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hi h r u i wanna ask u question but plz answer me u see should study grammar to speak same neative speakers or not cuz neative speajers told me shouldnt study grammar specially tensces bye


    Hi Alex! I’m looking for some private one-on-one tutoring. Are you teaching student in this way?


      Hi Oleg, at the moment I am not doing any one-on-one tutoring. The work I have right now keeps me very busy!

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        No problem Alex. Maybу you now someone who can inprove my English with one-on-one tutoring in Mississauga area? Thank you. Oleg.


    Grammar is the foundation of the English language. If you don’t know how to use tenses or things like word position, you are going to run into problems very quickly. You can pick up a lot of vocabulary without understanding grammar too much, but you will still need to learn how to use proper grammatical structures to make correct sentences that native speakers can understand.

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Hey Alex: How you doig? Thanks for the lessons….
Listen, my English is no so good that’s why I recommend this page a lot. Could you please tell me if this sentence is correct?

“If I had had enough money years back, I would have gone to a better university”.


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    It is correct, but “years back” is not very common in modern English. I know this usage is still common in India, but we don’t use it much in North America. You could say “years ago” instead. As you may have noticed, you repeat the word “had” here. That’s correct, but it does make sentences a bit awkward.

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      “you repeat the word “had” here. That’s correct, but it does make sentences a bit awkward.”

      please Alex, give me an example.

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        In conversational English, a lot of people just leave out the first had: “If I had enough money years ago, I would have…” — but that is not really correct. One way you can make it seem less awkward is to contract the first had like this: “If I’d had enough money…”
        Hope that helps!

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          Thanks Sharon

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          thanks SHARN …


          And I see you are very cute too Sharon…


          money is not all thing


        “Had had” is using the past perfect tense, which is correct. It means that one event happened before another one in the past. Here are a couple of examples:

        “I had lived in China for 3 years before I moved to France.”

        “If I had had a car, I would have gotten to work a lot quicker when I was in high school.”

        The formula is “had + past participle.” In this case, the second “had” is the past participle for “have,” and is absolutely correct. However, in spoken English we often contract the first “had” and say “If I’d had…” because it sounds less awkward than repeating the same word two times in a row.

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          got it.. thanks

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          hi alex i want to ask something. i have heard people to speak got instead of gotten.Could u tell me that wich is the third form of get and wich word i should use when i m putting third form of get like ” i have got your mail.” or “i have gotten your mail.” plz tell me wich is the correct sentence. i m looking forward for your reply and thanks for the classes.


    Hi Alx thank you four all your lesson I don;t know how to thank you A lex you agood teacher every bady you beacuase you good teacher


alex u r very excellent teacher


thanks a lot

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ShEET vs. ???

I really don’t know, Alex. Please say it. LOLLLL

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    my skype is bright2304

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    wow, grow up!

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    iam a man and I would like to find people who can talk english with me on skype or on yahoo messenger in order to practice. I am giving IELTS in August 2011 too thank alot


      yes i have also an exam in summer so i can practise english with you


      i am ready to talk dude..
      even i m interested to talk with the people who speak good english…


    laugh out loud


good teacher
Explain the process of pronunciation is excellent, Thank you, Mr.

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thanks you very much..this is very useful


Can I say, If they do come I am very happy.

enrique hurtado



Nice one !!!!!!!

Yasir Wesa

Thanks !

I really thanks very much for your lesson Sir.

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hi Mr, Alex thank you for this important lesson that helped me to correct my pronunciation so I have to repeat and repeat to pronounce well ‘i’ and ‘ee’.


thanks for this lesson it´s very useful for us

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i wanna finish this confusion by asking you this question .there are two sentences ……………
”they have to do it by themselves ” or
”they have to do it by their own”
they both are meaning the same . which one is correct and when we have to use which one


    The correct way of using these expressions is like this:

    “They have to do it by themselves.”
    “They have to do it on their own.”

    Both sentences share a similar meaning, which is that “they” must do something without anyone else’s help.

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it,s great to be with engvid.com lessons


i like this quiz. also a have learn so much from this video


thank u so much.
it is useful . I love your way of learning how to pronuciating ..


I’m looking for some private one-on-one tutoring. Are you teaching student in this way?


thanks for lessons

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Alex: Please give me an example using the same sentence

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I´m still repeating these words hahahah very funny because until now I made mistakes like seat, sit and shit which is worse….kkkkkk thank you for teaching us these pronunciations…

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    No problem. I’m glad it has helped you.

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i would like ur teaching style.
u teach very nicely and gentelly.


    Thank you. :)

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thanks it is fun

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thanks alex your classroom so great and you voice it very soft, i can understand all you taught , thanks


thanks Alex

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I am very happy Learning English, u r very excellent teacher.

thanks very much

Thanks for help me!
Is very good!

