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For real, you’ve helped to know how write an essay in IELTS task 2 and thanks a lot
I’m soo happy for that, but I need more help on speaking module ,,, I really prefer your way for learning us

And I have one more thing, can I send my essay to your website and you can reply to me and give me yor recommendation for free ?


    Hi Mind.fire,

    I appreciate what you’re saying and I will do more to help everyone with more videos and such, but unfortunately, I cannot assess essay for free as these take time. I do offer a service on my site and lots of free content that I hope will help.


      Hi Adam where is James he is very funny teacher i understand everything from him im sorry you are actually perfect teacher but in any case i need James help thanks a lot !!


    Dont hold your breath!


Hi, Adam.

I heard some sentence from a movie I watched. A man said “She has been set up, She does not do it” So, I understood from the context “SET UP” means slander.

My understanding is right or not? Please correct me.

Thank you.


    well sort of….. that means she has been tricked(deceived or fooled)by someone else.


    Hi, Haridan! You are right. In this case “set up” means to make someone seems guilty when he/she hasn’t done anything wrong. You can check this information in another Adam’s lesson called “Phrasal Verbs with Set”, 5 lessons before this one. Bye!

    Eduardo França

      Hello, Thank you so mush for replying my question.
      I will watch and study the lesson that you mentioned.

      Have A Wonderful Day!


        Hi Haridan,

        Eduardo is right, as is Morris, but to a different context.

        In your sample, set up means made to look guilty.


          Thank you so much Adam.


It was awesome … thanks a lot Adam


It was awesome thanks a lot Adam

rameshwar rao p

Hi! I’d like to ask whether the eighth question in the quiz is correct or not. Here is the question:

8. Dr. Brown: If you _____________ to something, you can accomplish anything.
Marty: That’s good advice!
set fire
set up
set in your beliefs
set your mind

The correct answer is “set your mind.” However, the preposition “to” is quite confusing. In 3:35 in the video, the correct preposition is said to be “on.”
Is that an issue? Thanks in advance!


    The same question)


    Hi Konstantin,

    Set your mind to means have full attention and focus. Have your mind set on means want something very much. You can use both in the same context, but with slightly different structure:
    If you have your mind set on this, then there is no reason you can’t get it.
    If you set your mind to it, you can get it.

    Does this help?


      Yes, it does. Thanks a lot for lucid explanation.


      This rundown helped me as well :) Thank you two.


Hello Adam
My questions are :
1-what is is the different between Negative Factual question and Factual question?
2- what is the different between Specialized vocabulary and Academic vocabulary?


    Hi Ahmad,

    If you’re talking about TOEFL Reading, then negative factual means questions with NOT, where you have to find three correct and one that isn’t. Specialized vocab is probably technical vocab used in a specific field.

    Is this what you had in mind?


      Yes Adam, it’s clear


thank you teacher very helpful lesson . I got 7 % . I am all set with ENgVID lessons(: . I read on the internet many things about phrasal verb , but I am a little bit confused on the difference between prepositional phrase and phrasal verb , and the result that I have reached the same” they are the same ” ,the Question is: am I right ? Are they the same ? or there is a slight difference between these two types may be I didn’t observe ?


    Hi Asmaa,

    Actually, they are two different things. A phrasal verb has a verb and a preposition and means something other than the words themselves. A prepositional phrase is a phrase that is most commonly used as an adverb and begins with a preposition (usually it contains no verb).

    Does this help?


      yes it does . I understand the difference between them . thank you for your concern .


Great lesson again, Adam! Thanks!

Eduardo França

Thank you so much!


if i say “i set my mind on something” or “i set my mind to something to something” it will be both correct and the same meaning ?

Mohamed Rabiaa

    Have you mind set on means you want it very much, or you have made a decision. Set you mind to something means you focus intently on it and get it done (an action, accomplishment, etc.)

    Does this help?


Thank you so much Mr Tiger Woods ;)
Jokes apart, nice lesson. Thanks Adam!!


As for me it’s not a very good lesson – too complicated.


