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100% :) Thanks.


    Thank for this lesson

    Silah Tjahjadi

    Thank you very much for a good video and quiz

    Harendrasinh Dodia

    The video is really helpful and interesting.
    Thanks a lot.


      Thank u pretty much

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Thank you!


Thank you for the grammar lesson. There is no doubt you are a great teacher.


    its a true comment


Thanks allot Madam it was really a great lesson and useful for me ..


thank yuo

ana pacasi

Thank you Rebecca.I am glad to learn English grammar. I liked the way of your teaching. keep up good works. I have question related to this tense. What is the difference between “have married” and “have been married”? Thank you again. Ta ta.


    Thanks. When you say, “He has married Mary.” it means that the event took place relatively recently and you are informing me who he married or that they married. When you say “He has been married for seven years.’ or “He has been married very happily to Mary for seven years.”, you are making some kind of observation about their marriage, their married life, over the length of time that they have been married. The second ones emphasizes the length of the marriage, the first one emphasizes the recent nature of the event.

    Hope that helps. All the best with your English!

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      mehari I am sorry because I worte here but I did that because I want Rebeca to see my comment….
      thnx so much rebeca…
      I have a question please..
      I noticed while I’m reading a story that the tense was used is past simple and than is ok because it’s about somthing that happened in the past and finished,but the another tense that is used is the past perfect and i don’t know why?????
      I hope u anderstand my question…
      thnxx so much

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It’s good, thank you. however, I would think that it is more realistic to teach the knowledge of daily conversations :)thank you


    Thanks, we do that too, in other lessons. Please check some videos of other teachers too, such as James.All the best!

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    what r u saying

    Avril Lavigne

thank u very much….


Thank you very much for this lesson, it was short but helpful for me :-)

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    what a nice teacher you are dear Rebeca

    abdikarim mohamed

      And you are very kind. Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. My best to you, aldammak.

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Dear Teacher, you are fantastic. Your submission was very clear and still for me, who has a lot of problem for understanding when others speak. I can say you every day I can understand your lessons better.
Thank you very much and a great hug for you from Chile

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    Sometimes we like to stay in our comfort zone and keep doing what we are good at. it takes courage to move beyond and tackle our areas of weakness. Good for you that you know what you need to improve. I am happy to help, Raul. All the best.

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      rebecca,you are a good teacher,and a motivate person, i learn a lot from you .Thank you so much.


100%. Thanks to you teacher!


i’m finished mi test for 5 min, thanks a lot

david torres

There is no doubt that you are a great teacher. Your pronounce is so clear and I like it very much! Thanks :)


thanks! God Bless and more power


Rebecca mam, your voice is too clear .and your example is also good. i like your teaching method. i was confused before see this video ,but now i am clear about use this since and for.
thank you so much.


    So glad the lesson helped you, Kabita. All the best to you.

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Thank you! Please don’t stop:-)

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Madam your lessons is helpfull to me


Dear Rebeca your explanation was clear as bel !Thank you very much ! ps: if possible I ‘d like to have a explanation from you in how to use correctly someone, somebody, nobody, anybody, no one , anyone they seem to be the same meaning I really am in doubt about it please help me I beg.

ricardo alessandro

    Sorry ! Correcting myself : bell and an Explanation . any one mistake please correct me pçease.

    ricardo alessandro

    Actually, I took your advice and recorded a lesson on that subject for you and for all our other viewers. You should see it soon. Thanks for the suggestion, Ricardo.

    Corrections: clear as a bell, an explanation on how to use ….correctly.

    In the meantime, please refer to a good grammar book such as Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy, for an idea of how to use these words. All the best, Ricardo.

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Thank you

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Hello Mrs.Rebeca. you look great as ever .i’m just passing by to say hello. and i also have the same problem as Ricardo’s.
I’ve really enjoyed this lesson and i would like to say thank you once again for making it easier for us all to understand the difference between them.


    Thanks for your kind feedback. I wish you all the best in the future.

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Hello Rebecca
Do you offer any gramer or writting classes online.


    Not at the moment. Thanks for asking, Borhot. My best wishes to you.

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Great lession


dear mrs rebecca,thanks a lot ur lesson.but here i still confuse with the word “been”. i means i donno when i should use this word.mybe mrs rebecca can give me a hand to it..

