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Thanks for the interesting and useful lesson about Australian English. I once visited Sydney in 2010 and I could listen to almost nothing. Australian English is so different from American English when I first listened to the Australian accent at Sydney airport.

Insoo Yeo

    it’s nice to meet a Korean. ;) I’m learning Korean, but I think it’s harder.:)


      Thank you so much for this wonderful lesson.


Hi very nice lesson but seem to hard I get 5 correct out of 9 .

Muhammad Abbas

One day a philosopher goes inside a town’s conference hall very excitedly to perform his speech. However, there is only one man as audience there. He becomes upset but gets a grip quickly, then he asks that guy “Do you really want to listen to my conference?”. The man says “I am a simple farmer. If I got into the bark to feed my all sheep, I would do that even if there was just one sheep.” After this response, the philosopher becomes giddy and starts his speech. The conference lasts for two hours. After he finishes his topic, he asks him “How did you find my conference?” The man says “I told you earlier. I am just a simple farmer. If I got into the bark to feed all sheep, I would do that even if there was just one sheep, but I would not give it the whole grass.”
Today’s topic was so interesting, but I felt confused and a little depressed because there were a lot of words, and this joke came to my mind. The good thing for me was to realise how different Australian English really is and to listen to the perfect British accent from a native speaker. Hopefully, one day I can speak like that.
Thanks Ms. Jade!


    ! LoL :)))) Wonderful comment! I will be waiting for Jade’s respond here :)


    erzurum is very cold :)


Dear Emma, I lean a lot. Thank you for the wonderfull courses.




Always watching and learning here. Thank, Jade!

Isaias Menezes Silva

That was hilarious. :) Thank you, Jade.


Jade, thx!


I really like your way to teach, I also love your kangaroo :) ahahaha thanks


l got 7 out 9

Prosper Eboigbe

Good day mate! I got 9/9 fuckin aye, let’s have a barbi and coldie. Don’t forget to bring an esky with some tinnies, what do you reckon?


that was so good! thanks, Jade! I got 9 out of 9! it was so good. I hope I can go to Australia one day. hooroo!

Rozhan Moradi

thank a lot,Jade,hugs (Kazakhstan 28 Nov2021:)


Thank you Mr. Jade.


Thank you so much for this video! It’s great!

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