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Hey James, you’re a perfect teacher. The way that you speak is perfect to understand. Congratulations :)

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      The lesson focused more on use rather than on usage i.e. the way people actually talk in the street which is good for us language learners.

      This fact coupled with your talking fast made the lesson more authentic and challenging.

      Thanks for this superb lesson James.

      Bye for now.

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    Hello Gabrielli, I would like to practice my english with different people around the world, do you like to practice it with me?

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      Hello Benji, i would like to practice english with you , i come from Hong Kong

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      Hi Benji, I would like to practice english with you.

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    yes, it’s intresting

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    PERFECT >>>>> THANKS <<<<


    I’m sure he is a great teacher! One of the best I’ve ever seen in my life!

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Thumbs up

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Thanks James! Look forward very much to more lessons from you.

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Thanks, great useful lessons. Got it wrong at the No. 10 quiz. Why it is I’m sure I can fix your car instead of sure I can fix your car ???

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    Because this guy is 100% sure, he added he had 25 years experience in that.

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Thanks James!

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I’m sure it is a bit tricky for the last two questions.

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I’m sure I like your lesson. “Suurree” and “sure,sure” sounds interesting :D Thank you, James and Mr. E :)

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Sure. I enjoy the lesson.

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I’m sure I enjoy this lesson..Thumbs up

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Hello James. I’m sure I like your lesson.

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Your lessons are very good. But I’m a little hard to understand your speech.

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Suurreee, you are the best teacher in the world. Just kidding :-)
I am sure you are one of the best James. Thank you for the lesson.
I got 9 out of 10 good answers

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I liked your video-lesson James because it focused on use rather than on usage i.e. the way people actually talk in the street.

Thanks for sharing this with us James.


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Thanks Mr. James, I got 70%.

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I got 9 of 10 answers. I’m sure I understand. :) Thank you.

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Thank you very much for this knowledgeable tpoic to taught, I got a 90% from the quiz bcoz i overlook one question and i choose the wrong one..

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Suurreeeeee I am onfused after theese tests :) I got 10 correct out of 10.

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thank u very much @@

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Cool lesson!)

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THANK YOU A LOT. COULD you do a FAVOUR to me that please make a lesson about talking with staff like receptionist in school or in shop or in the bank and so on.

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Hey, this is so interesting subject, I’m sure.

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got all 10 :) James you are my favorite :)

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. I like to learn with engvid.
Please more lessons about colloquial language, thanks.

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i’m sure i click the wrong alphabet when i’m in 5. but this is good. thanks sir :)

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Hey James,
It was a QUITE useful class for ESL students. Talk is all about feeling and if you don’t take care about it, you can sound different that you would like to.
By the way, I would like to suggest a class about colloquial expressions. I mean some useful everyday expressions. Only the polite ones, right ?! (lol).

Take care!

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Now I am sure, I have to listen to you before doing the quiz :)
Funny suspenders, but a monochrome tie would make you perfect!

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Just kidding….perfect look!!!

Profile photo of byte byte

I got 10/10.Thank you so much James.

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I’m not sure about the question 9…
Thak you James!

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Dear James,
we are a class of Italian students. You are very nice and funny but you speak too fast for us. We are at elementary level.
We love your friend, Mr E., too.
Bye for now :)

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    We have tried many times to get James to talk slower, but nothing works, so I suggest putting the lesson’s Youtube URL in here: http://www.youtubeslow.com/

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thanks for your advice. We tried….it has been very funny but not very useful hahahaha

      Profile photo of winnie22 winnie22

    I disagree with winnie22. For me it’s good, because James speaks fast like most of native english speakers. It helps us to get used to normally spoken language.
    Hint1. If you have troubles with speed you should enable subtitles :)
    Hint2. Start learning with Rebecca’s lessons, then Emma’s lessons they speak clearly and slowly :)

    Profile photo of mackmnk mackmnk

      Thanks for your hints. Unfortunately Rebecca and Emma don’t do all the lessons we need.
      Ciao from Italy :)

      Profile photo of winnie22 winnie22

        Greetings from Krakow, Poland :)

        Profile photo of mackmnk mackmnk

      I´m agree with you it´s not the same speak with a Esl speaker than a native speaker they speak so fast i´m a intermidiate student and i try to understand what James says even if he speaks so fast because that´s how i want to speak too.


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iam sure u really good thank you

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Thanks for your helpful lesson.

