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looks very simple lesson but very calculative. Thanks teacher for giving orientation for IELTS content in very effective way

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Thanks Emma for the very useful lesson, I’m really happy that I understood your lesson, and now I’ve a good grasp of the different ways to speak about percentages and numbers used in charts and graphs like pie chart, and can analysis even in many different ways.
Thank you!

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According to the pie chart, Engvid students that watch your wonderful lessons are the 101% of the total. ;-)
Thanks Emma.

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Another wonderful video presented by great educationalist Emma, accordingly to IELTS preparation and general knowledge for boosting english learners and spread the space of window.

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first of all ,thank you for the amazing lesson.
I am just wondering whether the phrasal verb make up is similar to the ph. verb account for in this lesson or not. Regards.

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Thanks Emma, It is fruitful lesson.

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Thank you Emma for very useful lesson.

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    Loads of thanks It’s really helpful

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Thank you, Emma .. i really appreciate the lesson. I learnt more about pie chart and graph.

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On my first run I made 90 percent in the quiz! Thank you very much Emma for you lesson very clear and well-organized :-)

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Thanks a lot Emma!!
We really appreciate this kind of lessons ;)

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Thanks Emma, your lessons are always easy.

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Thanks! It was a very useful lesson.

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Thank you very much Emma

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Thanks a lot Emma. This lesson will help me in my work.

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hi Emma,

1)Petrol and gas have makes up major sharing in total energy consumption over the time span.
2) Petrol and gas have made up major sharing in total energy consumption over the time span ?
Which one is correct ?

If there is a present perfect tense sentence and I want to use phrase verb MAKES UP. Then should I use MADE UP or MAKES UP?

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finally, i scored hundred percent in quiz examination conducted by engvid .Credit goes to you teacher .

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Excellent first time I do this kind of exercise and also I think that explenation was very well, it will help me in my daily work

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Thanks Emma,

The chart shows that ________ half (53%) of the voters were under the age of 35.

Why we cannot put ‘over’ in this sentence?

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    if you want to use over it should be
    Just over
    Slightly over
    if you used the word over alone it makes your sentence inaccurate

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Which one is correct:
Fifty percent of the living expenses ARE (?) rent.
Fifty percent of the living expenses IS (?) rent.
Thanks Emma for her lessons!

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    Hi, I also got confused, but I think both are correct. Help us, Emma!

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    As I know, the correct one is

    Fifty percent of the living expenses are rent.

    expenses: plural
    expense: singular

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      Yes, the right answer is are.

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      But the subject of this sentence is “Fifty percent” which is singular.

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      yes you are right.The answer is are.

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How can i request to be your friend!

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Thanks Emma,
1/The chart shows that ________ half (53%) of the voters were under the age of 35.
Why we cannot put ‘over’ in this sentence?
2/Which one is correct:
Fifty percent of the living expenses ARE (?) rent.
Fifty percent of the living expenses IS (?) rent.

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    1. in terms of fraction, 3% is a slight percentage and not befitting for “over” over comprises of larges changes say more than 10%.

    2. Fifty percent of the living expenses is rent.
    (compare, one out of five colors was very bright)
    the subject verb agreement : verb should agree with subject which is “fifty percent”.

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Thank you!

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Thanks so much

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Thank you Emma, you’re a great teacher!

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please,there is an error in a system of a quiz .. i can’t move between questions when i press next question ??

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Dear emma, the graphic that is talking about “fifth” needs one more division. A hug for u! :)

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Thanks Emma.

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Thanks alot emma you are the best :D

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Hello, Emma. Thank you for this very useful lesson.

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I can move in quiz and get 80 percent in it , It’s my error , thank you for your serving and a great teacher Emma <3

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    great I, would like to invite you accordingly to improvement of englsih language.

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Thank You so much Emma!
You speak English so very clear.
I can hear your speaking.
Please create many dialogue.

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I get it
Thank you Emma, you are a great teacher!

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Thank you Emma

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Thanks Emma!

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Thanks Emma for the useful and clear lesson

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You are very good teacher thank you

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Thanks Emma for your interesting English lesson.

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should i write “To put it in a nut shell” in the beginning of conclusion in IELTS writing task 2 ?
Some argue that writing “To conclude/In conclusion” is much better than that.

