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Hi Adam .
Thank you for this lesson .
Talking about smartphones should not be a favourite topic in school . It made me fail at question 8 .
See you

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    Hi tsamp!
    If there is an answer “all of these” or “both answers” that means it’ll be the right answer in most cases. Pay attention to all answers

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      Thank you for your comment Dolcom .
      I know that in most cases where “all of these are correct” is proposed , I must tick this option .
      I keep on beleiving that smartphones cause troubles at school even in playgrounds and unless they are studying new technologies in high school , they should let them in the cloakroom .
      But maybe am I hold-fashioned .
      We are more than one and so différent , thus failure sometimes belongs to the one who thinks that there is only one answer.

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        Hi Tsamp,

        Remember, the point of this exercise is to have one topic and adapt it to different questions. A smartphone can be a good backup if you don’t have enough to say about a school subject. Begin with science, especially physics, then move the conversation to smartphones because you like to figure out how they work. It can also be regular cellphones.

        The point here is that the answers just have to well delivered; they don’t necessarily have to be true.

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As always on the most extreme drive. No one can get bored. Continue to stay on this wave. Thank you so much, you are a motivator from God =))) I don’t know what I would do without the engvid team.

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Lasagna method? I’m so hungry right now.

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    Me too, and only lasagna can change that.

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        what happend shaghy?

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    May I make a suggestion? I hear lasagna can fix it ;)

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Hey Adam and Alex
Although I don’t write very often in the comment section I’m following the Engvid regularly
It might be a good idea to get a class from you talking like the way you use to talk with your friends, either in a party or at the bar. Speed and slang.
I’m telling you this because I and probably many students, understand you near about hundred per cent, but I wonder how it would be in a regular situation. Thanks and
best regards

Profile photo of Gori Gori

    That’s a good idea Gori.
    I’ll suggest it to the Engvid team.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you.
      I take this opportunity to wish you and the rest of the Engvid team Merry Christmas

      Profile photo of Gori Gori

        To you as well, Gori (belated) :)

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Oh, it’s a very interesting idea! I’ ll be looking forward to seeing such a video.
      Adam, your explanations are really great, absolutely clear and easy to listen to. I suppose, you won’t talk to your friends this way. ))) Please, let us see how you do it.

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Hi Adam,
excellent lesson. However, the english idiom “to kill two birds with one stone” is really cruel. It made me sad in your lesson.

Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

    I’m sorry to hear that, Adrijana. Unfortunately, it’s not the only one. But that’s language. Better to know what people are saying and then try to persuade them to change certain habits. I’ll try not to use it again :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      :) In my language we say “to kill two flies with one hit”. It might be a little more human idiom.

      Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

        I’m afraid that this is exactly the same situation, Adrijana. First off, we kill thousands of animals every single day because that’s what people do to get food, and to say that killing a fly is “a little more human” than killing a bird is a little hypocritical — and even if we’re just talknig here about idioms, it remains so nevertheless.

        Profile photo of ernest ernest

          But we kill the flies only if they are annoying to us. Not for food. Not to have fun. It is a huge difference.

          Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

        There’s another English saying, “He/she wouldn’t hurt a fly.” It means the person (or, sometimes, animal) is gentle and won’t harm anything. Maybe you “wouldn’t hurt a fly”?

        Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      That’s all right, Adam. You shouldn’t worry about that.
      In Russia, we say “to kill two hairs with one shot”, and no one says it’s rude, everyone knows it’s just an idiom, and no one is going to kill a poor animal. There is a collocation in Russian about such a situation: “a kindergarten!” It obviously means that a person doesn’t react as we expect him to, but in a very unusual way, finding a problem where it doesn’t exist.

      Profile photo of Lyubov SPb Lyubov SPb

        there was a misspell. Hares, of course. Sorry. (((

        Profile photo of Lyubov SPb Lyubov SPb

From today, my favorite food is lasagna.

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This was an interesting, rewarding lesson with great ideas to keep in mind, or l should say To keep in mouth?

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Thank You Adam

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Adam, you r adam.

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Thank you for the assistance

Profile photo of Alfred Wanga Esq. Alfred Wanga Esq.

this is a difficult lesson with me. I have 6/10 anyway thank Adam and hope in next your lesson i will answer better

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

    Keep trying Nguyen. It will get easier :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adam :D

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Thanks a lot Adam.👌

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50% :(

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In fact, The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favourite movies.
Excellent lesson and method.
Thanks a lot Adam ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    Yes, great movie ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

it is superb

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Thank you, Adam

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thank you

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I’m improving my English language because of you Sir 🙏🏻

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Thank you Adam and engVid.com

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Hello Adam! As always, great lesson. Thank you!
Please, help me to figure it out. I often face the word ‘yet’ that put at the beginning of the sentence and I don’t understand its meaning. Here is the example: “Yet, arithmetic can be as difficult to learn as reading and some people never master it, leading to dyscalculia”. And there are many of sentences like this. Especially in magazines. It troubles me so, and I still can’t get this purpose of yet. Please, explain.

Profile photo of AlexanderR134 AlexanderR134

    Alex, “yet” means: Nevertheless or still.