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    Been is the past participle of the verb to be. We use it in the perfect tenses. For example:

    I have been to Europe many times.
    (Present Perfect)
    I have been feeling unwell all day.
    (Present Perfect Continuous)

    All the best to you.

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Thanks Rebbeca for good english grammar lesson.


thanks a lot, you are very good teacher!!!!

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hello techer.thank you teacher.


Thank you for your lesson. It’s so good for my doubts.

Pablo Faria

thanks for the lesson.
I,m learning quickly.


    Great to hear it! Keep at it! My best wishes.

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Hi Rebecca,
Your lecture was exciting,comprehensible,impressing.First, it was hard to follow but now it became easier.I’ve got 100% marks in it.Best regards


    Thanks kindly. I think the word you want to use is “impressive”. All the best to you.

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That’s all I love! Thanks a lot….


thank you so much may you have a long life.


    Thank you kindly. Adan. The same to you. All the best in the future.

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I feel lucky having you as a teacher,I love your excelents classes.
Thank you.

Mirta Vasquez

    THANK you vary much for the leason . Ihave One questoin for you .Ibeen in USA since 2007 .our Isay Ibeen in USA for THREE years .socond E..X .Ihave been work in north carlona since 2009 ,our i say Ihave been work in north caelona fot One year .


      You can say:

      I have been in the USA for three years.
      I have been in the USA since 2007.

      I have been working in North Carolina since 2009.
      I have worked in North Carolina for one year.

      Hope this helps! My best wishes to you, Omar.

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thanks I secured 100%


realy usefull
thank you

jeyaranjan nagamuthu

Could you please explain the difference between “Therefore”, “Hence” and “Thus”?
I asked a few people around about that but didn’t get right answer.


    All three words you have asked about have the same basic meaning and are used in more or less the same way to show the effect of something. “Therefore” is used most often. The other two are slightly more formal and academic.


    I did not get high marks in the TOEFL exam. Therefore, I cannot join university this year.

    In the example above, you could use “hence” or “thus” as well, but “hence would sound more formal, and “thus” you might see more in academic writing, rather than in conversation.

    Hope that helps you! All the best, William.

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thank you


Hi, i got 100% score in this test. Thank you so much.


Thanks to all for your comments. It really helps teachers to receive feedback. My best wishes to all of you.

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hello teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got 8 out of 8…….. Rebecca teach us since 2008… Rebecca teach us for 2 years…. :):):):):):):):):):)


    Hey, good example, Hamid, with a small correction.

    Rebecca has taught us since 2008.
    She has taught us for two years.

    All the best, Hamid!

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learn lesson and give examples……. i think its a good way to improve ourselfs….


please take a lesson about difference about home and house


    Thanks for the idea.

    In short, a house is an objective word to describe the physical place where you live.

    The word “home” is more of a subjective word to describe the place where you live, which you consider special and meaningful, which may be where your family lives, or where you share a lot of love and good times. This place is a home, and more than just a house.

    My best to you, Mohana.

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      house miens the building only; may be my home or not. But a home is a place where I live. every home is a house, but not every house is a home.

      Aamer Ghaleb

ur lessons are good mam.
please correct the following sentence
malathi says”iam the best of myself”.is this sentence a correct one


    Technically, it is correct. It does sound quite philosophical though. I’m not sure if that is the intention.

    All the best to you, Mohana.

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thank you very much,,,when i know this lessons,,i think it’s the great chance,,to improve my speaking English and i hope,you always give me a new knowledge,,you’re my best teacher…

edy cahyanto

I get it. Thank you so much for your explanation I have been seeking for long.


kindly please give a reply to my questions mam


Thank you Teacher!


when should i use since in the middle ,,,for example /has since bought
thanks for your answers


    “She has since left the company.”

    This means she has left the company since the time you are talking about.

    A rare use of the word since, but possible.

    My best to you, Petro.

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Hi mam.. I’d been watching engvid.com vidoes for about two weeks. i found it interesting because i’ve learned a lot particularly in using the words you been tackling. for me, you have an excellent strategy of teaching. thus, the viewrs can easily undertand. thank you very much. I wish all the good thing to you and to your coteachers. i would be greateful if you would correct my comments. again, thanks a lot.