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In second attempt I got 100 percent marks, It seem to like Educator are too busy, because I do not see any reply on comment. In my opinion if educators reply on comments It’s make boost english learner.

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks Emma :)

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My is very weak I want help

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Emma, could You make a lesson about the differences between either + and and neither + nor? :)

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Thanks for a very useful video and reminding me that “half”has no article “a” when written in the sentence; while others need an article, a quarter, a third, for example. I believe that most students did not notice this difference.

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thx :D it”s helpful

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Hi emma Thank you so much.I want to talk with you

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I like it. thanks Emma for your tips.

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Great job EMMA!

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Thanks Emma. The session was very useful for my preparation.

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Emma,thank you very much!!! It was very helpful lesson!

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thanks a lot! I’ve got 100% correct answers :D

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Thank you Emma!

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Hi Emma, thanks for the lesson, this is a very good topic to learn about.

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That was superb

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Thanks my teacher, the lesson easy to understand :P

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Thanks Emma for a precious lesson.

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Thanks a lot. Fruitful lesson by charming teacher.

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Thank you Emma, I’ve got a suggestion, could you possibly make a video about sentences with words like ‘no sooner’, ‘In no way’, ‘Not until’ and such like, at the beginning?

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helpful to understand the charts witch I think is very important for the exam. Ty Emma

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Thank you Emma, very useful tips and very clear expressions!

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Thank you for the lesson!)

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Thank you very much Emma! It wasn’t hard to grasp!

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I got 10/10 :D , thank you for the wonderful lesson.

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Thank you Emma. Your lessons are so helpful that I try to watch all of them. Could you explain difference between “Cut down” and “cut down on”, please?

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Emma is great!Your lessens are easy to undersand and helpful.Thank you so much!

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I cannot found any lesson and i see this message
404 – Not Found

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thank you so much for your lecture

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Thanks. Emma

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Thanks Emma. Your lectures are very useful.

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Great lesson

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Nice lesson you got there Emma. But I still gotta learn these expressions to master at this.

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although i think i´m not goint to take de IELTS this is a good lesson to learn english

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thanks :)
for delivering such a awe lecture…
really impressive :D

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Emma, You’re really great!
Thanks :)

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Thanks Emma, but I couldn’t continue the video,
I’ve tried many times.
I think there is a problem !

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Thanks Emma!

We can see from this video that your lessons are 50% fun and 50% good education.

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thanks a lot .you have an excellent methods in preparing students for ielts.bless you

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Thanks Emma. I really appreciated this lesson, especially, because I’m preparing for exam.

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I’ve got only 80% out of 100, very helpful video!

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This website has got amazing people with extraordinary talents, the more I learn the more I get in love with it. Please keep up the great work.

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Idk what to say ? simply you`re amazing as ever

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Thank you

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oh my god it’s so coincidence that i plan to take ietl examination , this lesson is a big help to me , the content of the lesson is great and the knack of reading and analizing the chart is awesome ,tks a lot, i am appreciate it very much.

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hi emma, I want to ask u it’s this type of website for french language? I want to learn.

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thanks a lot mam

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Thank u

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Hi Emma , I just want to ask , How can I find another relevant site which educates German , Thank You so much

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you are just great, thank you

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Thanks, Emma, is interesting lesson

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this wasent much helpful but yeh it did came handy

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    This wasn’t much helpful but yeah it did come handy.

    Before you grade someone’s great efforts, try to be at a minimum of “one tenth of their caliber”; because, it is very easy to post derogatory comments but very hard to selflessly suit and post such nice videos and that too free of cost….

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thanks,Emma , the lesson was very helped full

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thanks emma

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You have a gift to explain this lesson ,thank you Emma very much .

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Hi Emma, l wanna to ask you a question you write ( half of the living expenses are rent ) and write (50% of the living expenses is rent) why you are use are in the first sentence and secend you use is ?

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Thanks, Emma) it’s clear!

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Thanks, I could understand the lesson

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very useful,thanks a lot!

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Thanks,Emma. It’s very useful.

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thank you. great teacher

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According to the quiz, I have got 9 out of 10
thank you Mrs. Emma :)

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Thank you, Emma, those mathematical stuff are very useful

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Great, Thanks Emma.

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Thanks for the nice introduction to the writing test. according to the video , almost completely i understood the exercise. with small fraction of practice , i will master your tips.

