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Thank you Mr/Adam ..
it is help me alot :)

Raneem Ahmed



Do I get extra points by saying and writing a considerable amount of phrasal verbs in TOEFL/IELTS? Does it actually matter? Thanks!


    Hi Cleomir, as far as I can tell, you do not get extra points on the TOEFL/IELTS test by knowing a good number of phrasal verbs – that helps, no doubt about it but . . .-

    . . . what really matters is to prove that you are really a competent user of the English language.

    The best of luck with your exams Cleomir.



    Hi Cleomir,

    If you use too many, you will actually lose points because they know that you studied them for this purpose. They want to see a strong command of the language, and no one uses too many phrasals at any given time. Use one or two to show you know them, not that you packed them into your brain just for the test.


A bit tricky phrasal… Didn’t do well in the quiz><


    Me, neither, BianLei. I’m still confused :(


      Hi happy04,

      Don’t be confused. Watch it again. If you still have doubts, then watch it again.



        Hi abhishek1995,
        Thank you for your advice. I will :)


          Good luck, happy04 :)


        hey r u there


          Hi nihar,

          Do you have any problem in understanding the lesson above?


      Me too… I guess we should watch the video again and do the quiz once more…


    Hi BianLei,

    Please don’t worry. Watch it all over again. Makes notes based on what you learn and then watch it again and see if you can ‘refine’ your understanding of the video. Attempt the quiz again and practice some more examples. It’ll come :)

    all the best (y)


      Sorry, its ‘make’ notes, in the first line (y)


        @abhishek1995, @happy04, @Carol3139: Wow! You guys were building a long conversation. lol


          I did the quizz again and I was much better… Did you try once more?


          I did :) The most important thing is, i got the concept!


          Congrats, Abhishek1995! ;)


Thank you for your lesson.


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    kun kung

      did you have pin BBM ?? I interest to have friends from abroads, because I’m Indonesian.


I liked it, thank you


Have I told you that you are the best teacher on earth? Well now I did . :)


    Well, now I know :). Thanks


I got 5 correct out of 10. The score nice for me. But I need to keep studying “hold” phrasal verbs. Anyway, thank you for your lesson Adam :)


I will be glad if anyone of you teachers can do a lesson on usage of am…. sometimes people ask from me when to use am or when not to use… specially with simple present


    Hi Achalaisi,

    The verb am? as in the present form of the verb BE? It can only be used with the first person pronoun “I”, and only in the present tense (simple and continuous).

    Does this help?


      Thnx Dear Adam… It helps… I am sooooo glad that teachers like you doing this for us… Thnx again….


i like adam..good teacher!!!


I always got excited when post a new lesson !
I am waiting for next one :)


its okay because this is a first time to studying in this lesson 6 correct isn’t bad…thanks for the knowledge for today..


enriching lesson, thanks M.Adam


enriching lesson, thanks M.Adam


thank you veru much




    Hi sir,

    Why the sad face? I read in your EngVid ‘info’ that you are an English teacher. Please don’t be disheartened. You should be proud that you are doing a good job. Teaching is by no means, easy. It is great that you want to improve your language.

    best wishes


10 of 10, unexpectedly. Thanks for the lesson


You say, it’s so much fun and easy to understand. I’d disagree with that. Frasal verbs are the most difficult thing, because there are so many of them and they all look so incredibly similar to each other, it makes them very difficult to remember. :(


    I agree with you, Tinve. I can`t remember prasal verbs.


    Hi tinve,

    Don’t be sad. All native speakers know English, right? Not all of them are ‘gifted’ and even small children speak in English that is grammatically correct up to a great extent. If they can, then why can’t you!? You just need practice. Try to use ‘phrasal’ verbs in your daily conversation and you will realize that Adam sir, was right :) Don’t accept anything as ‘difficult’.

    The best of luck :)


      I’m gonna do my best.:)


        the best of luck, tinve :)


          Thank you for the moral support, abnishek!:)


          You’re most welcome :)


    It’s all about practice Tinve. Well, practice and patience and time. It will come :)


    i guess it was kind of sarcasm;)

    Dmitrii Tveryakoff

Thank you for this lesson, I have just one question : What does the word “grap” mean in your sentence “Hold on also means grap” ?


