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I like this form of learnig

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    Thx Rebecca Now I’m So hungry :D
    For all people here Ladies and Gentlemen I hope there is anybody wants to practice her/his English with me voice chat :)
    my Skype is khalid_3adel

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      I thought it was more complicated to order food on the phone, but it isn´t. You’ve got to be concice and to the point.

      Well-desined quiz Rebecca.

      Happy New Year.

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        Happy New Year to all EngVid viewers as well as the teaching staff of this marvelous website.

        May the odds be ever in your favor.

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    hi I would like to improve my english conversation with you guys .I hope you can add me on skype: fil_04

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    i like this method of leaning . but i have little bit problem on speaking & listening . how can i will improve our listening & speaking .

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Thanks. It’s great lesson.

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Hello teacher Rebecca! I feel so happy for having such kinds of lessons thanks to you since they’re not easy to find at all. As you mentioned teacher Rebecca, there are several basic but at the same time important things to bear in mind when speaking or communicating on the phone or even face to face. English learners become nervous or insecure when facing these kinds of conversations (including myself of course). Thanks a lot for making this video teacher Rebecca, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be helpful for all your students around the world.
P.S.: Is “chilly” spelled with only one “l” or it has 2? Thanks beforehand, best regards from Bolivia!

Profile photo of EngBadStudent EngBadStudent

    Thank you. I have had several students over the years who went on to become English teachers. Your English is already very strong and I am sure you will achieve your goal.

    If you are asking about the weather, the correct spelling is chilly. If you’re talking about food, the spelling varies and both chillies, chilli and chili are used. All the best to you.

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Hello! It is an interesing and useful lesson!

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To order on phone seems simple but actually not easy to do.
thanks for useful lesson!

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    Yes, speaking on the phone is always challenging because we have no body language to help us understand more easily. So practice often, and one day, you will discover that it has become a lot easier. My best wishes to you.

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I’d like pizza please ,thanks Rebecca

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100 % , with delicious pizza

Profile photo of hamy alferjany hamy alferjany

Thanks. I like this lesson.

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Hi Rebecca.
Great explanation how to order dish. I’ve got 100% score. Thank you. I will wait for another delicious lesson.

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    Love your comment! It reminded me that many years ago I was teaching a diplomat’s child and walked into an ice cream store to teach him the names of different flavors. The salesperson heard us and asked what we were doing and when I explained she said, “Hmmm, tasty lesson!” Glad it was delicious for you too. My best wishes to you too.

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I have never ordered foods on the phone in English. So useful! Thank you, Rebecca :)

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Who of you have never ordered a pizza?
The pizza is famous in the world and in each country there are restaurants that wait on (serve to) pizza. But italian pizza is the best ! :)
Do you want order a pizza? Call me ! :)))
Bye bye

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    It’s true, but it depends where you order a pizza ;)

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    My skype name: Luca Chierre
    I’m Italian and want to improve my English. I’d like meet new people and learn different cultures. I think is very important talk with other person to improve better the new language.
    you have the same interest as me. may I have your FB. this my FB: frans115@yahoo.com
    I will be very happy if you contact me.
    See you soon

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10/10, I am good student. Lol!:P :=) Thank you so much Rebecca :);)

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Hi Rebecca I missed you a lot in all of this times you haven’t showed up on Engvid lessons?. You, Ronnie and Emma are my favorite teachers here for your lessons are quite interesting and explicit in the way they’re delivered. :)

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Please upload more videos on job interviews, professional skills.

Profile photo of omaxios omaxios

Great lesson. In Italy we don’t use the buzzer code, so it’s a new thing for me. Thank you!

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Thanks very clear lesson

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Great lesson, Rebbeca. Merry christmas!

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thanks for this lesson. I’ve learned a lot!!

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Thanks Rebecca.

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I hope the pizza will be as digestible as your lesson.

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    Haha! Nice one! When you can joke in English, I guess it means your English must be pretty good. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Rebecca I order food in Warteg in my country
      without any asking whether using credit card or debit card.most of all warteg here pay cash.the service using touch screen eg if you wanna tofu just point tofu on screen,if you wanna fried soyabean cake just point/touch the screen.if you wanna delivery order just say:”diantar”

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Great, thanks Rebecca!

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Great lesson. I got 10 of out 10. Merry christmas

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it’s a really good topic of daily life. lol

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca! This lesson is very useful for me.

