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    Thank you so much Alex. I will check it out now.

    Naw Sarah

      My pleasure! Let me know if you have any questions.


    Thank you Alex for bring us a new resource to practice and learn English.


      No problem! I hope you find it useful.


    Thanks, Alex. It was a very informative session.


    I like the way you teach us Thank you, Alex,


Thanks Alex! I don’t have to set up these phrasal verb.


    I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson!




Thank you so much Alex

yavuz samanci

    My pleasure! I hope the lesson was useful!


I got 7 correct our 12, I jot down all of phrase verb.

Muhammad Abbas

    Not bad! The past tense of jot down is jotted down, so you would say “I jotted down all the phrasal verbs” in this case.


      Thank you sir

      Muhammad Abbas

12 correct answers of 12.
Thank you, Mr.Alex, for presenting any information in such an accessible and understandable way


    No problem! I’m glad you found it useful! :)


Thank you very much indeed Mr. Alex.
I got 12/12


    Nice work! Keep it up!


You´re the best in the West. Thanks a lot Alex ;)


    Haha. Thanks. I do my best!


Useful contents Thanx ALEX??

Johan Masih

    You’re very welcome! I’m glad you found it useful.


Professor Alex: Could you solve the problem of the monthly disappearance of your food in the refrigerator? … heh, heh, just a joke. Great teacher…


    This is a life-long mystery for me! ;)


Tomorrow, I will set up a meeting with my team :)


    Nice job! Keep practicing!


I got 12/12, thank you MR. alex for this wonderful lesson. take care

daisy esguerra

    Perfect! Keep it up. :)


Thank you Alex for this excellent lesson! Learned some useful expressions in an easy way!


set up: to organize;
start off: begin;
put off: delay;
wrap up: finish;
call off: cancel


When I faced with these crazy phrasal verbs, I didn’t know how to deal with them. I needed to figure out a good solution. Firstly, I called off all my appointments and tried to look into how to use them. Then,together with my jotted down notes I started off by setting them up by their meanings. I drew some pictures to recall them. Although this solution I brought up was not something new, it was very helpful. So, I decided to hang out these diagrams to my friends so they could also get benefit. It worked. When we got over every verb, we realised they could be remembered so easily. Even though they run out of my all energy, I was happy to wrap up today’s work.
Thanks Alex!


    That was actually pretty good

    Alejandro Cediel

I also got 12/12. It´s a pleasure follow your classes.

Bebel Nepomuceno

I got 10/12 and wrong at questions 3 and 12, the lesson is very useful I usually see phrase verbs in this lesson when I read the new or listen videoclip. with your explanation is clearly and easily understand, especially when you described about “hand out” make me instantly understand. Thank Alex so much

nguyen van long

I like Alex’s lesson because he teaches the practical subject and he speaks clearly and not fast. I found myself I feel easy to listen to Alex’s lesson than other teachers.

Insoo Yeo

Thank you Alex for this excellent lesson.but I don’t understand a think that is ‘look into’please can you explain more about this

Shirin Akter

I’m grateful for what doing, and pray Allah for you and your family to spend your time in peace and healthy!!! Thank you so much!!! You have been helped
Long life to you the teachers

Hamidou Falama

Great lesson Alex!!!… I’ve got 9/12.. I have to study more Phasal Verbs

Carlos Freitas

Thanks so much for this lesson. It has been incredible useful lesson, Mr.Alex you have helped me deal wity these phrasal verbs. I appreciate engvid for your perfecr work. Its motivate me learning english and improve myself


I got 11 of 12,I would like to wrap up this comment by saying thank you Alex.

Amy Yu

You explain very well and clearly. I have been learning English for a year and I appreciate your time for to make this video.

Thank you Teacher.


thank u alex,
i’ve got 9 out of 12


    Not so bad, Velania!!!


Hi Alex,
Very interesting phrasal verbs. They are difficult for me to memorize but I understand very well your explanation.
Thank you for your work.


I got 12 out of 12. Alex, please, jot down my great result))) and you need to figure out how to complicate your quizzes) Tsk for hand out this amazing phrases!


I love all of your videos please keep us teaching lots of love stay safe take care wishing you a very good health


thank you so much Alex

Bubacarr Sumundu

Alex, I’d like to start off to thank you for explaining in a way there is easy to figure out the phrasal verbs. I got 11 correct out of 12. May God bless you and your family!


Thank you Alex! I got perfect score

sankara narayanan

Interesting lesson as usual. I try to use a mnemotechnic method to remember all this phrasal verb as a game. It’a funny. Many thanks to you.


Thank you, professor Alex. These are very useful.


Tnank you Alex. It was very useful lesson.


“Phrasal Verbs” – How I didn’t think of it before to improve business English. thank you very much Alex for bringing such a valuable idea.


excellente leçon avec un parfait accent.
C’est un plaisir d’écouter Alex


I have no word to thank.i am very glad.. i can know english because you have me



Alex, thanks a lot!!


100% test done


Alex, thanks a lot.


10 out of 10. Thanks ?

Catherine G

Very nice… Excellent lesson.
Thanks Alex.


Thanks Alex, good job?


Thank you so much, This video is very useful


Good teacher ever

Fahd Nasser

Thank you Alex amazing lesson and very useful I got 12/12

chahira abdin @ DAMAS

Excellent explanations! Thank you!


11/12. Thanks, teacher !

Karoline Batalha Nunes
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