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Thank you for your lesson.

Cuong ta

    Hello there. I have read in a grammar book I purchased that subjunctive mood should be used in condition of uncertainty. Example. If she have the money, she will make it in the city.

    I used to use has for the third person. I would like to clarify this, because there are some English novels which use has instead of have. :)


    Thank you Rebecca


    is wonderfull this webside


    Thank you for the good lessens you do.


    Yep!!! Many thanks for this lesson Rebecca.


    Thank you for your lesson.

    Abdurabbah Saleh

    Dear Rebecca why many new equipment is not correct in question number 4 I am in doubt that this answer might be correct too!?

    Mohammad mostaan

Thanks Rebecca
very good lesson
WHY (some)is incorrect for the fist question?!!!
please review it


    Some is correct in the first question. You had to choose the answer that was incorrect. Always be careful what the question asks you. All the best!


      Yeah, you’re right! Sometimes we do not even read the instructions and just go through the quiz, and this is what happens.
      As simple as that!!!

      Thanks for this interested video-lesson




        . . . and this was what happened.

        . . . Thanks for this interesting video-lesson.

        We all make mistakes from time to time, right?

        Have a great week Rebecca!!!


      I did not read the first question carefully and got it wrong :( I thought it was asking… Which of the following is CORRECT?


      Thank you, next time i will be more careful


      Is pizza countable? a few used for countable and alitte for uncountable.


thank you for your lessons


Hi, Rebecca
tell me, please, why advice is uncountable noun?
I think, we can say “He gave me too many advices”
even if you mean an opinion by this word, we still can count them – “one opinion, two opinions”

give me the answer, please :)


    What if we’re not sure if a noun is countable or uncountable? For example “information”. I saw “an information” or “informations”, and sometimes I get confused, maybe not because of the word “information” because I know that it is uncountable, but how actually native speakers treat this kind of situation, when they don’t know if a noun is count or non-count? Or, how does it sound, when we say for instance “an information” or “informations”.

    I’m just curious, I’m not saying that I want to speak that way, I just want to know how native people react when someone pluralize non-count nouns. :)


      When you make this kind of mistake when speaking to a native speaker, it is understood that you have not mastered the language. In some cases, it may not matter, like social situations. In other cases, like a job interview, it may be problematic if they are looking for someone who speaks English well. So try your best to learn as much as you can. English speakers learn this point automatically as they grow up with the language. My best wishes to you.


    I know it is confusing to remember why one noun is uncountable and another is uncountable, aside from realizing that we can count some things. You cannot think about it too much, especially when it comes to the uncountable nouns. You just have to accept that they are used that way. That is why I made a resource on the subject to help students – you can find it in the resources section of our site. You cannot say ‘many advices”, but you can say “many pieces of advice”. All the best to you with your English!


    I also have the same question….

    Mita Bose

Thank you Rebecca for all you efforts .


Yes, sometimes it’s hard to guess, if the noun is countable or not. Who would expect that “fruit” is uncountable and “vegetable’ is countable? They should be in the same category.


    I use, “fruit” for one, and “fruits” for many. I know that I should use “fruits” when I deal with different kinds or something, but I really don’t see any difference. Why should I say “fruit” when I have many fruits. xD The same with “fish” and “fishes”, how do I know if there are different types of them, “There are fishes!” xD


      For that matter of fact, about fish and fishes, shrimp and shrimps . Methinks it`s okay
      I get it, the bizarre thing it about “person” “persons” ,”people” “peoples”
      I know that the plural form of person it people,nevertheless I figure out that it could used with “S”
      in this way : ^persons^ merely in formal documents and situations.
      e.g. All persons born in India are citizens of India .
      ^peoples^ when it means race or nation owing to it`s countable in this sense .
      e.g. African peoples . ^_^


Hi Rebecca. i red onec that advice could be cauntable. we can change c to s an d so es. is it wright?

best wishes.



    Advice is always uncountable. You are given a lot of advice or a piece of advice.

    Advise with an s is a verb. So you’d say “he gave me some good advice” or “he advised me to do xyz”


      thank u for the replay


      Yes, Ahmed, Sofia is right. Thanks Sophia. My best to both of you.


