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I got a 100 point… Thanks to you, Adam. :D




100% without watching the video, but I’m going to do watch right now. I’m getting really good at it. Thanks, Alex.

Marcelo Machado

    Adam, not Alex


      Yep, you’re right. I didn’t even notice that mistake, but that’s because I’m always commenting on Alex’s lessons.

      Marcelo Machado

100% without watching the video, but I’m going to watch it right now. I’m getting really good at it. Thanks, Alex.

Marcelo Machado

Hi Adam,
Thank you for this useful lesson. I have a question. In my language we can put a comma to separate the sentence to be easy to understand the meaning. In your example 2 “People who whistle quickly become annoying” if you put a comma between whistle and quick the sentence become easy to understand that the people who whistle become annoying very quickly. My question is why you did not put a comma there?


    Hi Roshavbg,

    That’s a good question. In English though, there are rules for comma use and in the example you gave here, we are dealing with an independent clause (people become annoying) with a defining adjective clause (who whistle) and an adverb modifier (quickly). There is actually no place to put the comma in this sentence.
    I understand what you are trying to say, but in this case the pause needs to be clear on its own, which is why this sentence is a problem.

    Does that help?


      Thank you for your answer Adam. You and your team are great. Happy new year.




      Hi Adam, thank you for this very useful lesson. I have a question. Before you explained ” I only call my mother when I’m sick.” I thought it meant ”when I’m sick I do nothing but call my mother.” and I think if I’d want to say ” I don’t call my mother unless I’m sick” I’d say ”I call my mother only when I’m sick.” Can you help me with this problem please? Thank you


I got 75.1st and 2nd are wrong.It’s a bit confusing.I think I need much more practice.Thanks, Adam.


50 % but i’ve learnt a lot


Very useful Adam thank You!(I’m sorry: Hi Adam! Thank You! It is very useful!)


    good practice. *_^




Thanks, Adam. I definitely have to pay more attention to the position of modifiers because I had some trouble.


Really useful lesson,
I got 100%, it burned my mind, but i got it.

Thank you very much Adam, god bless you ever…


A little bit difficult lesson…but it’s very useful as always


You made me feel little better. I thought its me whenever I was not sure about what they are trying to say. But it could be them who were confused with the modifier. :) Thanks!


Thank you, Adam.

Thanh Nhu Quynh

It’s interesting lesson! The same problem happens in Korean~


Hello sir,a nice and hard lesson,but you did well.Unfortunately I couldn’t realize how “covered in dirt” makes a phrasal adverb. Can you make my sense? Thank you.Good luck!


    Hi Oshada,

    It’s not a phrasal adverb. It’s called a participle (adverbial participle), which in this case is a reduced adverb clause.

    I will make a lesson on these soon I hope.


Thank you Adam for this very useful lesson.


Hi Adam
My name is Sadulla who is from Tashkent Uzbekistan.I constantly watch your video lessons.I may say that your video project is helpful for English learners. In English I can say it’s quite all right but my reading and writing a little bit difficult.How can I achive to be the best.


Hi Adam
My name is Sadulla who is from Tashkent Uzbekistan.I constantly watch your video lessons.I may say that your video project is helpful for English learners. In English I can express my opinion quite all right but my reading and writing a little bit difficult.How can I achive to be the best?


    Hi Sadulla,

    Thank you :)
    To tell the truth, the only way to improve is by constant practice. Also, you will need to find someone to give you feedback on your writing, to look at it with fresh eyes and see the mistakes that you don’t.
    If you can find a community, that would be helpful. As for reading, there are book clubs and forums that discuss books where you can look at some others’ ideas of books you’ve read.


      Sorry… cut off :)

      Anyway, keep practicing and reading every day. The writing will come from there as well.

      Hope that helps.


I got 1 correct out of 8. OMG!! I was really confused, or I couldn’t understand what you said, could I… Anyway, I will review and try the quiz again. Modifier was a new word for me. Thank you, Adam :)


    Don’t give up!!! Mistakes are excellent learning tools. We learn by making mistakes.
    Try again!


      I got 3 correct out of 8. My score got better a little. I will review. Practice makes perfect. I never give up :D Thank you for encouraging me, Regino.




      Very true words Regino


7 out of 8 — I would say this is a pretty good result, I failed only the question #7! Thank you Adam, finally there is a lesson which is as complicated as I wanted for so long!

