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It`s very interesting lesson! I`d like to know more about the topic.
It`s very useful, I think.
Thank you very much, indeed.

wild boar

This is such a good lesson, helps me to understand a little bit more these kind of expressions. I’d like to know much more about it. Thanks Alex..! :)


Hi Alex! I have a question about the last expression- pick up the tab. I read it’s often used when someone refuses pay your bill, so you have to pick up the tab. I thought it has kind of negative meaning.Can you make it clear for me? Thanks.


I’m a poor man like u. lol. no loaded, no contact, no e- mail. please keep teaching us. cya dude. I have been broken 4 many years.


thank you very much!!!!

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Hi Alex it’s very beautiful lesson.Thank you.


I found that the best way to enhance my english skills is learning prhases,they’re very useful
Thank you so much


it was interesting lesson alex . we need to know more about it .thank you


I’m very interesting, lesson I’d like know more about. it’s very importent for me.thanks!indeed.



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Thanks a lot for lesson.
Your lessons are always extra-ordinary and interesting.

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    i want to ask same word for Alex.

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    Kamila are u really from Azerbaijan? Nice to meet you,faigkerimov@gmail.com

    Profile photo of faigkerimov faigkerimov

      Hello Faig) Yes of course I am really from Azerbaijan. By the way I see every time a lot of people from diferrent countries,it means really big interest to this web-site and to these really good teachers. Thanks a lot to all teachers again.)))


Thanks a lot!

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hey ..thnk u for that lessons it will help me alot i think :)


I’m neither loaded nor broke, I’ve found insect in my order in a restaurant so they gave me another order on the house, normally when I lose a bet I tried to have a negotiation before pay up, if my friend broke I pick up the tab.

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Thank you very much mr.Alex. Very useful lesson. Love your way of teaching. please keep teaching


Thank you! What about the second part of this lesson? ;))

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just interesting!good for every one to learn money expressions we need them alot in our daily life


thank u alex sir /…….. n meet with me …. i will throw a party n i will pick up the tab. thank u for teaching



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Great lessons thanks.


Great lesson
Unfortunately,I’m not loaded


hi thanks for lesson but i did not understand on the house can you more clearly rawa rawa_leza@yahoo.com


thanks alot you are a grate teacher


I am a broke machine, and I think that I am broken too

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thank you
but if you please I want to know the meaning of ( locked and loaded )

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Thanks a lot!

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Very interesting. Thank you so much I have learned something new for today but I am not loaded.


thank you


thank a lots


You are an awesome teacher and i loved this site ..i wish for you the best and keep going all the teachers here are great


wow it is very interesting
I want to try to use this voca!
thank u !


I like you words saying “Hi guys, thanks for clicking.. Wonderful… Anyway appreciate this lesson…

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Sorry… I was going to say I like your words not you… hahahaha

Profile photo of thomas161087 thomas161087

Thanks for the lesson.


Hi alex thank you for this lasson is very nice


Hallo Alex, thank you for that lesson. I really enjoyed it. To pay up and pick up the tap were totally new phrases. Now I know more (again) Thanks a lot.


Thank you Alex, I am Brazilian and now I am in Berlin, I always go out with my friends and heared these expressions, just now I could understand a couple of them, thanks!!!


i am impressed with your teaching style and method….you are doing nice job and keep it up

Qamar Ayub

It’s good for learning Eng.


Hello buddy thanks


Dear Sir,

Thank you for you good lesson

Thank you

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Great lesson, thanks a lot!!!

norma lara

Interesting and funny lesson. Good job. Thanks


Hi Alex,
I like your lessons and explanation. Zyga from Poland


thank u, i like to listen to you. u have so lovely voice,and pronounciation,every thing is always clear for me, thanks once more


o rel relay it s nice lesson 4 may money ؟why oky i have no money in may ……….

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it was exceciteing lesson, great job alex, wait for another engvid video lesson. thanks a lot alex!


Thanks a lot! engvid actually made me “loaded” in language:)


Thank you so much for heplp us.
GOD bless you.


Thanks, i see you every day.