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thank you


Thanks a lot


thank you for this lesson

Aman Khan

nice working and very smart style teach.


I am shaking your hand, good teacher

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Hi Alex, thank you for this lesson!
I have a little question, I always see people thanking you sometimes they write “Thank you very much” and they write “Thanks a lot” as well.
So please what’s the difference between “Thanks a lot” and “Thank you very much”

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    They are pretty much the same in meaning, but “Thanks a lot” is more informal.

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great teacher; thank you so much


thank you so much sir. Thanks to u my problem with these two sounds has solvet.


thank you… can i asking something?
what’s the different about english british and english america in grammar?..

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    dont u know


hi alex if i aske u a quetion i have a little problem in english languge that problem is i can understand when the peopole took to me put i cant reply it well and i dont know the proble and the other problem is i dont know a much new words when ever i need to lear a much word i cant remorise it after a whil munet iam gone forget it and also spelling so pls give me so advice i like to speak english as well as i need thanks so much


    So, basically you have problems to answer correctly and you easily forget the new words just learned. Is that what you mean?



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Hi Alex. I have visited this site the first time.I like your lessons. Your english is understandable for me and your lessons are very useful. Thank you very much.


awesome dude


i like it


thank you Alex you are a good teacher


This test was dificult, but I did it. anyway I will do it better next time, thanks Alex for your effort. I made some mistakes, I hope you understand my handwriting


Thank you for the good lesson

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hi Alex! I REALLY LIKE YOUR LESSONS ESPESIALLY BY WRITTING :) i want to learn more about times (in grammar)


Alex, you were very helpful, explaning the ee and i sound. thanks for explaining how to position your tongue when saying the i sound smile for the ee sound. Thank so much. Can you explan the R sound u sound
look for to hearing from you.


I love this quiz very much. It would be very helpful for me to know how well my pronunciation is.. thank you


It was a great lesson! I love it!can you tell me more…


Thanks a lot ! It is really important nformation for me !

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I’m a colombian English teacher as well. I just know this, and found it really usefull for my lessons I’m thankful of knowing nonprofit people that want to share their knowledge. I will recomend this webpage.


Thanks you!! Alex =] all the teacher here it so Good =] Thanks you

Kate Kim

It is difficult to study english


It is useful.

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Hi Alex brother how are you?
you said that Little we use for non count non but money is count noun .
money we can count it
one dollar . two dollars etc soooooo


Thanks very much


Its really good way to pronounce English words…


thanks alot


Hi Alex how are you?
i like your teaching u r the great i swear i like ur teaching bye


thank you. i like this program very much
i hope my english can improve


I like it.!
nice work.!

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This thing dose not make scene at all


This is so difficult but you are an excelent teacher


Thanks teacher Alex. Your lesson is easy to understand.
Could you please tell me the way to pronounce/s/ and/z/?

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thank you so much alex
I really i improve my english with you


Hi! I have some doubts about “ea” sound

How we can distinguish the following sounds?

1- read, bead, meat, seat, please, tease, cheat, idea, weapon, sea, beat, heat, least, dream, repeat, beak, team, seal, deal, squeak, speak, sneak, peak, leak, preach, squeal, real, scream, eager, clean, veal, easily

2- bread, head, feather, pleasure, weather, leather, dead, ready, pleasant, instead, breakfast, spread, dread, measure, treasure, threat, steady, health


thanks teacher




nice lesson my score is 10 out of 10 ^_^ thanx alex could you pleas pot a lesson about the difference between the i sound like bitter and the e sound like better its very difficult for me thanx again

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hi alex i heard for many your lesson ilike it very much
thank you verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy much now i understand evry thig


it is very nice and usefull. i like to learn english with you.


thank you very much

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Alex,Thanks for help me! Is very good!
all that I can tell you is tha engvid have a very good teachers. thank a lot.


Thank you very much

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Hi Alex.. please correct me if I’m wrong..
the word “steel” has the /ee/ sound and “still” has the /i/ sound, am i right? so are we talking here about long E and short E? in IPA, how’d you write those two words? Cuz I learned that long E is written in IPA as /i/ and short E as /I/… I’m confused now… please give more example… :) thanks.. :)

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got a perfect score anyway!!! :) thaaaaanksss!!!! :)

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I am really enjoying

Your style how you teach,really easy to understand.Gog bless you.


Thanks friends. This videos are really useful. I’m an English teacher and I have used them with some of my students.
They are great!!! Please, keep it up.


Thanks teacher for this leasson

Tuấn Anh

u r a great teacher alex


Hi Guys! I love this site!!! I just discovered it!!and I love it!! Thanks for your classes are PERFECT!! Greetings from El Salvador!!


