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Etc. is pronounced:

"Dot dot dot" is often used in spoken English.

"To keep healthy, it is important to eat healthy things like apples, bananas, grapefruit, and etc."

Is this sentence correct?

"I love America and so on."

This sentence does not work. Why?

'Blah' by itself is a positive statement about something.

'Blah, blah, blah' has the same use as etc., or ....

Kate: "Have you seen Patrick and Kim lately?"
James: "Yeah, I saw them last night. They told me about the baby, and how they're not sleeping much, and _________."
Kate: "That's all they talk about these days. It's kind of boring."
James: "Yup."

After you've rolled the dough, it's time to cut it into smaller pieces and shape the gnocchi. First, cut a piece about an inch wide. Then bend it over the edge of a fork. After that, drop the piece in the boiling water. Then, cut the second piece, fold it over the fork, drop it in the water, ________.

There are many things to consider when prepping for IELTS, such as vocabulary, spelling, writing skills, etc., but you also need to practice listening, reading, speaking ,,,.

Where is the mistake in this sentence?

Scott: "Where were you last night? I tried calling you many times!"
Jean: "Well, uh... I was with Logan."

Is this use of ... correct?

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,You are born to teaching …Thank You

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

    all teachers should teach like him;)

    Friday, January 18th 2013

    i agree with u ,
    if my teacher were adam, i will feel comfotable in english classes

    Sunday, July 27th 2014

thanks a lot dear adam
carry On

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

Adam, and what about fourth dot? When you started you said that you’d explane the meaning of the expression with fourth dots but never did it. Or I missed something?

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

    Thanks for the lesson. I has wondered about it since the first time I learnt English.

    Wednesday, December 26th 2012

thank you so much dear adam

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

That is great, I like it.

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

They were my questions for years.
thank you

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

Hi, I am very interesting with your lessons.
my question for you is what is the different between (different and difference). I hope you answer me, I do appreciated
Many Thanks

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

    Hi Darin,

    different= adjective
    difference =noun.

    does that help?

    Monday, January 7th 2013

Thank u so much!! you´re amazing!

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

Thank you for the lesson Mr.Adam

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

This is an amazing posting!
Tks for the good lesson that we couldn’t be able to find in any other pages.

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

I love you Adam ♥

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

I didn’t know taht: “There should be no ‘and’ before ‘etc.'”, thanks

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

i didn’t understand whAT BLAH MEAN.

Sunday, December 23rd 2012

    Hi Hiwot,

    BLAH means ‘not so good,’ or ‘boring,’ or ‘plain,’ etc.


    Monday, January 7th 2013

      hey adam,, what does “so on and so for” mean?

      Thursday, March 21st 2013

You did your hair cut. Looks good! Like Hasan I also was waiting till the end of the lesson. I don’t think I heard anything about it. Q2 is a bit tricky. I should have been more careful for each word. Thanks a lot.

Monday, December 24th 2012

Thank you so much Adam. You are as always, marvellous. But you forgot to explain the fourth dot in …(.)

Monday, December 24th 2012

    that´s true.

    Saturday, March 22nd 2014

thank Mr. Adam

Monday, December 24th 2012

thank you.

Monday, December 24th 2012

thank you so much

Monday, December 24th 2012

thanks Mr Adam, I wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 24th 2012

Very helpful lesson. Besides your teaching skills, you look like a typical english man.

Monday, December 24th 2012

Hello Adam,
Thank you for this lesson.Could you please explain me where we can use the word “over”?.You said that “my friend came over to my house”.i know this question is not related to this lesson.I have heard many people use this word with there(over there),here etc.,but you used different.Thank you in advance.

Monday, December 24th 2012

    Hi Marryfa,

    Actually, I could have said “My friend came to my house.” ‘Over’ is just an extra word we use. Basically, it means a little like ‘here.’ When we say “over there,” seems to make it a little more specific, like ‘in that place’ as though you are pointing. But if you take it out, it doesn’t affect the meaning.

    Does that help?

    Monday, January 7th 2013

Thank you for the lesson Adam, it was very useful.

PS: The gnocchi’s recipe was great, and it made me hungry…

Monday, December 24th 2012

You lesson was not ‘blah’ at all. That made me interested, open, happy, and so on…

Monday, December 24th 2012

Good teacher, thank you so much.