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danke emma

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Thank you very much for this websites, it helps me a lot :)

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Hi Emma,
There is a mistake in your note.
The percentage is 42%. You wrote:
Slightly above, just over – 40%
Slightly below, just under – 45%
Is it the opposite, isn’t it?

Profile photo of Devanice Devanice

    42% is just above or slightly above 40%
    42 % is slightly below 45%

    its perfectly correct… :)

    Profile photo of vadrenaline vadrenaline

Hi there!
Is that correct to write?: “According to the pie chart, coffee makes up 20% of the total”
Thank you!

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Great Teaching skill… Well done

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Thank you Emma for your helpful tips.

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I Really like your way in explanation Emma…you make me exciting.i became keen to watch all your videos. from all your videos on EngVid,i watched approximately 75% of the total videos (i am practicing as you advised)….many thanks Emma from your Student Ahmed (the Egyptian Pharaoh)

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Thank you Emma it’s a very important lesson

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thank you Emma

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Thanks Emma.
I really enjoy watching your training.
I have watched a small fraction of your videos , Your website makes me feel more motivated.

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Thank you very much for the lesson. It was so easy to understand . Please If you can describe about another types , it will be amazing =)

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it is really amazing lessons , and useful as well

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thank you for the lesson,, I have an itles exam at the end of this month,, what do you advice me?? because this will be the number 11 for me to take the itles exam…

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thank you.. the quiz show that i got 8 correct out of 10.. Thank you emma

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Thanks Emma for your lesson it was really amazing and userful as well=)

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Emma,Please tell about Bar and Line graphs!!

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Hi Emma
thanks alot of your an usfull lectures

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thanks a lot Emma
I am so sorry for saying this , but you are way too beautiful to be a teacher , you are actually distracting me , i can,t follow

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thanks Emma it is a great lesson

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thanks for this great lesson
that made talking about pio chart so easy

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Great experience! Thanks Emma!

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Thanks Emma & Jade

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Thank you Valen for very useful lesson.

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Emma you are a great teacher, thanks a lot for the great effort and the simple way of teaching

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I got slightly over 100 percent of the questions, thank you so much….

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thanks a lot Emma good job.

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Thank you very much for your kindness in teaching me.

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thanks a lot.

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I got Q7 wrong. I used “over” since it is 53%. But the correct answer is not “over” but “roughly”. Dear teacher, could you please explain me the reason for “over” is incorrect? I’m confused. Thank you.

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Good class Emma.. you are very cool

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Emma, in some exercise I can use both situations below: ” very small or smallest “, ” very large or largest “, because here in Brazil the English teachers say that is correct use only ” smallest, largest and etc ” I think superlatives… Do you agree or I can use both situations?

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very usefull thanks Emma

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Could you do one similar to this, but reffering to bar and line graphs?; I suck at describing those :(

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Hi Emma
You are the greatest of all!
thank you very much!

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Thank you Emma for very useful lesson.

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Emma I sincerely appreciate your tips for the IELTS. Though I was American educated and hold a masters degree in Business. I really am benefiting with these tips from your videos. You have really helped me realized where I lack and practicing it is helping a a lot. Keep up the good work!

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nice exam

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9 correct out of 10.
Thank you, Emma. :)

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Every time you nailed it Dear Emma. thrilling, you are an amazing , the brilliant one in all means of teaching.
I request you to please do reply my emails.

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Useful expressions!
Your green scarf looks good for you.

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Thank you for this interesting and usefull video! I always enjoy watching your lessons!

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Thank you giving interesting and very help full lesson.

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Thank you Emma , this lesson was very useful for me

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Dear Emma,
Thank a lot for these good lesson.

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I love the way you make things simple…. God bless you!

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Emma your the best teacher any one can ask for. God bless you

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Hi, I was rong. Sorry !!!

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks, Emma!
Only “brackets” are “[ ]”. but “( )” are parentheses or round brackets.

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

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Dear Emma
Thank you for this great lesson.
Really its will help us to improve our score in the exam.
The only thing is afraid me from now? Are we needed to write 150 words about the diagraph and Aim afraid that, I can’t write 150 words about the chart. So, if you can give us an advice how to make the 150 words. I will appreciate that

Thank for you Emma and all the team for this wonderful video.

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Thank you so much Emma! For your lovely lesson!

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Thanks Emma your video is very useful

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Very nice video!

