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really good to use pics…thank you Alex you really great

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good job, and best


Thank you,very helpful! Could you please do more videos obout idioms or may be slang? Very interesting topic!))thanks!

cristiano ronaldo

    I will be doing more idiom lessons in the future, and you can check out the ones that are already on the website as well.

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      thank you very much teacher . I really dicovered many new ways to deal with my grammatical errors, after I watched your videos . I need you advice about how can I improve my english to meet the academic studies.I am a native arapic speaker and I hadn`t the opportunity to learn the english language, only before frew moths . Thank you in advance


      Thank you,very helpful! Could you please do more videos about idioms or may be slang? Very interesting topic!))thanks!

      I will be doing more idiom lessons in the future, and you can check out the ones that are already on the website as well.

      Perfect use of the idiom!


      and best



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      hello i m beginner so i want lesson for grammar starting on tense or i want all grammar lesson sequence by.

      Plz Reply

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Thank you,very helpful! Could you please do more videos obout idioms or may be slang? Very interesting topic!))thanks!


very nice teching and very magic way …
I gained so many benefits from you …
Thank you and I respect you…


Thanks a lot Alex that is a magnificent lesson . God bless you and God bless the United States of America .


Great I didn´t know about it??

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thanks for the lesson now i´m going to take a cat nap and have a dream about the lesson jeje …………… no,i´m not

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    Perfect use of the idiom!

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      Dear Sir,
      i need your email as i could approach you via email. please i have some queries regarding ” to understand and develop sense sentence” please Let me know i will be thankful to you. My id is udessee@yahoo.com

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      I just found out about this website, i’m a brasilian student of english..and i really think that engvid will help me a lot from now on…
      I spend so much time studying here..that i won’t even hav time 4 a catnap…:)
      Thank you..congratulations for the very good job


Very simple and effective presentation, that is all I need. Thanks for such a great job!!!

La nena

thanks a lot, need some more idioms please. Thats gr8…!!!

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Now, English is very easy, cat’s out of the bag.

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hello sir how r u??
could u explain me where to use the will shall+3rd verb and have been ,has been ,had been without giving specific time…..plz sir mail me if u can

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yesterday when i was taking a cat nap i heared some sounds and i opened ma eyes and saw outside then the cat’s out of the bag that it was raining cat and dog outside…..
hehehhehehhehe ….check it out sir

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i a copy cat of alex sir

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Great!It was very interesting and useful!Clear for understanding and easy for improving my English!Thank you very much


really useful ones…thx very much)))


klk manito


thank u m alex i hope u teach us more and more thanks byeeeeeeeee




really beneficial
many thanks sir


Hi Alex, glad to meet you again ! Good Lesson and I feel that I’m improving my english ! Thank you !

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Hi Mr.Alex,
what does ESL mean?


Thank You Alex.. Thank You very much for your wonderful class and pls pls pls teach us more idioms

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It’s very good. Thank you Alex for this short lesson. I hope to have a lot of usefull idioms.


thank you because you have made me more smoothly in the English language once again thank you. If possible, you do that again is the best!!

cristiano ronaldo

I will always place your comment, if you have more fun.

cristiano ronaldo

heyya Alex, I really love the way you’re teaching!! Pls, more idiom lessons! I love all of them! I’m so glad finding this website! I learn a lot of stuff from all of you! Tanx! You all do a great job!


That was just a great lesson! :) I liked it so much! I’ve just remembered a expression involving cats: “The curiosity killed the cat”. It is easy to guess the meaning!! :) :)


You all do a great job!


Dear Sir,

Gud Afternoon !!!

How have you been? I hope you doing well…

I want small favor from you sir, Will you pls check these sentences and let me know whether correct or not and if you find any grammatical mistakes means kindly inform to me by mailing than only I came to know that what mistakes i did….

This sentences reg asking information for events:

I saw your ad in LikedIn that your going to contact a event called Tradeshow/Convention in Chennai city center on 23rd July 2010…. Let me know more details about this event because one of my friend doing a courses in multimedia & I want to know that this event is useful for him or not kindly suggest me sir and let me know whether registration is free or not……..

This sentences reg asking tips from beautician:

How have you been mam ? I hope your doing good. I am sujitha from Chennai, I heard that your giving some useful tips for hair growth, glowing skin, to maintain the body etc etc….. One day before only i did softening for my hair will you pls suggest me how to maintain my hair mam & I’m having oily face because of that im getting pimples and my face look like so dull and dark will you help me to glow my face skin while giving some suggestions… Moreover I read “THE HINDU” newspaper that u suggested this paste ( Multani mitti with lemon juice & rose water into a paste) for oily skin so im following that for weekly twice or thrice other than this any other remedies is there mam to glow my face skin…………

Thank you.Awaited for your reply.



hi.I’m come from Vietnamese, I need to speak english well. can you help me, please? I hope you rely soon. thank you very much.


well done sir.