Monday, December 24th 2012

Adam, what about the fouth dot […(.)]? And the lesson was really good. The way you explain is really easy to understand :). Thank you.

Monday, December 24th 2012

Thanks a lot Mr Adam. It was really helpful and interesting.

Monday, December 24th 2012

Thank you too much .it was the first time that i’ve checked your site and i should say it’s very good

Monday, December 24th 2012

Thanks a lot Adam, it’s very clear. But I’m little bit frustrated, you wrote three dot and you said, sometimes it’s possible to write four dot but you didn’t say the meaning of four dot… ;-)

Monday, December 24th 2012

    this vidoe is good thanks adam!

    Friday, February 28th 2014

Hi Everybody,

Sorry about forgetting to mention the 4th dot.

It’s actually pretty simple:
The 4th dot is a period. That is, it ends the sentence.
example: I like all kinds of fruit, such as apples, bananas, strawberries….
The last dot is a regular period for an end of sentence marker. If you list ends at the end of the sentence, you can’t use one of the dots as your period. That’s why you would have the fourth.

If you’re not sure about this, ask me.


Monday, December 24th 2012

    Dear teachers,

    I’d like to take this chance for telling you
    ” HAPPY NEW YEAR ” for every things that you did for us .
    I wish you all the best and enjoyable time with. * MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR ALL *
    Yours faithfully,

    Monday, December 24th 2012

    Hello dear Adam,
    I couldn’t catch ur last sentences completely,
    “If u list ends at the…….”
    What do u mean exactly plz?!
    Tx in advance.

    Monday, December 24th 2012

      Hi Fatiima,

      First, an apology. I meant ‘your’ list.

      example: “I like fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, pineapples, plums, and others.”
      “I like fruits like apples, bananas,…
      The second one is wrong because only three dots means it is missing the period, so the sentence hasn’t ended. It should be:
      “I like apples, bananas,….”
      Last dot is the period.

      Monday, January 7th 2013

    “blah” is only used in spoken english?

    PD: Happy Holydays engVid Team!

    Tuesday, December 25th 2012

Adam you rock, thank you for the lesson.
In Russian language “blah” sounds like shit.)

Monday, December 24th 2012

    I’ll keep that in mind :)

    Monday, January 7th 2013

      No, it’s not sounds like “shit”, it sounds like “whore” on russian language.Russians like to say this word :\

      Friday, March 20th 2015

well thanks for your lesson sir. I just need to know the difference between “it’s been a long time and it has been a long time” pls help me out sir

Monday, December 24th 2012

    Hi Dinesh,

    It’s been… = It has been…

    The ‘s is a shortened form.

    Does that help?

    Monday, January 7th 2013

Thank you very very, Adam! Could you please explain the origin of that mute “h” at the end of such words like “blah”, why not just write “bla” and be happy?!

Monday, December 24th 2012

    Hi Kseniia,

    Good question. Hard to answer with quiet words on a screen, but basically, the ‘h’ extends the ‘a’ sound, making it longer.

    Monday, January 7th 2013

Thank you! One would never think about such things. Such a good lesson Adam! Many thanks.

Monday, December 24th 2012

Dear teacher thank you very much for very useful skills that you have provided us to help us to write proper sentenses and symbols.WISHING YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND PROSPERIOU NEW YEAR 2013.

Monday, December 24th 2012

thank you Adam, you are very simple to teach English

Monday, December 24th 2012


Adam,I have a request.Could you teach us the active and passive voice of causative verbs and present,past and future conditionals?Please,please,please.

Kinds regards

Monday, December 24th 2012

    I’m sure some of these are already on engvid, but I’ll see what i can do for you Farooq

    Monday, January 7th 2013


Monday, December 24th 2012

Hello Adam,

I am a publisher living in Toronto. I came across this site while browsing,and I think it provides an excellent learning opportunity for all kinds of people. I was impressed by your teaching methods in particular, and found it educational and engaging.

I would be very interested to speak to you further and possibly discuss some very rewarding business ideas.

I look very forward to hearing from you.

Iraj Zargham

Monday, December 24th 2012

    Thank you Iraj,

    I appreciate the thought but can’t take on anything at the moment.

    Perhaps in the near future.