    English can be complicated sometimes Vlad. Keep on trying ;)


      I’m soory for my previos words, I will trying again and again ! Becouse your advice Adam is Wery important for my !!! Best wishes. Vladislav.


yah thank you sir
sir one question sir i know english but not very well


    That’s why we’re here,Khanbangash, to help you out ;)


Thank you Adam. But I found this lesson very difficult even if I listened it twice. I’ll be very interesting if you could create some others lessons on the use of set.


    I’ll see what I can do Beernaard


my question is ;ways or methord to remove sexism in language

Mariam Pilla

    Hi Mariam,

    Ways or methods are not gender-related, so either one is ok and has no relevance to sexism.


I want a help , please ! how can I cancel the highlighting of the subtitles ?


    Done :)


Hi Adam
I appreciate your way of teaching. Your vice during the lecture elaborate each word and sound nicely. Hence, Adam i learn much from your recent lesson present by you. I hope i will improve my English proficiency effectively.


    Thanks Ahsanalimughal. I hope so too :)


Hi Adam
I appreciate your way of teachig. Your vice during the lecture elaborate each word and sound nicely.Hence, Adam I learn much from your recent lesson present by you. I hope i will improve my English proficiency effectively.

rameshwar rao p

    Thanks Rameshwar. I hope so too :)


I like “set” as adjective. very interesting.

Thuy Linh Le

It was a helpful lesson, Adam.
Thanks, Teacher.
a graph showing the number of cars sold each month
a graph to show the number of cars sold each month
a graph that shows the number of cars sold each
The dog that barks is mine.
The dog barking is mine.
Don’t forget this lesson, Adam


    Good time for you! By the way, how many time have you tried to get answer for you question?


    Hi Fahdbensalman,
    a graph showing the number of cars sold each month
    a graph that shows the number of cars sold each
    The barking dog is mine.


hi , i still fresh hers and i’ve got 7 out of 10 but before watching that lessons . i bet it’s going to be a piece of chocolate . i’ll be back for notes .

Amir zion

excuse my last comment full of mistakes due to my hastiness .

Amir zion

    No worries Amir. Next time it’ll be a piece of cake ;)


Great job, Adam. Thanks a lot!

Júlio César L Sousa

Teacher Adam,

I really like your lessons and learn a lot from you. Thank you so much!! :)


Hi,thank you Adam for your priceless lessons , y’ve got incredible potential to teach , however , i’ve some words and i’d like to figure out their meanings , please just stand by and of course thanks again .

Amir zion

Thank you Mr Adam.


    Mr. Adam!?! LMAO )))


I need study more phrasal verbs, specially about SET. But I believe we can’t learn it if we don’t practice it.


Thank you,Adam.You have helped me a lot to improve my English.

Eugene yelenchuk

Another good proportion of English by Adam. Slowly but surely! Well put! Well done! :)
Thank you!


Hi Adam
How do you do?
Glad to see you again after a few month.
If you don’t mind I have a question about studing English abroad in the USA.
I’ve searched google but I wanted to ask you too.
Do you know a perfect college or institution in the USA specially in San Francisco to study English with affordable tuition?
My brother is a US citizen but I’m not & I live in Iran already.
I’ll appreciate it.

Mohsen Barati

    Hi Mohsen,

    I wish I could help, but I’m not in the uS and don’t know much about the schools in SF. Try reading reviews by students about each school there.
    Good luck :)


      Hi Again Adam.
      I understand.
      Anyway, thank you so much for your answer.

      Mohsen Barati

Great and constructive…Thank you :)


Hi Adam,
thanks for the lesson, which was slightly diffucult. so many meanings of the word “set” made my head spinning. But I will not give up.
Take care


Adam is a excellent teacher, thanks very much for your lessons!


Thank you Adam.


adam we need lesson on clauses please …make for it us

mani chandu

    On its way Mani ;)


Thanks Adam for this lesson, it was very good. My score was not too bad but I have to keep working on it.


Helpful lesson, Adam (as always)! The word “set” often occurs in lots of texts and I constantly have problems when I’m reading them. Thank you!


Adam you’re such a good teacher. I like your style of teaching, a nice by the way

Murtala Umar

My score is 10/10. I like your way of talking,Adam. Thanks !


It is very useful lesson, thanks a lot!


