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I don’t have enough time to watch this so However it’s going to be very interesting that I could predict that..
I’m going to watch this later..


    When it comes to teaching confusing word pairs, context helps a lot to clarify meaning.

    Superb lesson on vocabulary Adam.

    By the way, I didn’t know you liked fishing for compliments. Yep! You’re right, nice T-shirt.

    Bye for now, take care.


      YES, Superb vocabulary lesson on Adam that’s true It’s not Just because I’m saying in words Beyond beyond The person, Adam is one of my favorite teacher among on Engvid Teachers…..


        Thanks :)


          Now,I’m much more Happy with Adam’s replayed Thanks:)
          I’ve got command from foreigner teacher.. .
          why i’m so happy or exciting is i’m so quite passionate about speaking and talking only in English… I would really say that I can’t improve my English without This sort of Engvid teachers and The web-site Engvid If it’s not there Just I can’t Imagine myself By god grace I caught this web-site somehow or anyhow Very BIG thanks to Engvid Teachers and the Engvid name of web-site too website name is so special for me There is something that is Nothing Engvid Teacher I would say.. .


Thank you ,Adam. Your explanation is really clear ,helpful and practical.


Thank you, Adam. Great lesson :)


I got 10 out of 10
its very coooool.

Thanx Mr Adam :)


Thank you Adam for your help to make me quite clear and I understood your lesson more up even though it is not complement but I ‘m satisfied with my 8 score.


Thx Adam! Cool lesson.


thanks a lot!


hi everyone. :( wanna make friends with everybody here all around world. so i really wanna pratice speaking english with you. My skype: hunter.nguyen5 ..please add me. i hope i can make friends with everybody here. we can talk each other and we both improve our english.thank you!


9/10 without watching Video:D
thanks a lot:)



Thanks Adam. You have a nice T-shirt (compliment) and a nice tattoo (complement) !


    Thanks Tatasoph. Actually, those are both compliments, unless the tattoo complements the shirt ;)


Your teching have had good effects on my english learning. My morale was hight after the quiz (9/10). I offer you much compliments for the lesson and the green t-shirt too…you often look like a soldier ;) You have made a cool lesson, this is my personal opinion. Thak you Adam (and all my apology for the mistakes in this written).
Bye to everyone that follow EngVid :)


    nice comment I also think use it , if don’t forget it


Hi Adam. As usual I love your videos.
The topics are relevant, your speech is nice, the explanations are clear,…
Thank you very much.


Nice job, Adam!


    Oh,Mr.Alex here!

    Bushra hg

      That’s me!


    Alarm Intrusion! Hi Alex, you are all great! Could you prepare a lesson with AS WELL, AS FAR AS, AS LONG AS? Thank you very much for your enormous help. Giuseppe, Verona, Italy


      Not a problem! Thanks for studying with us!


    Hello, Alex! It’s nice to see you here!

    Júlio César L Sousa

      Thanks. :) It’s good to be here!


        Hi! Alex…:)


    Thanks Mr. Alex :)


I got 10 out of 10. Great lesson, Adam.




Nice T-shirt Adam!!!All students and personnel of EngVid do love it!!(Compliment of the day :P )
Thank you very much, I really like the lesson and learned a lot ;)


I got 6/10 lol


Very good pronunciation…thanks


I got 8 out of 10 wonderful course adam keep teaching there are a few men like you dont give up you will find what you do now in the future
thank you very much


Thanks Adam.so,I Think Good Lesson And Maybe especially some are very Easy,Some difficulties like me that same coach Adam I will Return to Practice

Muad Abdiaziz

Thank you so much, Adam! 10/10 in the first attempt! :D See you later!


Helle Adam ,
10/10 not so bad to start this day.
A simple letter the meaning changes . A simple letter and the prononciation is not the same . It is not as simple as we might believe .
Thanks Adam


10 out of 10 means your lesson was helpful. Thanks, Adam)


Thank you so much Mr.Adam! i have only one mistake :)
your T-shirt was very nice!


very good lesson, Thanks!


Thanks a lot, Adam!Very useful.


Thanks a lot, Adam! very useful.


You are great. Thaks a lot.


Thanks Adam for this very useful and important vocabulary lesson!

I got confused sometimes with some of these words, and the meaning and category of some of them are new to me.