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Great. Bye bye hungry days.

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    Haha! You have a nice sense of humour. All the best to you.

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Thanks, Rebbeca for the excellent class. See you!!!

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Thank yor Rebbeca!!! you are a great teacher!

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    Thank you kindly. My best wishes to you, Maria.

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thank you very much

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    hi, if you wish to practise your english, come on let’s train with me, my skipe is ailton.rios90.
    see you soon.

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IT is very nice video ! thnx for uploading such a video

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your are very wise dear lady

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9/10 “how long will it take”, not “how long it will take” (my mistake). Nobody uses “checks” nowadays. Cheers.

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Helpful LESSON


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Hi! dear Rebecca
Thank you so much for helping us to do this work during the Christmas holidays. Even if it’s too late but I will say it anyway merry christmas. I think you spent a very good christmas with jesus. I wish you a very good end of year and a very happy new year blessed, full of succes, health, happiness, prosperity…and your family also.

My best wishes to you.

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    Thank you kindly. My best wishes to you for a very successful and meaningful year ahead.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you for your handy lesson.good luck

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9/10 though i’ve never ever ordered food on the phone I have no experience of it. Thank Rebecca!

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Thanks Teacher Rebecca!
This lesson definitely will help me to be more confident in ordering food on the phone next time! :)

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    Great! Happy to hear it! My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi Rebecca

great job, thanks@

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Great Rebecca. Very useful. I got it all.

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Hi. I thanks you so much that you have a lesson for me to improve my English conversation.

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This is my skype account: moath.941
hopefully if u can contact with me I will be glad for that.Lets ease the learning process.

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Thanks EngVid, i really like the lessons. I’m a new here i want to make friendship who want to improve our English Knowledge with me and help me too. thanks you all friends



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Thank you so much Rebecca for your clear understanding.

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Thanks great lesson,it’s seems easy but i am sure in reality it isn’t easy to do.

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    Try it, have no fear, and speaking will become easier every day. All the best to you.

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Got perfect score! Thanks Rebecca, very helpful lesson.

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    hi, if you wish to practise your english, come on let’s train with me, my skipe is ailton.rios90.
    see you soon.

    Profile photo of Boy Rios Boy Rios

    Hi Anneninami, are you obsessed ABOUT learning English? Good for you! You are on the right track.

    Good luck with your English!

    Have a nice day.

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    Terrific! All the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

It’s very useful,thanks a lot

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You are great Rebecca. And i thank Mr SCALES for giving us your website

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It is a good way to learn how to speak English easily.

Profile photo of Serge Maurice NZAMBA Serge Maurice NZAMBA

Thanks a lot Rebecca. The lesson was really useful and straight to the main point. I’m genuinely astounded of the way you explain the lesson.

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This lesson is such great thanks Rebecca u r great :)

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just finish to study this lesson I feel like ordering pizza, immediately^^

Profile photo of tobegood tobegood

    Yes, I know, I’m sorry. This always happens to my students when we have lessons about food! All the best!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you very much :-)


that’s great ………..

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I tought just four word but my idea is always waching all vedio clipp in engvid thanks to all teachers and everone have to explain lesson

Profile photo of Abdirahmaaan Abdirahmaaan

    My best wishes to you. Step by step is the way to success. Good for you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

In our country the person who orders doesn’t request how his or her food should be cooked. thanks for the video I really enjoyed it.

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I wish I

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

I wish I could be ın America ın order to use your teaching. Before I watched your lesson I did not be able to it but now I suppose I can

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nice lesson thanx

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Thank you

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Great lesson, very useful! hahaha

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Great lesson! Thank you.

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it is really usful.

Profile photo of carol1976 carol1976

In Spain, we don´t use buzzer code

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hello! teacher rebacca i want to tell you my problem with english my teacher in my school its very bad i cant understand from her and i want to improve my english with you, i want to improve all the grammar im in the second high school

Profile photo of bashairtalsharif bashairtalsharif

    That’s the great power of learning online – you can take control of your learning and of your future. You can overcome local limitations and set forth on a path to personal success. All we ever really need is determination and nothing can stand in the way of our goals. I wish you all the best.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

very helpful lesson
thank you so match <3

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Thank you.

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Thank you teacher. Be always blessed in Jesus mighty name.

