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thanks a lot Ronnie …. I hate math too

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    really yu are a nice teacher in this web and i hope to teaching us all lessons

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tu tuan tu

Thanks You So Muchhhh.

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    I am an english teacher here in thailand , if I can be of any help , let me know

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Thanks very helpfully

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35 times 1 = 35 )))


If you ask me I love math :D and now I love it more!!! thanks teacher

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Thank you Ronnie :) great job but 42 devided by 2 equals 21 :)not 22 ;-)

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    it’s just a joke)


      I don’r think so, she is really wrong

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Thanks You So Much.
I am learning English from this sit. :)


Yeah 42/2 equal ……Ronnie. be attention hahaha


Ronnie noooooooo 42 divided by 2 is??? 42? kkk

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    She is the worse math teacher from EngVid.com, but She is the best English teacher from this one! rs…I love you Ronnie!

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Thanks mam Ronnie for such a cool lesson.
well, your lessons are always useful.

2- WHAT DOES ‘Why the wealthy are laughing all
the way to the bank’ MEAN ?


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    All the way : completely;
    Throughout the entire way,all along;
    Until the end,until the conclusion.

    Glad I could help!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thank you Ronnie :) I like your lessons

42 / 2 = 21 not 22 loool. Fix it

Thax ! :-)

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I like this class. thank u madam.


many thanks to u Ronnie


Nice lesson ^_^

Thanks a ton.


Wooooow ^_^ Magic.


7-1=6, yes i got the answer ,but unfortunately i copied it . I also hate math.So pls inform me about my win(places, money etc). You always give super cool lessons . Thank you Mam.In India teachers are worshiped before the god.

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Well, would you mind if i ask you why!

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Thank you, Ronnie. You are so funny, but in the math you are really terrible. Jaja!

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Thanks Ronnie.. but sorry I adore math.. a lot-I’m just engineer- but it’s more fun with you

Tota Ahmed

Thanks Ronnie.but sorry, I adore math.just engineer. but it’s more fun with you………….:D <3

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thank you 4 being my teacher online. u made my day cya.

Efrain Dominguez

Thanks Ronnie,I love Math.

Juan George

Hey dear Ronnie 42/2 = 21 and not 22 !! anyway , it’s not a big deal, everyone makes mistakes !! have a nice day dear Teacher !

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    relax, she jokes


thank u..Ronnie :) u r so funny

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    Hi, Kyyliee, I´m from Mexico, I want to ask you, in this moment what time is there? and what temperature there are in Poland? I ask this, becase maybe the next month, I will be there. I appreciate you answer. thank.


You are so funny ! I loved learn about math.


“Superironic” and “selflightening”.
I like very much this attitude.

Thank you


Hahaha Ronnie you rock! This lesson was so simply but also so funny!

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hi ronie , i appreciate the way u r teaching,very pleasant.

thanks for teaching us

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100 points, yay!


thanks soo mush rooney end iwant to tell you iiiiiiiiiihate math too

anouar tazi

you are the best teacher around the world end also you are funny so .thanks for your lessons end ihate math too

anouarel ghaddar

Hi Ronnie,
You know what? I am really impressed by your acting skills. The truth is that good teachers are also good actors. Keep up the good work, Madam


Tanks Ronnie.

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Ronnie is not a math. Teacher so shedoesn’t answer the

math is correct or not,she just. Show you in English math.

Cuong ta

Hi! I have a question about this. In math how do we say, mathemathical, the fractional number (I’m not sure if this is the correct words) eg. how do we say 9/2. ?

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You’re so funny Ronnie! haha

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Amazing teacher.

No i dont love kill.

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Hi! Ronnie, Great lessons!!! I wonder if you can tell me the correct names of the most common subjects taught at school.

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Great times 9 !

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I love your way of teaching. it is very lively and funny.

amuden, india.

Thank you so much

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Life is unpredictable and funny, like Ronnie :) Thanks again.


very good lesson. Tomorrow i’ll teach my youngest son to multiply by 9. And I think my elder doughter (12 y.o.) apreciate it too. (By the way, help me to anderstand what is the difference between “elder doughter” and “older doughter”. Google translates them in one way. Thanks

Алексей Окунев

    They are the same…except we usually say older daughter…not elder. Elder is an old fashioned word.