Hi Rebecca
Wouldn’t it be right to say “a little pizza” when we are refering to a small pizza?
And if pizza is a countable noun, why it’s not written “pizzas”?
I’m looking forward your answer
Thank you


    You could say: We ordered 8 pizzas for the party.
    It’s fine to use the word in that way. All the best.


thanks…………we have many good teachers in engvid.


Thanks Rebecca very useful lesson!!!!


hi thanks
I bear witness that there is no God But Allah

abd allah

thanks alot for your lesson
thanks alot for the quiz
I got 7 correct out of 10
congratulate for me


    As requested, congratulations!!

    engVid Moderator

    Good for you!!! Keep on the hard work!!


thank you,


Thank you for the lesson,no trouble right now. I had a test yesterday and i was confused with remind and remember,could you please make a lesson about them?


Rebeca, this lesson was very interesting, as the others.I would like to have a lesson about sufixes and prefixes. Thanks a lot


Hi Rebecca,
in my town has rained very little. It is Correct?


    There has been very little rain(fall) in my town.

    This sounds better; same idea. All the best.


thank you rebecca,what a agreat lession


Good trick and good teacher. Thank you Rebecca !




love ur lesson so fore n still learning a lot more.


Thank you so much Rebecca .this topic is really clear for me .
I’d just like to ask one question.There are some nouns that end with “s”.
So what if the noun ends with “s” like french fries .I am a bit confused.Is it countable or non countable.Can you give further explanation on this?


    French fry is a countable noun,
    Singular:a french fry
    Plural:french fries



Rabeeca could you please teach us in how many cases after GET the third form of the verb (Past participle)is used.PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.

Kinds Regards,


Thanks Rebeca, very nice class


Excelentttttttt Its very nice this class



When you say in the quiz

Would you like ____ pizza?

You said in the lesson that we can use both for count or non-count nouns using SOME

Is correct to say Would you like some pizza/ or Would you like a few or a little pizza?



    You were asked to choose the answer that is WRONG.
    The only one that is wrong there is ” Would you like a few pizza?”, so that is the correct answer.
    My best to you.


      Hi Rebecca, you said in lesson [a few ] for count noun and [some] for both
      but [ alittle ] just for uncount
      the word pizza is count , so the incorrect answer is please explan this point more
      thank you …


Wow ! I got 90%. Thank you so much Rebecca.


Hi, Rebecca.
I’m Spanish, and Spanish people often have very serious problems with uncountable nouns, because our concept of these things.
For exemple, I can say to you “don’t drink a litle of wine a day”, and it’s an advice. And I can say to you “don’t smoke forty cigarettes a day”, and it’s another advice. For a Spanish person, I’ve just given you “two advices”.
For example, maybe five years ago it rained in my city, and then, three years ago it rained again, and yesterday it rained, too. For a Spanish person, it would be correct to talk about “the recent rains”. (There was three rains last week).
You can be watching the news, and you hear an information about the president. Then, you hear another information about the defence minister… For a Spanish person, you’ve heard two informations.
It’s not always so easy… as a Spanish, I have to learn all the uncountable English nouns by heart, there is no criteria I can use.
Thanks for your lessons, your page have the best material I’ve found in the Internet!


    … litre of wine… (not litle of wine).


      …and, of course… there WERE three rains (not was).
      I have to pratise a lot to avoid these kind of errors when I speak and talk “without thinking on it”, it’s obvious…


    Hi Ruben!
    Information is uncountable noun. OK?


      Hi. Yes it’s uncountable .


    Thank you. I’m glad you found the resource helpful. Yes, it is always difficult when one’s native language behaves differently from the language we are learning. It requires serious memorization, as you said. Good for you that you are doing what you need to do to master English. My best wishes to you, Ruben.


Thanks Rebecca for your lesson.
I failed to chose “some pizza” at the first Q.
It is wrong?


…and – because of our concept – the of was missing.
Every time I read what I wrote, I find more errors!!!! jajajajajaja. I have to improve a lot!


    Your english, Ruben, is right. I am catalan and I feel jealous;) Just one thing. English people (like catalana peopole, otherwise), laugh “ha, ha, ha”. See you!


Thanks Rebeca, very useful lesson .


