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Hi James,

After drinking very often over the last year, I have decided to stop. It has been about eight days now and I plan to continue and take a long break. Not a funny story but a happy one… feeling better than I have in a while.



Thank you for the lesson, James!
These phrases are really useful for us who doesn’t drink alcohol to describe our “fish-friends” :)


At one time I was on a prom party and brought over some drinks I shouldn’t have drunk. Bummer. After a couple of hours I blacked out and started singing with a band on stage. I believe that with my voice I could slaughter sheep. After my performance my friend decided to drive me off home, but we didn’t have a designated driver, so I was picked up by a taxi remembering hardly any of it. (Un)fortunately I have a videotape of it, I never had guts to watch.


Hello James,
I prefer not to drink alcohol. Just don’t feel well even after a glass of wine




Hi James,

In my country, girl doesn’t drink much and neither do I. Actually, I once hung out with my friends and had a little beer but it’s just tipsy.
Maybe when i’m get older, I’ll try being wasted haha.

And, thank you for your lesson; I got 9/10
See you on the next video


In our country the most incredible stories about drinking are ones about fishing.


I also usually drunk so I got 10/10 because I understand the man who drink like a fish. Thank James

nguyen van long

Thank you James !


It’s a little bit difficult to me to talk about drinking :) I have lack of experience


Thank you i enjoyed

Manal ahmadi

8 correc out of 10 before watching video. Now, it’s time to find out more.


Hi I’m Ahmed and from Saudi


Thanks James!


Hi, James! You are a very good teacher! I really enjoy your lessons! You make me laugh a lot!!rss


Thank you, teacher…!!

Jakub Alvarez

Thank you for a interesting lesson. It was very useful even though I don’t drink much.


I’m on top of the world seeing that I have got 10 out of 10. Thanks for the lesson.

Kingsley Kunda

this lesson help us a lot…then stopped with alcoholic drinks..kkkk

Paulo Bet

I want to learn English!
Someone American can pass the WhatsApp for me talk?

Erick menezes

When I graduated from my high school, I went to a club with my classmates and I drank a big glass of alcohol because we were so happy. Then I were wastered.


First time when I became wasted was when I was 15. I just wanted to take the edge off with my friends but as a result I was hammered and on the next day was hang over.


80% is not bad I don’t liked the feeling of being drunk. Is why I don’t drink.


Once upon a time when i was 17, me and my friends gathered to have a party in a house of our group mate. He was agaisnt that party though.
In fact, I wasn’t drinking at that party)
But that guy, our group mate, he has drunk too much and he has just passed out on the floor in the middle of room. So, my friends are little bit crazy, and they put a soap in his underpants and drawn a mustache with shaving foam on his face.
Obviously this story isn’t funny, but I tried.
Have a nice day)

Fat Jimmy

I have too many stories about drinking.
I’m ashamed to tell them.(


Hi James, thank you very much for your great lesson again.I got 100, it was the 2nd time to do the quiz.Here I’d like to share a real story here.

One Saturday evening, my husband and me drank two bottles of beer at home, I was just a little tipsy,after the dinner, we went to downstairs for a walk like usual. After slab the door, I found no key in my key bag,we could just walk on the street the whole night…Luckily, my husband had car key in his pocket, finally I decided to drive him to my mother-in-law home to get the backup key, 20 km far away from my home.After all I drank about 100 ml beer.We did it successfully. The next day I told my only younger brother this story, he blamed me why not call the designated driver company, i told him i thought i was not under the influence, moreover the policemen seldom stopped a lady to ask her to blow the fit… Whether you are drunk or not depends on the people health very much,if the fit show 20 after you blowing,you will crime; if +80, you crime severely.

That is my story.


Thank you Mr. James.


Extremely useful lesson cause i got some drunkard friends ? thanks appreciate it


I’ve got a bad time of being drunk.
Almost dead in the world, blacked out, passed out in bathroom (toilet),… all of ’em.
I lost my iPhone 6s Plus using for just 1 month.
You know, i had got a big pity for about 3 months then.
Invalueable experience !


best regards,James
Greetings from Kazakhstan o8 Dec2o21:)


Hangover last night!

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