I got 9 out of 10 in quiz.

Kishore India

very cool


thank you teacher alex,and teacher sharon for your answers.


very nice

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it’s very useful. have nice day.



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this is mt first time!! it’s very useful site!! thank u!!


I very love your voice!


Thank you very much . I got my score was 100. Or I got my score 100. My score is 10 out of 10. Help! Mahalo

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Hi Alex!, I´m new in this internet page, and I like it, just I see a videos of you about pronuntiation and grammar and it´s great!, thank you; I´m from Mexico and I study english lenguaje and I want to see this page for learn english.

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thanks lot muster

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Thank you Alex..!!


Thanks Alex. I am from Brazil, we speak portuguese, and those kind of words have very difficult pronunciation for us, because the vowel have changed pronunciation in portuguese. It was hard but I am training a lot.


Why is “He is an uncle of John” is wrong. and should be uncle of John’s?


    Actually, both aren’t really correct. You should say one of the following:

    “He is one of John’s uncles,” or “He’s John’s uncle.”

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      will you add me with yourself at yahoo or at facebook i want you to help me in english plz it’s my polite request

      syed noman

It was a very useful lesson!


What is the difference between
1 should have and should have been
2 would have and would have been
3 could have and could have been

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your lessons are very helpful!


Thank you for these lessons,,, what is the name of your Skype


Hi Alex,
I wonder if the sound ‘i’ is like the ‘é’ in french.

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thank u so much Alex for this lesson

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thanks a lot for this lesson; the sounds /i/ and the sound /ee/ .but i still have the problem on these sounds.i’d like to know the rule of these sounds .it means when we say /i/ and when do we say/ee/.and thaks a lot for this lesson.


@patilrr : It´s the problem of using modal verbs with past infinitives, which changes the meaning and usually moves the action to the past. But not only. There also are slight differences in their meaning. I think it could be a problem for students but a good grammar book with several exercises, mainly translations.


Hehe, sorry, haven´t finished my comment…..

….a good grammar book with several exercises, mainly translations should solve it.


hi good evening, im a 2nd year student and i would like to ask if ee or [I] in our speech are the same ?

jeh anne may

Many thanks!!!

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I have a problem with Up, out and off . when should I use them after words , such like listen up what’s the difference between saying listen and listen up > also hear me out , clean things up , I stay off my phone , kick off. anyways I hope u understand what did I mean , please make a lesson about this and you’re an awesome teacher <3

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Hey I just wanted to thank you for this very usefull video. This is one particularly difficult vowel to acquire for french speakers like me. So, thanks!


thank you

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Thank you!
Thank Engvid.com

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Thank you foy your help. Alex.

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How do you know how to pronounce a word you don’t know if you don’t have a dictionary with phonemic symbols with you?

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Thank you so much for your lessons ! I very appreciate them !

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good lesson
good morning
i love english
thank you

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good lesson
good morning
i love this lesson
HA HA HA hhhhhh
many thanks for you

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Hi Alex, thank you for this very important lesson. In this lesson I noticed, that I have problem with the pronounciation of the english letter “l” in words like hill. The polish L sounds different.

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Hi Alex,
not related to the video at all but, could you tell me what the difference between those two sentences is ? :

1- My brother’s so tan
2- My brother’s so tanned
?? thank you

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Which rules of pronunciation for “ea”, “i”, “ee”, etc?

Profile photo of leticiamat leticiamat

I read all the comments, now I know whom to ask when I have a problem. Thanks, an interesting lesson!

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Hi Alex! It is a plesure to discover your lessons! I am French and I try everyday to improve my grammar and my Englsh vocabulary to understand To understand better the subtleties of your language: you are an excellent teacher! Thank you for your lessons, I am going to be a diligent student!

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Hi Alex,
thanks for another great lesson. EngVid helps me improve my English very much.
take care

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interesting i like it

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i recommend to you that show us how can we find them in dictenary too

Profile photo of luhaga luhaga

Thank you for your explanations! Now, I hope, English speakers will understand me more.

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hi..Alex …i am learning British accent ..if i watch movies or videos comes with American accent ,will it affect my learning??

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nice one. i’ve got 10 out of 10

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Thank you so much…. I enjoy all lessons .. There are useful and helpful.
All of you teachers are splendid specially Ronnie, she’s so amazing

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pronunciation isn’t simpliest part of english for me, i was surprising then a got 10/10

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Thanks a lot Mr. Alex. But can you help to explain why you say sound ee but the words sometime ee, sometime ea, ice . So can you help to recognize when we pronounce ee and i . Thank you very much.

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I got 9/10!! Thanks Alex for the lesson!

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Thank you Alex

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I’m so grateful for these lessons! Thank you Alex!

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thank you Alex teacher :)

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