Fabio Cicerre

By the way, nice T-shirt pair :-)

Fabio Cicerre

Adam your T-shirt is cool! This color reminds me summer forest at dawn.


Hi Adam.
The way I see that you are always so cool and kind to us….
Thanks for this great lesson. Best wishes.
Warm regards.


Great lesson, Adam! Thanks!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you, Adam. Your lesson is useful


The number 4 is easy to confuse between “affect” and “effect”. I got 10 out of 10 because I watch the video carefully. Thank you for your lesson, Adam.

Sang Huynh

it’s an another amazing lesson ,I like so

veryyyyyyyyyyyyy thank u


    I think that you should say : “thank you very much”
    instead “very thank you”.

    Ha Anh Phan Thai

Thank you so much for this lesson, Adam! I got only 8 correct out of 10 but I think that the result would have been much worse without watching this lesson. Your lesson is very useful and interesting as always.
P.S. Hey, nice T-shirt! :)


Thank you, Adam! My first video on engvid.com, the lesson is exciting and ability to check yourself with the quiz is very effective. You’ve got a new loyal student.

Vladislav UA

    Welcome Vladislav :)


thanks boy
you’re the best


Great !


Mr. Adam,
What is the preposition that precedes the word “the corner?
on the corner
around the corner
at the corner
in the corner
explain with examples.


    Hi Fahdbensalman,

    Actually, they’re all ok.

    My house is on the corner of Main Street and Fifth Avenue.- a building is on (top of) a corner of two streets

    The store is close to here; actually, it’s just right around the corner.-literally, if you go around a corner

    I’ll meet you at the corner of Main Street and Fifth Avenue–in that general area.

    Please place that lamp in the corner–inside where two walls meet.

    Hope this helps.


Smart Layering :)


I got 8 out of 10,hoped for better results but these “affect-effect” has bad affect on me))). nice tee shirt,by the way,Adam))


Hello.i want to speak english very well.
Please help me.


Hi Adam!

I have a very difficult question and I was hoping you could help me.
If I wanted to say that a team had won the game, which sentence would be more appropriate?

I was hoping Real Madrid had won the match.
I hoped Real Madrid had won the match.
I had hoped Real Madrid won the match.
I had hoped Real Madrid had won the match.
It all sounds fine to me, but I need to know whether they’re correct. Maybe you could make a video explaning the several uses of hope.


    Hi Henry,

    I was hoping Real Madrid had won the match.– I heard about it later (that they lost), but before I heard, I was hoping for…

    I hoped Real Madrid had won the match.– same scenario as above, so the simple past doesn’t work

    I had hoped Real Madrid would win the match.– before reality there is the hypothetical

    I had hoped Real Madrid had won the match.– don’t need 2 past perfects because there is no timeline.

    I’ll make a video about this, but it’s not related to hope, it’s more about the past verbs.


got 8 correct out of 10.
thanks Mr/Adam


I got 10 of 10
wow :)) thank U Adam


Thanks, Adam. I wanted to do a compliment about your T-shirt , but it was in previous comments, so You are great teacher.


but there’s much words that sound the same pronunciation but it’s totally different in meanings
for example ” hare ,hear , hair ,here ,her “


    Hi Kholio,

    hair and hare sound the same
    hear and here sound the same
    hair, hear, and her each sound different.


      thanks Dear/ Adam but,actually there are many words in English language that are same pronunciation but,totally different in meanings


        That’s true Kholio,

        It just take time and effort to get to know them. Keep at it.


Thanks, Adam!Great!


thank you Adam for the video, make videous about phrasal verbs please, I love you videous about phrasal verbs


    I have a few already Dmytro, but a few more are coming ;)


Thank you Adam for the lesson.It is always pleasure to listen to you.It is in your principles always to do excellent lessons.And the effect of it is the improving our knowledge.Some of the words are used in other languages also ,so they are familiar to me. Thanks whole personnel of engVid .


Thanks, Adam :)


Adam nice video,I understood the lesson , can you make a one lesson of aviation vocabulary?


    I’ll see what I can do Alcatraz :)


9/10… made mistake with effect. It was very effective lesson.


Thanks a lot Adam.