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      Hi Ronnie,there was a mistake in your lesson of Basic math vocabulary,42/2=21,not 22,Ur mistaken,please check it out…

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      Thank you very much Ronnie. you are the best teacher in my life, I love you. watching your lessons are too much fun. I’ve watched all your lessons and I learned a lot. please make more lessons than others.

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Cool lesson! I wait for a lesson in geometry!

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If the mistakes comes from You, I don’t care, because I do a lot!

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wooow… excellent lesson , you are the best teacher of every

continue make a videos

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Thank you.


Roonie, thanks! Very funny, I never forget this lesson!
Please don’t move to math teacher way!!! I am joking.

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Thank you Ronnie
this lesson very useful for me :D


    and now i just joined engvid!

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Thank u very much Ronie………..I’ve learned your Lesson. It’s very helpful and I enjoy it.


42/2=21, this is correct

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I always laugh when I see your lessons Ronnie. You’re very funny. Is easier to learn with such a teacher. Thanks Ronnie.


you are very funny


you are very funny


Appriciated. You did a great job , you are senior as always. Thank you

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you taught us 9th table as well as English. excellent, new method of table to teach my son. keep it up Ronnie. I think you put on some weight,anyway good but maintain it the same level.

amuden, india.



Thanks you mss Ronnie


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Thursday, March 14th 2013

Daksh Malik

Hi lovely Teacher Ronnie thank you so much …………………………………….
It was my request to describe the nice and important video now I can teach my children.
Again Thanks My lovely Teacher Akbar from Afghanistan Kabul.
Best wish to you

sher M Akbar

thank youuu I am from georgia and I love math and you too so much :* :* :**********





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Roonie thank you very much for your teaching me Math and i hope to learn many more

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Didn’t know this trick with fingers xDD
Thanks a lot!

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Are you hailing from Texas?


Thank you Ronnie ^^”

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Hi there,

Misssed uuu dear Ronnie.

That was nice.





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i like your clicking ;)




thank you teacher..I love Math so much :-D

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I want to talk with a teacher plzzz


thanks !!

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Hi, Ronnie.
You don’t know that, but you really love maths!
It’s a fact. Every creative person like maths, and every routin-stuck person hate maths. Maths are in all our life, every time we join two concepts to make a conclusion we’re using maths. Every time we learn by heart and repeat without understanding, we’re not using maths.
Amazing lesson!! Thanks a lot.


All smart people, I thimk, hates maths. Even sme stupid people too ;)


I love all your lessons just great!!!!!

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Hi, Ronnie,
you are so funny, I like your lessons. I hope it’s help me improve my english.
Thank you so much.
You are amazing person!!!!!

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i will be try speak in english but nobody there i will speak another person then my shot out my mistake ,,, but here quiz and anser very very usefull me


the answer is 6 can i get the price
and 42:2=21 not 42:2=24 you lern it me wrong


Thank you Ronney.your method is very helpful.Best regards.


thank You..Ronnie

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thank s honey this lessons is done well


that was too short and enough usful.Tnx

Nima Refahati

not bad


thanks Ms Ronnie. what is the difference between TOEFL and IELTS. please help am in big dilemma which one to go for
i look forward for your feedback


    You should look up both tests on the internet and decide which one is best for you!

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First, I would like to say thank you for your classes. I have learned a lot. I’m writing from Brazil, and I would like, if possible, watch a lesson of phrasal verbs.


thanks ronnie hope many lesson I learn from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is new for me thanks… I like this web site is my First visit. Is great.


Excellent…now i know something new…thanks a lot

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thanks a lot for that wonderful lesson dear :)


thanks for your trick Ronnie, just try find a trick for ‘divide’ too…. :) :)

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you wanna teacher like meeeee
i will make you love math

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very very easy . Thank you

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Thank u very much mdm

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Thanks Ronni, i hate math too, but it is simple.

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thanks a lot … Ms Ronnie, i like your way to teach :)

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Thank you

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thanks very match :)

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You are a great teacher. Thanks a lot. I love the way you teachs.

