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Good morning Rebecca, it is really usefull and u r expert teacher. I always follow your lesson

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    Thank you for your kind words, Zerit. I wish you all the best.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    good morning zenit

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really it is very nice to attend the online test

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As usual your lessons are very useful.

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Good Lesson. I got 9 out of 9. I guess I’m ready to go for IELTS.)

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Need a class on have had has

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Thank you Rebecca.

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Thanks a lot to Rebecca for your awesome lesson.

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nice video, very good information.

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Got 100. Great understanding rebecca and also very informative lesson. Thank you .<3

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Not bad, but I could do the best. I will do my best.

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Thank you, Rebecca!!

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Need a class as a beginner.

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can I change my answers in the listening section if I have time after finishing the reading or the writing sections, or are they separated.

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also in the paper based exam, do I have access to my listening answers while I’m doing the reading and writing or I’d have to give them away??

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I got 06 out of 09..

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wow awesome, thanks, Mrs. Rebecca.

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I planning to move to Canada to work there as a maths teacher. Which test I should take: IELTS Academic or IELTS General?

Profile photo of bhupalreddy bhupalreddy

    IELTS General

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merci pour ses informations ,mais je manque de pratique

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Hello Rebecca you are a good english teacher thank


Thanks alot for these information, Mrs Rebecca.

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very good

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Thank you so much rebecca for your wonderful videos and these really helped me a lot.

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hello Rebbeca,
hope you are doing well. could you please tell me from where i can practice IELTS CDT.

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Hi Rabeca, thaks your so much for explaining for the CDT..It is useful tips for those whom are intented to appear for this test either PBT or CDT. I am great admirare of your way of teaching on EngVid and it is so easy to understand. I lot lot learn from you and all your others colleagues but your my favcourit.

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nice video….

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Dear Mam,
Could you please help me regarding time for writing test in CD-Test. ?
As there are two tasks, so is there a complete 1 hour for whole writing test or separate auto-submission for every task? (20 min, 40 min etc).

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Hi Rebacca, do we get a pen and a paper during the Reading test too, if we are going for CDT – please clarify. And it would be really good if you can provide us with any links, where we can do the wide range of CDT patterns, which are similar to that of IELTS CDT. Your help on this is really appreciated – Thanks.

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    After posting my earlier comment, I searched in youtube for the same and I got a video, where we can have a practical understanding of how the CDT will be. Please type in the text “Computer-delivered IELTS video tutorial – Welcome” in Youtube, and you can find this video, where it explains.

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Interesting, thanks. Mrs Rebecca

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Amazing summary , I love it .. Thank you so much that was very helpful ..

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Great and helpful lesson. Thank you Rebecca :)

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thank you so much, Rebecca.Very helpful.

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I have never repeat the lesson to hear again what you said, as I am doing for many English Videos. I really like the way you are speaking and teaching us through it. very clear accent and easy method for understanding, thank you Ms Rebecca

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Thanks for information

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For the 4th question IELTS CDT is shorter than IELTS PBT because of not using 10 minutes for transfering answers.

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What’s up Guys!! I’m organizing a WhatsApp group for training English speaking. If one of you is interested send me a message +55 88 998549008.
By for now..!

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