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Could you send me your Email to contact you via Email because I have alot to tell you and I need you advice to help me speak English .

Ibrahim Sanad

I have 6/6 points in the test! Your lesson was great – thanks a lot Alex!


Dear Mr.Alex

You are really doing a great job.
Please give me full video file (All in one)if u have


very good lesson .Thanks very much sir


Very clear. Thank you very much.


Hey thank you for these idioms and explanations…You know I loved this one most – ‘Cat’s got your tongue’.In my country(I’m from Armenia) when someone doesn’t speak when he should do we say ‘Did you gulp your tongue’.



Hey dear Alex ! My name is Ricardo Alessandro, I am from Brazil. i have been working as an English teacher for a year , but ever since I started taking English class through your videos in the internet my knowledge has gotten improved , I wish I was to be there and learn from you personaly , it ‘d be a pleasure perhaps someday … one never knows anyway Thank you very much for being this teacher keep on making those videos because for sure you will have your reward and before finishing this comment I just want you to know that I am doing a workbook based in the lessons from the engvid.
Hugs from your pupil ! xo xo xo .

Ricardo Alessandro .

Hi Alex!
Thanks for your lesson your explanation always is clear as a bell.

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thx ALEX so much,great effort ..


THX for useful video


thank you so much for your lessons sir my aim is to arrive quikly to understand to native speakers befor wasn’t easy but now…. i’m so greatful.


thank you so much for your lessons sir my aim is to arrive quikly to understand to native speakers befor wasn’t easy but now…. i’m so greatful.


I only can say:”It’s really clear, very very easy to understand and use… ”
Thanks a lot mr Alex!


I’m a copy cat. That’s why i m leaving my comment.


very good job. I wish you to continue the same. thank you


Hello Alex, I´m writing from Argentina, in spanish we use similar idioms but instead Big Cat we use Big Fish, and Mouse´s got your tongue. Excellent videos to improve and refresh my english! Great job and thanks a lot.


thanks, alex~ thouse are really useful.
im in trouble with speaking English nowadays.
i have learned at school for 1 years and have been in usa in 7 years now. i have been working as a manager for 3years and most of clients are native American.
so i felt like i become a part of American. but
after losing job, and i just fool around at home for 1 year now. and i just lose my sense of English. i never expect like this.
i feel so miserable. maybe i wasn’t born here.
actually i came here when i was 25years old.

so i start again to get my confidence of English.

thanks for good instructions~


Good lesson,thank you very much


thanks alot

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it is the first time that i wacht your web is it great i am studing esl so i hope that it great to learn most easy thanks everybody.


hey 알렉스 ㅋㅋㅋ


Gorgeous Alex. We look forward for more adiom and slang lessons. I have got 100 in Quiz


Hi Alex,
This lesson was comprehesible and good.But one thing is very funny was idiom Raining CATS and DOGS.It meant to me like this that if cats and dogs will fall in form of rain then there will be so much cats and dogs that if people will kill to extinct them they will not.Well, thanks for lecture on idioms and quiz.I’ve got 98% marks.


hi teacher i want to ask u about this idiom fat cat .if i said he is a fat cat man that is mean he is rich but he use his money in bad things




Dear Sir
I always keen to see and learn your lesson. Your style of teaching intrigue me a lot.You seem to me very unpretentious and amiable.Thanks a lot.

Simarjit kaur

I really enjoy this lesson

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very good.


I really enjoy this Lecture thanks so much




That’s great!!!


Hi ,Thank`s for this ,but when we speak we prefer to use one word instead of these idioms so I`ll add other one(When the cat is away the mice play)It means confusion or anarchy

suzy farg

Dear Alex;
really you have done a great job! I really try to understanding the idioms by using in english language. Thanks Alex, you are a great teacher on webinor.

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Hi, Alex! How are you? I hope you are well.
Your explanations for the idioms related to cat are so crystal clear that I could fully understand and could get all the questions right. Thank you for your great effort to make the useful video.

From One of your big fans.


Thank u sir for this beautiful lesson.The cat effects are really good…& i must say that nobody can copy cat your excellent teaching…


could you pls use the idiom “cat`s got your tongue” in a couple of exaples?
and if someone`s silent could i say the idiom in this way that ( has the cat gotton your tongue), is that correct?

