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Thank you.

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Hello Adam! I have a request. Could you please make a video on neither (nor), either (or) and both. Thank you!

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      Hi Adam,

      My students want me to teach them about subjunctive mood “if I were” or “If she were” compared to the indicative mood “if I was” or “If she was”.
      I found three opinions. One said we should always use “If I were”, the other said it all depends on the context, and the rest said the use of “If I was” is just a non-standard English.

      Would you please help us understand it better?

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        Hi Uki,

        It all depends on the context: if it’s imaginary, use were. If it’s real, use was.

        I wish I were rich/–(I’m not. This is a fantasy).

        If I was rude in my speech yesterday, I apologize.– (past situation that happened (yesterday I may have been rude.)

        Does this help?

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      Hello Adam, I am a new member of this fantastic website and I am so happy to have encountered you and now to be part of your lessons which are perfect. I am from Kosovo and I would like to ask you something. I have e problem on differentiating between feet and meters. Basically we use meters but u do feet. Could you please explain me if there is any difference between them or is just a way of expression. BTW, the comment section is not working that’s why I used the reply one. Hopefully you don’t mind. Greetings from Kosovo!

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Hello Adam ,
Thank you for this lesson
I have never taken time to practice math terms in english although it is very useful , even in every day life especialy when you want to describe the shape of something and give its dimensions or to describe how you get a result .
Let us confirm that sum , difference , product and quotient can be named result .
See you

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    Indeed, they can Tsamp ;)

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Hello Adam.I am a Asian.My English level is at B1 level.what topics should I really have to know for getting 7 band in IELTS

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    Hi Doloran,

    It’s not about topics as much as it is about vocabulary. To get band 7 you need enough vocab to be able to read, talk about, or write about any topic.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I got 10 out of 10

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Dear Adam,

10:4=2,5 (not 2,2)


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    I advice you to think a bit before giving the stupid comment)

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      Hi Klim,

      It’s better to explain than to attack ;)

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        Tell Klim that Adrijana’s comment is much better than his rude comment.

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    Hi Adriana,
    You misunderstood Adam’s explanation. Ten divided by four is two, and the REMAINDER is two. That is 2×4 + 2, or: 10/4 = 8/4 + 2/4 = 2 + 2/4; the fractional part is 2/4, and 2 is called the remainder.

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      Yes, I see it, I am so stupid.

      Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

        No worries, Adrianna. Sometimes it’s worth watching twice ;)

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

        You are not stupid. I believe many people did the same mistake. David is a gentleman. Good job!

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      Hi David.
      I’m high school student in Korea, and I actually feel awkward to ask about derivative and Integral as I heard that you are math teacher.
      In derivative, we can say about the local maximum-minimum and global maximum-minimum. In some cases, the local max-minimum and global max-minimum can be equal. I cannot what this means. Could you like to help me for my math studying?

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It is a great class! I have worked as a math teacher in bilingual schools in Colombia and I improved my prononciation with this video. Thanks a lot. Is it possible to scratch physics, chemistry and other topics as well as maths? thanks again, you are a great teacher!

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    I’ll see what I can do Pesabe7.

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Wow!Useful lesson, You remind me the school :).

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    Yesterday we won the match and we boarded to the world cup 2018 in your country ( Russia ) . is it easy to travel to Russia 4 watching the world cup

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      i have no idea about it, sorry. i don`t travel in Russia, i live here.

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        ok thanks for your reply , i am going to travel to Russia in June 2018 , may be i can see you there

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          don`t think so. Russia is huge, World Cup will be not in my city).

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          ok thanks again

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that is a useful lesson. thanks a lot!

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Thank you for your effort

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ok Adam,you are so skilled in teaching that we can manage to digest,for once, such a boring matter as math..thank you, as usual.

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very useful course

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Oh! 5/10 this time. My bad…
I’m afraid I couldn’t absorb many of those math terminology even though you did the great lesson in clear way. Despite, I’m interested about using decimal at sport event announcement.
Thanks Teacher Adam.

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that’s what i was looking for ,thanks a lot Adam

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Thank you Adam, very useful !!! :)

Funny tongue-twister in your video at approx. min 5:50 (about the fraction 5/12)
Good to know that native speakers have sometimes also the problems with so many consonants.
Especially me too in combination with -th- :)))))

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great!!! I am Electronic Engineer, and this lesson
it is very useful, thanks a lot !!!!!

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Thank you for the lesson a lot!
1. What do we call a root less than cubed? Like the opposite of “2 to the 4th power”. And how is “power” of root called?
2. Are non-parallel lines (on a surface, in planimetry) called intersected?

Profile photo of Cam Cam

    Hi Cam,

    Each root can be expressed as follows: n-th root (x) = x^(1/n). The n-th root of x equals to x to the power of 1/n. So the term is “the n-th root of x”.