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Ronne ,,
thanks for your videos :)
We need lesson about how to junction sentences on strong way .. such as while , however, unless, but and although ..
thanks in advance sweet teacher ;)

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Thank you Ronnie !!

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thanks, Ronnie!

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Thank you! Ronnie you are a great teacher! I got 100, different to you I like Math :P

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Hi Ronnie? I was wandering to ask you what university you work for? I really want to matriculate there.

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    Sorry, I do not work at a university. I do offer private or group lessons in Toronto. Here is my facebook, message me there! Ronnie MacEnglish.

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Hi Ronnie…as always is a pleasure watching your videos… I have a doubt, can you explain the difference among SAVE and SAFE, is cuz I got a bit confusing. Thnks a lot

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    Look up save and safe in the dictionary, then tell me what you think the differences are!

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The most positive teacher of this site! So funny lesson, thanks Ronnie!

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Hi Ronnie , could you tell me about your skype class?? thank you!

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    Sorry, I do not have Skype lessons.

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Thanks times thanks Ronnie :)))

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Thank you DR:Ronnie I used to hate Math but now i love it your way of thinking is really unique and i really like it

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really i love math Ronnie

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Thank you for class!!!

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I love math!! Anyway it was a very useful lesson

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100% I’m good!

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Thank you teacher Ronnie. I really love the way you teach English. I’m pleased I got 10 out of 10.
Have a very pleasant day.

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thankz Ronnie! magically!

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Too easy. Where is integrals or something like that?

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Thank you.I love engvid.com

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Thank you mam, it is because of you, i know the differences between add and plus. Thanks a lot, you all are doing great job

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very easy.

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Thanks Ronnie, very nice math. You like to my friend Giovana.

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Hello, Ronnie! You are the best teacher of English in world!!! I realy want to learn English with you by Skype. How much is it?

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it’s simple lesson but very important. thank you Ronnie, you are a star. you must be a teacher and artist too

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Thanks Ronnie!

I love the way you teach ❤

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It´s lesson is very important for me, thaks you Ronnie

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oh, Ronnie, thank you very much for such a useful lesson, now I can tell my math teacher something mathematical in English, so she’ll shut up I hope, because I hate math most too.:D It’s a very useful lesson!

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hello to you Ronnie.I’m glad to knew you.I’ve seen some your lessen special LOL.etc .that was marvelous.I’ve just started to learn English.so I have to know a lot.I’ve got lots of questions.are you free to answer my quetions? I mean could answer me sometimes?TKS for your teaching.oh i forget to say I’m from Iran

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I love your way of teaching! I’ve learned a lot from your lessons
Thank you Ronnie!!!

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thanks a lot

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very good, i like

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thanks teacher, that’s so useful!

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Your funny way in teaching english make it interesting thanks alot Ronia :)

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you teach bad at math

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Hi teacher Ronnie! You’re crazy! I liked you, kkkk.

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I love Ur way in teaching <3

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thanks alot ronni
very good

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I like here so much and the quizzes is very useful after watched the video. :)

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Hello, Roonnie! I like math. I think your count is not right like 42 divided by 2 equals 22. the answer should be 21. :-) Thanks for joint to your video. I like it very much

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Hi Ronnie, Do not you like math?! I love this! By the way, great lesson.

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Thanks Ronnie. I liked your teach.Kiss

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Thanks Ronnie. I love mathematics, math….what ever.

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Thanks Ronnie :)

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Thanks Ronnie you are the best teacher .

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I like your lesons, Ronnie :o)

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i love bab ronnie ♥♥♥♥♥

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I didn’t know that thing with the fingers! lol I’m trying to spell “maths” and “forty-two divided by two” AND I CAN’T. Argh, I hate my spanish accent, it prevent (idk if that is the properly word, maybe “keeps me” or “stopping me” I’m not sure) from pronouncing words like that :/

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<3 thanks ronnie

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Thank you Ronnie, You are amazing.

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Thank you ronnie , you are amazing , this lesson is very helpful for me

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Ronnie i thought you liked math hahahah

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Is a amazing tip… about the answer of *multiplication :) :) :)

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Thank you very much.

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I can’t thank you enough; Speechless!

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I laughed so hard))))

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I love your classes! You are the best english’s teacher I’ve ever seen!