    Monday, January 7th 2013

Dear Adam,

Excellent communication demonstrated by you.I loved watching it.Today is 25th Dec 2012(Tuesday)I want to say merry Chrismis to you and to all of engvid team.Mazhar Jamil (Pakistan)

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

hi Adam
this is my first time watching your video and i have to confess that the lesson’s topic was my question also.
thanks for your assistance.

here is another question :Don’t we use “etc” solely in writings and so on in speech ?

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

    Hi Kazem,

    We can actually use both expressions in writing and speaking. In writing, though, etc. is more common; however, keep in mind that it is pretty informal.

    Monday, January 7th 2013

thank you so much!

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

Thank you so much!
I’m a Korean. I hope I am good at English in the near future:-)

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

    me too :) looks good so far

    Monday, January 7th 2013

u are perfect man.

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

thanks adam i learn t which i was totally unawared till date

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

thanks for the lessons!
I wanna know if you can do a video about common poetic expressions or its rules?
have a great time!

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

    hmmm… You’ll have to give me an example of what you mean.

    Monday, January 7th 2013

thanks thanks thanks … :)

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

What is the difference between “dot” and “period”?

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

    I’m not 100% but I think the “dot” is a dot, :), a circle symbol and used in domain of website not in sentence. The “period” is a dot, used to end a sentence.( period, not dot).

    Wednesday, December 26th 2012

    I found this info , `AE` they called it period ,`BE` they called it full-stop .
    The dissimilarity between dot and period ?
    Is that dot used in computer filed names , internet addresses ,and email addresses such as www.(dot)EngVid.(dot)com,,also , it said that it used in name of IP addresses 145.260.123 , it pronounced dot .
    on the other hand, period or full-stop it used in the end of sentence .

    but there is something it still questioning me . We know that in BE it`s not used while in AE it`s necessary to used it after abbreviation .
    such as = ^AE^ co. ,,S.S.,,St.,,^BE^ co ,, SS,,St what we called it here dot or period and why ? what is the differen !!

    Saturday, December 29th 2012

      Too Right! :)
      I’ve found the same.
      But,about ur ? ,in my book it is dot after abbreviations like WWW.(dot) & as we know,we use full stop o period at the end of a statement.Right?!!
      Have Fun!

      Saturday, December 29th 2012

        yep, you have point here^^ it is dot not period
        but I would like to know why BE never used and AE t

        Saturday, December 29th 2012

        yep,,you have point here , it is dot not period. But I would like to know why BE never used the dot after abbreviation while AE it is necessary to used it,,, is it kind of rules in AE or what !!!

        Saturday, December 29th 2012

          It’s a rule.

          Sunday, December 30th 2012

      Ok, but what if we have this situation:

      I see something in the distance, a text, and I’m not sure if there is a comma or a dot(period). For example: “… , I …” or “… . I …” So, should I ask my friend: “Is there a comma or a dot” or “Is there a comma or a period”?

      Saturday, December 29th 2012

        right it is somehow confusing . but I think there is nothing to special to distinguished between them ,so you showed came near to see it well

        Saturday, December 29th 2012

          Nice dialogue here :)

          Period for ending a sentence. Dot for everything else.
          ellipsis always have at least 3 dots. If you use with a comma within a sentence, 3, but to end a sentence, 4.
          It’s actually pretty complicated. This is the stuff of editors. But, if you are interested, it’s best to consult a style guide.

          Monday, January 7th 2013

          Many thanks to you T/Adam ^^

          Tuesday, January 8th 2013

very nice keep on

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

All these explanations make the difference in my learning…
Thank you guys!

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

I learned the lesson perfectly and scored 90% in QUIZ. Dot within the bracket (.) not been explained ?. Can you please.. K.Sundar.

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

thank you so much

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

i want to learn where to use ,:;”‘- while writing a sentence

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

Thank you adam this is very useful lesson

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

You are awesome

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Extremely intelligent teacher, simple speech, interesting lessons, useful language tips, clear examples. Thank you, Adam, for this!
Happy holidays to everyone!