    In the Euclidean plane, parallel lines never intersect. If they are not parallel, eventually they will intersect somewhere in the place. Check this one out:https://www.quora.com/Can-two-parallel-lines-intersect

    By the way, if you are interested in maths in English, coursera.org is a great resource of online courses.

    Hopy you find this helpful.

    Profile photo of David David

      *somewhere in the PLANE.

      Profile photo of David David

    Hi cam,
    I’ve written you an explanation. It is waiting to be approved by engVid. Hope it appears here soon.

    Profile photo of David David

      Thanks! I’ll be waiting:)

      Profile photo of Cam Cam

    Hi Cam,

    David gave a very good explanation. As far as roots go, I’m not all that clear beyond square root and cubed root. then it starts to get complicated. Better to find a good math textbook for the finer details.
    As for lines, if they are not parallel, they will eventually intersect as David mentioned.

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Thanks Adam! I was looking for a lesson like that! I’m a student of Engineering and I didn’t know how to discribe someting in math. Now I know \0/

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thanks teacher Adam

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Don´t be so modest Adam. You´re an expert on maths!!!And also a great English teacher. What I didn´t know about you was your knowledge in philosophy. It would be interesting that you teach the basis of the philosophy history ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    Thanks Knopler. Not too sure this can be done in a short lesson other than to introduce the main thinkers. I’ll see what I can do, tough.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Great lesson, I really need it, You deserve thousands of thanks.

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Hi Adam! Talking of shapes, in portuguese the word egg is ‘ovo’, so when we say something has a ‘oval’ shape it means that thing has a shape similar an egg (ovo). This is interesting that in English oval is oval… Thanks!

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Te lesson was very crear. Thank you

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Very interesting! I know everything about math you taught us in the video but the point is ‘English math terminology’ and that’s exactly what I learned in this lesson. It was very useful!
Thank you very much Adam.

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Congratulations Adam. It will be useful for me .Everyone needs math and sometimes we deal with things there are a lot of terms related to numbers and statistics , even if you work with stuffs very different from maths. A lawyer , a taxi driver , a dentist , all of us aplly math routinely but without awareness. This class was a great idea!

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I got 09/10. Adam you forgot to tell us about “base ” in geometry . The side opposite to perpendicular is hypotenuse. And the 3rd one side is called ” base”. This lesson brings me back to my golden time ☺ I really enjoyed by memorizing it. Nice lesson. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you Adam, I love math.

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The word “plus” is Latin. Is it right to pronounce it as it is written?
Thanks for your answer.
Very useful lesson, Adam.

Profile photo of byte byte

    Hi Byte,

    Plus like bus (with an l) in English. In French it’s plu (ploo). Not sure about the Latin ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very thanks. I wish you success

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Thank you Adam… I need more classes like that, but a little bit more pronunciation.

Profile photo of Rodrigo Ribeiro Rodrigo Ribeiro

    I’ll work on it Rodrigo ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Excellent lesson! Thank you so much!

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thanks teacher for the lesson everything was clear for me .

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Hello Adam,
Could you make a video on Seek, Find and Search?
Please sir I have a request, because I’m always confuse in that words.
Thank You.

Profile photo of Rahul Rahul

    Hi Rahul,

    Don’t be afraid to look things up in a dictionary and look for sample sentences to demonstrate.

    Seek = look for something specific (especially a goal) (seek one’s happiness)
    find = reach your goal of looking for
    search = look for something specific or look in a specific place (search for information, search in books)

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

hello teacher.please tell me if my sentence is correct.
I was an interesting person for others some time back.
but these days “I am missing being interesting”.
Here we have continues form and gerund and after that adjective.plzz tell me if it is right. thank u

Profile photo of ghost rider ghost rider

    Hi Ghost Rider,

    We don’t use ‘miss’ in a continuous form. This is a state verb(like love, think, believe, etc.)

    I miss being interesting = I am no longer interesting, but I ant to be.

    Is this what you had in mind?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

A basic level of maths as a really interesting explanation and very useful for English students, this video class remembered me the elementary school when I used to start thinking about all these concepts. Thank a lot, teacher Adam, a very sweet video class about maths.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Adam, if I’m talking about the gas price, for ex, imagine that it is US$ 1.24, I think I can say ‘one dólar and twenty four cents per liter, but could I say ‘one point twenty four’ or should I say ‘one point two four’?

Profile photo of Dudurito Dudurito

    Hi Dudunto,

    Because money is discussed pretty much every day, it has understood terms. You would likely say gas costs a dollar twenty-four. If you want to be precise, you can say it costs a dollar and twenty-for cents. Money doesn’t use ‘point’ as the point is simply the distinction between dollars and cents.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adam. It is really useful lesson.