    Hello anthonyob grap mean to catch some thing and i dont know how to make it easier for you but this the close word to grap to catch some thing if you have more questions i will be glad to answer you in my personal page of fb

    have a nice time


    Hi Anthony,

    Actually, the word is grab,with a b, and yes, it means hold on to something. Grab can also mean “take” but take in terms of hold something and take it.
    Does this help?


Hi Adam..thanks for the lesson..but it was hard..:(
I have a question..The word “often” has the ‘t’ silent in it…right..??
But I have heard many people, even some engvid teachers, pronouncing the ‘t’ also….Can you plz explain..??
Thanks in advance..:)


    Hello nrb,

    Don’t worry! None of them is considered wrong. In the school we were taught that the ‘t’ is silent. But it is not so. You can use both of them or the one that you like :) Even the oxford online dictionary mentions both the pronunciations as recognised ones :)

    So, you can ‘ofen’ say ‘often’ or you can ‘often’ say ‘ofen’ as per your will.

    hope it helped


      Hello Abhishek1995,
      You explained nrb’s pronounciation querry very well by using simple language.Very nice :)
      In my school it was taught to me that we should pronoune it as ‘ofen’ instead of ‘often’ but i just like saying ‘often’.
      I think its all up to us by which way to pronounce.


        Hi tejalkk,

        Thank you so much for the compliment. Yes, its up to your preference :) Both are equally accepted.



          Hi Abhishek

          Thanks for your explanation…


          Happy to help, nrb :)


        Sorry,i meant QUERY in earlier comment.


    Hi Nrb,

    Abhi is right: silent or pronounced t are both correct. It usually has to do with regional accents more than anything else. In some places people will pronounce the t, in other places they won’t. It’s a matter of choice.


Hello,, Adam,, Thanks for the lesson. review your lesson many times but its still confuse T_T


    Keep trying Ying. It takes time to get used to these things. :)


Most of the time it is somewhat challenging for me to keep in mind phrasal verbs and its usage.
But due to your great explanation Adam i think it is quite easy for me.
If possible then please try to upload video on PUT PHRASAL VERB AND ITS USAGE.


    Hey Tejalkk you seems indian from you profile..
    mind practicing english pronunciation with me through broadband connection?
    reply back if you interested.


    Will do Tejalkk :)


Thank you sir :) i got 9 out of 10. Need to practice more. Great lesson as always (y)



Thank you Adam for you grate lesson, and Abhi for extra information and comments. you are all good.


    My pleasure, brightup :)

    best wishes,


Hi Adam. Could you please talk about inversion in a video lesson?
Thank you.


Thank you)
I got 7/10
For me, learning phrasal verbs is so hard.
I think I’ll never learn them, but I’ll strive


    Hi kerr,

    No! I think you can learn them. Believe in yourself. English has not defined humans. Humans have defined English. And you are one!
    try, try and try! NEVER say “NEVER”.



      please i don’t know why do you always , regards

      plus your name in the end of what you say


        Hi noysse,

        Don’t worry. ‘regards’ is a word that can be used for many purposes. One of them is, to express friendliness in greetings. In a way, it means ‘best wishes’ :) And i write my name as a signature :)



        Hi Noysse,

        We usually end letters, emails, etc., with well wishes. Regards, or Best regards, are examples of these.


      Thank you))
      I’ll hope, one day I wake up and begin speaking English fluently and understand loads of words))
      Maybe, I just need more practice)


        The best of luck, kerr :)



          dilbag italy

          namaste brother :) But i am afraid we are not allowed to chat here :)


          By all means, please do :)


      :) well said


I did it fine (7/10) :) It was my first quiz. I like this website ^^


that phrasal verb was confusing to me. i believe that I have to practise more.