    Profile photo of Saul Joury Saul Joury

      Is it a formal way to use it?

      Profile photo of AlexanderR134 AlexanderR134

    Hi Alexander,

    Saul is correct in saying it means nevertheless. But the key is that it is a conjunction with a similar meaning to but:

    I have tried very hard, yet I still have not been able to succeed.

    Starting a sentence with it is actually pretty common in academic writing.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you, Adam, You covered All the bases

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nice lesson

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Thanks alot.

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how can i watch video

Profile photo of Emilyyyy Emilyyyy

    All our videos are hosted on YouTube, which is blocked in China. You may have to use a VPN or something like Tor Browser.

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improve my oral english

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Hi ADAM give a lesson about differences between (sight,view) please.
Best regards

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    I’ll see what I can do Akram.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adem

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thank you so much Adam

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I think so much

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I thank so much while give losson

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hello Adam.Thank you for each of your lessons.
I want to ask you how can i distinguish and use negative prefixes.Some of them i have already known: kind-unkind and etc.but there are a lot of kinds of prefixes and i always confuse them.I’ll be very happy if you prepare such a video-lesson.
Thanks again

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Great information!

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Thanks everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

thanks very much

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very useful

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Thanks Adam. This lesson is very useful to me

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By chance I found this website and I am so glad to find like these kind of topics that I am looking for it collected together by those great teachers , and thank u really about this lesson b/c it was really has useful advices .
Best regards

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    Welcome Jasmine :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello adam.. you look so handsome on this video

Profile photo of Anak pak lubis Anak pak lubis

It will help me alot in future when I will be siting in front of an interviewer and he will be questioning the same you briefed.Great Efforts.Love from Pakistan.

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My first time was not bad I got 7 out of 10
Thank you Adam for teaching us

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Lasagna is always a good idea <3

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Great lesson,I got 80,but the number 6 was confused, I didn’t understand the question…..:(

Profile photo of Leia.Saad Leia.Saad

thanks Adam For This Amazing effort
and Its A funny expression when you say ” Killed Two Birds With One Stone )
i love your method in explain .. Keep Going and all of us with you .

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thank you, Adam, your explanation easier than the others

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Awesome !

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Hi, Adam. I agree with Gori’s opinion. Would it be possible to have a chatroom?

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You are the best teacher in the world, thank you!

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thank you for this valuable information

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hi every one i’m new here help me………………..
can any one of you talk with me in English to improve my speaking.

Profile photo of jehangir-khan jehangir-khan

thank you so much Adam.

Profile photo of jehangir-khan jehangir-khan

Hi T. Adam… Does writting in mesh characters reduce marks in writting task in IELTS??
Thanks for your support and help.

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Brilliant lesson! Thanks, Adam.

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Thanks Adam!

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Hi Adam! i am preparing to IELTS but my speakin is low. i get 5.5 point from speaking. Can you tell me how can i improve speaking at home? how can i pracitce?
please help me!

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You are a great teacher! thanks Adam ;)

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hello,I want to communicate with you on Twitter

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Great, logical, interesting.

Profile photo of Lyubov SPb Lyubov SPb

Tq Adam for ur great lesson…I need 7 band so what are the things that I should follow to reach 7

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Your teaching was superb. Thanks :)

Profile photo of leftright leftright

I have got 80 in this test, I am improving, thanks to Adam

Profile photo of Md. Ahsanul Haque Md. Ahsanul Haque

Hello Adam! Could you explain the correct use of a lot of, lots, ?? Thank you! Marcelo

Profile photo of Artentino2019 Artentino2019

Very helpful!

Profile photo of muhimanzi muhimanzi

Hi, why did you say : All of these thinking sounds meanS ….2:14 It supposed to be without “S” isn’t it ?

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Hi Adam.
Thank you for this amazing lesson.

Profile photo of Konstantinos Koumpouras Konstantinos Koumpouras

Hi Adam
Thank you for Video
my question is; in part one what is the minimum number of sentence can we make when answering question

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Hi Adam
Thank you for Video
my question is; in part one what is the minimum number of sentence can we make when answering question

Profile photo of Digy Digy

hey, Adam, I hope you are fine this is Hassan and I would like to ask you is there any other place you teach as an online for IELTS I have in need and eager and even if you can guide me to another place which is being taught is appreciable.

Profile photo of Hassan Kamiin Hassan Kamiin

Thanks Adam!

Profile photo of morossetti morossetti

very good!!!!
taking notes of every thing
like your videos
thank you Adam

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Hi Adam.
Tanks for your help. This class was very helpfull about IELTS test.
I will try to do this steps to take my test.

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thank you so much
I love your teaching.It s extremely useful because you speak eloquently

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where can i find more speaking lessons by Dear Adam?

Profile photo of elyy elyy

thanks for the lesson

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Hi Adam!
Thank you so much for your tips.

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Hi Adam!
Thank you so much for your tips. They are useful and practical.

Profile photo of Maria do Carmo Palmeira Maria do Carmo Palmeira

Hi Adam!

I love your english classes. Thank you for a amazing class.

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I loved the Lasagna Method!

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