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Thank you a lot .

Asmaa Muhammed

    We all make mistakes, that’s a fact. But the important thing about this is learning from them.

    How do we do it? Well, that’s another story. As for language learning, one way to go about it is to proofread your texts (e-mails, letters, notes, and so on)and correct them before you send them or turn them in.

    Hope it helps. That’s it for me now.


James, i am the first who has commented here ? i got 9/10. James i just can’t stop laughing when you said Thursday in a twisted way .You are such an interesting person .Love your teaching ☺❤


Nice lesson, good score and anyway that’s all for now, see you next time.


“So” at the end of the sentence

Joseph Anthony

James, could You talk a little bit faster ? :)


    Actually this video is for ESL


I figuratively thought that i have answered all the quiz questions correctly but literally i’ve got 70 out of 100 ?
Thanks Mr James and special thatnks to Mr E ?


Thanks James for this lesson it was great…

marcos alexandre

um sorry but um an English trainer for Egyptian students and I teach them from interchange the 4th edition and the book says that you can use the word “That” as a relative pronoun for people so do you think it’s a mistake? or do you mean that commonly we use who for people and that for things?


    Hello Ragy, i made the mistake for this question and the correction is this:

    Sometimes “that” can be used to talk about people, but if you aren’t an advanced English speaker, you should use “who”.


      thanks a lot Kampor


James, can you make the lesson shorter please?
Thank you, you’re a great teacher.


U really make English easier for us.
I’d like to say u’r so funny making those accents
“One of the good ones” Dirty Grandpa movie kkk jk crazy huh?


Great lesson!
I really appreciate it.


James, you are a splendid teacher, many thanks for helping me, also people from all over the world learn and speak accurately English. Awesome!!!

Fabio Forne

james, you are a great teacher . i hope that i can speak english well like you someday :) . if u have any recommendation for me to improve my english i will be glad :D


Thank you James :)


I really enjoyed this lesson.. Thank you James.

Fernando Moreira

Thanks! James, for the wonderful lesson…:) In my opinion, I think that you are an amazing and funny instructor to learn from. Therefore, I’m trying to learn a little more to improve my writing and vocabulary skills. Right now, I’m working very hard towards my GED. I have a request for you, is there anyway that you can do a lesson on commas—that would be great! Anyway, thanks again for your time.


Thank you James!


I like your acting.Thank you.


oh! i got 80, im sorry i didn’t watch the video because of curiosity and newbie here, im some kind of a exploring this website. and its nice very helpful to some people like me who’d like and love learning English,.. next time I’ll watch the video and learn the topic that being discuss or talk about.


Thank James for all things you done to make ours writing and vocabulary skills better.


thanks a lot James . it was amazing lectures


Wow..thank you so much..roonie and james…..

Muhammad adi andrian bin rosdi

Thanks a lot James!


i don’t like hearing ‘Anyways’. i can really feel it is slang word. Thank u teacher :)


Thanks James!!Nice lesson!!


I’m off to a good start. Thanks for this lesson!

Miss Coya

Hi James, hi all. This is my third day here, first video by this teacher, and first comment)
Why I’m telling this? Because I feel a little nervous with what I’m writing)))
I try to be correct, but can’t promise. Anyway, I hope a lot you all will understand me)
My question is about “regardless”. I understood the meaning of this word, but. It seems to have a negative shade, doesn’t it?
How to explain…For example, in video we saw such an example “Regardless of what you say, I’m not changing my mind”. Does it mean smth like ” Ok, thank you for your point of view, but I will do what I find right”, or “Hey, man, I did not ask you, I did not need your advice, who are you :))))
And also I want to ask about “despite of”. Are this words synonyms? What about difference in their meanings?
P.S.May the Force be with you ))))
P.P.S. thanks for this lessons, for this website, and for everything you do to help students like me :)))


    Welcome to EngVid Kate. To begin with, let me tell you something about your English. As far as I can tell, your writing skills are pretty good.

    As to your questions concerning “Regardless” and “despite”. My advice to you would be to check them out in an English grammar (Modern English by Marcela Frank, for instance).

    Hope it helps. See you around!


    How about using “in spite of/ despite?
    “In spite of your good advice, I won’t change my
    ” Despite your good advice, I won’t change my mind.”
    Does it sound better? Maybe the Moderator could
    help here.
    One thing is for sure: it’s not at all rude, okay?
    What do you think, Regino?


Hi James!

Thanks for this lesson, it was quite interesting!!


it is a good lesson, anyway i literally got on 80.
than you on this lesson.


Thank you very much James


Hello james ,
Thank so much for imperssived lesson.
i did it ,close,but no cigar .anyway have a great time.!


Thank you so much, James. I am learning English a lot with your video lessons. I got 100. ANYWAY, say hello to Mr E for me. See you next time!

Júlio César L Sousa

An item incorrect about THAT VS WHO…Mmmmhh…I remember a play theatre piece “One man, two guvnors” whereon an actor said: – Who´s that?- pointing Queen´s picture out… but it was a picture no the Queen… Greetings Mr. E. Ohh, James too.


I now think that i figured out the difference between literally and figuratively. Great lesson James. thanks a lot.


