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Thanks Jade for very interesting information about England! One day I will definitely come to London! ^^)


Wow! It was interesting,I am still learning about this country, i wiah I could travel to United Kingdom.
thanks for this data


Seriously?! This lady should know the difference between England and Britain?! We do many of these things throughout the whole of the UK, not just in England. And presenting it with the British flag makes out that Britain and England are the same thing. Britain is made up of more than one country, though apparently those in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are irrelevant. Shame on her.


Thanks for the information Jade, so many topics is covered. Your lesson looks like inviting visiting England, especially London.


How i can watch the video


    YouTube may be blocked in your country. That means you will need to use a VPN to see the videos.

    engVid Moderator

Thank you Jade!

Jack Collins

We like u you people

Zubair safi4747



Jade thanks very much.
this topic really interesting topic for me like it.

Dear Jade, it is a wonderful lesson. All those rules about garbage, children dressed like reflectors etc.

al willis

Thank you a Jade. You gave us a good lesson concerned about different points.

Nimo Ahmed
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