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Hi engvid i want you to make a video about
anybody,everybody,anyone,everyone,someone,somebody. thanks

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

oh. you are a good teacher. your job is great! i hope you alway have a strong health.and thank you so much. i hope see you soon in next lesson.bye

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Thank you Adam for your clear and smart way of teaching

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Very nice, thank you…

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

i love this

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

your lesson some of those not esially making me sense

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

I have a question about “spaces” in writing. In my native language we use two rules:

1. Continuation of sentence. We use: word+space+tree dots. Sample: I like chips, coca cola, pizza … (<– notice space between pizza and three dots). Also, there are no four dots at the end of the sentence. If another sentence is written, then: I like, chips, coca cola, pizza … I also like to watch TV. (<– So pizza+space+tree dots+space+word_of_another_sentence).

2. Abbreviation of word: She is real bit… (<– notice no space between bit and tree words, because "bit…" is actually a abbreviation for bitch, so continuation of word is written without a space).

If I understand correctly, there are no additional spaces in English. Right? It is hard to see spaces from hand-writing.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

    Hi Alex,

    You’re right, there aren’t extra spaces after the word. However, if you want to shorten a word, use a long dash, like bi–. It’s clearer.

    Monday, January 7th 2013

Very interesting and cute lesson :-)
Thank you

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Hey!! I need to understand one thing about the word “ever” in these words. What they really mean:

ever-deceptive, ever-present,….

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

    Hi Henrique,

    In these cases, ‘ever-‘ is used like ‘always.’

    Monday, January 7th 2013

thanks, Adams thi is important…

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

This tips were so interesting!

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

hi again dear adam ..what about this
on and on
thanks once more time<3

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

    I think the meaning is entirely different from `and so on`
    “on and on“ means something it happening for long time
    e.g. The screaming went on and on . means continued for long time ^_^

    Saturday, December 29th 2012

      thank you dear brother hicham

      Tuesday, January 8th 2013

    In fact,it’s an IDM.
    On n on : without stopping,without a break.
    Off n on : occasionally,from time 2 time.

    Sunday, December 30th 2012

      thank you dear sister fatima

      Tuesday, January 8th 2013

    Hi Nino,

    ‘on and on’ is more like ‘blah, blah, blah,’ than the others.

    Good point. Thanks :)

    Monday, January 7th 2013

      thank you so Much adam

      Tuesday, January 8th 2013

    u r really great,,thanks a lot for teaching this lesson,,

    Monday, February 11th 2013

Suggestion:at the end of each question you should explain why anwser a,b,c or d is correct.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Thank you for your lesson it was very useful and interesting.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Hi Adam,
Thank you so much for this useful lesson.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

thank you Adam,your lessons are always useful.

Thursday, December 27th 2012

I like this lesson very much.Also very useful for my studying.Thank you Adam..

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Very interesting lesson.

Thursday, December 27th 2012


Thursday, December 27th 2012

Thanks a lot! I can learn more English form your excellent teaching videos.

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Very useful video thx

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Thank you so much teacher, you do great.

Thursday, December 27th 2012

more harder, i need one best specializing lesson that would help me out alot as handy reference tool.

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Thanks for your lesson. I really like the way you explain. I have problem with pronunciation Mr Mrs Miss Ms. Please could you explain how to pronunc and the difference. Thanks again

Thursday, December 27th 2012

    Hi Sabrina,

    Hard with words, but I’ll try.

    Mr.– mis ter (like mystery without the ee end)

    Mrs. — mis sis

    Miss — miss

    Ms. — miz

    hope that helps

    Monday, January 7th 2013

Thank you very much for this so useful lesson. That’s exactly what we need when we want to address people formally.
Catch ya later

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Dear MR. Adam,
I ‘am sow your video it is very interested. Thanks a lot about it. But please take care about the ideas you broadcasting “kids are (blah)”. Because there is so many family they have problem with this idea and working hard to make it not(blah). Again thanks….

Thursday, December 27th 2012

    Sorry, I mean “kids are blah blah blah” not {blah).

    Thursday, December 27th 2012

    Hi Dilzar,

    Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll be more careful. :)

    Monday, January 7th 2013


Thursday, December 27th 2012

Great lesson and great teacher as well. Thanks a lot.

Friday, December 28th 2012

Sir, can you elaborate more on the 4th dot.

Friday, December 28th 2012

Hello sir thank you very much for your advice . It’s really helpful for me to the way I have lifted me up

Friday, December 28th 2012

thank you very much. The class was very interesting.

Friday, December 28th 2012

your teaching easy to understand : )
thanks a lot

Friday, December 28th 2012

Adam, and what about fourth dot?
Thank u very well about interesting lesson.