Great lesson Adam thank a lot

Vasif isaqov

Thanks, Adam.
I would like to ask
‘the proportion of the population in cities of 100,000 or more rose about a third faster ….’
100,000 in this sentence refers to ‘the number of cities’ or ‘the cities with 100,000 people’?


    Sorry, I would like to ask two more questions.
    – Behind ‘tutorial’ do we need to add ‘class’? Tutorial class? Or tutorial is fine?
    – widen my experience + by/from + v-ing (e.g. trying, teaching…) which preposition should we use?


      Hi Sophie,

      100,000 refers to 100k people.
      Tutorial is fine.
      widen my experience by teaching…


Well it was great lesson that helped me very much for my English improvement. And i look forward to having next lesson. Thanks a bunch Adam.


Hi Adam
You are great teacher.

Magi Haris

Great explanation. I’m kind of set to use the variations of the word/verb/adjective set :)


Hello, Mr Adam! For about a week, I’ve been surfing the Internet and looking for a lesson on the English of math, but found nothing of a proper quality. I need the language of the high-school math because I know the basic terms like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. If you liked math at high school, could you please make a video on a more advanced English of math?) I think a lot of students all over the world would be more than happy to watch it))


    HI Dior,

    I will get on that ;)


Hi guys. I am new here. If anybody interests in talking to me through the skype please raise your hands

Kanchan Dev

my skype name is .. vooth.kanchan

Kanchan Dev

hi i am an engineer from Arabism and i like you and all your lessons .. so i am going to learn more and more with your lessons.. i think (engvid) is the best way to learn English.. please i want to be your best friend.. thanks


Thanks Adam!

From the set of English teachers, you are one of those who sets apart.

Fabio Cicerre

Amazing lesson as always!


Thank you for that lesson Adam.
I have just finished “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens, so you can congratulate me. I have read it for a few months.(never thought I would)
There are so many audiobooks on Youtube and I have listened them all the time since I started to learn English. But I begin to be doughtfull about the accent and pronunciation of these guys lately.
Adam, can you check this reader if you please…
He speaks american without dought, but some words in british (for insteans either he pronounces /ˈaɪ.ðɚ/)
Thank you.


    Adam, please recommend me some youtube channel where I could listen audiobooks read by real native speakers. Thank you!


      Hi Katrin,

      Firstly, congratulations :). Not an easy book.

      As for audio books, I will look around, but I do not listen to these much so don’t really know. I will find something good though ;)


        Thanks Adam! It would be very good.


          Hi Katrin,

          This book is an American classic. The guy who reads it does it very naturally (a little fast, but if you follow along with the book it might be ok). Keep in mind he gets very into this reading ;)



          Thank you VERY,VERY much Adam!!! God bless you for what you’re doing!!!


          Tnank you Adam ,the speed normal for me.


Mr. Adam Please can I be your friend to speak with you directly for more learning by conversation.. by fiber? If u agree I will send my No. to u.. plz


    Hi Pulseheart,

    I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I am afraid I cannot meet for conversations. You can ask others here to practice speaking. Good luck :)


plz Mr. Adam help me by make conversations with u ,when u agree I will give u my viber No. … PLZ


Wow it’s so cool I got good scores 7/10 . I been hasty to answer

Yahya Hasan

hello, Adam
how to pronounce “wound” as a noun and “wound” as past tense of “wind”?
is that scale right?


    Hi Fahdbensalman,

    verb- wound, found, sound
    noun/verb, wound, tuned

    Hope this helps


Adam hi again. Adam many school teachers in russia say /ZEY/ instead of /THEY/ and /BASROOM/ instead of /BATHROOM/.(they pronounce TH as a /Z/ and /S/) So there’s nothing strange that 90% of russians who learned English in school say: ZERE SREE PEOPLE IN BASROOM (in russian it sounds very funny).
BUT it is more strange when I say they’re not right!(they begin close their comments on Youtube, they begin to quarrel(without explanation) etc) Sometimes I begin to think they’re aliens.
They think they have the best pronunciation!!?
Very bad…Kids suffer of that.
Russian teachers like British very much(especially who don’t understand English at all). You can watch funny videos if you will go on Youtube (for instance
” учитель английского языка, показательный урок”
So you can find more topics for your lessons… Bye!


