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Thank you so much. Whenever I came and watch here, there are lots of lots of huge things that I can learn deeply.
I really really appreciate your lessons.
Thanks imdeed.

wonna htay

In this section, your explanation is quite rush, I feel. But After jotting down on a piece of paper and taking quizzes test, I got 90 makes of them.
Anyway, I do appreciate your lessons, teache.

wonna htay

We have an expression that looks like “Dot the I’s” and in Russian it sound like ” to put all dots over the I/i/” but we use it when we want to say that someone wants to make the situation clear, to discuss all the details.


I got 10/10 but honest i have to listen again many times, the lesson is very hard and many idioms i don’t hit before, Thank Adam very much

nguyen van long

Hi Adam, first of all thanks for your immense help. I wanted to know if You can talk about the modal verb TO NEED, in which cases it is used. Thanks a lot!!!!!!! Mimmo


I forgot a fundamental thing, in a video Alex says never to use prepositions at the end of a sentence, while in your videos you often use prepositions at the end of the sentence … who should I listen to? :-) Excuse my ignorance!


You guys do this for free and it means a lot for community which don’t really have money to pay a course. Thanks so much you are the best

Josue Ferro

Pretty much interesting, the useful meaning in these expressions. Maybe I heard some of them but now it’s more clear what they say. what’s the purpose. Thank your sir!


9 out of 10


Thanks for the class and also for the excellent quiz. I’m learning a lot of new words and idioms that I haven’t seen before.
Step by step, we’ll make this journey.


Great lesson Adam. Thanks a lot!!


Thank you Adam, these expressions will help me in my work.


10/10…. great.


Thank you for your effort Mr. Adam


Thanks for the class. Alex, about the question 10, the answer couldn’t be the “the i’s dotted and t’s crossed”, as well?


Thank you!


Thanks Adam.


10/10 ENJOY :-)


10/10!! Many thanks Adam! These idioms will be very useful in my job!!


thank you


Thanks a lot!

Marcone Goncalves dos Santos

Thank you Adam .

Seif Eldawla

Me and my husband on the same wavelength that your lesson is very interesting and helpful for us.also we like your way in explain because its very simple and easy to understand the idea.so thanks very much.

Zeinab kdouh

Thanks a lot


Very useful but I think that in the test item #10 the correct choice (only one variant) is rather controversial. Of course before approaching a client with a proposal it`s important to have one`s ducks in a row, but not less essential that everything be completed. In other words all i`s should be dotted and t`s crossed. Am I wrong?


OK, Hello.
Sorry I have a grammar problem and i thought you might be the perfect person who could answer it
This is my question :
Is ( more and more good ) grammatically correct ?
I mean we say ( better and better ) but can we say ( more and more good ) as well ?

777 Shadow 777

hi Adam,thank you for a very useful lesson.Can you tell me which idiom that you have introduced for us can be use in formal writing?

Jessica Nguyen

Thank you Adam .


thanks Adam that was very useful

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