Thanks teacher! The lesson is very interesting. I’m looking forward to your next lessons.
Thanks again!


Thanks it helps me alot in daily conversation, it’s very comprehensive and fascinating!

Syed Muzayan Shahzad

Very interesting.Good job thanks


Thank you for the great lesson. I really enjoyed it!It helped me very much.I’m also lookimg forward to your next lessons.
Panos-Rebapis GREECE




hi your lesson is great and it’s very uesful and commen lesson. and you are great waiter .


Thank you Mr Alex, grate lesson.

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Hi alex .hope you r ok.just a quick help needed.whats meant by pay off and pay-off.i know one one is used as a phrasal verb n the other as a noun but i dont quite get their meanings.do they mean the same.i need explanation .please!


Thank you for this lesson, it’s very useful. I am wating for more lessons.


this very useful website i like it


SMART lesson.
thanks a lot !

M. Johmani

this is interesting lesson


i love your lesson.. i would like to know more about business and money vocabulary please.

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Hi, can u help with Present Progressive please i dont understand very well, iam really confused…Please i like when u give some examples because is easy to me… thx=)


This is my first video. Magnificent idea, Thanks a lot!!!


Lecturer speaks quite clearly.
It’s useful for me to practicle.


It’s very nice lession. Thanks to Mr. Alex I will be loaded in future. Best regards.


i like this , and rani tutorial are really nice…


Thank you very much Alex, really it is a very interesting way to learn Vocabulary and Expressions.


Thank u Alex, very useful, I really enjoyed the lesson!


Hi Alex .I see you’re not leave a comment under our comments.I don’t know why.I think that would be useful if you do.thanks a lot.

youssef morrocco

it’s very interesting, thanks


You scored 5 out of 5.

Thank you.

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Thank you very much. It’s more important to know.


hi.how are teacher I have request I wanna know what’s the mening (of and a)


excellent presentation! Good teaching!
Tks for this lesson!

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Just great! I enjoy yours lessons a lot. I have a doubt.
When you PAY you pay for something, right? you pay the bill. you pay for the meal. In your class you said PAY FOR THE BILL (when teaching PICK UP THE TAB.

Marcio Leão

Excellent class.. thank so much! :D


The score is better.


useful lesson, we will wait the second time lesson.


it’s a very great lesson
and I have a question about the last expression “pick up the tab” where where can use it exactly? can we use it in any restaurant or shop or a market??
and thank you for this good lesson

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These are very useful expressions, thanks for everything. I can improve my English knoledge than I though.


Another amazing video..Good on you buddy..

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good job i have leaned lots of things thanks and i have a question i know grammer however i make mistake in tests

liz mon

It great good job


Very good, i learned more today, thahks Alex!


Thank ypu for the lesson!
Culd you help me with a question? How to call a person who holds 51% share (of some company)?

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It’s a very interesting lesson.The teacher is very expressive and clear.

rosario alessi

hello Alix. thank you for all. you teach very well.


I’ve found an answer, thanks. It’s a majority shareholder.

Anton Danshin

Hi Alex, Your lesson about money vocabulary it was cool, but, for me, the expresion “on the house” it wasn’t clear. Plese give me for example. tks.



Profile photo of must01 must01

i can answer you dear danon its called a shareholder

Profile photo of must01 must01

its great..to create
casual behavour

Profile photo of khalidvirani1 khalidvirani1

its very useful !..thank you :-)

Profile photo of shyna shyna

Alex, I think you’ve made a mistake here. Let’s say I know you are talking about the past (I spent all my money, I’m broke), then this sentence is correct but basically I don’t that so shouldn’t you say I’ve spent all my money, I’m broke? And what about a time thing we have to mention talking about the past? Tell me if I’m not right?

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are you Brazilian??

Profile photo of andreiaoliveira40 andreiaoliveira40

Hi mr Alex nice to talk to you…

Profile photo of alnourahmed alnourahmed

hi MR.Alex thanks 4 you but I suggest add conversation please!!! it is very useful 4 us

Profile photo of srush srush

easy to understand Alex thanks a lot


Alot of thanx Mr. Alex. this one was really beneficial for me…keep updating..