Saturday, December 29th 2012

hi tnx for this lesson
i like the last exemple
i hope the lesson wasn’t a blah
it wasn’t

Saturday, December 29th 2012

Thank you

Saturday, December 29th 2012

Thank you very very much :)

Saturday, December 29th 2012

thank you very much ^_^

Saturday, December 29th 2012

Thank you Adam-I learn this lesson very well.

Sunday, December 30th 2012

your lesson was blah,blah,blah.
sorry, I was just joking your lesson was really good and interesting also I am looking forward to see your other lessons my teacher.

Sunday, December 30th 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1st 2013

thank you. your lesson was great.

Tuesday, January 1st 2013

thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

Great lesson! Thank you :D
I just have a question on “and so on” thing. Someone, who is not a native speaker, mentioned about my writing one day. He said that “and so on” is a very unsual expression and native people seldom use it, because they like expressions that are accurate and have only one meaning. Is that true? I’m also wondering if I can use the expression “and so on” in a formal writing as well. I learned that expression when I was about 14 and I thought it was pretty common and formal.

Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

    Hi Vicky,

    Well, it depends what you are writing. “and so on, is a bit of a cheat. This means it lets you get away with not saying enough. Writing is different from speech in that it needs to be sharp and words shouldn’t be wasted. It’s not an unusual expression, but maybe better used in speech than writing.

    Does this help?

    Monday, January 7th 2013

      Yes, it did help. Then, in writing, should I use ‘etc.’ instead of ‘and so on’? In my language, it’s formal to say those expressions when I have a lot to list. So, I often use them when I translate my language into English. I’d like to know if you have any other suggestions.

      Thursday, January 10th 2013

        Well, if you are writing a lot, for variety you can use both. But etc. is the first choice I’d say.

        other expressions are “among others” or “and the like”. If you can combine lists that would save on these as well.

        Tuesday, January 22nd 2013

hiAdam, thank you for your teaching I have got 8 out of 10 really it is useful lesson for me thank you again

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

hi guys
I am Amal> I am arebain girl> I wanna improve my englisg so can any one help me by chatting please add me on my skype Amo0ol707
thank u so much

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

Thank you Adam!! You’re so a great teacher!!!
You did helped me a lot.

Friday, January 4th 2013

Your lesson is never a “blah, blah, blah”. I enjoy it! Thank you so much!

Friday, January 4th 2013

thank you teacher adam for this lesson

Saturday, January 5th 2013

thank you so much teacher.

Sunday, January 6th 2013


Monday, January 7th 2013

Hi everybody,

Happy new year. Hope it’s a good one for all of you.

For those who missed an earlier comment about the fourth dot, here it is:
The 4th dot is a period. That is, it ends the sentence.
example: I like all kinds of fruit, such as apples, bananas, strawberries….
The last dot is a regular period for an end of sentence marker. If you list ends at the end of the sentence, you can’t use one of the dots as your period. That’s why you would have the fourth.

See you soon

Monday, January 7th 2013

    D Best of 2013 4 U!

    Tuesday, January 8th 2013

thank you

Tuesday, January 8th 2013

it wos a good lesson,thanks teacher

Tuesday, January 8th 2013

Hello Mr Adam! Before this lesson I couldn’t understand about etc . Now owing to you I get it! Thanks a lot!!! I’m from Kazakhstan!

Wednesday, January 9th 2013


Friday, January 11th 2013

Hi Mr.Adam
thank you for your lesson .it’s great but i’ve a question about the quiz. WHY THE MISTAKE IN ITEM 9 IS AT THE END ???!!!

Saturday, January 12th 2013

your lesson is very intersting ;) thank you

Monday, January 14th 2013

Great lesson, not blah at all :)

Monday, January 14th 2013


Wednesday, January 16th 2013

Awesome! This is the first time that I visit this site
It looks very useful
thanks y’all teachers

Wednesday, January 16th 2013

Great lesson, it is very interesting Adam, thank you very much for your teaching.

Wednesday, January 16th 2013

Thanks Adan,…excellent teaching

Thursday, January 17th 2013


Friday, January 25th 2013

This man is awesome…

Friday, January 25th 2013

great, very interesting.. ;)
but since I’m from italy, when you said “..pizza: junk food..” I was like: “oh my god, he cannot be serious about it, it’s absolutely not junk food!!!” ahahah

Saturday, January 26th 2013

Hi all, and my honorable teacher mr.ADAN.
easily understable and i already sent to my long memory.