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WOW, You Make my day :D

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Watching your lesson is not only learning but also big laugh.You’re awesome:))))))

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That quiz was too dificult,cause´MATH of corse!

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I like your classes. I improve my English everyday. Thanks so much!

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I love Math
and also .. i love english

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this lesson i really liked and also Ronnie’s other lessons..i’m trying to speak like native speakers but i cannot get speed when i talk,especially i cannot put the proper words together,please give me some advice

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Math used to terrify me when I was a child, too. What a relief it is that I don’t have to study math any more! Thanks for teaching how to say some basic math vocabulary, Ronnie!

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the fact is math hates me !! even if i love it :P

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Ronnie, you’ve got a terrific mistake on divide one, but at multiplication you surprised me. Very nice trick.

Thks for teach me!

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Thank you Ronnie

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42 divided by 2 is equals 21 :D i’m studying engineering in egypt i addor math :P

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i got 10 :D thanks ronnie
You are the best teacher you have ever seen.
the second sentence true or fols if it folse correct it pleas thanQ

Profile photo of mustafa17 mustafa17

Very interesting! Thank you, teacher Ronni!
So now, i was known a new way to calculate fast from you ^_^!

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Thanks Ronnie,…
Please teach me about how to teach root, exponent, and logarithm in English,… I beg you :D

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Thank you Ronnie for ur lesson

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Thanks a lot,Ronnie,I enjoy your lessons!!!

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Good Practice! thanks

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thnx alot ronnie..I hate math but I luv teacher :) thnx alot for ur ‘bad-ass’ efforts :D

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Hi Ronnie,,,,you really are bad in math….Thanks for your classes,,,,Regards…

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thank you very much Ronnie,what is the most english words are used

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thank Ronnie long live and be healthy take care.

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I love math and I love Ronnie. This means that people can love things absolutly diferents

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good but 42/2 = 21 not 22 :)

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ı love math and Ronnie is perfect

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Its first time i get 100 %

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I already liked you Ronnie, but after this lesson I laughed so hard you’ve just become my favorite teacher.

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ronnie you are a very successful teacher l have learned from you something more than the material you present, i`m an english teacher and after using your methods in teaching with your great smile with my classes i feel much more success. i really want to thank you and tell you keep it up.

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I love math and I have a plus with this lesson

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its 21

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-6 my sweet teacher ^_^ easy i cant teach you math

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Thank you ronnie for an amazing & useful lesson ……….i wanna a teacher like you in my school cause your styling in teaching is perfect and i enjoy to watch your lessons i am grateful you thanx

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for me u are the best teacher i have ever seen and i feel that u are awesome character in real life

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Thanks a lot, that is very important

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to easy

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love ronnie clases!!!!

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love ronnie clases, specially slang ones!!! hugs

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Thanks. You are funny.

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Thanks Ronnie, you’re good English teacher, but in the math you are terrible! kkkkk 42 divided by 2 equals 22? How is it possible? kkkkkkk you’re funny!

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thanks i love your lessons

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Thanks you very much T.Ronnie. You’re funny.

Profile photo of I-rug I-rug

Thnks you so much.I like Your class.^^

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Ronnie your class is so funny.

Profile photo of aejin2002 aejin2002

HI Ronni, really you are not good in maths but you are very good teach english. Thank you

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Ronnie you are the best!I like your class too.

Profile photo of rrrobert rrrobert

U R The Best Teacher Ever !

Profile photo of rubenscarrilho rubenscarrilho

It is my thought dear Ronnie:
May be you are not the best world´s teacher, but you are the best teacher in my world.

Profile photo of polo1954 polo1954

thanks so much. I am really bad at math.:D

Profile photo of jimmy9x jimmy9x

I love math and hate eng

Profile photo of Banabdulkarim Banabdulkarim

You are awesome ronnie

Profile photo of torakami torakami

l love math

Profile photo of basimhilal basimhilal

You are best!!!!