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Hey James! These suspenders fit you veeery well!! You look like my English school teacher, believe me! (but he’s 50 ,oops!) By the way, the lesson is perfect as well as all of your lessons I’ve seen. Remember me to Mr.Eee and I hope to see you soon! Take care..

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I’m sure that you are perfect teacher ^^

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Thanks James .. I am quite sure that this lesson is very useful for everyone ..

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Hi James)) i’ve a question for you, plse… I have a problem with my vocabulary. I learn at least 40-50words every day with definitions and cue-cards. The problem is…after learning these words i can’t use them while i’m speaking, i hardly remember them and while writing essays the same happens too. But when i hear, read these words at the second time i perfectly understand them. What should i do?…
Thanks in advance.

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    When i learn a new word i always try to put that word in a sentences or a question, if you do this you will remember them easily. it´s so hard to try to memorize 40-50 new words i don´t know if advisable to do that.

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I’m sure that I’m improving my english here.

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was fun and easy I hope to learn more.

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10/10 as usual, suuure, as usual!

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9/10, thanks your lesson. it’s so interesting.

Profile photo of hongtuyen hongtuyen

Hello James! I’m sure I enjoy the the lesson

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Thanks MR James i got 90%

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U r the best

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Thanks for the class

Profile photo of amarpreet amarpreet

thanks Mr. James

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Thank you, James! :)

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Thank you! But I know something else about “sure” – “Quite sure” ))

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thanks james

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Hi, everyone, I’m seru than continue this exercise, make travel tour of Canada…..

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Thanks James. My wife and I enjoyed it.

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I’m sure you did explained perfect :)

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I’m sure I get help from you. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot james

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Thanks James

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Thank you for the lesson, James.

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Hi James ,my name is Yasser ,how are you doing? I hope you are in a good situation.
James if you please can you make video about Noun clauses ?
It is so difficult for me
with my appreciation

Profile photo of black moon black moon

Hi James! Nice lesson :), Thank you. I would like to ask you if you could make other lesson(s) about proper use of such words as: just, only, else, merely, already, yet and also. I often feel confused, because I don’t know if I always use them properly. I believe you can prepare very interesting lesson for us with Mr. E :D
Greetings from Krakow, Poland

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Great lesson.

Profile photo of sasha11 sasha11

o o 90%
thank u james

Profile photo of bujji bujji

sureeeee I do understand this

Profile photo of osamasmart osamasmart

Thanks James , i am sure that we really need this word in our daily conversations..

Profile photo of Elyes79 Elyes79

Thanks James, it helps me alot

Profile photo of phamhoangan phamhoangan

I’m wondering why P, K’s sounds are difference when we speak about sky(skky ; not sky), paper(papper ; not paper), space(sppace ; not space).

Profile photo of Hyunseo Hyunseo

I got 100 :D
I really enjoy this lesson
You have an interesting way of teaching and that makes me perfer you than other teachers <3
Thank you .

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thanks alot for the lesson

Profile photo of majidchhutto majidchhutto

Hi James. For sure I’ll use these tips on the different meanings of sure. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Luiz Alberto Luiz Alberto

Thanks James

Profile photo of Jaweedrashid Jaweedrashid

Hi, James!
I am sorry, that I write here.
But can you make a video where you can tell how should be look like English sentences?
I mean, what should be stay on first – nouns or modal verb and at second, and etc.
In Russian it is not metter what should stay at first or second, for example:
Helen reads a book = A book reads Helen. But for English man it is disaster :)
Very sorry about my bad English, I hope you will read my comment.

Profile photo of AliceMak AliceMak

Hi James,
I got 100. Thank you ;))))))))
I am sure that you are a great teacher.

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Thank you James. Sure I got the lesson.
I’m sure you’re a good teacher.

Profile photo of Eng.Rasheed Eng.Rasheed

thank you

Profile photo of chasanova chasanova

Thank you i ve got 90aaaaa

Profile photo of Hasret123 Hasret123

Have got 90 out of hundred. Thank You James.

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Verry good jameS. I like you

Profile photo of Louisthach Louisthach

Verry good

Profile photo of Louisthach Louisthach

I am sure I understood the lesson! I got 100%

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

You’re so cool man!!

Profile photo of Reindeer555 Reindeer555

thank you James, you are great!!!

Profile photo of matute18 matute18

Hmmm I am in love with this english lessons :)

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I studied english in Toronto for 5 mounths, but I didn’t like the teachers’ way to teach us, but I’m sure that if I had had such a teacher like you, I would have learn more :) lol!