Monday, January 28th 2013

That lesson worth it. Excellent explanations . I wasn’t really used to use ’em but now I’d like to level up ’till advanced(C1-lang.certif. is my goal) so these gonna be useful definetely. I’m very pleased !!

Saturday, February 9th 2013

Thanks so much Adan. All of you are the best teachers.

Tuesday, February 12th 2013

Informative, helpful. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 13th 2013

Hi Adam, you’re the best teacher I finally found!! I love the way you teach. Very Clear and simple :) this is my first time and I got 9 out to 10. THAAAAANKKKKSSS!!!

Friday, February 15th 2013

Very good lasson.

Wednesday, February 20th 2013

hi sir
you are such a great teacher

Saturday, February 23rd 2013

Adam sir
the lesson although,though,despite,and in spite of is difficult for me how can i understand it.please help me.

Saturday, February 23rd 2013

hello Adam
I have a question but not about that topic.
I had been Amrica for 4 mounth.And ı will be there again 3 times for 4 mounth.I just wanna know if i dont study anything will i able to be goot at in toefl or this kind of exams in the future ? u got the idea i think.
Kind regards

Sunday, February 24th 2013

hello Adam
i have a question, and please i wont you to answer me, what’s the different between: “and so on” and “and stuf like that” ?
thanks. :)

Wednesday, February 27th 2013

Thanks very much Adam!

Tuesday, March 5th 2013

Thank you very much Adam! Cheers !!!

Thursday, March 7th 2013

OH! Well done, another D. But what ‘ D ‘ means?
I smiled because I can reply ‘ blah’ for the question ‘ How about you today ? ‘

Saturday, March 9th 2013

thanks Dear Adam,

really your are using the easiest way of teaching, thanks again.

Saturday, March 9th 2013

thank u so much. I am Vietnamese,so it help me a lot when I use these words.

Sunday, March 10th 2013

very nice

Monday, March 11th 2013

Super, are you number one there, thank you.

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013

Adam, have you ever been to Russia?

Thursday, April 4th 2013

I like the way you teach, explain, giving example etc. Thank you very much teacher.

Thursday, April 4th 2013

The lesson wasn’t at all blah :D. It was really useful.
I have a Q.
If I’m writing an academic essay (i mean in a formal way),am I allowed to write etc. in this form or I have to write etcetera ???

Saturday, April 13th 2013

Thanks for lesson, Adam. From your lesson, i have to put a comma (,) before “and so on”. How about “etc.” and “…”?
In above examples, you use “…” with or without comma before. Both of them are correct?
And if “, and etc.” is fasle (I was wrong this question in the test). It should be “,etc.”. But, is is correct if I write “and etc.” (not comma before)?

Saturday, April 20th 2013

thank you adam, you have a nice way :)

Thursday, April 25th 2013

Shi sentences and a wonderful teacher

Sunday, May 12th 2013

(blah) is funny!

Monday, May 13th 2013

very good lesson:D. i got 100:)

Friday, May 17th 2013

Thanks Adam,… I got 100 %

Wednesday, May 22nd 2013

thanks teacher Adam =)

Thursday, May 23rd 2013

I used to write many dots, but now I know there should be three dots and the fourth one for an end marker. Thanks Adam!

Saturday, June 8th 2013

I love this page, you´re a great teacher

Wednesday, June 12th 2013

hi Adam sir! your way of teaching excellent.
can you explain I am done= i did, i am scared, it is cleaned like this…
and to be as a word,
do you eat now? or will you eat now which one is better

Monday, June 17th 2013

to be as a word with sentences

Monday, June 17th 2013

Thanks you so much. I found this page a long time ago, but when my computer was broken,I seemed to forget it. In recent day, I have found this page again, and I think it’s really useful for me to enhance listening & writing skills. Your voice is so clear and attractive ^^

Tuesday, June 18th 2013

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Wednesday, June 26th 2013

thank you sooooo much adam you are the best

Thursday, July 4th 2013

Could you professor teach about the use of the Word BY?