This lesson was really important for us because I always have many doubts about this topic. I agree with libyano, very useful lesson.


Thank you Rebeca


it is liltle bit hard


    Yes, I understand, because you have to memorize some of the uncountable nouns. Good luck and all the best. Hang in there!




Thank you for this lesson.


These are really great!!
God bless!

Pyar, A

I got ten out of ten. Tenten :)


    Hi Ahmet, I strongly think that you are a TINTIN? (Do you remember this comics character?


Rebecca Thanx for the Lesson. Few Chair or Chairs ?


    Hi enis,
    U know,few n a few r determiners n we use them + a plural countable noun.
    e.g. few letters/a few letters
    few desk/a few desks
    few people/a few people
    So,few or a few chairS is right.
    Hope I could help!


      Thanks, Fatima. My best to you and Enis.


      Sorry,few deskS.


am from Morocco really i like this website and thank you so so much for this lesson


I did the quiz and I think ” Would you like a few pizza? it’s not correct. Check your answer. Thanks for your videos, they are very interesting.


    Please reread the question and then you will understand why you got that answer wrong. My best to you.


thanks Rebecca, with this lesson I refresh this topic of countable and uncountable nouns, which is a little bit confusing to me; by the way, I´m Peruvian and I´m really interested in getting an English certification, and your videos are helping me a lot…keep with the video lessons I like them!!


I have enjoyed the lesson much.Thanks.

joyce levira

Thank you for this lesson


Very…very good lesson. Coincidentally, now I’m studying about countable and uncountable nous. Thanks for helping me!


thank you


Hi Rebecca,
at question number 8,why drinks if its uncountable


Cool, thanks.


You got 7 correct out of 10.


It is little bit confuse


Thanks :)


there is good idea for larning eng…

aditya narayan

hi rebecca,thanks for your lesson and i want to know can we use two or three advice?


    Advice is uncountable, so you can’t say two or three advice.


Dear Rebecca, thank you!!
Could you please make a lesson on the use of the words bring and take?


Hello Dear Rebecca,
9 out of ten :(
Plz lend me a helping hand n give me 2 examples 4 the word PAPER which is count… n uncount… .
In fact I wanna know in what kind of situations it is coun… n where it is not!!!


Tnx 4 ur help,


    Dear prof,
    I’e surfed the net n I’ve got the word pizza is a countable noun n both pizza n pizzas r correct.
    Thus,4 no.1,among the options,we know that we can use a little 4 uncountable nouns n some 4 uncountable nouns n plural countable ones n a few 4 plural countable nouns,n here pizza is singular;don’t u think the question is a bit imprecise????!!!!!
    P.S. I’m ur s2dent n I don’t wanna make u sad,
    but u know,the ? mixed me up un4tunately.
    4give me if I my in4mation is wrong.

    Warm Regards!


      The question asks you to choose the answer that is wrong, not the answer that is wrong! Many students did not read the question carefully and got it wrong. One always has to be careful to read the questions properly on tests and that is why we give you such kinds of questions in our quizzes. Hope this helps! All the best, as always, Fatima.


        I meant :

        The question asks you to choose the answer that is wrong, not the answer that is RIGHT!

        In other words, find the one you cannot say!


Hi, I did the quiz, but I have a doubt.
The exercise 1 ask for the INCORRET item.
Pizza is a countable noumn right? Then, I should use “few pizza”, in this way, the only incorrect item is “little pizza” (talking about quantity), but at the end is showed the item “a few” like as the correct answer (incorrect form).

Could you explain me please? Thanx… ;)


thank you our teacher


Thank you Rebecca!


Hi, Rebecca!
I don`t understand why “a few” is incorrect.

wild boar

90 for me too


Thanks. :)


Thank you!!!
I was told that we could say:
What A wonderful weather!

Is it correct?


    No, sorry. You can say: What a wonderful day! or What wonderful weather!
    All the best to you.


      Noted )) Thank you very much!!!


hello everyone, I wanna talk to you via skype to master the language. Let’s communicate. my skype is garikgarik270


@fatiima, Thank you for your explanations. But I am kinda confused. You say a few people and few people, according to ‘desk example’, we can say few person, Right? I don’t know. But Thanx in any way. I think there was a lesson on few , a few etc.


