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I have 44%
very hard lesson for me but you are a great teacher .I feel pleasure when I listen to your accent a million thanks

Profile photo of AbdAlaziz AbdAlaziz

    I agree

    Profile photo of VERANILCE VERANILCE

    me too i have 44%
    :) but really it was very difficult :D

    Profile photo of shady.ashour shady.ashour

thanks theacher, i very hard learn to difference

Profile photo of macifuentesi macifuentesi

Lesson very hard, but I got it only 67%.
I’ll have to train much and watching the video one milion of time.
Thanks teacher Jade.

Profile photo of Sonia Maria Alves de Lima Sonia Maria Alves de Lima

It’s not easy to distinguish the vowels. But practices make perfect that I believe.

Profile photo of John Kim John Kim

Very good exercise. Thanks!

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Hard but good exercice !!!

Profile photo of Madeleine Ledoux Madeleine Ledoux

Thanks for helping us to improve our pronunciation.

Profile photo of Muneer19 Muneer19

it’s really a perfect way to learn those sound ,caz i always feel confused when i see them..😘😘thanks

Profile photo of Alborky Alborky

Thank Jade!!!Interesting pronunciation lesson.
Difficult, though….

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

i got 44% to hard and interesting lesson

Profile photo of juanlh juanlh

You got 7 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of Tr0yan Tr0yan

Thank u ..
That was a great and hard lesson .. but very important .. very good !!

Profile photo of andrepd andrepd

I don’t agree with answer question numer 8.

Profile photo of VardanGhazaryan VardanGhazaryan

    Yes. I also think so. suit – sju:t (why swi:t)

    Profile photo of Lana Lana

56% woow ;)

Profile photo of kattyo kattyo

Thank you

Profile photo of Lamajama Lamajama

Its very diffucult to understand for the first time..but i love it ..
I hope will improve my acccent ..
Thank you so much for your graet effort and dedication.

Profile photo of Nataraja Nataraja

It is very difficult lesson.but I understand little bit .

Profile photo of Neeraj kumar Neeraj kumar

Thank you

Profile photo of @putterpattaradanai @putterpattaradanai

I usually mix up /ʊ/ and /u:/, pronouncing both of them as /u:/ (for example, I’d pronounce the “oo” in “cook” as the “ue” in “blue”). Also, I have a bit of trouble to differentiate among /ʊ/, /ʌ/ and /ɘ/ (they all sound like an “uh” to me). For example, I’d pronounce the letters “u” in “survive” (/sərˈvaɪv/), “put” (/pʊt/) and “cut” (/kʌt/) in the same way (as an “uh”).

Profile photo of Pedro Pedro

    Correction: I find /ʊ/, /ʌ/ and /ə/ hard to differentiate (not /ʊ/, /ʌ/ and /ɘ/)

    Profile photo of Pedro Pedro

it is an interesting leeson thank you

Profile photo of khadar24 khadar24

This is a very hard excercize, but I think it is very important to learn it. Thank you teacher Jade for your clear explanation. Have a good day! P.S: of course I will continue to study this section.

Profile photo of antonio sg antonio sg

The lession is difficult so got 6 correct out of 9.

Profile photo of sunny.ding sunny.ding

Thank you and excited lesson and I m watching everyday because I am preparing IELTS exam..


i got 9 correct out of 9

Profile photo of hussein sharaka hussein sharaka

I scored 56% I’m yet to master

Profile photo of @k6amititi @k6amititi

Really it’s a great lesson. Thanks.

Profile photo of Saidul Saidul

56% It’s a really hard excersise. We need more of this to practice

Profile photo of Zequeira92 Zequeira92

Thank you

Profile photo of memet.kangi memet.kangi

hello jude
thank you my lesson today

Profile photo of Mr AKIN Mr AKIN

Thanks Jade very informative!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

yhuu I got 56%!

Profile photo of fabio jose de assis ramalho fabio jose de assis ramalho


Profile photo of Rodrigo Ribeiro Rodrigo Ribeiro

Wow! I got 100%. Your style of instruction superb. Even though I am a native speaker, I learned a deal. I wish you there was a way for you took in the camera while sounding off the IPA’s. I don’t know even if that was a possibility for you! Thanks :)

Profile photo of Mirali1974 Mirali1974

Thanks for your help teacher, it’s hard exercise, however I have got 67 I but know I need to study hard.

Profile photo of Neuma Neuma

I got 56%.

Profile photo of Juliyet Juliyet

Thanks Mrs. Jade!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thanks, Jade. Very interesting pronunciation lesson. I got it only 67%. I will continue to study this section.

Profile photo of Sandrino Sandrino

Very interesting. Thank you !

Profile photo of RapHBaaR RapHBaaR

Hi jade I got 8/9 thanks for the lesson.
What are monopthongs and dipthongs

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