Hi Adam.
I’d like to compliment you for such a great lesson. At last I see the difference between these words. And my compliments to your t-shirt of the fall colors.
It is a perfect complement to the season’s clothes. You have the ability to affect students in positive manner; your lessons have an undeniable effect on language learners. I like your personal teaching style. Thank you very much. :)


Thanks Adam


Thank you


Thanks a lot Adam, this lesson really helped me!


I love this videos!


Thank you Adam.


NIce class Adam, I am improving my English with your Lessons. thank you. By the way nice shir (compliment).


Thanks for the lesson!
Good lesson, :)


Thanks Adam
I need some help about tow questions,
1. what is the differents between ( leave & he left ), question 2. what is the diffrerents between ( due to & becuase ) .
Thank you


    Hi Ahmad,

    Left is the past tense of leave (is this what you had in mind?)

    Due to talks about the cause, while because talks about the reason. They are quite often used interchangeably, but to be correct, figure out if something is causing something else or it is the reason for it.

    e.g: We didn’t go on a picnic due to the storm. (the storm caused us not to go).

    We didn’t go on a picnic because the rain had made the grass wet (that was the reason we decided not to go (the rain didn’t cause us to do anything, we could have still gone)

    Does this help?


      what do you think about cause and reason these duos are different sir?
      I noticed upper examples but make some others.


great lesson,Adam ! Those are the most commonly confusing words to me. I’m trying to remember all those words and keep them in mind.But how can i remember them so much longer ?

suong mai

    Hi Suong,

    the key is to use them as often as you can. Once you repeat them many times, they will become a natural part of your knowledge.


I think the Adam good teacher ever , couse he speaks like we are’nt stuped . Further more you gonna make this kind of video becouse it’s relly helpfull .


Mr. Adam,
How to use the adverbs: fairly, quite, rather, pretty before adjectives?
This room is fairly tidy.
This room is rather untidy.
The new teacher is rather nice. I’m surprised -he didn’t look very friendly.
Explain how to use these adverbs before adjectives.


    Hi Fahdbensalman,

    these are quantifiers. They add a degree to the adjective (rather untidy means more than a little, or very untidy)

    I’m pretty tired means I’m very tired. They basically make the adjective more.

    Does this help?


hey Adam , thanks I appreciate ur lessons !

Harem English

I Got 9 Out of 10.I Like teaching with you.Thank you Adam Sir.


OMG, when you were talking about moral, I understood ‘moron’ :-D
Anyway, nice lesson. Yes, confused words are very tricky in English.


I got 9 correct out of 10. Very good lesson Adam, thanks!!


Thank you Adam !!! I got 10 correct out of 10.


it is very interesting


6… Very bad… I will try to do better…

Soheli Sultana

thank you Adam

this video is really informative!


Hi Adam, i really like all your lessons and thank u for helping us :) plz do me a favour and make a lesson about claises and phrases showing contrast and exception . thanks again


    I’ll get on that Nermin :)


Hi Adam you are the best:) thank u for your lessons

Botir Masharipov

Thanks so much Adam; I enjoy your lessons.


this was a nice class

David silverio

I enjoy it! It was very useful, thank you!


thank you!!!!


I got all them right! Is the first time with you Adam, I thing you are a very hard worker,



    Welcome Enrique :) and thank you


Thank, Adam.
But I have some questions.
1. ‘in different time’ and ‘at different time’ Which one is correct? If both are correct, when should we use them respectively?
2. ‘on a global scale’, ‘in a global scale’ and ‘at a global scale’ Which one is correct? If both are correct, when should we use them respectively?
Thanks in advance.


    Hi Sophie,

    In a different time– childhood, teens, when I was single, when she was working, etc.

    At a different time– not this afternoon, maybe tomorrow morning

    On a global scale- when describing the scope (size of something (usually a situation). The other two aren’t really used


I can’t open the Video because of internet problem. but I got 9/10 I’m happy that I found this site. :)


Mr. Adam,
What is the difference in meaning of these adjectives ending in -ing if they come after sense verbs with people?
Your boss sounds interesting.
He looks boring.
You sound amazing.
They seem amusing.
She sounds exhausting.


    ed- describes the feeling someone has.
    -ing described who or what is causing that feeling.

    I am bored (I feel like going to sleep)
    I am boring (I make you feel like going to sleep)

    Hope this helps.


