Thanks Alex! My english is improve with these lessons!

smart ESL

    “My English has improved with these lessons.”

    You’re welcome!


      Interesting lesson on pronunciation Alex; clear and to the point.

      Thanks a bunch! Have a great day!


IPEEEEE! My first commentary. \o/

smart ESL

I’m so confuse with bus and busy. Arrrrrrrrg
So Alex, I’m always said busy with the middle like bus
Thanks very much. It’s fix my mistake


    “I’m so confused.” :)

    Glad I could help!


Thanks for dedicate your time for us Alex!!!!


I need to practice lettuce, comfortable and salmon. I always forget how to say.


Thanks! It was helpful!

Salo Daria

Thank you Alex, you are doing great for English Learner. I look forward to hearing you next video.

Muhammad Abbas

    My pleasure. Thanks a lot for studying with EngVid.


      Thank you very much

      Muhammad Abbas

Thank you Alex for the lesson. Thinking of busy, I just remembered a word “business” that many students/learners might make mistake with pronunciation.


    That’s a good one! Maybe I’ll add it to a future lesson.


It was helpful , thank u teacher Alex.


Thanks Alex!!!I´d never heard how to pronounce the word salmon before XD
It’s always a pleasure to follow your lessons and EngVid.com ;)


    I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it useful.


Thank you Alex. This it was indeed a helpful lecture.


    Any time! Thanks for clicking.


very nice lesson , thank you teacher Alex.


Teacher Alex!!!!! Good to learn your lesson again.Thanks for your teaching.Our city is called DAEGU will be held chicken and beer festival in the end of JULY. I want to invite you!!

Jolly Jolly

    That sounds awesome! Unfortunately, I don’t think I have the time or money to travel to Korea at the moment. Haha. Thanks, though!


Alex.. Can you help me with all the forms of conjugation of the verb ”wish” what’s the difference bwteewn these two , I wish I didn’t do this or I wish I hadn’t done this ?



    PRESENT WISHES = wish + pronoun/name + past simple
    I wish you weren’t so angry all the time.
    I wish we had a dog.
    I wish you didn’t think so poorly of me.

    PAST WISHES = wish + pronoun/name + past perfect
    I wish you hadn’t done that.
    I wish he had told me that sooner.
    I wish we had thought of that before.

    You can also use this “would” structure for present/future wishes.

    “I wish you would stop bothering me.”
    “She wishes I would grow up.”


      Thanks Man ! you got a link or sth I can use of in the future. greetings from Colombia.


Tks Alex <3

Amanda de Oliveira

Thank you teacher!!!!

I ever made some mistakes like this!!!!

Lettuce is one example!


Hi, Alex. Great video lesson. As I said on YouTube, I watched it again here on EngVid. Thank you for this useful lesson. Bye!

Júlio César L Sousa

Hi Alex! Thanks for this video, pronunciation is very important when learning any language. I guess I hear the “r” sound between t and a when you pronounce the word comfortable. Is that correct?


Hi! Thanks for this pronunciation class.I have question for you.
should i write “To put it in a nut shell” in the beginning of conclusion in IELTS writing task 2 ?
Some argue that writing “To conclude/In conclusion” is much better than that.


    Because it’s a formal test, I would stick with “To conclude” or “In conclusion.” However, don’t be scared to use “in a nutshell.” It sometimes depends on who is grading your paper. While IELTS testers are trained to grade in the same way, they’re still human and will have personal preferences for certain words and phrases.




Teacher Alex, which is correct to say: A native English Speaker or an English native Speaker? or both are correct? could you help me please.. :D thanks


    The correct order is “a native English speaker.” If you say “an English native speaker,” it means the person is from England and speaks a language called “native.” :)


It would be great if you also gave a lesson about the pronunciations of other words. culture is a word that even today i am not sure if I say correctly :D


    I’ll definitely be making more pronunciation videos like this in the future. It looks like students really like them!


thank you very much

ashraf alaa mohamed

Great teacher……….as always !!
sorry man i used to make the same pronunciation mistake for the word engvid that left my mouth like if it was written as “angvid”,i don’t know for what reason…could you explain it to me since it’s happened to you too….:-)


Hi Alex! :) I like all of your videos, you’re a great teacher! My English can improve a lot by learning with you. Thank you!