    “I’ve been watching engvid.com videos for about two weeks. I found it interesting because I’ve learned a lot, particularly in using the words you have been tackling for me. You have an excellent teaching strategy. Thus, the viewers can easily understand. Thank you very much. I wish all good things and to you and your co-teachers. I would be grateful if you would correct my comments. Again, thanks a lot.”

    Hope that helps,Joel. My best wishes to you.

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thxs for the good job.why can you say “the sun has been shining since last week?`´
last week is a duration of time and not a point in time.


    I think the sentece is correct.”the sun has been shining since last week.”

    You can use “for” in this form.” the sun has been shining for two weeks.”

    The word “last” in your sentence is a definite point in time.. i’m not really sure in my analizes, i’m hoping, our teacher rebecca could help us.


      sorry… my speeling of is wrong (analizes)=analysis


      In answer to your question, Zuzu, even if you say “since last week”, you still mean from a certain point when last week began, right? That is why you can say since last week.

      You could also say, “The sun has been shining for two weeks.’ as Joel rightly suggested.

      Thanks for the question, Zuzu and thanks for your help, Joel. My best to both of you.

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RebeccaES ur teaching style is wonderful i like u very much God bless U bye


Hi I just coplet the quize and I got them all write thank you soo much for the good lesson.


    I’m very glad you got them all RIGHT!
    My best to you, Khat.

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you so much. You are a good teacher and very kind to all of us who want to learn English.Can you please give me an idea how to use the words “either and neither”. Sorry for the inconvenience. God bless you.


    You could say:

    I can have either tea or coffee. It doesn’t matter.

    I’d like neither tea nor coffee. I’ll just have a glass of water, please.

    “Either…or” is used when you are talking about two positive choices.

    “Neither…nor” is used to indicate two negative choices. It is used to say, not this and not that.

    Hope this helps, RSagum. My best to you.

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Thank You so much this lesson is very useful for me. i would like to improve my english.


hi Rebecca,
i’m sandeep and belong to india.well nice to meet you on this incredible side. it’s realy intresting to learn from your videos .i would like to know two quiz ..what’s the distiguish between associated and belong besides occured and happend.could you tell me clearly .i’m very thankful to you .!!!!


    Namaste, Sandeep.

    “Occurred” and “happened” mean the same thing, though the word “occurred” is slightly more formal and the word “happened” is more commonly used for everyday events, good or bad.

    In conversation, for example, if your friend looks sad, you might ask him, “Hey, what happened?”

    If you are associated with someone or something, it means you have a connection of some kind with them.

    if you belong to something, you are a member of a group or community or club.

    Example: I belong to that country club.

    So you cannot actually say that you belong to India, but you could simply say that you are from India.

    All the best to you, Sandeep.

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i just wanna say “YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER”

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    Oh, thanks so much. My best wishes to you too.

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Thanks a lot!

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thanks a lot.

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Thank you very much for the perfect lesson. You’re a great teacher.


I luv the way u teach……..you r really a good teacher.




Could you make a video regarding the pronunciation of the “i” as in “peek” vs the “i” as in “pick”? Thanks!

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Thank you Teacher. You made that easy way for me to understand English, I really love the way you teach, you made me feel comfortable to learn English.Thanks a lot !!


Hello ,
Thank you very much


Thank you teacher for this great lesson

I really Love you =D


Thank you Rebecca for this lesson.

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Thank you very much

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DEAR TEACHER,you are just my english teacher she was my favourite in school and now its my goo luck to hav such a nice and kind teacher like you.thanks a lot

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I like a lot this websiteeeeee¡


    Thank yoooooooooooou!

    Best wishes too, Alcides.

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Thanx Mam very nice video explaining in easy way that student could understand.

Sreeja Nair

thanks to tech me grammar


can u please do a lesson if u could in Been and being i just saw a lesson with another teacher but i didn’t understand it well ;( i really like the way u teach and thank u a lot u really help me

best wishes

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she’s a good teacher by the way!!!!and pls dont forget what is an adverb!!


It’s really good lesson. You have differnciated since and for in very simple example… Thank you very much…


Thank you, Rebecca.
I have a question. As my teachers tought me, we should use Present Perfect Progressive with words for and since, but not Present Perfect. Could you explain me this confuse?


thanks you teacher!