Thank you..Adam


Excellent explanation, thank u Sir.
If u dont mind, it will be a great help if could explain the differences among Regarding, related to, with respect to & On behalf of..
1. I am calling you regarding your interview.
2. I am calling you related to your interview.
3. I am calling you with respect to your interview.
4. i am calling you on behalf of your interview,
Which one is true from the above 4 examples and why?
I am getting confused of these….


    Hi Junaidchithari,

    1. I am calling you regarding your interview.– about
    2. I am calling you in relation to your interview.- about
    3. I am calling you with respect to your interview.- about
    4. i am calling you on behalf of your interviewer who would like to meet you tomorrow.– in the place of

    The first 3 are interchangeable. The last one has a different meaning.

    I hope this helps a little.


      Bit cleared sir, it will be a great help if you could take a class on these. Thank u sir..


Thank you, Adam! You are a good teacher. I am very glad I found your useful lessons.


Well 90% is a quiete good score. It´s interesting and Adam´s accente is very good too. I´m from Uruguay bue living in Spain for 15 years so mostly holiday makers here have British accent. Thanks for your wonderful lessons.


Excellent explained to lesson I understand


You definitely were born to teach,Adam. Then, I have a doubt and I´d like you to explain that. I’m confused about the “ever” in a sentence like this: You are the best teacher EVER or expressions “the best class ever”…
I ask you that because what I know about “ever” is connected with Present Perfect. Thank you in advance.


    Hi Luzafranco,

    You’re right, it does come from the perfect tense:

    This was the best class I have ever had–this was the best class ever

    The second example is just a reduction of the first (a shortcut). It is very common in casual spoken English, but not so much in formal written English.

    Does this help?.


      Hi, Adam,

      Your explanation helps me a lot. Now,I got it. Thank you once more.


Hey Adam. Nice lesson. Could you please suggest me some videos for bank exams preparation. like IBPS, SBI and others.


    I wish I could Adil, but I’m not familiar with these. You can probably try Googling them.


Thank you a lot! It’s very necessary and helpful. You teach understandable and accessible.

julia spinchevska

Hi, thanks a lot. I enjoyed the lesson. Nice work!


this is really helpful to identify the difference between the some confusing words. thanks a lot adam sir ….

sourabh tokas

thanks adam very useful, make more of these videos.


Hello Adam from cold Russia)
what the different between verbs recall and remember?

Thank you


    Hi Bula,

    Firstly, recall can be a noun and remember cannot.

    If you recall something,it’s usually to remember so as to tell others. Remember is more for oneself.

    Anyway, James did a lesson about this:

    Hope this helps. :)


Thanks a lot for your lesson!
But the difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ is still vague for me.
Any effect is a change of the previous state. So, when I hear ’emotional speech affected the audience deeply’, it means for me ’emotional speech changed the audience deeply’. Why will it be wrong to say ’emotional speech ‘-E-ffected’ the audience deeply’?


    Hi Oleg,

    The change itself is the effect, the act of changing is affect. You can say the emotional speech effected a change in the audience’s attitude toward the speaker.

    Does this help?


8/10 effect/affect))


You’re a great teacher! you make so easy to learn english… Thanks!


Thank you for the lovely comments everyone. I’m glad so many of you like my shirt ;)


Thanks Adam … I’m sorry about question 1
But the answer of question 2 it’s really help me
Thanks again


Thank you, excellent video.


Thanks, Adam.It helped me. You explained very well. Thanks again!

P.S. Whole team of EngVid is perfect.


Mr Adam,
I could use the catalog
by myself?
Which one is correct? And why?
Best regards.


    if you mean without anyone’s assistance, then by myself (by suggests how)


Thanhks Mr. Adam

Chau Le

10/10 great lesson :D thank you!


I did 9/10 Made a mistake on effect protesters.
Thank you Adam, hi Alex, love you both.


Perfect explanations! As a result, got 10 out of 10. Thanks Adam!


Nice lesson Sir. By the way where did you bought that shirt? lol


yey! I got 9 correct out of 10. Thank you so much Adam for all of your lessons.

ami keo

nothing but good!


10 Grade !
Thx Adam for this lesson You’ve helped a lot !
By the way nice t-shirt !


Honestly this lesson is one of my Favourite and a very helpful and useful to me. now i got the differences that confused me long time..
U R a great teacher wish you the best .