It’s really great. Thanks. It is very useful.


it’s awesome web site & teachers.
Thank you master ALEX.


Hi Alex,
thanks for useful lesson. The pronunciation is the hardest part of the English language. There is no other way to master it but listen to good speakers and teachers, and repeat after them, although it may be a bit jaded.


    You’re right about it being difficult, but it’s not impossible, especially if you practice regularly. If you put the work in, you’ll see results. It’s like anything else in life. :)


Many thanks my teacher


I’m sometimes confused the word”ENGVID” but now,you help me.

Many thanks,^_^


    You’re welcome! I made mistakes with it too!


i just send already one comment to Mrs Ronnie she is the best


Thanks, teacher Alex.
Even we, as teachers, have something to improve.


    Always! The goal is to continue learning every day.


Ty very much mr. Alex


thank you very mush alex
that’s help me a lot


I enjoy your lesson and I would like others prononciation video in the future, it’s a big help for me! Thank you Alex!


    I’ll definitely keep that in mind! I’d love to do more pronunciation lessons in the future.


Thank you very much!


Thank you for an interesting lesson, was really surprised with “education” and “salmon”. I have never checked the pronunciation of these words being sure that I pronounce them in a correct way ;-)


Thank you for teaching us the right pronunciation of the words.Hope that I could have a good English in your class.


Thank you teacher Alex. It was very helpful for me. I often make mistake with these words especially comfortable, salmon, lettuce, and clothes. Hope you always have energy and time to share more videos with us. Greetings from Indonesia. :)

Fikri Abdilla

    I plan to make many more videos for many more years. Thanks for clicking!


It was an excellent vídeo. I try to improve my English


tanks you for your this lesson. sir

mirwais sahebzada

please would you like tell me whene i can use the presente perfect ? thanks


Thank you very much.


Can’t believe, that people make mistake in words like ask, bus and busy :)))… Thank you very much with clothes, comfortable, famous, salmon :)


    I’ve frequently encountered Spanish and Portuguese speakers who have problems with “bus” and “busy.” The “z” sound in busy is tough for them sometimes too because of the deceptive English spelling. In Spanish, letters are pronounced as they are written. An “s” is ALWAYS and “s.” In English, an s could be a “z” sound. It makes it tricky for some Spanish speakers to properly pronounce words like “busy,” “is,” and “because.”


    Pronouncing “ask” as “aks” or “axe” is common in some dialects of North American English! But it’s not appropriate Standard English.

    engVid Moderator

Ohh,surprisingly I knew almost all of the words.Haha,thank you very much.It wasn’t boring again(I’m so happy about it and don’t know why so)
Btw,is “it” can replace “this” and vice versa?Or what the difference between this words?If someone could answer me,please///:^///


Thank you very much Alex


thanks Alex

Huda Shafy

Who is not in words ask busy ..clothes comfortable famous salmon thank u so much teacher


thank you :)


Thaank you ,,
hello all. I’m new here so is there any one can speak with me to improve my language ??


That’s brilliant,Alex! although I consider myself in intermediate English level, I found this video very useful. Didn’t know that the “L” in Salmon or “th” in clothes are silent. The sound of “u” as “o” is common in German, also the wrong pronunciation of EngVid, where the “E” pronounced like “É”, is actually a German pronunciation!
Thanks, will keep watching your videos!


thanks alex , can you please do for us other video like this we will be very happy


    I think I will do more similar videos in the future. A lot of students seem to like this one.


This lesson reminds me many things,as you said, many new English speakers have these pronunciation problems, I used to be one of them but with constancy and perseverancia i got it now, you know what? in my English learning way, i have learned a lot just listening even though when it is wrong knowledge but at the end it is experiences. I tell you because i speak like my friend who is American, some times I realize that he does not say correctly some words like those.

The main idea is not listen one person saying the same words, instead of that, listen to everybody.

Good job! Bye for now!


Hi Alex! You have excelled one more time. That is a great video! On the other hand, I am a little bit ashamed, because I finished my English course almost 10 years ago, and I still pronounced nearly half of the list in the wrong way… But I am here to learn, and I thank you for improving my skills. By the way, salmon is my favorite fish as well (too expensive, though)!

Eduardo França

    Nice job! We should never stop learning.


I need your help to resolve a grammar related problem that I often encounter: I become confused about the use of singular and plural in course of writing a sentence.