Profile photo of lbarzalobre lbarzalobre

Good lesson and really smart!!!

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Nice job, James. Go ahead!!!

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Hi, James, who cool teacher teaches cool lesson.Thanks a lot. I completely understand the lesson and got 10.

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I got 9/10.Thank you very much.

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9/10 i’m sure i undrestand well. thank you

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thank you !

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Hi James,
well done, you’re a great teacher.
Your lessons are very helpful
thanks a lot, take care

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Hi James, I’m verry thank you about this lesson. I like the way that you teach.

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Hey James, you’re a perfect teacher. The way that you speak is perfect to understand. Thank you!!!!!!

Profile photo of vmariya vmariya

I’m sure you have sense humor !! Thankss ^^

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That was a short enjoyable helpful lesson as usual .. thank you

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I made a mistake…..I got 90% :(

Profile photo of yukky89 yukky89

sureeeeee james::

Profile photo of nabeelsiddiq nabeelsiddiq

wow I Got 90%

Profile photo of nabeelsiddiq nabeelsiddiq

10/10 … I didn’t even watch the whole video. They explain everything so good.

Profile photo of ellie1398 ellie1398

th’x, you are the best teacher (*_*)

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8/10 …not bad:) for beginner right?

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    Profile photo of engVid engVid

Sure! Tks

Profile photo of RosianeSoares RosianeSoares

I’m sure you are a perfect teacher!!!

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I got 9 of 10
I couldn’t thank u enough for making ur lessons fun and exiting
Thanx sir

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Thank u James for your interesting lesson :))

Profile photo of ragnar34 ragnar34

BIG up!!,useful man thank u too much fo this

Profile photo of juice Cata lan juice Cata lan

I’ve got 1 mistake. hehehe.. mr. james.. nice lesson. atleast i am learning american culture from this lesson. :)is it right? thanks and more power

Profile photo of rubencgarciajr rubencgarciajr

I haven’t ever understood “Sure” until now. Thank james, This is useful for me. And now I want to say: “You are the best teacher in this website. I’m sure”. ^^~

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Hi James, You are great teacher, thanks for the lesson and keep teaching.. :D

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I think , You’re the great teacher.
I have fun when I’m watching you. ><

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im happy to come back you here

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Thanks James, you are a brilliant teacher

Profile photo of Noony Noony

It is not about the literal meaning of Sure, it is about the intonation how you are speaking with. Every language has this sort of meaning change

Profile photo of Sallon yu Sallon yu

funny lesson got 100%

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:) thanks!!!!

Profile photo of Sayini Sayini

thank you.

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I’m sure this is a good place to learn.

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Sure u’re my favor teacher, i most like to take your videos because u’re so funny and you teach well.

Profile photo of Ivanovitch14@home Ivanovitch14@home

almost 10 out of 10 !

Profile photo of Avid Avid

I’m sure that engvid is the best way to learn english well
Thanks guys :)

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

thank youu <3

Profile photo of bjkgirl90 bjkgirl90

that’s very nice I got 9 out of 10))) thanks, James!!!!!

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Dear James, you are a Great Teacher! Congrats !

Profile photo of Dhmiranda Dhmiranda

I got 100 % in the quiz! Really really good teacher. I speak about 20% english and I understand all he said. Thanks for you videos james

Profile photo of fernando.asuaje fernando.asuaje

wow…10/10…love it ;D

Profile photo of shupty shupty

i was sure i got 10. thus, i dit it :D LOL thanks for the explanation james :)

Profile photo of icang icang

thx james !!!

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Suurree… you are the best teacher))).
Thanks for clear explanations, Mr. James.

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Yhank you, James!

Profile photo of Nastya Nastya

I got 9 of 10 answers, thank you so much teacher <3

Profile photo of djamel.12 djamel.12

Got a perfect score! Allright!… thanks james, i’m really sure that you can teach me very well… have a nice day.

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Hi James. Thanks for this lesson. I’m sure it’s helpfull. But this tie… I’m not sure ;)

Profile photo of Anne wawa Anne wawa

Funny test. Thank you James for this lesson. 😆

Profile photo of may2y may2y

im really glad to be here becouse i sure to be a good student in my class

Profile photo of medtboy medtboy

I liked this lesson .

Profile photo of Samah At Samah At

I’m sure this is a great lesson.Thank you James

Profile photo of Beatrice Beatrice

You got 10 correct out of 10.


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I’m sure. I understand the lesson since i got 9 out of 10.

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