    Those are master-class lessons of course!


      Thanks Katrin. This problem exists not only in Russia. I’ve had many students tell me that their (non-native English speaking)teachers taught them something another way and so I must be wrong. I simply tell them to go with what they want, but if they go to the US or Canada, they might not be understood. Then I leave it alone. There is no sense arguing with stubborn people :)


        Many of them just don’t understand english movies(I mean teachers), audiobooks, songs( I will not speak about teleshows). I don’t know how can they teach.
        The kids ask them, at lessons, how this and that in English(I mean translation of words) and many teachers say that they(kids) must know just what in the books!(and they(teachers) are not ashamed that they don’t know words)
        One girl said me that their teacher, at lessons, translates texts by dictionary (and she forbids them(kids) to use dictionary). That girl just 11 years old and the English she learns are very easy.
        Too bad. I know many cases when kids took bad marks just for pronouncing TH in other way than their teacher. Thank you for answer Adam. Bye!


          Sorry(didn’t check it): That girl IS just 11 years old and the English she learns IS very easy.


          It happens. It’s sad, but those who want to learn English will do it later in life on their own, or with a better teacher, hopefully.


          Why I like American people, they do their work completely.


Thank you for everything Mr adam ❤️


Thank you so much for lesson!!!


Thank you everyone :)


Hello Adam lm here anew participant I would like to learn English language


    Welcome Hudasalih :)


Hi Adam
On observing your English lesson on ‘set’, I performed awesomely well by securing 10 out of 10. I would be grateful if you prepared a video on ‘How to use DAMN’. Thank you

Kedar Mani Aryal

Hi Adam
On observing your English lesson on ‘set’, I performed awesomely well by securing 10 out of 10. I would be grateful if you prepared a video on ‘How to use DAMN’. Thank you.

Kedar Mani Aryal

Hi Adam
Thanks a lot for the lessons!!! Clear and easy to uderstand explanations,good examples,I`m improving my English in the most enjoyable way!


thanks mate..


hai sir,

how can i learn fluent english. could you please give any suggestion.


Is there another meaning that means frame.
ex:I was set up.


Hi Adam, my name is Adam ;)Good lesson, appreciate. However, I’m a little confused with the last sentence from quiz… I understand that when we have a fire in our kitchen then alarm should be in “on mode” (it means that I prefer to hear the alarm before my kitchen is completely burned out ;)), so, why we should use “set off the alarm”? For me, if something is turned off then you cannot hear or see this.


setting up

set up and setting up is it similar meaning.for example i read in the news paper President issued a decree last month setting up the law.


Hi Adam,
You are a great teacher.I have a question, it’s exactly the same of Adamski:
“I understand that when we have a fire in our kitchen then alarm should be in “on mode” (it means that I prefer to hear the alarm before my kitchen is completely burned out ;)), so, why we should use “set off the alarm”? For me, if something is turned off then you cannot hear or see this.”


    for me too…but set off means in this case: “activate the alarm”

    al willis

Thanks a lot to hel me understand so many new things. I find your videos/classes very helpful.

Some expressions in english that are set, sound very awkward to me, like the example Christian3333 put on. the “set off an alarm” thing. It is confussing.


why the answer to the number 10 is set off?????????

Sofia Matheus Eljuri

    because set off has a several meanıng . one of them is to make sth start workıng and make sth explode . the smoke from the kıtchen started the fıre alarm , that ‘s the meanıng of the sentence


awsome. thank u!


hey Adam. can u pls ecplain the difference between “by whom” and “who” .thx :)


thıs lesson really helped me understand meanıng of ”set”from other aspect .ıt ıs useful and thanks alex .by the way ı lıke your pronunciation , ı hope ı can speak english like you


Hi, Adam. I have a question, why do all of you only post videos about TOIEC or TOEFELs? i’m preparing the Cambridge’s C1 test, and I need to practice some skills for the grammar and writing tasks. But it’s very difficult to me to find exercices related to that. For instance, word formation, or rewriting sentences,choose the best answer which fix in the gap,…,are extremely complex to me :(


hey adam !!
i am your new student ……… :)
thanks for your lesson , some lessons are so difficult for me but your way of teaching is very good :)
so wish me luck for my toefl exam ……

mehvish naveed faridi

Thank you!


does “set off” mean to make something work because of anther ?