Millions of people are searching for a house for their families in Delhi.
Millions of people are searching for houses for their families in Delhi.

Many people were trying to get a cup of coffee for themselves, but as cups were less in numbers than the people, so many of them could not get one for them.
Many people were trying to get cups of coffee for themselves, but as cups were less in number, so many of them could not get one for them.

They all were doing their best to get promotions, but only Jack succeeded to get one for himself.
They all were doing very hard to get a promotion, but only Jack succeeded to get one for himself.

Could you please inform which sentences are the right ones and why? And what should I do when I have to write such a sentence.


Love it! Thankes, Alex.:)


thnxx a lot

sadam abdulahi

Hey Alex! I consider myself an advanced English speaker, but your video showed me I make some terrible mistakes with some of those words.

Thanks for the class!


Thank you Alex.I love it.


thanks Alex .


Good Morning Mr. Alex , I have a question. In words like ”lettuce” British are used to say the ”tt” as a diferent way as American are used to say. Is there any problem?


Very good to speak better! Thanks teacher!


thanks teacher very much, i speak not well so i want to learn with you. thanks!


Thanks Alex. Pronunciation is the worst problem for a spanish speaker. For example “bus”. When you say “bus” the sound of the vowel heard by a spanish speaker is a mix of the spanish “a” and the spanish “u”. Maybe more similar to the “a” than the “u”. And when a person from scotland pronounce “bus” the sound heard by a spanish speaker is more similar to the spanish “u”


    You’re right. These pronunciation rules becoming trickier when you start talking about regional English accents. The pronunciations in this video are mostly with a standard Canadian/American bias.


Hey Alex,

How are you doing?

First of all, I want to thank you for providing splendid classes. I have watched 20 videos so far. They help me a lot while I am planning my classes.

I have always asked myself about the importance of phonetics not only for a student, but also for a teacher.
It would be a good idea to teach pronunciaton by using the 44 sounds of the English language.
In my book, students would have to strive and struggle, but they would be understood by native speakers more easily.
I’m into studying the symbols which represent each sound, word stress, sentence stress and sound pairs.
The sound system of each nation influence on how people pronounce words and I think that every non-native English speaker should study phonetics in class. It should be a priority.

Students would shake this pronunciation issue and sound more fluently with this useful sound system.

Don’t you think that learners would achieve an accurate pronunciation?

I have adopted the “listen-and-repeat” system for a long time. However, when I was introduced to this whole new sound system, I have improved a lot.

Best wishes,


sir plz help me .my english is very nill plz help me

kareem haider

thank you alex

ghada atef

When I started this lesson I thought ‘Oh, it’s not about me. I do these easy words correctly)).’ But not a bit of it. ‘Clothes’, ‘salmon’ and even ‘education’ – I’ve always made mistakes in them. Now I know. Thank you for useful lesson, Alex!


    You’re very welcome. Glad I could help!


My kindhearted teacher, so glad i have you :) …


Great lesson Ales. Thanks you for helping us to see our mistakes în pronunciation.


    Oh the auto-corrector wrote your name wrong. Sorry xD


      No problem. I also detest autocorrect sometimes.


Enjoyed a lot your lesson!!!


thanks a lot, i am studying English for years, but that’s my first time to pronounce comfortable correctly!


    Great! I’m glad I could help you with that.


      When will you talk to me?!

      Adwait Shiva

Thank you Alex , that was fun i like it


Thanks you very much!


Excellent video.Thanks a lot.First time i understood how to pronounce comfortable word correctly :)…


thx u so much. i’m from thailad
your lesson is very good




Thanks Alex!

This type of lesson not only teaches us how to pronounce, but also how to understand these terms in conversations.

Fabio Cicerre

    …type of lessons…

    Fabio Cicerre

Good night! Thanks lesson very Good. Congratulations!




Thank you teacher Alex very much!
I have never known a correct pronunciation of the word “education”.
I am shocked to know that, but I get advance for your helpful lecture.
I look forward to watch other your video.