    @ Enis: We don’t use “few person” from what I know. I think your “desk example” is incorrect.
    “person” is a singular noun and “people” is a plural noun.

    Few people can run 100 meters in under 11 seconds.
    There are a few people who can run 100 meters in under 11 seconds.
    There is one person who has run 100 meters in 9.63 seconds.


    4give me!
    I left another message n corrected my mistake; it was a typo one un4tunately. :(


thank you Rebecca. now Ivan say grace of you I improve my English in

thank you Rebecca this is Renaud in the domini an rp

Thanks Rebecca! The question above about “many advices” is interesting. Why we can’t say so?


    Because! Don’t try to analyse it too much. Just memorize and move on! All the best to you.


      There are differences in languages and sometimes we just have to accept them! Sigh! That’s life!


U Rockssssssssssssssssssss


thank you for this lesson,I got 10 out of 10 :)

bakhtiyar ali

Thanks for this lesson
Rebecca !!


Thanks so much)))


i like it!
thanks alot for your lesson1 :))


thank you good teacher are you grat


Thank you very much for your lesson.


I’d like to thank you for this lesson. But I also want to ask about something that I saw on X-men cartoon and I didn’t understand what the character meant.
A girl says to her friend: What just happened?
and the boys replies to her: He happened(aiming at Wolverine)…
What I wanna know is what does “He happened” mean?
Because I can see that “he happened” is not the same as in “What just happened?.” The word happen has another meaning…


    Yes, they are using it in an unusual way to try and say that Wolverine is so amazingly powerful that his arrival can be described by saying, “He happened!” It is a very creative, liberal and imaginative use of the language, but then that’s the fun, right? Enjoy learning from cartoons, but accept that sometimes they may use English is untypical ways and sometimes they may just use slang. Great that you are so interested in English. All the best to you.


Thanks a lot. This lesson helps me!


Thanks Rebecca!


thank you so much.It is great lesson.

arjan singh

Hello! Rebecca can you tell me why the first question is wrong when I Picked on some. and the right answer is a few


I need notes please, can you please email me, thanks.

Mr Adeeb

thank you rebecca


Hi Rebeca,
Can u do a lesson about wil be, would be, should be etc. Why after “be” sometimes use words like closed (e.g.: will be closed). sometimes use gerund form (eg: will be doing). Also after “is” and “was” sometimes use past forms( like-shocked, surprised)




good teaching madam


Surprisingly, I eventually got it !!!
A lot of thanks for you Rebecca that you taught me finally. I was being very nervous of this one.


    Great! My best to you.


Thank you


Thanks Ms Rebecca, i think the question for the quiz should be:which of the following is correct?


thank you madam for your good lesson……..i like americans….


I still feel difficult in a lot of nouns , such as idea/ ideas, thought / thoughts , wind c/u , conception c/u …
Is it correct ‘ Plenty of equipment is withdrawn.’? How can we count wind? thought?
Please kindly help me. Thank you very much.


thanks for the tricks : )






It’s awesome. I get it right. Thank you so much


thanks madam


thank you for much! I finally understood the difference! I’ll see you for the next lesson!


It’s a awesome lesson.I have some questions about that if I want to show something in the general meaning how I can do. What is the different meaning between plural noun and general meaning of countable noun. For example,_______ can swim for along time., elephant and elephants ,which one should fill in this question. Thank you very much.


    You could use either one:

    Elephants can swim…
    An elephant can swim…

    Good question. All the best to you.


thank you so MUCH rebbeca for your explication


    …for my explanation. You are very welcome. All the best to you.


Although I got D and I can use words that modify both countable and uncountable nouns, I still have problem in some words labeled with C and U, e.g., pizza noun , u or C . the given samples : a piece of pizza , a lot of different pizza
Can I say : I would like to have a large pizza with seafood and mushroom topping ?
We had better to share these two pizzas .


That’s nice. Thanks.


tks, Rebecca, with this tricks I think it isn’t possible mistakes, is it ?


    I wish that were true, but of course, mistakes will happen and that’s okay as long as we try our best to improve and never give up! My best wishes to you.