Profile photo of helym33 helym33

Thank you Ronnie ! You’re a really great teacher… Il love your lessons … In this one, you says “bear with”, i didn’t new this expression, so i search on the web, and i figure out that wasn’t about the animal ! Then, i see another expression : “like bears with a sore head”… In this one, is-it about the bear, the animal, or not? In France we say something like “pleasant like a prison’s door”

Profile photo of STEPHDEO STEPHDEO

    Yeah, “bear with a sore head” is talking about the animal…bears are apparently bad at bearing with pain (ha).

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Grait lesson.
Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of melva melva

all the lessons de Ronie are very good

Profile photo of khattabi khattabi

Thanks Ronnie

I get 10

Profile photo of Adnan Adnan

Thank you very much

Profile photo of bummia bummia

Ronnie,you are the best teacher. Thanks a lot. Greeting from Slovakia.

Profile photo of Mirka178 Mirka178

very funny Ronnie!
And, let’s go to the class of Math now! hsuahsuashaush

Profile photo of luigieriche luigieriche

I don’t understand what you say on the video at the beginning …being a child, being a teenager and being a ???
Thank you and congratulations for you great job!

Profile photo of CRISTO CRISTO

Thanks Mrs.Ronnie you save my live

Profile photo of wonghkewin wonghkewin

Which word is used most commonly in everyday speech?

What is the meaning of “everday” I watched a lesson of Sir Adam in which he explained everyday means ordinary. I answered it as mathematics. I got 80%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

U are funny :) I love ur gestures,i wish i had u like english teacher in ma school.Anyway just keep doin’ this good work with english.

Profile photo of ksgirl ksgirl

I also hate math. Haha. Thank you, Ronnie :D

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Profile photo of gustavoledezma gustavoledezma

Are you kidding me Ronnie you don’t know 42 divide by 2 is equal to 44. Now I know you are the best math teacher in the math world.

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ROONIE Dont worry about maths..In india there is a book called vedic maths founded during greek latin period by indians..u can use the shorcuts to improve it…try buying in online shopping ebay ,amazons etc..good luck roonie..

Profile photo of Deepak workaholic Deepak workaholic

I got 10/10 :]

Profile photo of joudy.A joudy.A

I love math…

Profile photo of gokhangulumser gokhangulumser

Nice your lesson Ronnie! you will be a role model for the children willing to teach. math was my black sheep too! i hate it my best mark was 9 out of 20. i don’t know your marking system and i wish to learn that!

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rooniee you are so funny xD

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The trick with fingers I learned it also when I was in Elementary School, it’s very useful.
You are my favorite teacher in this website.

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It was so simple.
I just wondered about what was tricky solving a number times to 9.

Profile photo of mahanengvid mahanengvid

amazing teacher

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6 is the answer

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100% and 42 divided by 2 is 21 hahaha :p

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Thank you so much.

Profile photo of nickliao1 nickliao1

thanks Ronnie!

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tnx teacher :)

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Thanks ronnie but 42:2 eugual21 not22 …by by see you leter at the next lesson

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thank you ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie!

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9/10, Thanks

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The Math is sucks. Thanks Ronnie

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You are great, teacher Ronnie.

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Hey Ronnie,
You are hilarious, thank God you are an english teacher, cause you got the second answer wrong. Oops 42/2= 22 lol. I am sure you did it to make us laugh. Thx

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Ouch i missed one. You got me Ronnie. That was tricky one, i should’ve paid attention to s. maths :)

Profile photo of Haliscsula Haliscsula

Thank you Ronnie
this lesson very useful for me

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Thank you Ronnie. this lesson very useful

Profile photo of Aimen Aimen

great! I liked the class!! thanks Teacher!! How funny you are! :)

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Thank you.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Thank you Ronnie! The times table tric you introduced is so magical!

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Hi Ronnie, i love your classes… i wish i could attend your class in person. Maybe a day……

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Hi Ronnie, i love your lectures! I am an engineer and I can teach you math :)

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oh my gosh she really said she is bad in maths 42/2 is 21….lol

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10/10 i’m great at math Ronnie thank you a looooooooooooooooooooooooot

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Thanks a lot Ronnie but I love math.
,,Math is the king of the sciences”

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to count with finger…it was really cool

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it’s wonderful lesson teacher Ronnie. you’re my best teacher…
go ahead

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Ronnie is so funny. Ronnie rules! Thanks for lesson.