Hi Alex. It’s grate say hello to you. One month ago I’d made this question and I couldn’t check the answer. Could you tell me. When do you uses sentences?. “Do well” and “Do good”
Thanks a lot. My e-mail is nacho.mr.@gmail.com I know you are a very very busy teacher but I hope you can send it by e-mail. By the way You’re a skilled teacher. Thanks

ignacio MR

Sorry I meant use, not “uses”

ignacio MR

Even I meant great. It because of the auto-correct.

ignacio MR

Thanks teacher you are the best in engvid. The class was very useful to fix some mistakes. Bye bye


Thank you teacher Alex for the correction of these common errors,expecting more of this stuff from you.


Thank you Alex for this lesson. I just learned how to say “salmon” and “public”. I’m a Spanish speaker and my “L” wants to be in every word..lol

Lorena Guzman

I loved this video! Thanks!!!




Thank you very much, Alex! An excelent video…Even though english pronunciation is not easy, this is a good way to fix some of our more common mistakes




Thank you! This video helps me a lot.


Thanks alot alex its very useful


Thanks very much.


I thought I was saying most of them in the right way ..thanks


Thank you so much teatcher ALEX for this interesting video. But I’m confused for the pronunciation of the word clothes , i always pronounced th like d for this word, and even in google translation. Thanks :)


Funny teacher. I like you. Thank you so much


Thank you very much my teacher
i am very happy with you .


thanks , i have been pronouncing ‘clothes’ wrong the entire of my life


that’s so good

shawky elzhar

Thank you a lot Alex

rur ba

Thanks alex. I have a question Which one is correct or both are wrong?
I am stressed or I am stressful

Maun Govillian

very good!! thanks


You are amazing!!!


thank you so much.i’m trying my best to improve my english


Thanks Alex! Great work!

Jose Lazzo

thank you Alex.

ann ann

Thank you Alex, I all the time was a mistake with the word comfortable but now I understood what is the correct pronunciation… pura vida!!!!


Hi Alex, this lesson was very helpful thank you so much. also i will be happy if you have please some videos or lessons about job interview, the words and their pronunciation that we should use at that moment or everything about job interview because me and some of my friends have some problems in English job interview.


I made so many mistakes!!!
Thank you so much!


Excuse me Alex. How can I send a private message to you? Because I can see these comments are too long so I can not read and find which is mine.

Jason Cao

thank u alex



Wasi Ahmed

Thank you Alex


Great class !!! Thank you so much !!!


Thank you, that helped me a lot.

duarte rogerio

I correct my mistakes thank you Mr.Alex


I can’t Pronounce comfortable


    Oh No?

    Adwait Shiva

Great job Alex


Haha, EngVid… i made mistake with this word a couple of time, but now i know how to say it correctly. Thanks Mr. Alex

Phuong Thao

    What ?!

    Adwait Shiva

oh my god. it seems completely different the way l had pronounced these words before.especially: comfortable and famous. but it’s very usefull .thanks a lots…


Thank you my teacher


Hey Mister Alex I’m a new user from Egypt and i learn English in the college it’s my main department okay and I’d like to thank you so much for those lessons they’re really useful and i wanted to ask you how to speak a fluent American accent please.
Send me a link video or whatever
That’s my email address
Thanks again.


thanks mr

karim mostafa

I was surprised with “clothes” and “education
” – now i know – thanks a lot!!!


Hi, Alex Thanks for your lesson. It ‘s very useful for me to improve my English skills. Now i really know that i made some mistakes in pronunciation even common words.


My first commit, I hope learn very much as beginner student.
Seems gorgeous this web.


thank you so much Alex

parnid nps

I understood all of them Alex !

Adwait Shiva

Thanks Alex


Hey Alex!!! Congratulations! I love your videos.


Hi Alex, thank you very much for this video.


You are so funny. Thanks a lot, teacher.

Gugu Silva

Thank you Mr. Alex. Great takeaway from common words.


Great lesson.

ann ann

Thanks a lot Alex. I love your videos man! hope ypu read this compliment.


It really helped me!Thank you Alex!

Isaias Menezes Silva


Thanks for your lessons.


thank you my teatcher


It’s really help me !
Thank you my teacher


thank you I improve my pronunciation!


thanks teacher very intersting lessons


say lettuce is very dificult


My english is very poor
i can’t learn


someone could help me to learn the english lenguaje more easy? some tips?


do you have a future plan? no i
a. haven’t
b do have
c don’t
can u tell me the answer


Thanks for you


Thanks Alex


I always love your classes. Thank you Alex.

Alberto Marins

Thank you

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