Monday, July 8th 2013

i love ur teaching style. i have a request to u plz make some vedio on prices writing. I need to improve it. :)

Sunday, July 28th 2013

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Thank you for your interesting lessons
I just would like to get some advices from you about how to beautfy my writing style especially the argumentative essays since I have a teaching exam next month, that is to say I need to add various expressions to my style so that it can not be very simple essay
I’ll wait for your reply,
Thank you Sir in advance.

Monday, July 29th 2013

I think this lesson is not blah~~~

Friday, August 9th 2013

It is interesting lesson,thanks!

Friday, August 9th 2013

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Sunday, August 25th 2013

Thank you so much Adam. ” There should be no “and” before etc.”:D

Tuesday, September 10th 2013

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Wednesday, September 11th 2013

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Friday, September 20th 2013

“blah blah blah” sounds fun :) Thank you for your interesting lesson, Adam :D

Wednesday, September 25th 2013

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Tuesday, October 29th 2013

What a pity not having known before,
but Better late then never.

Thursday, November 7th 2013

Yes Joseph 74. I think the same way. This site is very good. I found it in recent days. Adam is a great teacher. Bye the way I visited Italy last year, this is a beautiful country.

Friday, November 22nd 2013

thank teacher. your lesson is very helpful as always,

Tuesday, December 10th 2013

Thak you Adam, regards from Mexico, btw, happy new year ;)

Wednesday, January 8th 2014

Thanks Adam, you know what?, I like the way you speak, the way you explain, the way you clarify, and so on.
I am not good at using preposition (advanced use) and also my writing is not that good (technical writing). Could you give me please some advices to improve it (giving me some information – books, webpages, etc.- to practice writing. thanks. I writing you from Nicaragua

Thursday, January 9th 2014

Thanks sir I got 80%.

Monday, January 13th 2014

Thanks teacher I got 90%.

Friday, January 31st 2014

Thank you Adam ,I like your way of teaching, really it’s useful to get improving grammar , listning , speaking ect.

Monday, February 3rd 2014

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Monday, February 3rd 2014

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Thursday, February 20th 2014

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thanks a lot for your explanation Adam :)

Saturday, February 22nd 2014

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Wednesday, February 26th 2014

My English so poor anam plz help me..

Saturday, March 1st 2014

Hello. It was very interesting lesson! i really like all of Your videos :)
And i would like to clarify one moment: Adam, You said, that ‘Blah, blah, blah’ uses when somebody tells something boring, but also this phrase has the similar meaning that the “etc.” or “…”. Is it right?

Monday, April 7th 2014

Thank you very much, sir Adam! I would like to know whether ‘as well’ can be used as synonym of these words, which you explained?

Wednesday, April 9th 2014

Thanks teacher I got 100% yeah
I have a question.
Are these formal in essay, term paper, research report, and so on?

Wednesday, April 16th 2014

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Monday, April 21st 2014

Hello! My level is not high, but I understand all that you teach,because you have good pronunciation and explain so intelligible!!!)
Thank you!!!)

Tuesday, May 20th 2014

Hello! My level is not high, but I understand all that you teach,because you have good pronunciation and explain so intelligible!!!)
Thank you!!!)

Tuesday, May 20th 2014

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This lesson was actually, very interesting. Thanks!

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Monday, July 7th 2014

Hi Adam!
I like your teaching, because you try to provide in-depth knowledge about the stuff you teach.
Now, I want to draw your attention towards one thing that I think I noticed.
In the start of the video, when you were talking about dot(.), you said “dot dot dot and dot” sometime the four dots, I will explain it.” and then you said “blah blah blah and blah”…I think you didn’t explain the usage of 4 dots or I didn’t get it nicely.
what is true?

Tuesday, July 8th 2014

Thank You teacher Adam, I like the way you explain every single word :) That’s how I like and it’s so easy for me to understand and get it.

Thursday, July 10th 2014

You are the best!

Friday, July 11th 2014

dear sir ! your are my favorite teacher.You always teach me a new thing which is more fruitful for me.And your styles and language are amazing,and likeable. thanks

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Monday, July 21st 2014

thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 24th 2014

I got 80%, but I realize that “dot dot dot” is often used in spoken language and “etc” shouldn’t be with and
thank you so much teacher Adam :))

Wednesday, July 30th 2014

what about ‘so forth’ as in ‘so on and so forth’? we use it in a formal situation as well.