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    no one is going to answer me?

    Profile photo of samaneh samaneh

      Here’s an example:
      Alan: “I hate your ugly face.”
      Mary: “…”
      Alan: “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”
      Mary: “I hate you. I hope you die horribly.”

      Technically, you could ask “Has the cat gotten your tongue?”. but this idiom is not very formal, so we usually wouldn’t use it in such a formal way.

      Profile photo of engVid engVid

        :-D! Hi Mr EngVid! I think your examples are always quite terrifying!!!

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thank you very much
I am enjoying with you


now i m understanding idioms, so finally cat out of the beg :)


it’s great lesson! cats would definitely like it!

eva golubova

I am a cat lover…..
Whatever.. I enjoyed the idioms and I am going to use them to impress my friends and family.
See ya.


I’ve got em all!


very good topic and we need you to make another idioms videos cause its very interesting and thank you

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nice lessons with good illustrations. Good job.


Thank you for your very delighting lesson. I’ve got much interesting information.
However, I think it would be more informative for me if you tell something more about the etymology. For example, I wonder why “cats” and “dogs” are used rather than other ones in “raining cats and dogs”. It may be not important to understand the idiom at all, but for me – an EFL learner – it sounds very interesting.
Thanks again.

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thanks ALEX ………..

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its so helpful n knowledgeable.thanx.expecting more of the good job.

surabhi pandey

thank you for this lesson!These idioms are very helpful. Keep on creating something like this=)


Cats got my tongue when i was doing presentation infront of class.

thanks for lesson


I knew a few, now I know more. graet lesson.


your teaching are perfect tank you.




i loved these idioms

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thank’s a lot , and goodluck



super .

Thanks a lot .

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Thank you so much Alex.I like your lesson.

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Hello Alex! I would like to have more your IDIOMS!

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this lesson is very useful for me alex thank you.


great job Alex! =)

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hjhj great!
thank you so much, Alex

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i think the photo which always appear don’t make sense….it make us have a litle confused and really hard to hold the attention….


thx alot

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most of them were new for me, thanks alot Alex,


It’s a very, very good job!

Vandeir Ribeiro

It’s a very, very good job! Thank you, may JESUS CHRIST bless you!

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thank you a lot >> carry on

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Thanks alex

Avril Lavigne

thank u Alex, u are wonderful!


hi very good and very clear thank you.


Very nice lesson ….. Thanks Alex


hahaha perfect score..thx sir. have a nice day


Hi Alex
Very useful to listen to you. Thanks a lot for your efforts and patience.
Could you clear my doubt given below?
whenever I try to communicate in English, the cat gets my tongue.
Whenever i try to communicate in English I feel like the cat’s got my tongue. Which is preferable to use or both are right or wrong?





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Greattttttt!!!!!!!!!! LESSON .

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Thanks so much alex
I’m a copy cat
good jab

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Alex very clear , very interesting explanation,thanks a lot

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6 out of 6)
I like cats)It’s so fluffy and funny! But in Russian languages I really don’t know idioms about cats…
And I have a question to you,Alex.Can these idioms be used in USA or England?..Or just in Canada?..
Thanks a lot!!!

Any Russia

thanks my teacher
the lesson is so great

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Thank you Teacher. This time I got 6 out of 6. Nothing was out of left field. I did learn “cat nap” no wonder I’m about to fall aspleep. Look at my eyes!! Awsome Alex!!

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I think it’s a great idea add animations in the video. Regards!!


ALex salman aleewkum9(HELLOW)
i like your teaching thanks alot and you look handasom with you long hair


thanks. I like this website, it is very helpful.


wow it is great lesson,thank you!


I love cats very much :) What a cute lesson :) Enjoyed the pics and all learned well :)

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Very interesting idioms lesson, Thanks a lot. Many thanks for all teachers in this website. All the best

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Hello, from Georgia. I like this lesson very much,because I like learning new idioms,it isn’t easy but interesting.thanks teacher,good job.I am looking forward learning another idioms.

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I’m very happy!

Each day I’ve been learning more and more English.
Thanks a lot, good job!


such a nice lesson with many cute pictures :) and i like the quiz part too, because it shows how to use these idioms in the sentences. Thank you :)


Geez, i couldn’t understand the deal with the first sentence of the quiz. Why fat cat when that is supposed to describe an overweight person? Can someone help me?

Profile photo of lucasleitao lucasleitao

    Hi man! Maybe I can help you. As I understand you have made a little confusion between – weight and wealth. Then you can say that Donald Trump is a ‘fat cat’ because he has a lot of money, not a lot of weight. See ya!