And one more thing, would it be possible for you to prepare a lesson explaining inversion grammar rules? That would be much appreciated!


    Hi Cosm,

    Will get on it :)


Thank you alot


I got 25%, appeared very bad throughout 200+ engvid lessons.

Abdul Qayum

    Don’t let it get you down!!! As Adam put it, modifiers are a real problem even for English native speakers or people with near-native-like English proficiency.


how it so hard to me 3 correct out of 8 ,i have to practice more ,thank you Adam


Thank you very much for this useful lesson


Thank you.


Dear Adam
Thanks a lot, I want to lecture on comma semicolon interjection,I have no idea, how to use these
Also I want a lecture on use of therefore and however


    I’ll try to get to all these :)


Just one single word : perfect. And 6 more : many things learned today. Thank you !


Thanks, Alex


Dear enhvid, Plzzz take care of the shooting quality.


Hi Adam, you are a very good teacher and i always look forward your lessons.

I wonder what’s your opinion about callan method, I study it by myself and to me it’s very interesting, some people say that this method is bad to learn English


    Hi Georgi,

    Just watched a video on the Callan Method. Seems a little limited to me, but at the end of the day, if you like it and it works for you, then it’s good. Maybe mix that method with other things as well to increase your vocab more quickly and be prepared for all situations.

    Good luck


Very helpful!!!

Lisa Rahming

Modifiers as well as phrasal verbs are a real nightmare for me ;(. I thought I got the lesson but when it came to the quiz … ;(. As far as I am concerned I need more practice ;) Thanks Adam for your hard work.


    Yeah, I agree with you; phrasal verbs are also difficult to master. But remember practice makes perfect. Keep going !!!


Thank you Adam for that interesting (even though I couldn’t succeed the test) lesson. I guess, I have to study more. Are modifiers have something to do with the predicate? Have you introduced here a lesson on it and on punctuation? Thanks in advance :)


    Hi Medusa,

    Punctuation lesson is coming. Lesson on predicates might come soon too. I’ll see what I can do


Excellent lesson! And I got 6 correct out of 8 which is not bad… But I thought Adam would say something about that first sentence on the topic of this lesson: “EngVid.com is great for English learners where you can learn many new things…” If possible, I’d like to know what is wrong with this sentence…


    Hi Janilza,

    Good point :)
    EngVid.com, where you can learn many new things, is great for English learners.

    Because the website is a place, and the modifier must come right after the noun it is modifying.


      Thank you so much, my dear teacher Adam, for taking your time to answer all these questions! You are very, very kind and I love the way you treat us, engvid students! Have a very happy 2014! I wish all the best to you always! May God bless you!


Lesson is good, teacher is brillant. Pupil isn’t good enough. Even tought I got 6 out of 8 , I am satisfied. Thanks a lot, Adam !


Hi adam, the topic for this lesson was really interesting. As you put it, misplacement of modifiers in a sentence convey wrong meanings specially when writing essays or academic reports.
By the way, did I use the modifier “specially” properly?
Thanks for this video lesson.


    I am not Adam, but if you don’t mind… According to a meaning that you expected it to be, there should be “especially” instead of “specially”. Or you might write “particularly”.


    Hi Regino,

    As Cosm says, you need to write “…meanings, ESpecially…” in this case.


Hi Adam,

I always assume from sentences by common sense so I do write with misplacement, or/and miss form, miss on article, miss on adverb and adjective by absence. I going to find your lesson which related about, to fix my mistake.


Adam, is this correct: “I call my mother only when I am sick” ?


    It’s correct, but is this the only time you call your mother, or do you call only her (and no one else)in this situation?


      IMHO, If i say “I only call my mother when I’m sick”, it’s sound like I just make a call and do nothing ever :)


I got only 3/8.You taught very brilliantly ,but I’m poor student.I tried hard to score some in this lesson ,but honestly speaking it is lesson of confusion and not the modifier.This lesson is tough for me ,if it is possible pls make a new one on This topic to make it more easy.
BY the way it is only fault of ours ,who is not getting good marks.Thanks a lot for giving a beautiful but difficult lesson


    Hi Rajpal,

    Keep trying. it will get easier.