Saturday, August 23rd 2014


Saturday, September 20th 2014

Thanks alot, i like a way of your teaching sir.goodluck

Sunday, September 28th 2014

hello everyone, I think Adam has the touch of teaching he explains very well, gaves us examples with every lesson, and so on. He tries to make easier the topic, and that’s why I think he is a good teaher, you’re one of the my favourites tutors from engvid. Regards.

Tuesday, October 28th 2014

Thanks Adam, very clear your explanation!

Saturday, November 1st 2014

MR:Adam i can’t think in english , i think in arabic cuz arabic its my mother language
i wanna think in english what can i do

Friday, November 14th 2014

Thank you so much Adam!, I really like your lessons; it makes me really understand for using properly. You are a good explainer!

Saturday, November 15th 2014

thank you Adam, I like the way that you teach. You are a great teacher.

Monday, December 1st 2014

The correct pronunciation of etc. is et cetera. It does not contain a k or an x.

Tuesday, January 6th 2015

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Friday, February 6th 2015

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Wednesday, February 18th 2015

The best English teacher I have ever witnessed.Thank you so much,Prof.Adam.

Wednesday, April 8th 2015

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Wednesday, April 22nd 2015

3rd question is very tricky.Smart Canadian.

Friday, May 1st 2015

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Friday, May 1st 2015

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Wednesday, June 17th 2015

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Tuesday, June 23rd 2015

you’re amazing dude thanks a lot

Monday, July 6th 2015

Hi Adam. Very nice lesson, as usual!
I was surprised to hear you list pizza together with fish and chips as well as hamburgers adding that this food is junk … well … I don’t know how you prepare pizza (what ingredients you use) in Toronto but in Italy pizza is considered healthy because it’s basically bread, tomato and mozzarella. Then, accoding to taste, you can add other ingredients, from vegetables and other cheeses to cold cuts (ham, bresaola, and so on) and even shellfish. Healthy and delicious! Enjoy … ;)

Thursday, July 23rd 2015

Thank you very much for you lessons!!!!

Tuesday, September 29th 2015

Oh! A lesson I was looking for. Thank you.

Sunday, October 11th 2015

Hi Adam.
Thanks for your lesson. I love this lesson very much. Now I have a question. I want to take a competition by using the contents in your lesson. I want to use your ideas but add more ideas from others. Is this OK? If not, I will do nothing.Hope you will give me some suggestions. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 4th 2015

Thank you teacher

Friday, December 25th 2015

Thank you Adm, your lessons were very interesting, and so on

Monday, January 4th 2016


Thursday, January 7th 2016

Exactly the same in portuguese, except for the “blah”.. We don’t use it.

Friday, January 8th 2016

Can you have some tutorials about essay writing?

Friday, January 8th 2016

Hi Adam,
How the spoken English is different from written English?
What are the things that we need to keep in mind When we are on the written part?

Tuesday, January 12th 2016

Hi Adam,
Which is the best English dictionary?
tell me the Author name.

Tuesday, January 12th 2016

Thank you Adam.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2016

thank you Adam.

Wednesday, February 17th 2016

Hello sir Can we use etc in speaking

Monday, April 4th 2016

Adam plz answer me . Could we consider fourth dot as a full stop? Or is it necessary to put the fourth dot with a little bit distance, as i have noticed in your sentence?

Monday, August 29th 2016


Monday, November 7th 2016

Thanks Adam. I got 90 for this lesson test.

Wednesday, November 16th 2016

I’m a new student.
I got 90%

Wednesday, December 21st 2016

Hi Adam, could you explain about “whatsoever” “soever”, and what is it the differences between those? thanks…

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017

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Thank you Adam !

Monday, January 30th 2017


Saturday, February 4th 2017

I am very lucky to have a teacher as good as you.

Friday, February 10th 2017

What is meant by ESL?

Friday, September 1st 2017

Thank you. Mr.Adam.

Thursday, September 28th 2017

Hello Adam, Thank you for nice lesson. It was not “blah”:))), but I did not understand why before “etc.” can not to write “and”.

Friday, December 29th 2017

Hi Adam, I was wondering if this style will make it in TWE or will someone just get a markdown?

Wednesday, March 14th 2018

Thank you Adem your lesson was yum yum not (blah)

Wednesday, November 28th 2018

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Tuesday, July 16th 2019

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