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what is up?

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Thank you, Adam!!!

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thank you MR.Adam :)

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thank you, Adam

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Very usefull lesson! Tahnks!

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This quiz is too easy

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    You cocky fucker

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Thank you.
very usefull lesson

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Thanks for nice comprehensive lesson about mathematics and geometry, could I recommend to add a dashboard to monitor my watched videos and pan my future ones. It would be wonderful. great effort and very good team.

Profile photo of Aloraby Aloraby

    I’ll pass this idea on to the administrators Aloraby.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    This is coming in the near future. Make sure you always watch while logged in, even now, so that you will benefit when we make this feature available on the website.

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thanks a lot,it was very useful! but i don`t understand about average\mean

Profile photo of Grypis Grypis

    Hi Grypis,
    If one child is 10 years old and another child is 12 years old, their average age is 11.

    mean is essentially the same.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    In language, people will normally use the term ‘average’ in casual conversations. Mean is usually used by mathematicians and statisticians.

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Hi sir Adam…i really like all your videos here at engvid.com… can I ask you a favor? Actually, I am planning to take the IELTS maybe this coming December..My reading is very poor..can you give me some tips or website that i can study what are some strategy to get..I think I am running out of time when i start to read the text because its very hard to find the answers..can you help me?I really appreciate your help…Thanks..

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    thank u Adam very useful lesson

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Thank you, Adam! Great lesson.
Please explain these phrases: “straight forward” and “cutting edge”. I think I don’t understand those at all.

Profile photo of AlexanderR134 AlexanderR134

    Hi Alexander,

    Straightforward means simple, easy to understand, uncomplicated, direct.

    Cutting-edge means the latest/newest technology, method, etc.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hello Adam

      First of all I’d like to offer you my sincere gratitude for all the hard works you guys put in to create these videos and make them available to public. I’d also like to suggest something that I think would most certainly improve this website and also very beneficial to all the audience. The videos are great however in my opinion it would be really beneficial to everyone if you guys could make a PDF format of each lessons and the quizzes where we can download at the end of each video and print them out. This way we can make our own text book where we can study and perhaps highlight the parts we need to study/review more before our exams either TOEFL/IELTS or whatever it would be.

      Thank you in advance

      Profile photo of Avec.Toi Avec.Toi

Thanks everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Yes, it’s become straightforward.
    Thank you a lot for your dedication. We learn a lot here.

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Great lesson with a less math.

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Hello Adam,

First, I would like to thank you for lesson. It is grat :) But I have one a note: If you use different numbers, equals will be more clearly (at least in my case).eg 1+2=3, or 2*3=6, or 12/3=4.
Thank you again and I’m back to learn English :)

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Hello Adam,
First I would like to think you veyr much for the diffentes lessons, I am back to learn English “the bigenner”.

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Although it’s a difficult lesson , i got 10 out of 10

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I want to ask you about practicing the language and I have some questions about that .First,do you have a English community I mean like a chatting rooms if you have please let me know how to join it. If anyone knows any websites that can help me in practicing please leave the link of it.

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    HI Abdullah,

    I don’t personally, but you can ask others here and do a Google search for these kinds of sites. Just be careful and look out for scams.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi Adam:

Thank for this and all lessons that you have gave us, I like the math and this was a very interesting topic for me. ENGVID have a presential course for foreigners? I´m from Ecuador South America.

Profile photo of alexiguillem alexiguillem

    Hi Alexi,

    I’m afraid we only have these videos for now, but perhaps we will add some courses in the future.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Hello Adam
      Thank you for responding, but I would like to know if there are face-to-face classes at ENGVID in Toronto.?.
      With any ENGVID teacher, if is other teacher I don´t care, because everyone are good teacher for me.

      Profile photo of alexiguillem alexiguillem

Thanks, Adam. Clear and objective lesson.

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Oh, God! I’ve done!!!!I got 90!I’m glad…I thought this would never end.

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As a math teacher, I’d say this lesson is very useful. I’ve never watched a lesson like this, with math terminology. I hope I can teach math in English some day, it’s one of my dreams! Though I know about math, I still need to improve my English.

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Damm .. I’ve got 5 out of 10 sad 😭

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    Have you seen the video ?

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I got 9 out of 10. But however thank you so much Adam for this nice class. GBU

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i answered all the questions corret. thanks alot sir

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it was very helpful, thank you Adam i think i might be watch it 3 or 4 times to understand it more.

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Thanks Adam.

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Excelent class Adam, thank you very much!

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Thank you, Adam. I got 10. I am wondering when do you want to make a lesson about participles you mentioned before in lessons? Please make some lessons about all kind of participles including infinitive. I know Alex has a lesson about that but it is not complete.