I got only 38.You taught very brilliantly, I tried hard to score some in this lesson ,but honestly speaking it is lesson of confusion and not the modifier.This lesson is tough for me ,if it is possible pls make a new one on This topic to make it more easy.
BY the way it is only fault of ours ,who is not getting good marks.Thanks a lot for giving a beautiful but difficult lesson


Thanks alex ,, i got 6 out 8 ,,,,,, this good for me because I’m Beginner


Hy adam, even me as the native speaker.I didnt get well the question number 6.I confused and got wrong there.can you give me some explanation?

yuber hammond

    Hi Yuber,

    It is difficult to accept completely vague arguments such as these.

    Is it ‘accept completely’ or ‘completely vague’?

    The problem is knowing which word is being modified.

    Does that help?


Well janilza I will tell u the mistake .that sentence is not clear because there are 2 posibillities there, wherenwould u learn english? Either engvid.com or english learners

yuber hammond

    Thanks, yuber30! That’s very kind of you to give me the answer! So, I think if we put a comma after “English learners”, that sentence would be okay… What do you think? Am I right?


Its not clear there eithrr subject or object is explained there

yuber hammond

Thanks :)


Hi Adam (:

Don’t you mind if I ask who were you teaching English in the Middle East? (: the Polish? (:


    btw, did I type it correctly? :)


    Hi Yuber,

    It is difficult to accept completely vague arguments such as these.

    Is it ‘accept completely’ or ‘completely vague’?

    The problem is knowing which word is being modified.

    Does that help?


      Sorry, little typo there :)


    Hi Biologic,

    I taught for a year in Istanbul, and a year in Tel Aviv. No Polish I’m afraid ;)


Thank you Adam
I kissed only Jane. (and no one else)
I only kissed Jane. (I didn’t do anything else)

Are the sentences above true?


    Yes. Good examples Esmtco.


i got 75 i think that’s pretty good,thank you Adam.


its hard for me i got only 3 from 8 so i need review it again any way thank you Mr. Adam


thanks its hard and easy kind of .


thanks so much adam
but i got a problem . would you help me please i have searched for someone in order to chat with him to improve my speaking skills bet i could not fined any one?


    Hi KH,

    Ask your peers here. Maybe someone can Skype with you.

    Good luck


    Hello, me to I want to practice English, when i did no find anyone I just try by my self practicing alone.


wow!i have done it! 100%! thanks Adam


You are absolutely great teacher. Thanks a lot Adam.

Wish you and your family have a nice Xmas and Happy New Year.




    Thank you Kamila,

    I wish you the same. Have a great 2014.


Thank you so much.


i got 5 from 8 it is little confusing but thank you Adam

razan kh

thank you , really it is very nice lesson


I have to say that my first chance was wrong
I got 38 of 100
I know that I have to fix mistakes, but all that I’ve got
I did alone so yet.
I haven’t forgot the lesson was difficult.
And this is the way how I should learn.
Thanks to you Adam. Amazing video.

I wanna ask you something if you can help me
I need to know some tips about the inversion
such as Little and started with past participles


    Hi Dreadheart,

    I’ll make a lesson about inversions soon. Have gotten a few requests for it.


Thank you.

aurora alves

hi adam!!its really difficult,i need more practice! happy holidays!


Please teacher, can you do a lesson on the word “cover” ?

cheikh sneibe

    Will get on it :)


I’m sorry Adam! Can I ask You? Recently I had read in textbook for college this sentence:
— What are these?
— They are tables.
Is it right using “They” to tables. I thought it must be:”These are tables”.
The question out of topic. I’m sorry!


    By the way Adam, couldn’t You tell me, if the
    following sentence correct grammatically and meaningly: “If You won’t by me, I won’t be(to)
    live.(I will not be alive in the future, if
    You will not be able to be with me.) Excuse me
    for multitude of mistakes.


      Hi Katrin,

      First question: They is a pronoun that can be used for people or things. It is only for things because we have he and she for people. in the plural we only have they for all. The answer could have been ‘they are’ or ‘these are’ (or better, ‘those are’). Both would be ok.

      The second question: Maybe you could say,”If you won’t be by me, I couldn’t live”. I assume this is for/from a song, which means you can play with the language a little ;)

      Does that help?


        Thank You Adam. Are You going to Sochy?


          I wish I could :)


      Maybe better “My life have no sense without you”


yeah it was quite challenging. 75 points though


hi adam.thank you for the lesson.it was helpful but it could be more than just 8 exams,to enhance such problems ,


Hi. How are you doing?