I dont go along with the sentence number 1 cuz I can say; would you like some pizza? it is used in offers when you expect that people to answer YES:.




thank you :)


Hi Rebecca, wow I have used “advices” as countable in the past. Thanks for yoru lessons.


I got 6\10

thanks a lot


Thanks a lot Mrs Rebecca for the clear, effective and simple explanation you gave on the subject.
At last, I do understand the reason of many “mysterious” things concernig the matter! :)



Thanks a lot


Thank you Rebecca


Thanks a lot, Ms, Rebecca! I learned a lot with this lesson but I still have a doubt using: a lot and lots. Can both be used in plural and singular?


    I have a lot of time.
    I have lots of time.
    I have a lot of books.
    I have lots of books.

    All these sentences are fine. All the best to you.


Thank you Rebecca


Thank you for your lessons!!!


Thanks for you awesome lessons! But why can’t we say “Would you like some pizza?” for the first question?


OK Rebecca, I got 90 %. Thanks a lot.


Unfortunately, a lot of students made mistakes in the first question on the quiz because they did not read the question carefully enough. You had to choose the one thing you could NOT say, and so the one thing you could not say was, ” Would you like a few pizza?” That was the correct answer. You could certainly say,

Would you like some pizza?
Would you like a little pizza?

Both of these are correct.

Please watch out for these kinds of questions on tests as they are quite common. Also, on the TOEFL exam, they have what are called “negative fact” questions. So that is why many students have asked questions regarding the pizza question. Hope this clarifies all your doubts. My very best wishes to all of you. You are all very brave for learning English!


    Obviously, I made a mistake about the first question. I did’nt read the instruction.


    You hit the nail on the head!!! Reading instructions especially on tests is of paramount importance.

    So, we’d better get used to it.
    Thanks for this interesting and useful comment.

    All the best to you Rebecca.


Thanks a lot, Rebecca. I keep growing with English learning skill having found this site.
Let me know, if I can write “OK, I am glad to know that you are all right”.


Thanks! EngVid rocks!!


Rebecca, thank you so much for your lesson.

The first question in the quiz is confusing.
“Would you like _____________ pizza?”
My answer was “some”.
It was incorrect!!
The correct one is “a few”…
Actually, I’ve never heard someone asks like “Would you like a few pizza?” so I’m a bit confused.

I hope you’d explain it to me.
Thank you


Dear Mam,
In the first question why few is wrong??? Pizza is countable… isn’t it?? and with countable noun pizza few is right . pls clear my confusion..Thank you!!!


    I have the same question like you.


Hi teacher,
Can you help me find out the difference between Historic and Historical?


You´re absolutely great. Thank you for this class


i got 10/10 without watching this lesson :) thank you


Hi Rebecca! I like alot your lessons. I have one question, can we say:“I gave him one advice” ? Thank you!


Thank you for your lesson Rebecca!


thank u Rebecca. i got 100. it was a very useful lesson . some people get confused of count &


non-count nouns but trying more and more we’ll fix our problems in learning English . my goal is to be fluent in English and teach it to my relatives . i wish u all the best ,my great teacher Rebecca.


oops ( by trying )


I have a question about this question: Would you like _____ pizza? Which of the following is incorrect?
The answer should be “a little”, because pizza is countable noun, so in this sentence a few or some both are correct.
Am I right?


    Pizza is uncountable like sugar, milk, water, oil, wine, beer, sand etc. You can say “a piece of pizza” and than it is countable (because piece is countable…)

    L u k a s

      But I don´t what is the correct name for one big piece of pizza. A plate of pizza of wheel of pizza? :-D

      L u k a s

        But I don´t know what…

        L u k a s

i got 90 but u r very good teacher
thanks again


i need the right answer to the 1st Q
my answer is a little but the computer said im wrong so what is the right answer????


Hi Rebecca,

thank you for your lesson.

I have heard and read many times word “advices”

Is it a slang or simply wrong?

Thank you


L u k a s

thank you for your lesson .
could you tell me people is countable or un cuntable please?


could you tell me these words are countable or uncountable? people, e mail, candy please?
Thank you very much Rebbeca.