I tought I knew al the meanings of set, the newone for me its the setting of the sun, cause as the others meanings its kind of get something, right, something appear, somthing in place, not soemthig declining or terminating, etc, thank u!


Hi, everyone! This is the most complicated part in English – phrasal verbs! I got 10/10 after second attempt (the next day, after several times of listening of the video…). But I set my mind, I suppose. The sun is setting on studying boring textbooks giving way such methods like these tutorials. Thank you for making our educational process easier!


thank you.. this is very much helpful..

aj semblante

dear adam, u r one of the top and fantastic teacher of English I have ever known…

just a small thing to mention,

when someone dies: it is rigor mortis which sets in.

rigamortis is a slang for “ejaculation”



Thanks Adam, useful lesson I didn´t know the usage of push with p.v I am new in this web page, my Enlish level is not as good as I want, I don´t know if you give personal classes beside these videos and stuff if so please let me know, I am interested in a good teacher, actually I am taking English classes here in Mexico but my teachers are not good, some of them have the same level as I do… Please let me know if you can teach me :D


hi Adam, how are you? your accent is very good I like it


Hi, Adam, it is really helpful lesson, got 8 out of 10 but then realized my mistakes which I have made were due to my hurry. Thank you! Look forward to seeing your new tutorials.

kuba aka

Hi Adam, nice lesson. I just wanna say one thing: “Rigor Mortis” is supposed to be written like this. I felt the needs to clarify that, I hope you don’t mind.


hey teacher Adam, i have just started learning academic writing and u r a blessing for me. i want u check my writings, is it possible ?

Fatima Khan

Hello Adam, I love your lessons!
I have a question: is it right to say:
” How will I set the bedrooms for you”
” I need time to clean up and set the house for my guests”?
Thank you :)


Hi Adam, I got 80 of 100 at the exam :).What do you prefer to me for improving English? Videos,films etc? Or books?


    Sorry,wrong place to write.


Hi, Adam! It has been a very interesting Lesson!I´ll have to see it again. I´d like to have more examples! Thanks!!!

Marjor 2

Hi Adam! Thanks for a very good explanation and the test!


Hi Adam !
I have a question :
what does “but unfortunately did not set it to music, ‘that would be progress” mean ?

thank you !!


Thank you Adam


Hi Adam. You are the best. I like the way you teach. In this case, I was wondering when are you setting up a new lesson about participles? Anyway, I got 10.


Hello sir, Can you please help to describe the word “By the way”.
Thank you.


A teacher affects eternity,he can never tell where his influence stops
that applies to you teacher
thank you for the great lessons


Everything is very interesting and understandable thanks Adam.


    great suggestions!


Great lesson, Adam.Thank you very much.
I’m a great fan of phrasal verbs.Thanks again.


Hi , very good lessons. By the way I’ve studied Latin so I wonder to see that word “rigamortis”. Bye

al willis

Thanks a lot Adam, it is a little bit complicated but quite important to set this knowlage.


thanks a lot bro!! this lesson couldn’ be explained better really!!

Germán Miranda

Great …one…i appreciate


Hi Adam, I’m an English teacher and this site really helps me a lot. I like your way in teaching and try to do the same in my class. But, unfortunately, I live in an Arabic country which means that I don’t speak English all the time and that doesn’t help me to be fluent. I am very good at listening and reading but me biggest problem is in writing and speaking:( I watched your video about the tips to be fluent and I am that kind of person who overthink before speaking and responding :( I know this maybe because of the lack of vocabulary but even when I learn new words and expressions, I can’t remember them while speaking because as I mentioned before I can’t use them daily. What’s your advice? And If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot :)

Hend Elsawaf

Hi thanks this was good but Im really confused with the last quiz
The smoke from the kitchen __________ the fire alarm.
set up
set in
set on
set off

I didnt undestand how the some set off the fire alarm, this should be the opposite for me


Hi teacher Adam. I love your explanations because they make things easier to understand. QUESTION: is ´rigamortis´ a slang word? I could only find ´rigor mortis.


Hello….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +88 01812788727. Thank you. Rasho.

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