I’d like to ask what does it mean “take a stand” and “Set out to be” in Eminem’s song Not afraid?

“I’m not afraid to take stand…”
“I’mma be what I set out to be…”



    Hi Henrique,

    Take a stand, means fight for what I believe.

    Set out to be means plan to be and start moving toward being.
    I’m not afraid to fight for something…
    I’m going to be what I planned to be and started to be…

    Hope that helps


I got 100%… but just because you are a very good teacher


Hi Adam
your lessons are really useful.Am riadh from tunisia and am an english teacher but i really want to improve my grammar .


    Keep coming here Riadh :)


Merry Christmas, Adam :)


    Merry X-mas to you too Happy :)


Hi Adam,
You have a wonderful way of teaching and you always teach a very unique and new topic.
I like it.
Merry Christmas.


    Thank you Mhbarahvi,

    Happy new year :)


7 correct out of 8–I was expecting 100 points before.


Hi Adam. Hope you spent a Christmas happy with your family. As for me, it was great since while we ate the cat the mouse gone away. So we had to call for both the doctor and the veterinarian who were sick to see us like that. Did I understood your lesson?


    Lol. They’re good if you meant what you wrote.

    Hope the cat was delicious


Gosh, the mistakes!! while we were eating the…Did I understand your lesson? Otherwise my modifiers are good, aren’t they? ;-)


Adam, you are such a great teacher ! I learn a lot watching your videos ;)


Hi teacher,thanks for your time and dedication in these wonderful lessons. I’d like to take this opportunity to resolve a doubt I have and that is: when must to+ing be used in english? for example: Looking forward to hearing. Hope you read and help me. Thank you.


    Hi Rugi,

    There are lists of verbs that are followed by ‘to’ and other that are followed by ‘-ing’ and yet others that are followed by either.

    You’ll have to remember these.
    Here is an example:


I reviewed my mistakes #1. Are you sure the answer is the mouse is driving?




    Happy new year :)


Happy new year everyone. Hope 2014 is a good one for all of us :)


    Happy New Year!!!! Love you! :)


Happy New Year! You too, Adam :)


38 :(


It is very clear that I understand you quickly, because your explanation is simple and easy, I got 75% so, I am happy for this result.thank you Adam.


I am so interested in your lessons. They are really helpful. Is it possible to keep the same sentence by using punctuation.
Would you please Sir give us a course on the adverb eventually. i am so confused about.
My best wishes,


Hi Adam
can you please explain why correct answer is B?
thank you
Driving down the highway, a moose suddenly appeared in front of me.
According to this sentence, who is driving?

I am
The moose is


    Hi, because the beginning of the sentence. it began with moose, so the moose should be driving.
    You know the subject of main clause follows the dependent clause.
    hope it helps :)

    Matin Leila

Teacher Adam! Kindly help me with this: There 4 words are very the same, ” Type” “Kind” “sort” “category “… I Always mess it up. I will never understand if you don’t tell me. Thanks Have a nice day.

The Twerp

This lesson difficult to me 4/8 :(
I’ll try to practise more. ^^


Very useful lessons! THX!


Hi Adam I still don’t under stand even if I watch the video over and over. HELP ME PLEASE!!!


Hello! I am Daljae from South Korea. I am trying to tell you that your lesson is very well organized, so it is really helpful to me. Thanks a lot. I will keep track of you.


my question is how can I know that I have a misplaced modifier?


Hello Adam,
I have watched your all English video lessons. They are very helpful. Thank you so much.
If you have a chance, could you please explain the different between two prepositions of place like “in” and “ at”. This is an advance level of grammar. I am sure many foreigner students confuse with this part of grammar too.
Here are some sentences where I am confused.
I work in an university OR at an university.
I work in a bank OR at a bank.
I work in a factory OR at a factory.
I am on the test OR at the test.
I work in the shop OR at the shop.

The second question is about pronouns. This is the same an advance level of grammar. What is the rule between these sentences?
It was (I/me) who called the meeting.
If you were (I/me), what would you do?
All employees but Dan Galvin and (I/me) agreed to the economy measures.
Tom pretended to be (he/him)

Thank you for your time. Anna


Your lessons very helpful as usual . Really love youuuu <3'


Hello teacher Adam.:) i don’t understand about the question in quiz: Linda saw many people waiting at the bus stop on the way to work. Who was going to work?. I thought the people was correct but it didn’t true. It is unclear who going to work. can you explain about this question for me please ? :) Thank you


Hi! I from Finland and want Thank you and another teachers also. Very good lesson again. Little difficult but helps very much. I like very much every videos here. Keep going same way. Thanks a lot.