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i got 10 out of 10
the math is very easy

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10 out of 10! Thank U! )

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hi ronnie.You are the most excellent teacher among those I have followed on youtube.you try always to explain to us understand especially when you make gestures.Gestures make better than words.the subjects you choose are really very important.Ihave only arequest .Could you teach us how to teach lesson read with the its steps,please?Thank you so much

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    Your comment is waiting to be approved by engVid.

    hi ronnie.You are the most excellent teacher among those I have followed on youtube.you try always to explain more and make us understand especially when you make gestures.Gestures make better than words.the subjects you choose are really very important.Ihave only arequest .Could you teach us how to teach lesson read with the its steps,please?Thank you so much

    Profile photo of fateh80 fateh80

Hi Ronnie!)))
You’re cool!))) I would be able to teach you a math.
We would be able to buy a beer and to count botlles we’ll drink)))
Your trick with fingers made me laugh)))
I laughed a lot)))
I hope engeneer which build buildings, ships and airplanes don’t use this way of counting)))

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I got 10 correct out of 10 ;-))))

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Hi Ronnie,
How are you , you are great Math teacher really
Would you mind to make lesson about measuring such as mater and feet and what is the different
Really many thanks for you

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Thank you.

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I have a question (12 plus 7 minus 4)divided by 4 times 3 equals

every end is a beginning :D

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Hi Ronnie,just wanna tell you once more that i really love the way you teach, you’re very funny and you make everything easier for us students, thank you so much and please make some more videos for us to enjoy, thank you.

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Thank you Ronnie, you are the best teacher ever. Your classes are very nice and enjoyable… (May I use enjoyable in this sentence?)

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I knew that 7-1=6 and I can’t believe that you hate math!

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good lesson ronnie

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Thanks for your lessons Ronnie. I really love the way you explain stuff.

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Thanks, I’m learning :D

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Ooops! I’m good at math ^^ hh

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thanks ,but i love math

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hi Ronnie thanks for your lessons . i like the way you teach and explain stuff.
i wish you can be my tutor hhehe.

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Thank you so much Ronnie. I love your teaching style.

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Hi, Ronnie, whats the difference between “Math” and “Maths”?

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Ronnie is more than amazing

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thanks ronnie exelent video

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Thank you.

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Thanks Ronnie I love Math (: Lol

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Nice lesson and trick- Thank you Ronnie.

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Thank you. love your videos

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Hey Ronnie. This is a great lesson. Could you do a basic Chemistry or a Physics lesson for us? Many thanks.

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Thanks! Honnie

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Thanks Ronnie, This lesson is amazing!

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Thank you Ronnie :) I love your lessons :)

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Thanks you Ronnie.

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Thanks Ronnie.

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You’re the best Ronnie.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, i am a civil engineer so i think i love math.

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thanks, you + engvid + others teacher = ??
Answers: Love, compassionate, non for profit!
i love you guys all!!

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thank you ronnie
you have very nice teaching way
I understood the lesson well

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thanks Ronnie

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I love u Ronnie!!Thanks a lot!!

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I love the way you teach. Thanks so much.

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100 % again …. you are super teacher

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I like Ronnie style but unfortunately
i love math :D

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I like Ronnie’s teaching… she is a really amazing teacher…

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thanks ronnie :)

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Great….I like Ronnie…

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thank you Ronnie!!
I hate math too hahah

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thanks Ronnie I enjoyed this lesson

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, I love math and I enjoyed this lesson.

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I loathe math because it make me cry if i thinking about it
Thanks for this Lesson
I did it I did it! yay yay

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Ronnie you are the best !!!!!! I have learned a ton with you :) thanks

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Ronnie ma’am super It’s really magic.
Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I know this magic.
Now I gonna teach my elder brothers and my friends. Thanks a million Ronnie ma’am your lessons, way of teaching is Awesome.

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thanks Ronnie
but 42/2=21

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thanks Ronnie

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hello Roni. Thanks a million, i love the way you talk, best of luck habibitie “sweetie”

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Thank you Ronnie. I got 9/10 mark because I think you love math :p

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Happy women’s day Ronnie and for all of you !thanks a lot !

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Ronnie you are awesome!

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thank you

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THank you ronnie, i love math

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