Bandara Henaka

What do we call words from the three column in grammatical way ?
….. Can I call them article or pronouns….
I am really sure and need to know





Thanks Mam, I got 90%.

Abdul Qayum

It got 90% just had one mistake even though i saw the lesson and also i downloaded the reference too , actually i try to overcome this problem it still confuses me but at least i do believe that we won’t realize this grammar rule except by practice we will notice it and how to use whether countable or non countable . however thanks Ms. Rebecca :D

Afro Jack

thank you


can I ask some questions ?

Ahmad Abou Seif

thank you very much,, ma’m you solved the very thing i was dubious about. :)


thenk you rebeka ticher for your leisson .

rusudan kh

    Some of us came late for this lesson, but anyway, the heart of the matter is that we learned -as usual- something useful.


Hi Rebecca, how can I know wether to use “any chair” or “any chairs” ? Need some explaination about that. Thank you


Congratulations for your lessons, Rebecca! They’re clear and easy to understand! Best wishes from Brazil!


Thanks for your teaching video, at the end of video, you said that the second way to find more exercise to practise this topic : Count and non count, but I haven’t found it. Can you please give me the link to that ?
Thank you so much ! Ta ta!


It’s awesome. Thanks Rebeca for your lessons.


10 out of 10.

Taiba Na

I didn’t get the first question, as pizza is countable and uncountable both then as per your “trick” i can say a few pizza but it sounds weird, then how come a little pizza is okay. Plz explain.


Thanks a lot!
if it is confusing to say much or many than use a lot of instead, it will be correct anyway


I’m in doubt about the noun roast chicken. Is it countable ou non-count noun? Can I ask “How many roast chickens are there in the fridge?” or How much roast chicken is there in the fridge?” Which one is correct?


Long time i mistake, i alway use “many informations” :D

Thank you very much, teacher!


thank you teacher, that was very important
i would like to ask you, if would you to tell what else uncontable nouns like: information, knowladge, luggage, information, advice, weather, progress, traffic, damage, furniture, homework, research,
equipment, money…or we have just these (irregular uncontable)

i don’t understand FLOWER? is it contable or uncontable…and why


Thanks <3 Rebecca<3 ALOOOOOT :)


thanks for the good lesson, see you next one


Dear Rebecca!
Im so excited about your wonderful and so useful lesson!!
Thank you you for your work and help!
Can you help me also with one my difficulty…
The word “RISK” , is it countable or uncountable?I always thought that it is uncountable, but today i was at the lesson( at my university) and the teacher said me something that i can’t understand….She said its countable…Is it right or not?


Hi Rebecca,
I am quite confused. Why are we using “a few” for Pizza. Isn’t it fine to use “some”.
Would you like some pizza? or
Would you like a few pizza?


Thank you Rebecca. Good lessons to understand.


Thank you Rebecca for the trick.
I was taught that singular form of countable noun is used following to “no” or “any” while plural form is used after “some”, “a lot/lots of” or “plenty of”. E.g.: We don’t have any book. There is no chair in the classroom, but there are plenty of them over there.
However in your lesson you gave some examples like: “I don’t have any tables” or “There is no books”. I heard some people use the same like you do. It confuses me.
Please give us a lesson explaining when to use singular or plural form of nouns after some, no, any, none, etc. If such a lesson has already done, please give me a link because I cannot find it. Many thanks and all the best.


Despite that was really so confusing, but I got 10 out of 10 correct again. Thx Rebecca.
I believe that English as any other language, is not about being logical as much as getting used to it.


Thanks Rebecca. This is an excellent web site.


thanks you’re a great teacher !

luis henrique

Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for these many pieces of advice.
Best regards.


to engvid today at 2:30AM;Friday
1 May 2015
bogor/west java,Indonesia your website very slow to access

chakim hamzah

Thank you!


Thank you for your lesson.

Abdurabbah Saleh

Hi mam! Hope you are doing good. This video has given me a clear picture about article usage. But I have few doubts too. First of all, food is considered as an uncountable noun, but I knew many people they say that was a good food, that was a good music. Here they use the indefinite article “A” how it is acceptable…pls correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks Rebecca!
I like this class :)


how can I get distance lessons ?


thank you it was really good lesson
why(many new ) is not correct for 4th question


Hi Reebecca! it was excellent question. However, i am confused about the word CLOTHING. Is it uncountable or countable? because i chose the MUch variant of answer in a quize. That was nor correct, i had to choose THE MANY? but i saw the CLOTHING in the uncountable list of words. Thank you!!!!!!!!


