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Thanks a lot for the quiz and the feedback! :)


Thank you so much


If you set up a company to sell new products, first of all you should specify the target audience before penetrating the market. The demographic information about population can be helpful for this reason. What kind of clients fit with your product? What are their median income? Is your item affordable to them? How much do they have disposable income? Then, creating a brand is a further step. Branding is a time consuming process, and it involves great amount of money because your product’s ads, under your brand, are released on magazines, newspaper or billboards, and your item is imaged in some primetime TV programs with a product placement way. Furthermore, you also need a logo for your brand. Designing a logo is a serious job, and sometimes a big competition may be held to choose the best. All these pursuits are worth because finally your brand, logo, and product will stick in your clients’ mind, and the more people buy your item the more money will go back to you. That’s why branding is a great return on investment. If your brand is really trustworthy, and you are certain about your product, it will be enough for you to make customers buy it even one time because people would start telling it to one another how good your item really is. After creating this trustworthiness, you need neither celebrities or influencers nor their endorsement in your ads any more because word of mouth is the most important advertisement. As I said earlier, branding takes patient and discipline, and it is very important to keep in mind that your market share will increase overtime.

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    Well-written Hd :)


    this statut is completely fruitful.


    Your summary notes are insane! Thanks a lot.

    David Bui

I don’t understand the fifth question… Explain, please.


    Me neither. I didn’t catch the meaning of “organic growth”. I just think it’s the growth of organic products :(((

    Vincente Than

      Thanks ??

      Nouha mounadi

        hi would you like practice

        Muhammad Abbas

    Good but little bit complicated to understand


    mmmmm! “Organic growth” is specific termin in economics! But I thought about biology :) Sorry, Adam. I am just learning. :)


    “Organic growth” means when a brand or product can penetrate a market without a direct marketing action.
    For example, when a person buy a product because a friend make a recemendation about this product.


    Hi Bitaly,

    Organic means natural. In this case it means not paid for. Word-of-mouth promotion is people telling other people about a product they like. So the people finding out about the product this way did not see it in an advertisement that was paid for or on social media from an influencer that was paid to promote it, etc. They heard it from a satisfied customer, so they trust it more.

    Also, organic growth grows by itself and can reach very far.

    Does this help?


      Hello Adam I’m abdelkarime from morocco I’ve watched your videos for one year and i really benefited a lot thank you so much


    The same as me!!


It was very nice lesson.
Thanks Adam.

Msgdy Alhaddad

i didn’t get it either:c


    Thanks ?

    Nouha mounadi

    Overall It was a good lesson


thank you so much for this lesson


organic means natural. Organic growth is a natural growth without any kind of extra effort.


Hello Adam,
Excellent lesson on professional business.
You use words and phrases that are used in day-to-day business.
It is somewhat difficult for me to follow your conversation but it is typical of my low level of English. I have to repeat the lesson over and over again and so I understand you better.
Thank you for your work.


fantastic Adam, thank to teach us business info


Excellent lesson. Thanks so much Adam!

Henrique Alves

Dear Adam, Great Lesson for specially those entrepreneur whose run business.

Muhammad Abbas

A useful lesson on business English and marketing vocabulary. The explanation is nice and clear so it’s easy to understand the material if one concentrates on the lesson. Thank Adam for this superb lesson!

Insoo Yeo

Hey Adam.
It’s my first time to leave a comment here but I have watched your videos for a long time… and to be honest you’re one of the best teachers here. I love your style and I have followed you the most and wait for your lesson every time with excitement! :)
I liked this lesson and if you can I’d like to keep it! Business English is very wanted now in my opinion and we need more related lessons. Thank you in advance.:)
In addition Adam I’d like to bey you something-if you can make a video about fluency of English and how can we know if we reach it or not?
Thank you in advance, Adam.
A warm greeting for you from Montenegro :)


    Thank you, Srdjan21.

    I appreciate your comment.

    I will try to make that video :)


There were the 924 and the 944, both made by Porsche. Both models were quite expensive and people didn´t want to spend their money in a car that wasn´t the 911.
Btw, did you know that at the very beginning, the 911 was called 901???It was before Peugeot registered the “0” in the middle of their models.
Thank you for this great marketing lesson Adam, and thanks for talking about one of my favourite topics: cars ;)


thats verry good to learn


Hi Adam! Especially thanks for disposal income phrase.


I got 5/8, the lesson is quite difficult and that’s field I don’t understand a lot because I’m on technical sector, but it’s belong to the economic, anyway thank Adam and hope better next time

nguyen van long

Hi Adam,
This is Chef Sudipto Biswas from Bangalore . Iwas supposed to take the IELTS test on October but still i am not ready after practising for long 3 months . Still in Reading , Listening i am not able to get 9 out of 9 specially in the reading section . I dont know what to do as it is really frustrating for long practsining and not getting the desired bandscore .

Need help from your end and possible one to one class with you . My number is 0091-8116783777 or sudiptobiswas125@gmail.com. Will be waiting for your reply .


    Hi Chef,

    I don’t offer classes, but I will tell you that you do not need a 9. For most programs you do not even need an 8. Use this as part of your strategy.

    If you are trying to get a 9 to pull up the overall average, better to improve the weak scores and pull up the score all around.

    As for reading, make sure you have strategies to save time, and also build your vocab.

    I hope this helps a little. Good luck with your test. :)


Grreat, Adam. Congrat!


What is the difference between pandemic and epidemic..?
Thank you for your help.

Msgdy Alhaddad

    A pandemic disease is an outbreak that goes beyond the continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, America, etc). An epidemic disease are in limited area. That place can be a village, a town, a city, or a country. For example, coronavirus is a pandemic disease, but malaria is an epidemic disorder because it is seen in only some African countries.


      Good explanation Hd ;)


sorry but do anybody want to learn English with me.
from: Abdulah

abduullah 1

because i want to speak with some one

abduullah 1

I made a mistake on the last question! 7 out of 8.
It’s really a good lesson, it’s very useful.


Thanks everyone :)


Everywhere we go, we will see marketing actions, so this lesson is very important, specially to one who want to work in this business area.

Thanks, Adam!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Hey Adam:
About this question: “One of the main goals of marketing is to”…I did not understand the difference between share and place products in the market. Isn’t it the same?


    Hi CommonDisciple,

    Essentially, yes. But that isn’t really the point. Sometimes I make questions to check you understood the use of the words, so I make the questions obviously not correct. No one places products in the market. As for sharing, this also does not work. You can sell, buy, or trade. Share and market only work in terms of marketing terms.

    Does this help?


thank you Adam!


Marketing skills, good!


That was abject failure of Porshe


Hi,Adam.How are you? Thanks a lot for your teaching english.I like learning english, too.You’re my favourite teacher.I always watched your english videos on the weekends.


Adam, thx!


7/8! Good! Thanks, Adam!

Jerry Gu

What is the meaning of “one person, one coffee and one neighbourhood at a time” in Starbucks statement?


I am glad I found this site during the Covid-19 lockdown/solitude. It’s very informative, thanks Adam for this lesson. ???


Thank you!


Nice lesson teacher thank you so much


I answerd all the questions correctly!ye!!!

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