Thank you very much, Adam!

Kira Geller

hi! my English is very poor and don’t know how this website will be beneficial for me..plz guide me how to improve my English. i have tried my level best but didn’t over come my deficiencies. Hopeful for your guideline.

Madiha Firdous

Hello Adam from Russia. I have a quastion about a quiz. There is sentence Everyone likes to receive a ________ once in a while. What does “once in a while” means?


Hey, nice shirt! :D
Do you have a tattoo? I think I saw something on your arm :)
Thanks for the lesson!!!

Helen Kalinina

Dear Adam, I’ve heard sometimes “you complement each other”. Is the expression right? I mean can we use it for people too? Thanks in advance


thanks Adam, nice lesson! by the way you are my favourite teacher


Although I used a dictionary and the video during the quiz, I made three mistakes though. What an idiot I am… facepalm…
Thank you Adam anyway.


9 out of 10!! Great Adam!!


If u guys wanna talk with me
My Skype user id is:shivashankarprajapati
Come on let’s talk for practice n for fluent


Thank you Adam i am your new student i enjoyed from your teaching


Really, you have awesome way to explain . I like your lessons very much,waiting for more thanks

Mona Magdy 14

Thank you Adam for your lesson and effort. Now I would like to practice my writing skills so I going to write more comments :) Ha-ha!


Thank you a lot


Yay! I got 10… thanks a lot adam. You’ve teached me very well… i’ll watch more of your lessons, coz im learning alot from you…☺☺☺




It is a brilliant and witty lesson. T-shirt fits you well and my compliment goes to your choice of color. I am also a fan of this military shade of green. I’ ve got 10 out of 10. No wonder, you gave a perfect explanation with nice illustrations. I have my own Eng voc dillema that has not been resolved yet…. What is a difference between effective and efficient?


Bravo everytime i watch one of your videos i feet my morale in the sky


Thank you very much our good teacher !


My kingdom for this shirt!


Adam is paragon as far English teaching is concerned.

Saad Sandhu

Sir Adam , please discuss confusing words more and more.

Saad Sandhu

Thank you Adam.


Thank you Adam.


Hi Adam!

I have a question: Could you give me some examples about how to use a Affect and Effect? Specially about Effect as a verb…It´s not clear to me

Thanks a lot!


Really interesting


Yeayy i got 10/10. Thank’s Adam for the lesson. It’s very useful ☺


I got 10 correct out of 10 =) Nice video and nice quiz. Adam you has helped me a lot. From now on I’m following all your videos. Don’t stop! Thank you so much =)


this was great. learning is fun


nice lesson, thanks Mr Adam , i am asking which phrase is correct ? (commonly confusing words) or (commonly confused words) ? you put both of them.
it is really confusing to me ^_^


How can I get a compliment from you, Adam?


very good


10/10 great lesson. Thanks you Adam.


I really enjoy your lessons. Thanks you and compliment for your explanation


I got 10/10!
Great lesson! :)


I got 7 but the lesson was pretty clear .thanks Mr.Adam


Thanks Mr. Adam.


Thank you for this helpful viedeo !!


there are hundreds of lessons in this site

Numan Yavuz

Thanks for this lesson, among these words effect and affect are more confusing for me.


Hi Adam, many thanks for your help. One a question: Could you explain me better the difference between censored and censured, I can´t understand clear enough these verbs?


I wanted to give a nice compliment on your all your lessons. You are an awesome teacher,so keep up the good work! So far, you are one of the best instructors out there in my opinion!…:) Looking forward in seeing more on your lesson.



Hi! Adam thanks for wonderful lesson. You are the best teacher I have ever seen. I got 90% of correct answer out of 10. But my speaking skill is not good enough . Have you any advise to me for improving speaking skills in english what should I do ?

Burak Alptug

great lesson
I wish that lesson stay in my mind.

mohmad alsidawi

thank you, very nice lesson.


Hi Adam,
It was an informative lecture. I think, you could have added few more confusing pair of words like then-than, advice-advise. Many ESL students often mix it up.


Thank you so much for this lesson.


Interesting, clear and efficient….Thank you Adam.


Thank you Adam!!


Thank a lot Adam lol


Got 10/10. Thanks Adam.