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i am saudi i want speak english for someone

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if anynoe want add me in his messange

i like that

thanks for all



    I am mahedee I want to talk to you. But I use yahoo messenger and Id.

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Thanks to all for your feedback.

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    I’m so week in English.. I wanna speak in English but wt can i do..
    help me madam.. plzzzzzzzzz

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Hello, Rebecca! Thank you for your lessons. I have a question: Can we use Past indefinite with “since” and “for” when it’s not related to the present anymore. For example: He lived in Canada (sometime) but he doesn’t live there anymore… Can we say “He lived in Canada for 5 years but then he moved away.”?
The second question: What’s the difference if I say “I’ve lived in Paris for 7 years” or “I’ve been living in Paris for 7 years”
Thank you very much


Thank for this lesson




Hello Rebecca.
it was useful, you are a great teacher byeeeeeee.

Jairo Angel

thank you for the lesson, God bless you.

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great! knowledge




thanks a lot teacher.


Thank you for this lesson, see you again.


rebecca you are the the reacher
thanks you so much


sorry my mistakes
i should have said
rebecca you are the best teacher
thank you so much


Thank you so much Rebecca… i am really appreciate to your way of guidance.


thanks Mrs. Rebecca for this lesson
i wish you good luck


Thank .


very useful , it’s Great!


Thanks Rebecca, I have been listening your lecture for few days. I like your approach of teaching. I am from Bangladesh. I would like to improve my English. Since English is not our native language- so, it is very difficult to us to listen your lecture if you speak quickly. But your accent is clear and slowly what is very beneficial for us. I understand all of your words. Thanks, please keep it up. Please suggest me how can I improve my English.

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Thanks a lot!!!!

Very good lesson!!

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You scored 8 out of 8.

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    me too. perfect




i am nadeem from pakistan. it is really an enlightening lesson. i enjoyed it. thanks


In the test
We have known each other _____________I moved to New York.
I think the ans should be for because it doesn’t shows the time length, but as per the site it is since. Please explain.


    sorry edit in past comment.
    time length = point in time.


Rebecca can i say ?
I’m in this classroom FOR one month ..
SINCE You are my teacher ,my english is better ..
Thanks you are a great teacher !!

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Hi! I’m spanish. I’m studying English and i have a lot of problems with English.

Thanks! The video is great! It’s perfect to me!


You are awesome madam. Help me much more to learn English n i wanna speak too.

I’m so week in English.

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Dear Rebecca, in this lecture you covered all the basis, but could you clearify the differece between “Since and From”?
“A Rebecca a day keep the doctor away!”


i have been feeling improvement since i watched engvid.com
i have improved my english for 2 years.


Great lesson,hope that there are more topics to come. :-)

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hello Rebecca
could you please advise me about the next sentence
“He has joined the team since 1990.” Is it ok to use the verb to join with since???
thanks a lot

marta fodor

It was helpful lesson
thanks a lot Rebecca

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Very basic and superb ..! Thanks Rebecca

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Dear Ms Rebecca,
Your lessons are easy. Well done!
I know book the author Raymond Murphy “English Grammar in use”.Could you recommend me some textbooks and grammar.
I look forward to answering from you.
Your sincerely, Ramil.


Thank you very much Ms Rebecca. for you helpful lecture . rebecca I would like to ask you a question about the lesson . I have been waiting for you _since /for 2:00 pm , if it used since why make me reasonable.

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Thank you rebeca. I´ve been studied your lesson for 3 days are very nice..


Thank you Ms Rebeca. I´ve been studying your lesson for 3 days are very nice.

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Thank you so much!


thank you very mush i feel improved my langush eng lish


Thank you gby

Henry Wilson

Dear Ms Rebecca. Thank you so much for your teaching skill and fresh pronouns. I try to follow your advice that every day you learn English lesson. You are wonderful teacher. I’m proud of you.


Hi Maam rebecca your lessons it’s so wonderful I appreciated very much! maam I have one thing to ask you with regards this two confuse words…
WHAT ARE THE DEFERENCE BETWEEN… DEFERMENT AND CANCELLATION… Plz maam give me some examples regarding that two confusing words… your response is highly appreciated a million thanks!