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Thank you Adam,
Your lessons are extremely useful and interesting to me. I am new here and so glad I found it :)

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Good day to you, Adam! My name is Natasha, and I’m from Russia. In the video you mentioned two (at least one of them did hold for) numerals that consisted of 3 digits, like 360. But the thing is you didn’t call it as ‘three hundred and sixty’. You said ‘three sixty’ instead. What was that for? In which cases can I come across this way of pronouncing the number (I heard something of card games where they simplified the numbers they had)?
I look forward to your reply & have a good day! :)

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Thank you

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Thank you A lot

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I got 10 of 10. Thank you so much, Adam.

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Thank you

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Hi adam i want you to explain the verb hurt as noun adjective and as verb thnks

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Adam, I thank you for this nice lesson .

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Thank you Adam! It was very helpful.

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thanks adam

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thank you very much teacher

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    Hi Ahmet….

    I am also love different country peoples and their Traditions. Moreover I love different country Animals more than people

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It was not easy :)
but 10/10 many thx

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Adamsın ADAM :)

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Very good math lesson. you’re one of the best teachers on youtube. thanks

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I got 10/10! Wonderful lesson!! Thanks Adam!!

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thank you teacher…:)

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Hello Adam! Excuse me but there is something wrong about the average.The equality 3+2+5+10=20÷4 is not correct.The first part is not equal to the second one.I know what you want to say.However they are two diffrent functions and they must be written separately.

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Thanks alot for basics of math and geography ,mr. Adam

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Great teacher, Even I’m not good and Math so I made 90 for my quiz. Thanks a million for that.

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Vert interesting for me because I like mathematics.

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    Hello Gaga! How are you?

    I have just read your profile, and I got delighted to know that you love Jesus Christ so much. Me too. We live so far from each other, but we have the same faith. That is what matters.

    Bye for now!

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Hello Adam!

What a brilliant lesson!! I am not keen on mathematics, but this vocabulary is really important in our real life. To be honest with you, I needed to use the “multiplication” in a common conversation today and I didn’t know what to say… Now I do!

I am sure making this video wasn’t an easy job for you. Therefore, receive my heartfelt thanks for that.

Take care!

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Very helpful class. Thank you!

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Sir can I get any spoken English book?

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Hello Professor,

I’ve heard about a math expression “3 out of 10” that means (I think) “three tenths”, is this right? Could also be used?

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hello sir,
Do you work in a school that we can join ?
because i need a course in English

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You and Emma are the Best.
Thank youuuuuuuuuu man

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Hi, how can i evaluate my English level?

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Hi Adam! My compliments for the lesson! I would like to ask you a lesson about electrical engineering vocabulary, thank you.

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Hi, Adam! thank you for the video.
I think the video is complicated. It is impossible for beginner class; maybe it’s better for intermediate or advanced class. thanks….

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100% !!!! YEAH!!! Thanks, sir :-D

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Excellent lesson. Thank you very much.

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thank you very much ♥

Profile photo of mustafa Rafaat mustafa Rafaat

Thank you for this video. It helps a lot when we find this in a text containing numbers and signs of maths.
You are the best !

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Thanks for this vocaburaly-guide! It’s necessary knowledges for me)

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this basic question fantastic :-)

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hello l m basri from turkey l need someone to chat ın engllish to improve my language add me please my account is yldrmbasri@gmail.com

Profile photo of basri1 basri1

Thank you

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I got 9/10. Still okay for me. Thanks for the lesson although you seem not comfortable to teach this. You’re great at Mathematics though. Maybe you could teach us those complicated things about that next time. Just kidding! :) Your efforts are much appreciated. Thanks again.

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    9/10 is not “ok”. You made a mistake. Try HARDER.


    Profile photo of Patapouf Patapouf

Thank you Adam.

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thank you very much

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Thanks Adam

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if people were aware that engvid.com exists, I am pretty sure nobody would pay for english classes, I love, really love this site, and Adam my favorite teacher.

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Thanks Adam, you are a great teacher.

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Thanks you

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Thanks Adam

Profile photo of Svetlana A Svetlana A

Thanks Mr. Adam.

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question teacher

how can I say cubed in root

I mean, like squared to square root

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Thank you, Adam!

Profile photo of OLeksandr Cherepanov OLeksandr Cherepanov

Hi Adam,

I am Karthi from Chennai. Could you please teach me some Design related terminology.. like “silhouette”, “Hue”, to understand design related job instructions

Profile photo of Karthik Saravanan Karthik Saravanan

Thank you Adam.

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Thank you so much teacher Adam.
It´s an excellent lesson.
My congratulations to you on that.
Good bye
Have a good one

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I got 10/10 :)
tnx a lot

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Thanks Adam!
Mathematics teachers must learn appropriate English too.

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I Got 10/10

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Where is the mode of numbers?

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