Hello Adam,
Thank you so much to usefull english lesson.
This subject is quite helpful and fun.However, It seems that the majority of students were confused.
In my opinion, you should review the lesson once again. Can be made clearer. Please continue to help us. Committed. We will definitely find out. We’ll talk. Thanks Adam.


I got 7 out of 8 correct. It was a struggle. I guess I didn’t know as much as I thought I knew. I need to watch the video again. Thank you for the teaching.


Hi Adam, thank you for your helpful lessons,i will have an exam in a few days,so please if it is possible i want you to explain what is the definition/diffrence between this words:curriculum,course,syllabus,programme,outline.
i’m waiting for your answer.
thank you.


Hi,i forgot to say:in the domain of teaching and learnig EX;secondary shool or university.
thank you


thank you


thank you Adam :)


10/10…great!!!! Thanks for the lesson!!!

Nathan Cavalcanti

Hi Adam

Sorry , you didnot set rules for theaes mistakes, are there rules?

Amer 2

I got only 75 % from this quiz
Thanks Mr. Adam .. you are helping us a lot

Mr. Fuchs

Much confusing…


Thank you, Advanced but clear.

Wael Rashed

Thanks Adam . very helpful


Dear Adam, thanks very much for your great lessons. I request more writing lessons for the IELTS please?


i got 50 i so tired , how evr thinx

Moulay Ahmed

in example 1 ، why the moose who is driving ?
I didn’t understand emaples 2 and 6 in the quiz very welI ، can you explain them to me .
This lesson really got me flummoxed but it’s useful anyway .


    I did same. I choose ‘I AM’.


Hi Adam,
how could this answer be right ?

“After he had fainted, John said he would never ever drink alcohol again.”

This sentance should start with John not with ‘he’.
can you comment here please ?


Thank you. I have learnt from this topics and try to improve my english skills.


Hi! Adam,
Thank you very much for your useful lesson. I got 5 correct out of 8. I will practice more!


“People who whistle quickly become annoyed” I wonder is fixing this by placing a coma a legit option?


Hi Adam! I’m glad because I’ve read many people like me, are interested in watching a lesson about comma and punctuation.
Although actual video cleared a lot of details for me, I will expect the ohter class with anxiety.


i got 3/8 hahaha. it sucks. i need more practice.


very useful lesson!
I was just wondering if these sentences would replace the sentences that you mentioned on the video correctly:
1.She saw dark rain clouds on her way to the park
2.jeremy ranaway in his underwear away from the bear


I got 4/8. I need to be more focus while reading the question. After all, I like this lesson.


english is an immense languages you can , one always learn new things .. thanking you for teaching these things .

dilbag italy

Hi Adam,
Thanx for the lesson. I have a question.
“Jeremy,in his underwear, ran away from the bear.”
Is ths sentence correct. Hope you’ll reply.


Thank you Adam, this lecture is still difficult for me. I got only 50%. I need more practice.


Thanks for this lesson,great job Adam.i got 75%.i need to do much more practice to pass my GED

clevol nelson

LOL how funny lesson! Adam’s classes are super.

Jonas Costa



I got 63 %. Not good. Thanks.


Many thanks Adam. This was very important topic to make the sentence understandable.


Gosh, can’t believe that I did the lesson and only got 2 right. I definitely need more practice on basic grammar and English is my first language.

Marlene Beach

Thank you very much Adam. It was very difficult problem for me.


Thanks Adam for this wonderful video. I learned somethings that I have been struggling with for quite along time. Could you kindly throw some lights about the difference between the expression “that is fine with me and that is fine by me” please?


Hello Adam! Many thanks for your wonderful lesson. Is it also correct to say: I call my mother only when I am sick?


It was very difficult for me. T_T I’ll do my best to learn this lesson.
Thank you Adam.


thanks teacher


    Hi teacher
    can you


      Hi teacher!
      can you make both lessons about reducing adjective and adverb clause?it’s really confusing me.thanks in advance.


I got 100!Thanks Adam!!


