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70 … mmm :( I will try it again


    It’s all about the practice Julws :)


      Sir i got 8/10

      Pratyush gahlot

Hi Adam
Thank you very much for your lesson
I enjoy your teaching and I appreciate you

Loghman Abilzda

Nice and easy! Don’t cut it up!

Valery teacher

    Chinese people like me can’t watch the video,I hate the government!


      Hi Christophiae. You can try using a VPN.



Adam, thanks for the lesson!


that was really helpful. could you make a similar video with “Pull” used in phrasal verb, please?


    I’ll get on that ;)


Good lesson Adam but bad student if I believe the notes of the quiz. I will need to listen to you again.
Thank you.


Thanks for the lesson


Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for your lesson!

In the same way as a cut above, is a cut below used too?


    Hi Redos,

    Actually, yes, but I don’t hear that expression used often. A more common expression is to say something is below par. Hope this helps.


i got 8 correct question and and 2 mistakes but the result is 7?? hahaha


    Must be a technical glitch :)


Thanks a lot. these phrasel verbs are quite difficult to understand.

wonna htay



Adam, is it only me or all English students hate phrasal verbs???
Thanks for your great lesson and your clear examples ;)


    lol. I think it’s all. But… it’s vocab just the same ;)


8/10 most of these words I already heard
Like this site, great place to learn and thank you for the lessons!
Greetings from Ukraine


Hello Adam, Thank you so much… I like all your lessons and have seen most of them.
God bless


A sonnet is a 14-line poem written in iambic pentameter.


    Hi Luissdwef,

    Isn’t a sonnet a 14-line poem written in iambic pentameter?

    Is this what you meant?


Hello my teachers I am new in engVID

Arshia Mohanty

    Welcome to engVid, Arshia!

    We have many years of videos to watch! You can search for videos by level, topic, and teacher using the English Lesson Finder.

    Some lessons also come with downloadable resources, like lists of words.

    All our teachers are on YouTube, and there are playlists for different levels and topics. And if you want to know whenever a new lesson is uploaded, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

    If you have any questions, just ask! Have fun ?️

    engVid Moderator

    Welcome Arshia :)


A cut above – this one is interesting and got me thinking. In Polish we have sort of similar expression (similar in that it refers to cutting). We say that someone has been cut out of a meter (meter referring to a measure) – meaning that they are just ordinary – wherever you would cut out with scissors, they would be similar to any of the remaining part. You could also put a negation – as in: I like this guy, he’s not cut out of a meter – meaning: he is unusual in some way.

Of this lesson I like the “to be cut out for” expression. Close to have a kick for something, to be predestined. A cool lesson! I hope you make a lesson on speaking about talents, abilities or lack thereof. Thanks Adam!


    Interesting note, Nutondev.

    I’ll see what I can do about the topics you mention. :)


I got 6 correct out of 10. :(
I watched this video yesterday night but I didn’t concentrate. So I watched this video again while I was washing dishes but again my concentration wasn’t good. I took a quiz and I had to rely on my guess. I think I have to try much more to concentrate when I study English.

Insoo Yeo

    Phrasal verbs are difficult, Insoo. Keep practicing. :)


7/10 thank you adam. you’re the best


Hi Adam! This me Hisham, from Egypt, good evening and how are you?
I study English language at the English department of my college
I really appreciate what you do
And i have a request if u can help, i study literature and there are 4 branches of it critical reading, poetry, novels, and Short story
So if u can help a little bit by making me and my friends videos about analyzing and criticism for poetry, novels and short story and i can provide u by the materials that we study as pdfs files
It would be great because u know, all are afraid to go and we don’t go to our uni as much as we should be, so if u can help us just reply to my


    Hi Hisham,

    That’s a course development program. I’m not sure that I would be able to do this for you. Is there anyone at the department who would be able to do this?


I got 4/10, very sad, this is first time i below average, the lesson is very hard, I will see it again and try better next time, thank Adam

nguyen van long

    It’s not easy Nguyen. Keep trying :)


I got 8/10 !
Short and interesting as always, that’s perfect to learn fastly !


Thanks Adam for this lesson


could you please give me some tips on how to practice my pronunciation?


    Hi Effatmobin,

    Look for the search box on this site and put in ‘pronunciation’. We have many videos to help you.

    Other than that, the best way is to find someone to speak with and practice that way.


Thank you, Adam! Very useful lesson and clear explanation as always, but it’s hard to remember all material at once.


    It takes time, Krig. Keep at it :)


Is there any relation between English “phrasal verbs” and German “trennbare verben”. Maybe in the origine of each language were similar or is a simple elucubration. I learn both English and German.

Pedrop Guijarrog

    I’m not sure Pedrop. I don’t speak German, so….

    Maybe do a search online for this info.


8/10 it is a little bit confusing ,they are very similar to each other


Hello Adam,

Like your classes very much.

In this lesson, I’m a confused the phrase “cut out – (situation caused by itself?)” with “cut off – (eliminated?)”. Which one should be used in the following sentence?

The teacher was angry with the students’ behaviour and finally yelled at them to cut it ________.

Thank you very much!


    Actually, I wanted to ask the same question, Adam… and whether actually there is any difference between US and UK English when it comes to their use, especially in this example?


Thanks everyone :)


Hello Adam,

Could you please explain the following sentences :

He tried moving a heavy sofa. / He tried to move a heavy sofa.

I saw him come running. / I saw him running.

Thank you very much and Happy New Year!


    Hi LizC,

    He tried moving a heavy sofa. / He tried to move a heavy sofa.– these could mean the same thing. The one with moving can also mean to a new location, while to move is usually just to push.

    come running means here. running could mean anywhere.

    Not sure if this helps, though.


following your rules, I easily get 100. thanks Adam. I will see all your vocabulary videos and learn from them, I hope you will not be angry with that

Soufiane Mounkid

Wow, I’ve really enjoyed this lesson. I love your examples


I got 60 in the quiz, I think I need more practice.

Mr.hany physics

I got 60 in the quiz. I need more practise to be good at the phrasal verbs!!!)))))


Would you please write the meaning on the board?
When you make an example and just say it I forget.
Thank you so much.


This i such a great video. I got 7/10, but I will practice more and try it again.


Good lesson, thanks, Adam. I got a 7/10 I need to continue improving my English skills.


Thanks a lot))4 your lesson?
Helpful&easy.I’ve hated ‘phrasals’ since I was at school but now it’s becoming intresting…
Results not good enough((butI’ll be trying again✊


7/10! This lesson also difficult for me.

Jerry Gu

Unfortunately lgot 50 out of 100??


I didn’t undersytand the meaning of “cut through the crap”, please can you explain ?


Adam , you are the best . You are the onlyone teacher , that i can understand99% in your class. Thanks a lot .

Freddy tovar

Thank you Mr. Adam.


40…I’m not good at English…


I’m ashamed – 60: D I have to do it again: D


    It was not a piece a cake for me, but i got 8 out of 10. Only 2 mistakes. It probably means that we have a good teacher, also his support. We should take notes and try cut down the amount of mistakens. Is this sentence well written? Thanks.

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