I got 70/100 yet -.-


I’m glad that there is another your lesson teacher, you are helping me so much for my studies!I need your advise; why have I learned so well to understand the language through sounds but i can not speak it so fast? Please, what can I do to improve speaking and writing? I’m studying everyday! Thank you Adam


    1) Use a dictionary to check the spelling of what you write: it’s ‘advice’ not ‘advise’.
    2) Use a good English grammar: it’s ‘I study everyday’ not ‘I’m studying everyday’.
    3) Read English books.
    4) Sing English songs (see also #5).
    5) Use English movies: transcribe the dialogues, compare what you write with the English subtitles or the movie script, try to play a role (check your voice intonation).
    6) Try to think in English: prepare a list of basic questions like ‘what’s your name/mother’s name/dog’s name/cat’s name’ and others about your house, your car or what you like, ask someone to read the questions at random, reply as fast as you can.
    7) Enjoy your life! Don’t waste your time in replying to a lonely ‘monkey’ like me :-)
    GOOD LUCK with your English!


      Thanks a lot Mauro! Don’t waste my time in replying ‘to you’, really, if you help me I would be happy, also because I will have to move in the US very soon.


        Lucky you!
        I’d give my left arm to go work and live in Canada or the US!


      good advice Mauro :)

      Just one note: #2, she can say I’m studying every day, it’s just a matter of context which we don’t know.

      I hope to see you in Canada some day ;)


    Hi Zoe,

    Firstly, don’t worry too much about it. This is natural to most learners. Mostly, it’s because listening is a passive skill, meaning the language comes already constructed properly into your mind and your mind knows what to do with it. Speaking and writing are active skills that require your mind to construct the language. It is a much more difficult thing to do. The main piece of advice I can offer is this: speak all the time. don’t try to be perfect; try to be understood. same goes for writing; write something, leave it for a few days, then go back and look for errors.
    Eventually, it will get easier.


      Thanks again Adam, you’re really a good teacher.


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This lesson is powerful and actually meaningful to me. Thanks Teacher!


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    Hi Imoulan. I would like practicing English with someone. My Skype name: shelter9991


Hi everyone I like have communicative with people who are learning English.
If you want talk to me my e-mail is aclesioroberto@outlook.com


8/10….although it’s a little bit confusing..i know practicing to use these phrasal verbs will help me..=)


teacher Adam..can you make a lesson about the difference between THRU and THROUGH?..


    Hi Cez,

    Actually, that’s a little too specific for a whole lesson. But… i will explain it here:

    Thru is the American version of through. Americans like to take shortcuts with the language, and this is just one example.

    (Br./Can.- colour… US – color)

    Hope this helps.


First of all thanks to all English teachers. Why don’t u prefer to add new videos


    Hi Kerem,

    There are new videos every two or three days.


6/10 Hold down Adams, that’s too much information to absorb in so little time.

Jorge Pedroso

    Sorry Adam!

    Jorge Pedroso

    I’ll hold on for you Jorge :)


Thanks Adam.
Very helpful phrases.


8/10 :D Better than the last time :)


I’ve got 10 :))


Thanks Adam You are THE BEST !!!


thanks Adam

Nikhil Gandre

Excellent explanation for every example, I got it easily, thanks!


Nice explanation!!!


Adam you are the best teacher in the world,thank you for this amazing lesson,i really was confused about this phrasal verbs but now i can use it in my speaking,thanks a lot!!!


Good score but I know I can do it better!!!


Hello andam im so bad at this phrasel but they aré very helpful thanks ;)


Hi Adam

My question is a general question about “English Subtitles of all EngVid lessons, I couldn’t find “Contact Us” button or something like this; so I had to ask here. When I watch these videos online I can turn on subtitle, but I download them and I want to have English subtitle along with them. where can I find these files? I don’t think EngVid provides subtitles files for its videos. is it true?

Best Wishes and thanks for all your efforts and perfect videos.


      Thanks Ladan, I’ll try it


    Hi Masoud,

    Did you get the comment from Engvid?


      Hi Adam

      What comment? I didn’t get any comment from Engvid in my email box.


        Check the link in the comments above.


          I checked it before. it’s a nice site to download subtitle. I almost understand 90% the EngVid videos, but I prefer to have all their subtitles. Getting all subtitles one-by-one in Youtube by a slow speed (128kb) in Iran is actually a nightmare. I wish somebody has all them and upload somewhere for sharing.

          Thanks Adam for your attention.