James, i got 100
Your lessons are very helpful anyway Thanks a lot

Mohsen Tatoo

I am a new here


Thank you James
You make me laugh when you said “Anyways” as a teen age did !


thank you , but can someone tell me what is “feel as though I grew two heads”?

proverbial horse

hello james, thank you for this lesson
but i didn’t understand the difference between literally and figuratively yet could you please repeat it in a different way ? Thank you


I got 9 correct out of 10. why question number 2 doesn’t have the answer as figuratively speaking or put? thats the one i got confused with ?


that quiz is too easy, 100 points for me =D


James you’re a great teacher!
Thank you by the good lesson!


    Yep! You’re right, he’s one of the best teachers on EngVid.

    See you!


i am chatting with Canadians or Americans on internet… Most of them are typing like this ” couldf, wouldf, shouldf… i shouldf eaten more, i wouldf told you, etc.


    i do not sure whether i would get response of my question, but regardless i’ll ask. James… about anyway vs. anyways… we are not allowed to use this word, okay, i get it. And as far as i understand, if i want to use these words, i need to improve my accent, right? do i get it right?


8 points. anyway, thanks for your information!


Hello everyone I come from China


Hi James! Thanks for this lesson!

I’ve learned this topic from this video, but I can’t help me with “anyways” now :)

Fabio Cicerre

Hello from Russia, I want to say some words: all is pretty good)!

Vadim E.

Hello James!

Thank you for the lesson! That’s quite interesting, as usual.

Relating to the word “irregardless”, I think it isn’t correct because both the prefix ir- and the suffix -less have a negative meaning. If we used both of them in the same word, it would be a kind of double negative. Am I right?

I am looking forward to seeing your next video! Bye for now!

Eduardo França

I am so glad to learn english here, really usefull for me as a beginner


Awesome teaching . I got 9 numbers yeahhhhhh

sukhpreet singh

Thank you so much James.you teach us a lot of important and necessary points.I really enjoyed.Furthermore the way you use to teach is wonderful and effective,frankly you are funny and easy to understand. Thanks again


Hello Mr.James and all students I’m new user here and nice to meet you ALL…I havaa question can we use “already” for something happened before two-years ago,,thank you

muhamad best

    Hello Mr.James and all students I’m new user here and nice to meet you ALL…I havaa question can we use “already” for something happened before two-years ago,,thank you

    muhamad best

That was a fantastic coaching. Thanks a million for this useful resource engvid, anyway, James is such a humorous teacher.


Great lesson professeur! Might I use “irregardless” or “anyways” in creative writing? Is it sounds good for native readers?


Thank you, was a great lesson. My first one


Thanks a lots dear James..to make me understand your lesson so well. It’s more useful for me! i got 8 from 10. so i must review my lesson again before i have to make a second test <3

polly poohly

The doubt for me was “that” because this pronoun can be use with a person or people, at the beginning it thought that the teacher was against this idea but now I have understood it, we can us “that” with people. It had a doubt with the word “cook”, the person who cooks, and I thought it was “cooker” but this last word doesn’t exist though it seems like more usual than “cook”… Thanks a lot teacher James. Regards.


thanks for this lesson teacher Specially when you you explained the different between who and that because I didn´t undertand those words. I apreciate you efforts teaching us. Regards!


Hello ,Sir-James , it was really great video , people made mistake as usual as in really small thing like us whom are not native speaker and your vids help us a lot , i got 9 out of 10 the mistake was “that ” i thought we can use it only for thing but actually we can use it for human also some times .

rosa 999

Thanks a lot

samour fouad

Hey I love the vid…



Augusto Puga

Can I use “who” with plurals? Is that correct?


Dear teacher,I learned a lot from you.Thank you.

Shu Hua Chen

We all do a mistakes Mr. James. Check out your spelling of ,,neighbour” on the board :-) Thanks a lot for video :)


Hello James :)
Thank you for the lesson, That’s quite interesting


Heeey,James.I want to say you many thanks,you’re the best teacher I’ve ever met.Your lessons are so clearly and exact! I’ve understood everything what you want to explain us and this is your talent!))
p.s.You have an excellent sense of humour.I’m waiting for your new videos.

Annetti Gedzul

Great lesson. Good way to teach.


I kind of having crush on Mr “E”


heey ı got 100 poıntssss thank u James u r the best


10/10 nice


Excellent class James Thanks!!!


thanks teacher.




Hi! Can you say what does ‘I felt as though I grew two heads’ mean? I’m a little confused)

Christina Bierk

Very great sir


James, thank u very much!!!


Thank you james for a good teacher i enjoy the lesson god bless you.


thank U very much.


Thanks mate

franco Cino

You are an amazing teacher James. Thank you very much! :)


Thanks you i love this lesson

Erika noemi

I’ve got 100 points after first try . This kind of testes are easily when u look at the informative videos . Good job James


Thanks, James. Nice lesson.
I think “anyways” is not good English. It’s not a
slang. It’s…..nothing. You are totally right.
Nobody should say this words.
Thanks again.


Great lesson.Many thanks!


thanks a lot ^^


Hi James great lesson….
thank you!
Anyway, I didn’t understand how to use “could of”, is it a slang or it doesn’t exist?
I’m confuse…
Could you explain it, please?
Thanks a lot!

Sheila Karla

James you are an Excellent teacher! I am your fan!


    Are you native Spanish speaker?


You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you.

M kartal

Thanks very much for this interestin lesson,…..figurativly Speaking If I have three hands, I could take many things…….

sono ariel

Thank you James for correcting so many mistakes I do normally.


Thank you James for the lesson, You are good at teaching and make me laugh everytime I watch your video.

Selpiana Sembiring

10/10 thank you!😊🤗

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