Hello, Rebecca.
I was wondering, is “PEOPLE” a countable noun or uncountable?
And whats the reason?
Please help me, i’m having a presentation about it. Thankyou.


Can be months(January, February,etc.), names(Mary, Alice, etc.)used in plural?


By the way, thanx for your useful video)


Thank you, so much Rebecca.


It was a nice and informative lesson but in some time I should repeat it again.


Thanks a lot!


Thank you for this interesting lesson.


thanks a lot Ms , peace and love to and your family .


Hi rebecca, I just would like to thank you for this interestiung lesson. You are really an amazing teacher because you really know how to transmit the message to your students. I have a question; Is it correct to say plenty of people?

Tarik rahmouni

Thank you!


Thank You Rebecca

Tharwat Habib

Hi Rebecca,
I found 3 gray hairs this morning.
Is this sentence correct?


Hello, Rebecca! Can we say, for example, so:”Please, pass me THAT milk”? Thank you.


uhhh very nice tips


wow! congratulations ,Valeria, you were perfect !!!
score: 10/10


I get confuse of this countable and uncountable. Thanks for explaining!


I retook the quiz and got 100. I should understand well the question before answering.


Thanks a lot, Rebecca. Very very useful lesson.
I got 90.


thanks>> 100

Ammar Elgazzar

MAM, if I say lot of information is needed. Is it correct?

Abhinandan 02

pls tell me nouns that are countable and they are also uncountable??please answer me


Dear mam, I can learn a lot of grammar and getting many information about my Academic.
Thanks a lot. May Allah bless you!

Afzal Hossain

Thank you for the re-fresher lesson!


Thank you, Rebecca! I have watched every of yours lessons, there are very useful for me :)

Marina Barakova

Thanks teacher

Crisval AN

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you…

M kartal

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Thank you my good teacher! ?




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Ye Yint Aung

pizza is non-countable !?


thank you Rebecca


Thank you so much. This is very helpful for me.


Thank you Ms. Rebecca.


You got 7 correct out of 10.
I can open exam. Need to learn form make.
I language grammar.

Chandrakant parmar

Thank you Rebecca for the help, I am improving my Engmosh!

Bah Abdurahim

Is there any difference between a lot of and lots of?
Can I say: I have a lot of pants and I have lots of pants



i am an ESL teacher and a native ( but bilingual) speaker. I just want to say that i often check your lessons to see HOW to explain things . Things that I know how to do correctly but don’t know why ! In five years no student has ever said ” Oh i watched this lesson last night on Engvid!” Haa haa. BUT I do also, as a thank you- recommend this site ( and you) to every class. :)


Thank you very much, dear Rebecca.
Best regards


9/10, thank you!


thank you so much for this lesson.got 10\10

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A very thanks to you mam for your outstanding lesson! It’s so useful and very clear,more informative.I love your lesson as always.you have made a lot of lessons on engvid website.


Is “some”,suitable for quantify pizza ?


    * to quantify


Dear Rebeca
would you please tell me, why “an enough” is wrong in the question?
8. I don’t think we have _______________ drinks for all the guests.
an enough


Thank you!


Thanks a lot for your lesson.

Teddy pham

Oh, I’ve got the first wrong. You had asked for the incorrect one and I’ve checked the only correct option. That shows how we need to pay attention to what is being answered in the questions.
Thanks, Rebecca!


I watched this video twice on July 24, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got ten out of 10.


I really love all of the videos. They are very helpful. Thanks.


I watched this video one more time on August 28, 2021.


Thank you so much, Rebecca. You are marvelous.


I do not understand the first question, a few we can use with countable nouns and some with both, and the question that needs the incorrect answer should be a little because non-countable?


Best trick


I got 9/10.

Thank you! =)


Many thanks for your support 🤗


Rebecca, many thanks!

Natalya Malginova

Is pizza countable or uncountable?

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