I got 80 Much better than the first time :D


hi Adam ,
I am very happy to upload this video phrasal verbs because I am a regular learner from your Eng vid web side page. I hope you will continue it .for communication native speakers it is very essential for me .tnx


Hi Mr.Adam,I’m Narriman from Iraq,if you donot mind,I want more lessen about speaking like a native spraker,please.


    I’ll get on it Narriman


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Have a nice day!



There is a lot to learn in this lesson! Thanks Adam :)


i got confused while doing my quiz but now i guess i have got what i was learning


I’m so please to visit this site again.
I have again some other question which I hope you could answer them well
What is the deference between linguistic competence and linguistic performance?
What is the distinction between descriptive and prescriptive grammar?
What is the distinction between constitutive and regulative rules in English?


    Hi Mehdi,

    Looks like you have a Linguistics essay to write :)

    I’m sure you can Google these terms and get some info. Unfortunately, I can’t write essays here.


Hi Adam. Thanks for the lesson. I have a question, can we say hold off and hold over have same meaning?


    yes it is


    yes it is


    Hi Cerena,

    In certain contexts, yes. If we can’t have a scheduled meeting today, for some reason, we can hold off on it until next week, or we can hold it over to next week.
    Basically, it means postpone in this case.
    Does that help?


A Perfect view of the Hell Doors opening! :D
(I liked!) .. Thank’ya! ^_^


    :) ok


100% right thanks


Thank you Adam! You did a great job.! Ur video helps me a lot.! :)

Marco Serna

Hi Adam ,
10\10 Excellent explanation. Thank you for your new site. There are much interesting and useful topics, new facts, smart information. I am sure it’ll help us to study English. I believe that’s your style.


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If you want, send me your facebook or skype
See you!!


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    Thanks :D


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    kun kung

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    dilshad anwar

Thanks a lot Adam. You really help me! I like how you explain the meaning of these phrasal verbs, giving the examples, you make it really easy to understand their meaning.
A big great hug from Russia:)


    Thank you Masha,

    Hugs from Russia are called bear hugs because they’re so strong :)


      Haha, cool, didn’t know that! I think it’s also because Russia is often associated with this animal:)


Thank you, Adam! Greetings from Athens, Greece!


The reason why “hold + preposition” make me hard to understand is that they have all similar meaning…DELAY!!!!!! :p

Changbo Koo

    To some extent: what about hold up, which means to rob?


Thank you Adam for nice lesson..
I just wonder what is the difference between hold off and hold over. Could you clarify please?
Thank you..


    Hi Skrind,

    In some contexts, they ca mean the same thing. Hold off, though, is more “delay”, while Hold over is more “postpone”. Essentially, they are similar.

    Hold over can also mean wait until better conditions appear. We can also combine hold over to holdover, which is then a noun, which means a person who is waiting for better conditions.

    Does this help?


      Yeah I got it. Thank you Adams.


      Thanks Adam teacher! Nice answer

      Jean Nguyen

Thanks Adam… You are an awesome teacher and a good human being!


Thanks Adam for you effort.


your effort:)


Hi Adam. I do have a question and which has confused me all the time when I read the article. Here’s my question. What is the difference between calculate\ estimate\ evaluate or assess? how to use these word in the sentence correctly? Thank you.


    Hi Andrew,

    Firstly, in many situations, these words can be synonyms. However, calculate suggests that you are getting an exact number, while estimate means you are guessing something close enough.
    “If you give me some time, I can calculate our spending needs for the next six months.” “If you ask me right now, how much we will need to spend over the next six months, I’d estimate about $100,000.”
    evaluate and assess are more synonymous, and mean to come to a conclusion about the value or condition of something.
    “Before we assess the needs of the company, we should evaluate what we already have.”

    Does this help?


thank u sir


Thanks a lot Adam.. ii helped me a lot…


Simply ,you are the teacher of teachers ,i wish to continue you carrier in this job just because you are very rewarding for the student

Many thinks Mr adam

khaled from DXB-UAE


thanks for all. your lessons are pretty usefull. You are fantastic teachers. i hope you continue with this great way to teach us the language.