Hi Adam. you are a good teacher.can you help me please..i have some confusen in this question: 1. Driving down the highway, a moose suddenly appeared in front of me.
According to this sentence, who is driving?
1.I am
2.The moose is)…..here is answer The moose is…i think moose is a animal..may you explain about this?Thanks Adam teacher


    Sorry! Moose (that’s the plural too) are huge deer-like animals that live in the north of Europe, Asia, and North America. Here’s a photo of a moose next to a large car.

    In case you ever meet a moose: keep far away from them! They’re wild animals after all, and can get aggressive when frightened.

    engVid Moderator

hi Adam
i thought that the questions would deal with our intelligence,,,,,according to one of the questions LInda was driving not moose!!!i got the point late


Thank you Adam for another useful lesson.
I never knew that modifiers can also be a dependent clause. I always thought that there are only few words that are being used to modify a sentence. I hope this makes sense :3


Adam, could you give us more examples of misplaced modifiers? It’s amazing the way you
prepare the sentences…but I surely need to
have more examples.

Thanks a lot.


I completely understand the lesson.
But when I took the quiz, OMG, I got only 5/8.
So I think it is easy to understand but I difficult in the real situation.
Thank you for your wonderful lesson, Adam.


I really want you to answer this question pls

she has been arrested by police.
a) two dashes
b) question
c) exclamation mark
d) question & exclamation mark


Thank you Adam. It was a bit difficult.


I only have got 25 percent. But I don’t disappoint. Thanks Adam


i got 3 out of 8 it is difficult lesson


One of my biggest challenges when writing in english is misplacing modifiers. I need to pay especially attention and reread my sentence twice or thrice and ensure that I am following the grammar rules. This lesson is challenging and I need more practice. Good job, teacher Adam.


Portuguese also has the same tricks of language

carlos 2138

Misplaced modifiers are a very interesting topic. Thank you for the lesson, Adam.:)


Initially I out of 8,I gave it a second shy and ultimately got hundred. It was a bit confusing at the start now I am a bit okay.. Thnks Adam…


Adam thanks a lot, 7/8 good but still need efforts.


Dear Adam,
I find your videos VERY helpful; you even clarify certain areas a little better than the ‘English and Language Usage’ section in my TEAS study guide. Speaking of language usage, could you make a video covering spelling rules? The whole ‘I before e except after c and etc. Also, could you make a video covering the capitalization rules (what should and should not be capitalized)?

Thank you,


Hello Adam.Speaking of the bear, is it OK to use”his” with that noun. We don’t consider him a pet, don’t we?


Hi Adam i consider you one of the intellectual English Teachers…Your way of teaching is just best…I want you to make lesson on types of essay viz. Expository, Persuasive, Analytical & Argumentative…Thanks i love you teacher Adam


Adam, I was wondering why the last question on the quiz was both correct. I hope you can provide me a brief explanation about it. Thanks!


1. Driving down the highway, a moose suddenly appeared in front of me.
According to this sentence, who is driving?

I am
The moose is
Have no idea how comes that “The moose is” right answer. How can a moose drive;-)


hello Adam!! thank you for the lesson I really appreciate… I think that I still have a little problem I get 75% oh please if you could give me a simple trick to distaing easily the difference between “dangling” and “misplaced modifiers”… I really need your help!


You’re awesome.


Thank you Adam,
Concerning the bear story ,would it be correct to write “he ran away from the bear in its underwear”(of course if the bear was wearing something) ” I heard that in Canada ,bears was extremely dangerous but not at that point !


Love your vids and quizzes?


Hi Adam,
could I ask a question? I’ve understood that we can move the modifier to change the meaning of our sentence, and in Russia it’s so typical, the order of the words isn’t very important. But is it correct if I say “I call my mother only when I’m sick” in meaning (I only call my mother when I’m sick) or it sounds strange and incorrect? Thanks for vids!


sir, thank you for the video I got some clues about the modifier, but I need brief lesson, where can I get it ?

piash khan

i got 200, thanks Adam. i start to love English.


Misplace Modifier
I believe this is where i have most of my trouble when it come to my writing.
Can you do more of this lesson please.


I got 75 cause I failed on the two first, but anyway I really liked the lesson. :)


Hi, Adam. You are the best. :)
Thanks a lot for the point you have made in this video. I believe that, it’s solved my problem. I wasn’t aware of it ,that I sometimes have used modifiers in a wrong places. So my “sentences didn’t make sense”. (My English teachers told me).

