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Rebecca I’m move each time you are teaching with clear understanding.

Ambe Derick

Rebecca I understand you well, thanks

Ambe Derick

Your teachings are quite clear

Ambe Derick

Rebecca is a gifted teacher thanks

Ambe Derick

I got 10/10 but actually I don’t understand everything just once listening, I must listening again many times, in my opinion the lesson is a bit hard and quite lenghty, but your explanation is very clearly help me got it, thank Rebecca so much, hope see you as soon

nguyen van long

Hello Rebecca, you speak clear like a crystal for my to understand this new lesson. Very useful techniques to communicate in life.
Thank you for your work.


Thanks teacher¡ this lesson will be help me with my future job for customer service

Nancy BG

Thanks for this learning video. It will help me doing my reports as an internal auditor.


Thank you so much, Rebecca!


Hello,Rebecca.Thanks for this useful lesson.It will help us to have a polite conversation.I have already seen 110 videos of you.You are the best teacher of the world.Stay safe,Stay happy.

Pratoyee Mohan Chitro.

Thanks a lot Rebecca, great lesson ;)


Great Rebecca!

Enrique Otero

great lesson, thanks for for your time, great work.


Great Lesson, I got 100 percent.

Muhammad Abbas

Thankyou Rebecca for this nice lesson.

karthika karunakaran

Ohh, It is a great lesson! Thank you so much, Rebecca. This is what I need now. I will use it in my life.


    Thanks teacher it was great lesson to communicate in batter way


It was a very important lesson for life. Thanks so much Rebecca!

Henrique Alves

I’ve just found your video and It is incredible, Keep the great work. Thanks so much.


Awesome lessons. Thank you so much.


Thank u so much 💜

Chara hala

You are a great teacher and a very diplomatic person. thanks a lot.

izabel gurnet

Thank you Rebecca you’re a good teacher


That was a great lesson Rebeca!!!

As soon as possible I am going to put it in practice.

In my personal opinion, this lesson has a big amount of tips regarding in how face any kind of disagreement anyone has.

Thanks a lot.


Thank you mam I was really useful for me.😄

Arpi Ghodeswar

one of the best lessons


I am a retiree and now I am a student learning things I did not have time to learn because I ‘had’ to be busy!!! As they say, Better Late than Never. I wish more people become less ‘busy'(unless they are busy ‘learning’) because LEARNING the right way to do things will make lives better. This TOPIC is definitely IMPORTANT and thanks for sharing it.


Rebecca please tell parts of speech. Thank you for this lesson


Was quite useful strategies that needs to be obtained and used in a different dialogs.


Very good. Thanks, Rebecca!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Hello Teacher Rebecca,

Thanks very much for your teaching. I really appreciate the way you teach. It’s very clear and in proper way. I am not so good in English that’s why I always watch your video, and I’ve learned a lot. Anyway, again thank you and more power to you. Take care. Bye…


Ma’am, I thank you very much about English verb tenses.


i got 5 correct ill do batter next time.


thank you


great i get 78!


hello those who dont know me my name is ricardo i give thanks to rebbecca for this wipside


Hi Rebecca! Useful as always! Especially thanks for this phrase: Let’s agree to disagree


    Let’s agree to disagree is very useful in daily life


Thank you for this interesting and accurate lesson!


Thanks, Rebecca


nice lessons. i love them.


Thanks teacher. It’s such a great session :)

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