Thanks a lot @dam


Very useful video, at least for me)
By the way, cool t-shirt)

Sergo Z

Great video, thanks. BY the way nice shirt, I like it


hey Adam, all your lessons on Ielts are interesting and it actually works. i have a problem with speaking where i suddenly starts uttering words very quickly in the middle of the talk making it difficult for the other person to understand.i tried controlling my tongue many times but i failed. Do you think it is a disease and if not pls suggest me to overcome.


Thanks Adam!!!


Adam, you are a great teacher, a teacher of my heart.



thank you for everytihng adam. This lesson was great :)


Thanks! Adam, for the wonderful lesson. You are the man!
Nice shirt by the way, buddy!…..:)


I got 10/10..:)


Thanks Adam!, Nice lesson.


Nice lesson Adam! You are the best!


I need a full lecture video on suffix prefix..How can I get or where i’m gonna find it?

Affan Rafin

Great and practical lesson.Thanks Adam.


It’s very nice to listen your class….. But it will be very affective if it is complemented with more examples. However I felt nice and looking forward to hear more from you … Please correct if i am wrong in my expression..


I got 9/10 I should have got 10……


Thank you sir, your teaching method is really awsome by the way you complete the t-shirt all the best sir


Hi Adam
I still have a confusion on “Effect” versus “Affect”.
I didn’t completely catch that…I got wrong answers in this quiz aswell.


Adam, your T-shirt, maybe T-shirts are good. Seems you were wearing double layers. But I don’t think you are a showy man. You teaching is superb, but your dressing usually is just plain, not so attractive. Even though, this happens to be my style. So I love your dress style, simplicity and comfort come first.


Though i got a score of 90 still it boost my morale. Thanks Adam!


Hi Adam! This comment is not related to the lesson; Loving the way you explain grammar rules, I’d like to hear from you tips to avoid the frequent use of the pronoun “I”, when I’m giving my opinion; I’m requesting this because no a long time ago, I was writing a message for a college in the US, and I asked a friend to check my grammar before sending the message, he told me: ”It looks like written by a kid”, I read the message and then noticed that all my sentences were beginning with ”I”. Catastrophic! His comment was accurate and I was disappointed. Now, I’m working by myself on that, therefore, this message I read it twice before sending it, I won’t deny, I just found more ”I” (which I replaced) than the ones you can count right now. Thank you in advanced!


100You got 10 correct out of 10.



Good explanation, Thank you brother Adam.

Anu Sam

Thank you Adam!

Anna Slukvina

please i would to pronounce the word (aunt) and ant
also but and bet and butt
many thanks MR ADAM


I got 90 points. I’m very happy becouse one year ego I din’t understend anything. Now I can understand of Adam. Adam thank you for your lessons!


Great lesson thanks, Adam. I got 10 out of 10 in the quiz

Savage Penguins

This helped me a lot and now I am confident in these words whenever I need to. Thank you so much

Savage Penguins

thank you very much Adam especially for the quiz


Thankz. This help to correct my eng . Good quiz .


Adam,fancy T-shirt and it’s fits you very well.
P.S:I’m going to buy one like that.


Hi, Adam! It is a really good lesson! I was thinking.. Could I use ‘principle’ as equal as ‘moral’? And Could ‘morale’ be equal to ‘self esteem’?


Hi Adam
Your lessons have always been helping me. It’s the first time im leaving a comment just to say thank you


Principles . . . principals . . . PORCUPINES (question 2): I picked porcupine. Haha!

A. N. Woof

I was surprised to know the huge difference between these two words!
Thank you Adam for the explanation!!!


Only to say you it has been a very great leson. I got 8/10 and with some doubts yet. I need to listen again the lesson !!! Thanks!


Please, Adam!!! I need help to understand the difference between special and especial =(
thank you for your lessons they are very useful


Thank you, Adam.


10/10! Wonderful! I got a full mark! Thanks, Adam! Now, I have more confidence to learn your course.

Jerry Gu

Thank you, Adam, for your lesson it is a very nice explanation.


Thanks Allah I got full score

Fahd Nasser

My morale is higher, 9/10.


Great Respect !


Thank you so much Adam.
Your video is always great.


10/10… thanks teacher Adam for this wonderful lesson.


Sir, you are really so good looking that every outfit looks so good on you. You might be working out very hard to keep fit and maintaining that perfect body build.

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