Maurizio Pacheco

Many thanks

rejoo s kamel

Hi Adams , It’s a pleasure for me to learn english through your lessons. Adams I would like to ask you a question what is the difference between this expression “the car window” and “the window of the car”? are both correct? is there a rule for this?
Thanks my dear friend
I’m longing for your answer.

the best

    Hi The Best (good handle :) ),

    Yes, both are correct. When you have a possessive that describes something 9especially a relationship) you can shorten the possessive expression (of…) to a compound noun, where the first noun acts as an adjective:

    A friend of my son’s = my son’s friend

    Does this help?


      Absolutly, Adam, and as always thank you for your explanation, you’re a good teacher.

      the best

Thank you!


tks Adam, very good lesson

Ricky Fiebig

Thank you Adam, valuable quiz ;)


Thanks ineed these lesson and iam understand


Hello teacher Adam,
I am a University student from Perth, Western Australia.
I really like all of your lessons and they were very helpful for me. I am wondering if that is possible for you , could you please be my online tutor? I am so much appreciate all of your lessons and I hope I will have a good news from you soon.
This is my e-mail (luckmmmk@gmail.com).


Thank Adam, your lessons help me a lot. Could you make a vid about Phrasal Verb Look? I am very confused about this verb. I am very appreciate if you explain this verb for me!!!!!


    Will do Elsak :)


thanks it was useful
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mission successful. Thanks Adam Sir. ;D


Excellent stuff everybody. I’m really happy to see so much interaction here amongst you all. keep it up.


Hi Adam,
Thank you again. There is a single problem in your Engvid’s youtube channel. They leave 49 videos of you but two of them were not unique. I think that instead of “inversion”, they repeat another one. That was the confusing point. I will be really grateful if you check this. one can find it just in engvid.com not in their youtube channel. Thank you for your great and helpful videos.


Hi Adam,
Nice Lesson.. I am holding on in this for your next lessons.. Thank you


Thank you for this interesting topic, so many meanings/ I’m going to repeat it)


useful topic. thank you adam


Thank you for your very useful lesson. It’s not easy for me to remmeber all for once. I’ll practice more…


I was to watch this video a long time, but I was afraid, it’s many things to remember, but i got it! They look very similar for us non-speakers.

Marcos Natan

hello ADAM,thank you for this useful lesson,
i’m still confused even i could have 10 out of 10 in the quiz,my question is the following:
hold up,hold over,hold off have the same meaning ?
ther is no difference between these verbs ?
i found an other meaning of hold up,is to sustain or to support
regards …


Can’t i do the quizz again?, i am new


Thank you! It’s too complicated for me. I’ll try again.


Hello, Im just found out for some Teacher on youtube and I got you. Please accept me for the new member at your class.I would to enjoy always.


THANKS Adam for this lesson it´s help me


thanks Adam this is really great!! these phrasal verbs are very important for me because this shows that tehre are many other ways to say a verb or Word.


Thanks, Adam. The lesson is fairly useful. However, it is difficult for me to remember it.


Thanks Mr.Adam. I’m really appreciate it .


Thank you so much Mr Adam,it was very helpfull


Thanks , good lesson :)


I wanna thank you for this great lesson , you’re a wonderful teacher ! thank you




Hi everyone =)And Hello Mr. Adam. First of all, i want to say THANKS A LOT for everything you have been teaching us. ( If i made a mistake, i’m sorry in advance) I like your style of explainig, and exaples, that you use make your lessons easier, i like you jokes, so everything you do in every video is fantastic. =) And there’s a very interesting thing in a quiz, that i didn’t understand. Here it is: “Be what careful about the promises you make.” I know, this one is very easy, BUT i can’t understand the meaning of the word “what”. Because if we exclude this word, the meaning of this sentence will not change. I’m confused because of that.


Thanks Adam and your teaching is interesting a inspiriting!
I found the quiz is helpful to ensure I did learn from the lesson. It is difficult to understand the different of hold off, hold up, hold over as they got similar meaning as “delay”.Thanks again/


Thank you so much Adam… You’re a great teacher…


thank you Adam,but please i didn’t understand the last one HOLD AGAINST (but you did finish! hold against = not forgive someone for something)and thank you


Hi Adam
Thank you so much for this great lesson
It was pretty useful and you made it really clear
I enjoy engvid so much



Won Mi

nice but need practice, thanks alot


I got 8/10.


