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First comment :)

I am looking for native English speaking penfriend or somebody with advanced English. We can exchange emails, chat or talk via Skype. I have traveled around world and I want to improve my English and have fun before my next journey.
My email is Feel free to write me :)
Thank you

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    I cant find you

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very interesting lesson thanks jade ;)

Profile photo of dieReise dieReise

Lovely lesson,Jade. In Brazil we are used to drinking
“builder’s tea” exactly like you described it.
I usually watch your lessons, twice or even thrice,
because of your accent. It’s an extra lesson.
Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Thank you Jade so much. It’s really a great and useful lesson.

Profile photo of mynassar mynassar

What an interesting lesson. Drinking tea is a real ritual in London, is not it? I hope someday to participate in it. By the way, I love tea.

Thank you, Jade; you are very nice.

Profile photo of Raul R. Ortiz Raul R. Ortiz

Thank you teacher Jade! I have a question here:What is the difference between ‘scone’ and ‘biscuit’?

Profile photo of Sorranks Sorranks

    hi, I see u have an anime pic do u love anime?

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Take a cuppa for you Jade.

Profile photo of Abdulateef Abdulateef

    i will offer you somali tea with milkey

    Profile photo of Taruri Taruri

I got 07/09. ☺ fancy lesson 😉 Thanks jade. Love you.❤

Profile photo of Annie Annie

I got 07/09. Fancy lesson.☺.Thanks jade.

Profile photo of Annie Annie

What a really interesting lesson about English culture!!!Thanks so much Jade ;)
Would you mind teaching us something about the famous British breakfast?? Baked beans in tomato sauce, black pudding, mushrooms, bacon,etc.??I´m not joking. It would also be very interesting to know more about your typical breakfast!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    That’s a great idea! I’ve added it to the list of requests.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Benjamin has a lesson on different foods of the UK coming soon.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

      Sounds great!!
      I visit every day to check if there are new lessons. I hope it comes soon ;)
      Many thanks to all the members of the EngVid team from a Spanish student ;)

      Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Well Done! Thanks Teacher Jade
Got 8/9 anyways, Fancy lesson about English culture with new vocabulary.

Profile photo of Ye Yint Aung Ye Yint Aung

6 from 9 :'(
i am going to try again

Profile photo of HindSaper HindSaper

I love your accent, also the way you copy people’s behaviour.

Profile photo of robertsroberts robertsroberts

HindSaper don’t try it again. Just have some tea. ;)

Profile photo of robertsroberts robertsroberts

It’s amazing how the English people take afternoon’s tea without loose the charm. Thanks Jade for reminding me this.

Profile photo of Francisco Carlos Francisco Carlos

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

I would like to have a cuppa with you , Jade.
You are so nice.

Profile photo of Khader99 Khader99

Thank you Jade.

Profile photo of Franz23 Franz23

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Esraa elsaid Esraa elsaid

a pretty good lesson but correction Jade: The british did not explore the world to get tea but invaded those tea-cultivating countries such as Sri Lanka(formerly Ceylon),India etc..therefore it reached Britain in 1800`.Otherwise that plant is not possible to grow in Britain `cause the climate not permitting so as everyone knows that! you`be better off not saying so on your video.Sorry for this but I had to comment on this as an historian.

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youre so funny :D

Profile photo of Hosam8Nasr Hosam8Nasr

5/9 :-(

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Thanks teacher great lesson.

Profile photo of Alialsamen Alialsamen

Thank you so much Jade!

Profile photo of isakibrahim8315 isakibrahim8315

Difficult to understand nowadays but thanks a lot, teacher Jade, interesting lesson.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thank you so much teacher

Profile photo of pern pern

Good lesson on drinking tea in England. Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

I liked this lesson very much! Thanks, Jade!

Profile photo of Francisco Carlos Francisco Carlos

Thank you.
Very useful information

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thank you for this lovely lesson

Profile photo of nouri241 nouri241

Thank Jade for providing the interesting information about tea

Profile photo of Trangnguyen99 Trangnguyen99

I also love drinking tea even though I am not British.In my country,Myanmar,we drink tea with milk.

Profile photo of Shun Lai Shun Lai

If God had a voice,it would be the one of Andrea Bocelli.

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Profile photo of Jo Jo Kyaw Jo Jo Kyaw

Hi, good day, like your lesson topic, thanks; One feedback, speaking the student side, use one column at the time like others teachers do, so you don’t block with your body one of the two columns, others teachers pause the video and with a finger noise come back like time machines or magic tricks with the new column; Always stand in front of the blank side of the board, and by the way you should not be moving to the center of the board all the time, just in the beginning (Presentation) and when closing the video/class, always take a side, left or right of the board, this is not a comedy club where the presenter take the center of the stage, you have information in the board don’t block it with your body.

Profile photo of eduardom49 eduardom49

Hi Jade!
Thank you for the lesson!
I like to drink tea too, as many others on the world, and in the England, of course. I am troubled, a bit, why Englishman use so ‘not clean’ words when they talking about kind of food.
It was very useful lesson for me.
I hope it isn’t the last time, and we will be enjoying new topics of English culture!

Profile photo of Usernoleo Usernoleo

We drink tea with milk in Siberia

Profile photo of Volv Volv

I got 8 our of 9. I got #1 incorrect. haha!

Profile photo of Zup Tim Zup Tim

Great lesson Jade.
Your descriptions about English tea customs are unbeatable

Profile photo of PacoBe PacoBe

learning about other cultures is important because: 1) you learn more about your OWN culture, by contrast and comparison 2) you learn that most people around the world are the same, despite local customs 3) you add a lot of variety to your life 4) it’s just fun.

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I’d prefer a coffee, please.

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Very good lesson.Thanks.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

I had have an afternoon tea with champagne. It was wonderful

Profile photo of Patrizia Patrizia

6 out of 9. anyway,i do not like tea

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i will offer you somali tea with milkey

Profile photo of Taruri Taruri

Thank you

Profile photo of Boddu Sailaja Boddu Sailaja

That’s great!

Profile photo of hossam kamal hossam kamal

Very interesting lesson !
8/9… The last question was more difficult… :-)

Profile photo of Courgeron Courgeron

thank you so much teacher :)

Profile photo of aparlak01 aparlak01

Thank you. Useful video!

Profile photo of vstavaj vstavaj

I so very much like to get to know some culture facts about Britain from natives!
I enjoy discovering the country, and such videos do help me 😊🍪☕️

Profile photo of Vladisslaw Vladisslaw

Nice one

Profile photo of Jumma khan Baloch Jumma khan Baloch

I got 5/9 (: Good lesson!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Thank you

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can i say also i take my tea light as the same meaning of weak or it’s something difference?

Profile photo of Amr sy Amr sy

This is quite acute and apart from some mistakes it seems well made and is fun to watch

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Thanks a lot Ms. Jade.

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