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    Hella Rebecca.. I’m watching your vedio’s last 2-3 weeks and i’m improving a lot… I have one doubt please help me out… Where we you I’d???? I know it means “i had” or “i would” but i don’t know how to use it.. I always heard these abbreviation in songs & movies…. please help me please reply me:(

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      You use I would when you want to do something that you like, you say “I would like to…”
      or in other kind of expressions like “I would like to eat a…”

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    Yeah, it is an excellent website to prepare professional presentations.

    Dear Rebecca,

    Thanks for these useful tips for giving a presentation, they have helped me a lot recently.

    As I see it, crutch words or fillers are always necessary when giving a presentation. I have noticed that I use them a lot; I prefer them to remind silent.

    Thanks again for this wonderful lesson Rebecca.

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      I agree with your comment Regino! By the way i would like to say that you are a excellent viewer-teacher i’ve learned a lot every time that i see a comment from you… you have a great writing skill that one day i will appreciate to have.


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Good lesson! Thank you very much.
I got 8.

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From now on I will improve my English presentations.

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Thank you so much Teacher, I realy understand and like your lessons.

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    thank you teacher

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Thank you Rebecca ;)

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I was waiting for this lesson, thank you

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This lesson helped me a lot

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thanks a lot

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Rebecca, thanks a lot for your useful advice!

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useful advice thanx

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Thank you so much Rebecca! Your lessons are very helpful.

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Thank you Rebecca so much

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hi Rebecca. Thanks for this helpful lesson.

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If invite me someone to give my opinion about something (i think wine) and i’m obliged to do a speach, really i’ll use your advices. I’ll never use the jargon language about the wine in my speach because noone will be understand what i want to say. Your advices are correct and useful. Thank you teacher. Greetings from Greece.

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very useful thank you teacher for this lesson regards

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Very interesting lesson Rebecca, thanks!

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Thanks, Rebecca! I got 9… Great lesson!

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Hi Rebecca
This is a very grateful thing having a teacher like you.
Thank you so much for all your videos explanations that are so useful for us all.

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Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for this interesting video. Definitely I learned new tips. Hope to see you again with new lessons.

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thank you so much .

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it is so helpul.you make me know how to organise the presentation.it is useful even though i present a speech in my native language.

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I got 75. It’s very interesting lesson:)

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Grateful, very, very important lesson

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hi Rebecca. Thanks for this helpful lesson,it is very important for me

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Plz I can’t open the video

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i am really appreciating you and i am very happy and learning very quickly…….
thank you very much…

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Used a lot at college, thanks ma’am!

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Thank you waiting for more lessons

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Hello, Rebecca. Could you please fix the “Resources”? I can’t download neither of them. Please, check them out.

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8. What is jargon?
– a very, very fat man

LOL :-))))

Thanks Rebecca for the lesson!

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I really enjoyed the lesson, thanks Rebecca

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Oh my God! That is so useful. And I’ve understood all!!! Thank you so much!

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thank Rebecca , it really help me so much !

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What I did when I have to presenting in English is watching TED.com (or similar presentation videos) and read SlideShare to get idea about my presentation materials.

Thanks Rebecca.

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Good lesson,thank you teacher Rebecca.

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thank you verry much.

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Thank you Rebecca for this lesson ,its useful to improve our language and our live also

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Hi! I have a problem that I cannot understand what is writing style is and how to use. Can English Video( Engvid) make a clip about writing style or Ms. Rebecca explain for me? Thanks so much.

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Great lesson. Thanks Rebecca

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Thanks a lot ~

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thank you so much.

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Thank very much for your kind and very clear lessoin

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Great tips, thank you.

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Great lesson, thank you very much Mrs. Rebbeca

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avoid slang, jargon, crutch words, abbrevations, complecated sentence.
write down number, use trasation words. use verbs.
Very thanks, Mrs. Rebbeca. That’s grate lesson.

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Thanks a lot Rebeca It was very useful. I got 100

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Wonderful tips!

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Why I can’t watch any videos?

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Good lesson,thank you teacher Rebecca.

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jargon is – a very, very fat man
LOL :))))

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very useful

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very helpful

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hey ms.rebecca <3'
i have a presention in the next week.. thank you very much :)

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Rebeca, You know you are A M A Z I N G !!!

Thank you so much for your help

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Hi Rebecca!!! Excelent class!!! Tks for you help us! haha…

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Thank you Rebecca, useful lesson!