Sincerely I think great this lecture was!
I love it and Thanks you for helping me.
… Very impressive.


Hi Adam, your lesson is great. Thank you so much.
But could you please explain what is the difference between ” hold over” and “hold off”?


Thank You


7/10, good lesson, but I need to practice more.
Thank you.


6 out of 10 :( I will do it one more time :)
Anyways thanks adam very usefully


Mr Adam.

You’re always helping us.
I enjoy seeing your English Videos, because it’s very interesting and usefull.
I thought the TOEFL one was really awesome.
Thanks a lot.

Sergio Ferraz

Hello Adam!
Thank you very much for the lesson.and please help me to understand the meaning of the word “design”. thanks!


Really love that :)) I got 100% benefit from this lesson thanks Mr. Adam :))

Please I’m always confused about the s and ‘s at the end of the word can you help me when should I use them !?


I watched all of your videos. they all were so useful and informative.Your accent is very apparent. It was easy to understand you. thanks once again


I never hold your lessons over (I won’t hold your lessons off). I always hold them onto for learning english better. I wish I had known engvid before. when I learnt it . I have been beginning to mention about it to my friends who want to learn English


hi. thanks a million for your great lesson. you are a perfect teacher. your way of explaining is so understandable and to the point especially while giving some examples, so i want to ask you in your programs please give more examples therefore the usages of each word can be better stick in our minds especially some words have a large bunch of meanings. it seems to me that we can learn them practical in an easy way with you.
thanks again for all your fantastic lessons.


could you explain what’s the difference between when we say i saw him at the street or i saw him in the street. to be honest, these days, i’m confused when using which. thanks a lot.


I will do better the next one Inshallah.

Haibah Jr.

Thanks Adam, I will try to do much better next time…


Thanks adam .. actually phrasal verbs get confusing sometimes but I won’t hold over practicing them :)


thank you very much Adam can you talk about navy please; a little bit

Bernard shaw

hi Adam,

hold off and hold over have the same meaning: postpone. How can we know when we use hold over, when we use hold off. Thanks! Have a nice day!


Hi Adam,

I really like your lessons. They are very useful for me. Actually, I come from Viet Nam and English skill is not good. Can you build program to teach every one likes me to improve speaking skill?

Thank so much!


Thanks Mr Adam.


Thanks for the lesson. This lesson was verry hard for me, i got 5 on 10 only


Hi,the lessons which are offered by you are tonnes of fun I really want to apply your teaching strategies in my own
lesson plan.


Thank you.


thank you sir


Thanks a lot!Very interesting and good topic,just need some practice for memorization)

Kozin Valeriy

Thank you very much for lesson of phrasal verbs. Easy to understand


Thanks, don’t hold back to teach and hold down that job you’re better !!!


thanks for everything you have done and your concern :)


as you mentioned in one of your comments teacher, Americans really take shortcuts when talking and that is why it’s so hard for me to understand them, and there is a lot of slang, but I don’t get discourage and your lessons are really helpful, I try to watch at least two videos daily so I catch up with the language. best teacher ever, Thank you!


Thanks a lot Adam! Very useful!

Wellington Porto Brito

thank you teacher it is a alittle bit difficult lesson :/


what?! i got 8/10 i didnt expect that.. so much learning..hehe i expected to have a 5 or less score than my actual score.. i really learned so much from this lesson. tnx sir.. :)


yesterday,i got on a bus.i held on a handle,somehow i get ill today.Now,i’m staying at home on my own,and holding off going to hospital until my mom coming back home.i intend after leaving hospital,i go to stadium to watch a footbal match but unfortunately,it was hold up because of bad weather and the match was held over until next week. ^^




thank you Adam, I´m learnig a lot with you


Mr.Adam this Quiz came in handy. thank you a lot!


this was hard, but I learned how to do it

jimmy padilla

To whom want to practice English through skype “englishongoing”


thank you very much mr Adam


Didn’t do well on the quiz, but still it’s useful for me!


got 9/10. very useful lesson. clear explanation. Thank you.