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Hi all,
It’s a useful lesson for me.
I wish will be a native English speaker Inshaallah

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this lesson is great, that’s sounds is amazing

For me Rebeca is one of the best teachers of the engvid, congratulations.

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    Thank you kindly. I am glad you found the lesson helpful. All our engvid teachers aim to produce useful lessons. My best wishes to you.

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Great lesson,
this is my Skype if someone wants to talk with me in Skype: ah.chababi ^_^

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Well, I’m think this site is very good, because others courses are very expensive and have terms and conditions with restrictions, I like so much engVid and I appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Thank you, Gladis. SO glad to hear you find our lessons useful. Students have told me they have passed exams that changed their lives just by watching our lessons. That is very rewarding. Everyone should have access to good education. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Happy New Year in 2015 to all of our viewers. May the year ahead lead you to make the breakthroughs you desire to take your lives to a higher level. My warmest wishes to each of you. Thank you for watching engvid and let’s look forward to a year of immense growth. Stay strong, motivated and happy.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks Rebeca I appreciate your answer and I wish you had a happy new year 2015, bless you and your family too, and God bless engVid because is great help for everyone, I’m happy.

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    hello Gladis; I’m new in this website;can we practise English via skype?

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Thanks. it’s really nice

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Thanks Rebecca!!! )))

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9 of 10

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Thanks for the lesson, and especially for quiz! =)

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Thank you Rebecca.

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l,m so happy thet we found you❤❤

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I would like to shape your hand, Rebecca, but I can’t that is why I just say thankk a lot for interesting topic :)

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Thanks. it’s really good

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Dear Rebecca,
Your lesson enlighten us on how to use the phone to order.
We must speak in simple, clear and concise way; But also polite.
Best regards.

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Good teacher! Great!

Profile photo of Alexander Santana Alexander Santana

You are the best teacher. …thanks for teach us to speak better

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this is the best way for me to improve my English! thanks so much!!

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i don’t undarstand this video

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I like this lesson

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Hello Every Body
Need Colleague To Help Me out in Speaking
Please Note Down My Skype Pureman66

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I laugh a lot with the answers to choose of the last question of the quiz. Very good job, Rebecca. Thank you very much.

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Useful lesson, Rebecca. Anyway, it’s interesting the little difference between pick-up and take-away/take-out. A bit different. Thank you so much.

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thank you teacher it was very useful:):)

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Dear Rebecca …
the lesson was very Helpful … thank you a lot for making the learning of English Language very Interesting

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I got 9 correct of 10

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Thanks Rebecca,
As always your video training is handy

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Thank you very much Rebeca. I am an interpreter using Russian language in Georgia. I haven’t learnt English 6years. And now I decided to learn it because I really love it . And also I am preparing for the IELTS exam . I prefer to visit more countries and I wish I could be a good interpreter using both Russian and English language .

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Thank you so much Rebecca for this lesson. it was so helpful because I am a waitress and sometimes it really hard to speak with native speakers by phone without any body language. I’ve been working in a restaurant for almost three years, and it wasn’t easy at the beginning. Today I learn something new with your lesson “buzzer code”, which is a new phrase for my vocabulary. My dream is to find a better job, that’s why everyday I am improving my English with lessons, books and a good attitude. I wish the best professor ..

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thanks a lot Rebecca ????????????

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    Thank you lovely teacher:)
    always doing great

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Thank you for the lesson. It’s very clear and simple. Thank you again.

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Thanks for this lesson!

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Thanks, 10/10 :)

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Thank you kindly

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Thank you.I like your lesson.
I’ve got 10/10.^-^

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Thanks. It’s great lesson.

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I love your lessons, they’re wonderful.

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I have two mistakes😩

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i got 80%

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Thanks teacher for the lesson!
I have a little question: Debt or Debit? Is it different?

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thank you for your teaching

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thank you for this lesson it really helps

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As usual, very good explanation from a very good teacher.I like you lessons.
Many thanks to you.

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THank you, Rebec. Sorry, that I was mistaken in one question
But everything was interesting

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Hi Rebecca! Happy New Year.I understand as non native speaker we already have vocabulary but we do not know how to use it. In fact it depends upon practice and usage of proper word at proper time.

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you….

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That’s great

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go ahead

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Great lesson!!! Thank you, teacher Rebecca! Now I feel much more comfortable to order food on the phone. It’s really very easy and short to the point.

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Thank you Ms. Rebecca.

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every day learning a lot

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