Thanks & credit go to Rebecca Madam.

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Hello, Rebeca its very usefull your lessons, i would like to know the difference about my and may in situation can i use it


Is it ok to say “I have been waiting for you FROM 2:00 pm.”


Thank you.

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It’s very nice to learn with you.

Thank you teacher.

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Thank you so much ^^ Rebecca


thanks engvid and ma’m Rebecca

Owais Tahir

thanks for a good lesson

Owais Tahir

Dear :
How to open this video? Who can give me a hand?Thank you very much!

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    You should see the video at the top of this page, under the title and description. If you don’t, you may need to use a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox, or update your Flash player.

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I’ll always want to learn English since.I moved here in 2006 and this is working perfect for me thanks Rebecca for been so good teacher.I love the way you teach Grammar


You are really a very good teacher.I am not good in english,if I got a teacher like you then I could get over it over easily…..your lessen is really helpful for me..thankssss


Thank You Rebeca. You’re very good to explain!!


hi how are you doing to evrythings,actualy iam very happy to learning enghlish in this classtroom,so i can tell you about me,furst thing ,i got visa to amreca for continue study at unversity, befort i get it,i was studing enghlish in my country,but when i came to amreca, i found big problem about it, right now, i have done it, is like i done,and c

kam lal

Hello! I want juste to say thank you very much,
you are a good teacher, I find your lesson very helpful ,


Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for your lessons very much. Everything is clear. You’re absolutely perfect teacher.

I’ve already finished the quize and I have no mistakes, but in spire of this I’d like to do more tests. But I wish I could catch the name of the website, which you have mentioned in the end of the video. So, could you be so kind and to write it to me, please. Sorry about that. Tanks a lot.
Best wishes.


Thanks for your help, job well done.


I’d liketo see your speech during explanation written on the screen at the bottom .Try to help me by doing this I’ii appriciat that highly because I’m not a native speaker
I look forward to your reply soon


i love u madam

farhan khan

very nice concept. thanks


Hi, one of the best websites, useful lessons,nice teachers :)Thank you.


thank u sooooooooooooooo much madam….
take little bit more time and extend lessons….


is there a daily conversations


give me your great advices to speak fluently without too much thinking before speaking the right words.PLEASE TOLD ME.at least Iam fond of your amazing lessons.


Hi rebecca i ahve a question you said 2005 (two thousand and five) is this british Canadian or American your english is really clear and i love it but i would like to know if it’s possible to say two thousand five without the and (it’s how i learnt it in american English so i would like to verify Thank you very much!!!!


thank you very much mam
it is very helpfull to us

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100% Thanks. Please add conversation examples with


thank you rebecca you’re very sweet


thank you very much my score is 8 out of 8.

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thank you very much my score is 8 out of 8


Hi Rebecca, is there any difference between “I’d prefer” and “I’d rather”? If yes, can you make a video on it? Thanks.

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This is very helpful … thanks a lot :D


Hi Rebbeca!your lessons are terrific!Kindly,put me wise if could use “since” in future perfect tenses.I really face this problem.
Hope u will reply me as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot.

said jamal

Hi! Iam from Brazil and I thank you for help me to improve my English, you explain grammar very well and I watch this site everyday.


Hi Rebbeca!Hope u r ok.Please reply my question as to whether we can use ‘since’ & ‘for’ in future perfect tenses.i have already raised this question on 13.6.2011.An early reply is requested please.

said jamal

Thank you much Ms. Rebecca=)

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thanks you for your help and God be praised


Could explain differences between ” I have been in the USA” and “I have been to the USA”, please?
Thanks for your time and amazing lessons.

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tnx appreciated this lesson, afterwards, if u please give some difecult quizzes next time.

Mohammad Yar

Dear Madam,
Could you please explain the real difference between ‘warrantee’ and ‘guarantee’?

Kamal Sahabandu

thnk u so much for telling us difference about since and for…before tht i was too much confused about these words but now fortunately i am nt hving such problem….thnk u so much again

fiza mirza

hi there….whenever i watch your lessons i must learn something…..thank you so much for making these short but understandable videos……..


Clear off! Thank so much.^^


thanks a lot

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This is good way of learning.