Adam, I simple love you! :D You are the great teacher!
You have a great diction and super explanation!
For now, I don’t have any question, I just want to say this! :)

Mirjana Mirjana

Hello, Adam. I like your lessons very much ;) But somtimes I have a questions, for example – what is substential difference between “hold up” and “hold over”? They both mean – delay BECAUSE OF smth.


Oh, sorry, Adam … I got one more question on the same topic – about phrasal verb HOLD. The matter is that after your lesson I’ve listened the Alex’s lesson. And he told about HOLD IN. It seems for me that HOLD IN and HOLD DOWN have the similar meanings. Am I right?


Thank you Adam for this intersting and important phrasal verbs! sorry about mistakes i am intermidiet.


Hi, Adam.
I’m very happy and excited to learn this beautiful language with you. I’m from Brazil, I can speak Portuguese, of course, and I love speaking English. I can’t wait to make my English flawless. Thank you for all. Bye for now.


Hi, Adam.
By the way, speaking about Phrasal Verbs, I think it’s very hard to learn them, but I will never give them up.
Ok? Bye.






İ got 9 correct out of 10.great job.thank you Adam so much.


Hi Adam, you mentioned that hold off, hold up and hold over have the meaning of delay / postpone. Can I use them interchangeably in all events?

For example, in your Quiz question: Due to the success of the exhibit, the gallery has decided that its conclusion will be held ________ until next week.

The answer is “held over” for the above. If “held off” and “held up” are in the options, would that be correct too?

Thank you.

Florence Lim

6 :((( it was rather difficult for me


Hi Adam its useful thanks a lot :)




thanks alot


thanks mr adam


thanks a lot


Hi Adam , as usually always interesting lossens you have put here , i will hold it to my memory everytime , it that correct context , teacher Adam ? tell me if i am wrong and thank you , for all students good luck .


lessons sorry


Hi adam, it was a very usefull lesson for me, this word “Hold” has to many combinations, thanks for your time, grettings for you from Venezuela


Thanks Adam, your videos are always interesting and usefull and I like the way you explaining each lesson)


Hello!! Thank you so much for this marvelous lesson Teacher!!
By the way If someone wants to practise their english add me on skype: alexis.walker.mars
I could help you ;)

Alexis Murs


me gustaria aprender ingles, hoy empeze el curso!


Thank you Adam. I made stupid mistakes in this quiz.


In number 5, should say: conclusion will be hold over until, instead of “held over”. ?
Thanks for your answer.


Thank you Adam! Great video and great phrasal verbs!


Hello . This is my first comment . Phrasal Verbs is very difficult for me , but watched again , watched again will be better effect ;)


Thank you, Adam. You are helping me a lot!

mario faro

hi Adam thank you so much. you are the star i like your way of teaching. my English SPEAKING ability is getting strenth to strenth since i joined your lessons


phrasal verbs which complicate words when used it the sentence like as.


Thank you,Adam!
I was difficult, but very useful lesson for me!


Hello Adam!
What a good lesson yet!
It’s still a pleasure, but there’s something I don’t understand in the statement of question number 4…
What does mean : “Be careful about the promises you make” ; what is this “WHAT”?


    Sorry, the sentence is “Be WHAT careful about the promises you make” and I don’t know why there is a WHAT…


Thank you, Adam, these lessons need a lot of attention and practice.


Hi, Adam, I am very confused about the answer of the following quiz;

Due to the success of the exhibit, the gallery has decided that its conclusion will be held ________ until next week.
• down
• back
• over
• to

The answer is hold over, right?
My question is: Is it possible we can also answer / use other similar phrasal verbs such as: “hold off or hold up”? Kindly advise me. thank you.

Markus Iwang



I really don’t like this part of English, I mean these phrasal verbs but I have to admit that it really helped me! Thanks Adam :)


you very good keep on


Thank you very much Mr. Adam. Surprise, surprise but without mistakes!?


Difficult lesson.


can you teach about COME and TURN phrasal verbs?
i think it’s common in life.


thks mr Adam…

Amus Mauleky

Adam, thanks you a lot for making these videos. Especially for videos about phrasal verbs. They’re really helpful)


7/10! I need to go over the video again. Some phrases were not totally understand.

Jerry Gu
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