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Thanks , It was great.

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Thanks Emma, all your lesson are of better understanding

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HiEmma, believed me your lesson has been very useful to me.
Actually, am planning to go for the IETLS exam. can you be of more help to me for preparation?

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Thank you for the lesson. More power god bless

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I would like to ask about the usage of ‘we’. One of your educators suggested to avoid it to be more professional however, you are using it.
So, shall I use personal pronouns in the first part of the IELTS or not?

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Thanks dear Emma, Your tips are very handy.

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Thanks Emma.your lesson were easy to understand.

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Thank you emma, please give me more quiz

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i will donate after exam

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Many thanks for your interesting lesson.

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Thanks a lot for very easy lecture

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Thank very much dear Emma, it is really so specified lesson for me

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    are you preparing for ielts Wahab

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thank you very much Emma , you are very helpful to us

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Thanks for this wonderful lesson, but, we need a real example from the IELTS test, and see how the answer is.
thank again T. Emma

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Simple, objective and wonderful.. Thanks a lot, Emma. You are my best teacher.

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

actually I do not know if I am able to learn or not exactly

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What is the difference between “chart” and “graph” ?

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Didn’t understand the question number 8 ( neither the answer :/ )

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9 out of 10, that`s not bad!! I hope I can get a good score on Ielts!! Thanks for the outstanding videos!!!

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Ms.EMMA it is my dream to speak with you, if I have any chance , I would be so happy for this, 1 min. is also enough to make me happy ) THANK you so much, I appreciate you and your acts.

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Thank you for the lesson, Ema. It’s really helpful!

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Hi Emma
thanks for this helpful tips. I have got a question, actually a little bit confusing.
In 5 tips to improve your writing lesson, you mentioned that we should avoid using VERY in our writing, but in this lesson VERY is used in some sentences.
Is there any specific reason?

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Thank Emma for this amazing lecture ,you gave a very easy method to talk about percentages and numbers ,I’m a beginner of Ielts so it’s really helpful for me

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I got 8 out of 10 marks. I will put more effort to practice.

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Hi, Ms Emma, may I have if any your general email please? I need to show you my writing essay if possible to have your comment. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks a lot Emma!

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Thanks a lot, My best teacher!

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As we can see from the pie chart that this channel(eng.vid) makes up approximately 100% of the total viewers(110%).

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Hi Emma
I have learned a lot of things which are small but it adds to improvise our quality of grammar. You are doing great and I am looking forward for more IELTS lessons.

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Love to watch Emma’s classes. Thanks Emma for making my IELTS lessons easier. Love from Bangladesh

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thanks alot Ms EMMA

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Hi dear Emma, thank for the lesson. How can I get feedback on my essays? can you help me with that?
Or address me to someone?

Thank you very much

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miss ema maybe roughfly 45 %

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Thank you very much for the lesson.

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You MUST say “slightly over” and NOT “slight over” : an adverb (slight+LY) is the modifier of an adverb/preposition (“over”). An adjective (“slight) is the modifier of a noun. Otherwise your teching is good and lively.

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Quiz 7. The chart shows that over half of the voters… (is also correct ?)

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lecture was very informative &expcting more lectures.

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thank’s Emma

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Many Thanks Emma, It is fruitful lesson…

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thank you 80%

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Thanks Emma

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Hello everyone,
how are you doing.
Yeah, doing well. I just finished the quiz.
I got 9 out of 10. I made a mistake in 9 question.
I would like to mention I took the quiz before watching the video. I’m jubilant :D
How was your quiz? Where did you make mistakes?
I wish you all the best.

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I am very grateful and thankful to you Emma, I just started following your channel to learn the English language that I need so much, I am a PhD student from Algeria in the Department of Economics, and considering that my level is very weak in English and it is something that defects and hinders me in carrying out high-quality research, so beware of this message that I sent it to you now and edited it with the help of Google Translate, so I intended to follow you and I thank you for your endeavor again, I hope for your help.

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Thanks Emma

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I have 80 that’s mean I do well with your courses Dear Emma.

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Dear Emma,
That was excellent. If possible, have a presentation about floating numbers.

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Excellent lesson. Thanks so much Emma!

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Hi Emma I am studing for my IELTS Exam, Your lessons have helped me a lot since I decided to prepare for this complicated exam.

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