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Such an effective and useful lesson.

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Great.Don’t you think Rebecca that it would have been more useful if examples were given on each and every advice.

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Very good!

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thank you so much. I got 8 of 8:)

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It was cool lesson!It Helped me so much thanks Rebecca!

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I got 100. yeah~
Thanks Rebecca :)

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thanks a lot Rebecca, I´m improving my English every day with your help, It was a useful lesson.
Greetings, take care you.

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Hi Rebecca, score 100%!!!! That’s ok. Thanks for all.

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Thanka Rebecca…

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thanks ,gud lesson

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Thanks Rebecca

50% before watching and 88% after

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Thank you very much! Excellent lesson.

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thank you rebecca you are the best ..

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very nice

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thank you

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now i’ve got to know how to make a point, and speak like a professional. many thanks

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Hi Rebecca and ciao everyone!
This makes me speak like professor, a lot of claps and cheer I get from classmate, thank you!

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Hi there!!! Glad to see you around here again Fellis.


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Thank you very much! I’m appreciated!

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Thanks for the awesome tips Rebecca. I need ur help on something. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the other person’s accent, how to handle that situation. Do I need to do some course to improve or learn accent?
Also, it is not possible to learn all the dictionary. We try to speak simple english that everyone can understand, however, we can’t really advice this to others at work, same with rate of speech. How to handle that situation? Please help.

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thanks my lecturer you are feeding my mind day to day ,slowly i hope I will be strong

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Thanks Rebecca for your amazing class.

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thank you very much!

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Hello all of you.

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quite interesting.. Love these lessons

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Cheers mate!

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Ok, 75 %. Thanks.

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Hi Rebecca

Just joined this website today, and I am excited see the variety of tools and resources to enhance English. In this materialistic world, nothing is free and your effort in making us to understand English in various situations are excellent.

I listened many of your videos and all of them are excellent tools for boosting up my English.

Accept my heartfelt thanks to you and other teachers who spent time to present all the videos here.



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wow 100% ^_^

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Thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot!
Who can help me write the example about use active ?I can t listen it clearly because my poor listening English!Thanks in advance.

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wonderful teaching
thank you so much :)

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can you please teach how to increase fluency…

Profile photo of megha tamrakar megha tamrakar

Thank you Rebecca. Another useful tips I can use for my future presentations. Keep it up.

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thanks it’s my first trial with engVid

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I got 9 out of 8 …..yippi

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very useful lesson. especially for the business English. thanks Rebecca!

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I got 100 , it’s amazing , thanks Rebecca

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thanks a lot but how can we communicate you or can i get a chatting to practice English

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for your advice, clear, simple, and accurate.
Best regards.

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i got 7 out of 8, but i learned. Better luck next time.This is it!

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a useful lesion,hopefully to learn more form Engvid.com, thanks

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Thank you very much this lesson. It is very usefull to me.

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Thank you

Profile photo of Noraddeen Noraddeen

This lesson teach me a lot of tips for a presentation.
I haven’t done a presentaion well until now. But I can have a courage to make a presentaion well because of you. Thank you!

Profile photo of ssuns ssuns

Thank you so much Rebecca! I liked all the tips about how to improve a presentation in English or any other language. it costs me to give a presentation in my native language, T_T. See you then.

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Thanks Teacher

Profile photo of kmshafeeq kmshafeeq

thank you rebecca

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Thanks a lot, its very useful.

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I’ve learned a lot lately in my English skills with your help,i pray to God bless to you and all teacher from EngVid. Definitely these tips to improve our presentations are amazing,i consider that i am good speaking in public no matter if it’s in another language as English, of course all your tips are amazing as i said before but if we could combine them with a great attitude will help us even more! We always must do our best.


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different points that would help us in different situations. thank you very much.

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think you so much..

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thank you very much for this topic rebecca!! i liked, it was interesting too!!


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thank you teacher rebacca. i like the lession your teacher.

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I got 88%.

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I liked it very much, it is very interesting, besides that it gave me a new perspective on how to make presentations from now on thank you very much. :) :)

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Thank you so much.I would try to avoid jargon after this lession.

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You got 6 correct out of 8.


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Thanks Rebecca!

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Dear Rebecca, thank you very much for this free training. I am really grateful to you.

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Thank you dear Rebecca for this useful, interesting and practical lesson

Profile photo of niyonkuru niyonkuru

Thanks one more Madam!

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Very useful lesson.

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