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Bravo !

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Nice lesson: my daughter and me are mad keen on cats!
Thank you, Alex! :)

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thanx 4 every thing

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I did like this idiom lesson ….. Def idioms videos are the best way to improve conversation skills …. many thanks Alex >_<




Thanks a lot for these idioms with CAT, Alex.


Great lesson,thanks.

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Great!Thank you so much!

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thank u Mr Alex I’m an Egyptian teacher and liked Ur lessons v.much


It was a really good lesson, tnxxxxxxxxx Alex…

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alex you just made me prepared for my exams……………

mannat mehta

i really enjoyed it :)



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the lesson was great..but the sound of the video wasn’t clear

Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

sir,what is the different between “to have” and “have to”. and how can we use making the sentence?

Profile photo of sanjaysuthar67 sanjaysuthar67

Very interesting lesson, thanks Alex!

Profile photo of sgmmm sgmmm

what is wrong with it the quiz part is not working

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You’re really really great Alex! thanks for every single of your lessons!!

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amazing lesson

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

very interesting

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I enjoyed this video very much.It’s nice to know that there are different types of idioms.

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thank you very much

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Good one as always.

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perfect score.

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“cats and dogs” is too famous for learners, and it was quite fun to know more cat idioms – I am a cat person, that’s why :))).

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Thanks, Alex! I love cats! Perfect lesson, and you give me ideas for my next vocabulary parade– idioms! :) Again, thanks so much.

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Yey! Copy cat lol Thanksyou Alex. More Idioms pls!

Profile photo of Patrick R. Patrick R.

It is easy to learn. Thanks

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I got 6 correct out of 6. :D Lets have a party🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰!

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    I 💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💗💗💗💗💗💜💜💜💜💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚Alex

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It seems Alex to love cats! I do love cats so much! Does anybody know the history of the idiom “the raining cats and dogs”?
I can let the cat out of the bag…..
So, listen to: the fragment of Johnatan Swift`s novel: “Description of a City Shower” (1710). “Drowned puppies, stinking sprats, all drenched in mud, Dead cats and turnip-tops come tumbling down the flood.”
The sewerage system wasn`t so good that time, that`s
why it was othen blocked with dead amimals and rubbish during heavy rains. They (animals) flew down the streets… Very sad story…

Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

      I knew the only one and shared with it. Thank you for respond.

      Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

    it seems that you will comment all videos even the ancient videos . go ahead and Good bless you.

    Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

      Hi, SKIKDA! Nice to meet you in such an ancient place 😀 . And if we are here, it’s worth visiting! I couldn’t pass by the topic related to cats. I adore them! If I go along the street I see them everywhere: in the tree, under the bench, in the box. No one notice them, but I do. I hear their meowing from closed doors, windows…
      I think I was a cat, British cat in my previous life. Because I love them both so much! What about you?

      Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

        maybe hollywood should select you to perform the role of catwoman2 film. do you accept it?

        Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

          Of course, I will! But I prefer performing comical roles.
          What about a cat on a hot tin roof?

          Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

          unfortunately, i haven’t idea about this film ,could you give me some or attach me in a link

          Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

          It was a joke and an idiom. Imagine a cat in a hot day on a tin roof. It means being very excited and unquiet.
          But you are right there is a film named after this idiom. After your question I’ve read across the plot in Wikipedia but I have no desire to watch it although it got some awards.
          My father dyed of cancer (as one of the characters) and I don’t want to recall that times. I lied for his sake about his condition for about a year. It was too hard.
          I wish illnesses like cancer no longer exist! I believe scientists to invent medicine to cure it.

          Profile photo of nataanna nataanna

i don’t know this idiom, thank you for your information, i really benefit of your knowledge and i see that you like idioms a lot like me because i admire the wisdom in them and i want to know a lot of them.i want to say ‘i am so sorry for your loss’ you are right in my country many people died of cancer too and i hope it will be a solution for this

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useful idioms, hope to learn more in the future! Thanks dear teacher!

Profile photo of A.Navid A.Navid


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182


Profile photo of yahia jnid yahia jnid

Tank you very much

Profile photo of Damene Molla Damene Molla

It was raining cats and dogs when Neodi and I were on our way to Surakarta.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

Thank you Mr. Alex.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thx Alex. Great lesson.

Profile photo of MehmetCan26 MehmetCan26

thank you for your dedicationa

Profile photo of Marcosteo Marcosteo

Its so much fun Alex! I hope you keep increasing the comedy levels! 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

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