Thank You Rebecca.


Hi Rebecca
Can I use “since” and “for” with Present Perfect Continuous, maybe this isn’t very important but will help me to “feel” better “english spirit”.
Thank you

Profile photo of gabrielu gabrielu

    sure you can.For example:
    I have been waiting for the bus for two hours
    OR The baby has been sleeping since 10 o’clock.


I realy understand the propositions like for and since thank my teacher


You are a fabulous teacher. You’re methods are extremely clear. This site has really helped me with planning microteaching for interviews. Thank you so much.


hi Rebecca ,
can u tell me is this sentence correct or not,here is the sentence.!There are some people in the world who doesn’t take care about their relationships ?? or i should use don’t instead of doesn’t please help me i’ll be very glad to know :)


    Hi there Susan, may I answer your question? You should use “don’t” which is a plural verb because you used people (plural subject)and also you should use “of their relationships” instead of “about their relationships”

    or you can reconstruct your sentence this way:
    “There are some people in the world who don’t
    value relationships.”


Hello Ms. Rebecca! I’m currently studying for the IELTS exam, and I find all of your tutorial videos very informative, thank you so much for the lessons. More power to you and the rest of the teachers, and may God bless you all.


thanks alfred for answering my question :)


Hi Rebecca!I hope u are all right.It’s my bad luck that u have not replied to my queries so far after a lapse of 3 months.
Please be kind enough to reply me rather help me in my problem.Thanks.

said jamal

hi i am student .i have problems with (for ,since) for long time ,now it is solve.i am comfortable with them,thanks


This lesson is very helpful..With very simple examples, u made us understand the difference very clearly.Thank you Rebecca.


Thanks so much


100% purely and surely helped learners to be more knowledgeable in English. Finally I’ve made the quiz perfect.


Thank you for this lesson, see you again


thanks a lot for this video…

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Thank you very much..I try to listen lessons everyday.It is my favourite site.


Hi Rebecca,
thanks a lot for this useful lesson…it helped me very much. You have a such nice way to teach that it’s very easy to learn english with you.
God bless you..!!:-)

Dianita BG

Nice Website! Please anyone can tell me how to do a quiz in this site.

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thanks rebecca,good lesson.

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Rebecca, this is really the most useful lesson of all lessons, at least for me. I would just like to ask you why do we say, for example, John has moved to Canada since 2005, and in other example we say John has been married since 2008. My question is why don’t we say John has married since 2008? And else why we say John has been a student for 10 years, that means he is still student or? Please, respond me and clarify this confusion.


Thanks alot Mrs.Rebecca for your efford but I want you to sow me how to get high marks in IELTS exam ,if you don’t mind?


thanks I am 100% clear about it now.

Ayaz Ali

sang q


thank you so much , teacher


Hi Rebecca, could you please explain to me the difference between “ever since” and since”?. Please give me example sentences for each..

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Thanks for lesson. Very clear and helpful

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Hi mam, what is the difference between
Rebecca has taught us since 2008.
Rebecca has been teaching us since 2008.



Hi Rebecca!
I have got your english lesson since 2010.
And I have got it for one year.
Now my question for you is:
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Dear Rebecca:
Can you explain to me what is different between present perfect and present perfect continuous? I am not asking about the form, but I am asking when I have to use them.

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First of all thank for this great website and being a excellent resource for self learners.
My doubt is with reference using “ing with verb” with since or for.
Example – currently I am running a business. If I want to say to my client that I am running this biz from so an so….
Can I say “I have been running this business since 3 years.” Or “I have been ran this business since 3 years.”

Thank you for your support

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I hope u anderstand my question…
thnxx so much

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    Perfect – indicates actions which ended to a specific point or occurring before other actions in the present, past or future time.
    Perfect Continuous – indicates actions that began and lasted for some time until a certain point in the present, past or future time.

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is that sentence wrong?? why?

Could you explain it to me?? thank you so much.

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I have one question. I often find sentences used present perfect tense that didn’t mention time. Ex.” I have been studying in the university.”. Is this correct? I just presuming that it is

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I’m just presuming that it is obvious, and the listener will understand that you are studying until now, without minding when did you start to enter into University.
I would be greetful if you could reply. Again, thank you very much.

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