I am so exited to find out more video abut the use of modifiers, and conjunctions in sentences.


I got 63 :( . But it’s okay. Thanks Adam.


I perfectly understand the bear sentence without any corrections. Also I found the explanation to the the second one on the first page weird, but sure I got it wrong Ayway I found the rest perfect.


Thank you Adam.


Thank u adem




I got 10. I only watch your videos because I like them or maybe I watched videos only because I like you.


Quite useful and interesting.


HI Iam majkoorConcerning the bear story ,would it be correct to write “he ran away from the bear in its underwear”(of course if the bear was wearing something) ” I heard that in Canada ,bears was extremely dangerous but not at that point !


what is ege


Great lesson! Being a linguist I explore the similar grammar issue in Russian.
Regarding the video I have only one question on the last example. Why is there an ambiguaty if it’ written “the bear in HIS underwear”. As I know we use the pronoun It and Its speaking about unfamiliar animals, not domestic ones. Am I right? So I guess there are no two meanings in the last example. Correct me if wrong, please:)


Hello!I don’t understand why you write the sentence – not only helps connect…is it really right to write like -helps to connect

Alexandra Konibolotskaya

Great lesson by a great teacher!Got 8/8.Thanks.


Thanks Adam very interesting and amusing lesson.


I got 3/8! I’m shocked that I got a low score! I didn’t expect this really! I need to study more.


What if U made some assumptions about the scentences, would that be correct in terms of grammar?

Taif Alawsi

4/8 but i learned about what modifier are . Thank
you Adam

Simon Dangol

Hi my name is Tabarak , my score is 5 out of 7 , can you sir explain question 1 , 6 and 8 for me please .


My level is advanced. I have taken the IELTS and I got 7/9 but I still got 5/8 in this lesson. It is very confusing and not articulate.


I got 88% marks. Thanks for very informative lessons; however, I still need to practice more. I aim to learn all of your lessons in the next month so that I can have mastery in my academic language. Can you suggest me how to further my writing and what sources can be beneficial to me, since I am a researcher and always required to write academic papers?

TahseenB Bhutto

Hello teacher Adam , I have taken the quiz and I take 7/8 , on the first question ( who Driving down the highway, a moose suddenly appeared in front of me.
According to this sentence, who is driving? )
who the moose was driving ?!
can you please clarify it for me ..


A moose suddenly appeared in front of me while I was driving down the highway.
I only called you because I was worried about the others.
I called only you because I relay on you.

Ahmed Abdul hameed

this is really helped me thanks, Big man Adam.
I need more lessons like this from sentence structure, where can I get it

Brian oscar

I did’nt want to eat the apple that was covered in the dirt, hopes that also correct.

Brian oscar

Thank you for the lesson. It was really useful as I realised now that I have made such a lot of mistakes so far in writing. Keep learning.


I got 75% :(,
Thank you Adam for your sharing :)


Hello Adam,
your video is great. I have one confusion about question 6, would you please explain it to me again?


6/8! This lesson is difficult. I need to watch the video again.

Jerry Gu

Hi Adam,

I have an odd question. You may have heard this from others. I got 100% on my test but the problem is that I am not always able to identify the parts of speech. My understanding of the language is pretty good though and I do quite well on these tests. Would this be a problem, unless if I wish to become a teacher? Say, as an editor, if my work is good, would I still be able to manage or is there something I can do about this issue?



you are great Adam.
Thank you so much.

majd murad

Hi, “I only call my mother when I’m sick.” I think extra meaning of this sentence is that I don’t do anything about sickness. I can’t go to the doctor, I can’t take the medicine, ext. I don’t decided for my life. My mother organize everything for me. Am I right? If I’m wrong, what is the sentence for this situation? Thank you Adam


My English language is so bad, I got just 50%

Hashim Hassan

Thank you for the lesson. I understand it very well

Felicia Gator

8/8 I think I got to Adam well…


I’m so happy because I got 100 points
Thank you so much Teacher Adam


Thnkyou .. It helped me alot…

Harshpreet kaur gill

‘Worn out by the long walk, she fainted’

Is the meaning of this sentence complete, are we talking here about a dangling modifier ‘Worn out’ ? if yes, why ?
Thank you in advance

Hassan AGMAR

Driving down the highway, a moose suddenly appeared in front of me.
According to this sentence, who is driving?
I am
The moose is can someone please explain to me why the answer is not I am

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