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Realy nice lesson Adam. it´s funny to say amber to the streetlights collor. Here in Brazil we say yellow instead.


    In my country…. orange


    Yellow is a signal of attention. Not only in traffic, but also in civil construction and many other places. Orange too, but not ambar kkk

    Daniel Vitor

      ambar is also. My mistake kk

      Daniel Vitor

    Hi Jaciel,

    Most people say orange, but if the police stop you for running the lights, they’ll call it amber ;)


Great class, truly refreshing. i loved it


I lost three over 10 not 5 over ten, I think you should check its correctness but thank you it helps much.


Nice class!

Daniel Vitor

Wow, this is one of the subjects or topics where I am working nowadays as a bus and truck driver although I also fly. This lesson has remembered me some words and it has improved my skills to understand some new slang words like etiquette or behaviour, yield or give way, cut…off, tailgate, honking and cruise…This was a very important and interesting video class lesson for me


    And following to end this comment, thanks a lot teacher Adam, very good explanation of the concepts. Well done!


    I add to this list of words new word for me. It is amber.


    I like this insightful lesson which is very helpful for me to learn to drive car at the very soon.

    Naw Ring

thank you teacher


Nice class! Unfortunatly, in Brazil, people use to drive drunk. Irresponsible people! Thanks a lot!


Good lesson, thanks!!!!

Jakub Alvarez

“Baby you can drive my car
Yes I’m gonna be a star,
Thanks Adam


Very useful vocabulary, explained clearly. Also, your pronunciation is very easy (for me) to understand. :)
Thank you very much


a great lesson for me, many words..thank you so much


thank u

Yan Ivanov

It was, as usual, an interesting lesson Adam. Thank you.


Thank u Adam for your great efforts your lessons help us to improve our English


Hi Adam,thanks for the class.
What is more common use, streetlight or traffic light?
Have a nice day.


    Hi Eudelisgb,

    Most people will refer to the red-amber-green lights as traffic lights and the lights on the sides of the roads that light up the street as streetlights, but you might also here them use it for the traffic ones too.


Thanks, Adam, for this very helpful class!


Traveling at high speed can be more stressful than traveling within limits. A distance for 300 miles, for example. In the end, the driver, like other people in the car, may be exhausted because of dangerous driving, speeding. If nothing worst happens.
I enjoyed this lesson. Thank you Mr. Adam.


Thanks for this lesson, I got 60% in my quiz.


Great class, but i understands more your teach.

i don’t speak english teacher, i can learn english.


    Keep working at it Gerson. It will get better and better.


Thank you Adam!


thank you. I had my first test today. Great lesson.



Sunhenglay Hak

Ok, thanks. next time I will do the best.


Ok, thanks. next time I will do the best.


Sir, I can’t understand when to use gerund or infinitive. Please make one video on this.

John Wick

Thanks? wish u the best things happen in ur life?


    Thanks Narges :)


excelent video thanks!!!


thanks alot, Merci , choukran


Ehh Thank you. Nice lesson. It’s the first time I hear abou road rage and it happes tome frequently.


    lol. Me too, Mber226 :)


Hi, Adam!
Thank you for the lesson, it’s very informative)
In the quiz, I saw the following: “Streetlights have three colours: red, amber, and green”. I have a question: what’s the difference between: 1) streetlights, 2)street lights and 3) traffic lights? Are these words interchangeable?


    Hi Nelly,

    Traffic lights are more commonly used to describe the ones with green, red, etc. Street lights are on the side of the road, and streetlights can be both. The best thing to do is refer to the coloured lights as traffic lights and the side ones as street lights.

    (I should have used traffic lights in the quiz ;) )


      Adam, many thanks for your clear reply :)


you’re amazing.

Alex Oliv.ira

Very nice lesson, never heard before about amber light


Amber? ha ha ha ha

Here in Australia, GREEN, YELLOW AND RED.


Hello. I got 9/10. Yay Hooray.


Very good lesson Mr Adam..
I think if we follow this steps when we drive,, we will be enjoying, but some people come in the road only to make us crazy…
thank you again


Adam, I really need your help. Please. I encountered an unknown structure “noun + to be + Ved” in a sentence “Volunteers to be infected with coronavirus for £XXX in bid to find vaccine”. It looks like I got it after all, but it is still not clear about the root of this grammar. One guy told me it’s kind of contraction of “to be going + to be + past participle”, in another book I found “to be” is used to be a modal verb and that was one way of its using. And there is a lack of lessons regarding this topic. If there is any chance could you please make it clear? Thank you


    Hi Fatman,

    This sounds more like a headline you might see in a newspaper article. They often take shortcuts to save space. If you notice, there is no main tense verb, meaning that, technically, this is not a complete sentence.

    “Volunteers (have agreed) to be infected with …”
    The words ‘have agreed’ is understood from the word ‘volunteers’, so they can be cut out.

    In terms of tense, it is infinitive passive with a future understanding (they haven’t been infected yet;they are going to be infected).

    Does this help?


      Omg Adam, thank you very much! Finally somebody made it clear! You are the best!


Hi Adam, after watching this video, it made us like the watchers are familiar with driving very well. This is very productive for learner and your students.

Arshad 1122

Thank u.


Thank you everyone. Drive safe :)


Adam, would you consider recording a vocab lesson about situations when things are worth(while) or not worth the effort, or at least trying?


    Sounds interesting, Nutondev,

    I’ll see what I can do.


Great ,class i learned anew vocabulary here :) lets have aride >>>>>>>


Good job, Adam!

I really appreciate your lessons, because we don’t only learn grammar rules but also knowledge for life. That’s amazing!

The part of etiquette was especially interesting for me. According to the Brazilian Traffic Code, “the biggers have to protect the smallers”. Therefore, pedestrians and cyclists usually have the right of the way here as well.

Thank you!

Eduardo França

Hello….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.


THNX for the lesson I always had a problem speaking and remembering this. Now during the virus I open my laptop and watch ENGVID :D


Thanks Adam. It’s a very useful lesson. Driving is a must in all over the world. When the light is changing from green to amber, we should stop the car. But sometimes I push the gas pedal to pass because when I suddenly stop it can be more dangerous for the car right behind me. It’s just my personal opinion. :)

Insoo Yeo

thanks for your lesson it’s very amazing i learn some new words


hi adam, what is the color of amber?

vignesh senthil kumar

    Hi Vignesh,

    It’s a brownish orange :)


Thank you Adam. It is really useful information, I am going to pass my driving test. So I need to know all of this.

Valentyna Urzhumova

    Here in Ireland, It is also amber color in Driving theory book

    Valentyna Urzhumova

What a very useful lesson this one, I really liked it too much, thanks one more time Adam, greetings from Venezuela


hi Adam, I love your lesson! Hope you will make more videos


great!!thank you Adam. I’m really interested on your teaching method.


Thank you very much for this video. Even for all your videos. It really helps me to increase my vocabulary and my knowledge about various topic.

Emmanuel MANDEBI

9/10! Amber! I learned a new color vocabulary.

Jerry Gu

Great lesson Adam! Keep driving safe.

Ashurov 1986@

I got 10. many thanks Adam. your lessons are amazin’ ??

Catherine G

Thanks a lot Mr. Adam.


Thank you Adam.


Thank you for the lesson Adam I have a question.
Sometimes I hear ”Fasten your seatbelts” when should I use this ?

Mert Burak

Thank you sir. I got 10 of 10. Here, amber is yellow lol

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