmi Regnier Lakshmi Regnier

    I think you can conduct a campaign to don’t pay taxes for the government :)

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Thanks Mam, I got 90%.

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good lesson

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Thanks for the video, but I think we needed to more examples to explain.

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Em muốn học – I Woulike learn

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Thank you Rebecca for your lesson. Could you please give me some clarification: which of those is formal and can be used in written English, in particular essays? Which is casual / informal and for spoken English only? Many thanks in advance.

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Dear Rebecca,
Thanks, this lesson about expressions is very clear and practice to discuss issues in general.
Best regards.

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my quiz rebecca:
You got 10 correct out of 10.

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thank you, our beloved teacher I got 100!

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Hi Rebecca, thank you a lot for your wonderful lessons! Could you do a lesson about “these are the words you need” or “these are the words THAT you need”, please? Thank you!

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Thank you very much Rebecca

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Thank you so much, i will pass my reading test next Monday, with all your help. thanks

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