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Thank it is very important. I just know about this vocabulary


Very interesting lesson :) thk U

Profile photo of faigkerimov faigkerimov

very very usefull thank u

all of the team


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when i speak english ,i do not use english expressions. now I speak english i use english expressions. thanks a lot for teached this lessons


its was really intrstinglesson so i am going to pick up the tab today

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very nice vocub


I want to improve my conversation iam lost please help me

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very nice lesson , i like it :) last week i was loaded but now really i’m broke :( so am not going to pick up the tab for today :S


Superb class.
I don’t know how to thank you!!!!

Mohsin Zaman

Hi Alex it’s very beautiful lesson.Thank you.


Thank you. I learned the lesson .


thanks a lot…!


very nice . thanks

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Alex I invite you to a restaurant tonight but you will pick up the tab

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real good . i learned so much .thanx


Its very awesome & very useful vocabulary to every one.



thanks a lot for extremly explanation.


with one word I may say that this site is marvelous .thanks for your efforts.

Safak Erman

this is awesome . many thanks


That’s really very useful. May God help and guide you. yours,


Thanks a lot. I am not loaded otherwise, I would write my email here.


Hi Alex,

Thank you for this lesson. I enjoy listening to your lessons, they are so useful and simple.
I am broke but I am trying to be loaded.


thank you very much that lessons very important for me cheers


lool I not Loaded Alex .Thank you so much

this lesoon is very important


I’m a new student but not loaded and i want to tell you mr Alex that i like your way to teach us english. think you very much.

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i live in quebec, canada and im learnig in english. this really helped me :) thanks very much ♥


Hi Alex. Just one question. If you are working in a bar and you want to invite a customer, Can I say them “it´s on me”? or I must say it´s on the house. Thanks for the lesson

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I scored 5 out of 5. Thanks Alex.


i am very weak in english but now i am very happy cos i have such a nice teacher just like u


Hi Alex, Nice to here you. It’s so easy to pick and learn. Thanks

Muhammad Bilal

Good luck


Thank you for your humor Alex,I bet that if I carry on learnin’ with you, I’ll be a loaded person in English instead of money, ,so keep in touch ^^



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Thanks Alex for your lesson . My test is 5 out 5, so pay up and I’ll pick up the tab!!
have a good day!!

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Thanks a lot! I love your lessons!)


Thanks a lot!!!


Sir,Your teaching s very simple but very effective.


You are great bro ;)

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Thank alex, I just to know about this..^_^

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this lesson was great and i know more words to say in my daily life.

Profile photo of venice venice

May I say, I’m sort of/ kind of broke?
If I don’t have so much money.


    Yep, that’s correct!

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

thank you!

Rubens( Brazil)

I liked it.

Profile photo of gvantsa gvantsa

thank you so much Alex!

Profile photo of wambayves936 wambayves936

Thank you so much Alex.very useful.

Profile photo of soudthedlath2012 soudthedlath2012

Put you money where your mouth is ;) However, it’s a totally different meaning and out of the context


that. was great thanx




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good lesson alex, the expressions loaded and on the house I already knew those ones but pay up and pick up the tab no, now I do thank you very much

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thank you

Profile photo of saifo88 saifo88

Thanks Sam


Thank’s a lot. Very interesting.


Thanks a lot for the lesson.


Hi professor;
you look smart in term of explaining, ways you use body language

Profile photo of bounnhot bounnhot

i think that it very useful for me.i will try my best in order that improving listening skills.


I like this lesson
Thank you

Profile photo of reqah reqah

cheers alex your way of teaching is fantastic



Profile photo of doris83 doris83

I have a question! can we use the expression pay up for collect the money? or is it only used for beeting, or bets or gambling ? (sorry i don`t what is the right word ) but I hope you understand the idea. Greetings for all the teachers! (:

Profile photo of emyreth emyreth

    “Pay up” is most commonly used in the contexts you mentioned. I guess you could use it at a restaurant if you’d like to, though. “I’ll meet you guys outside in 5 minutes. I’m just going to pay up.”

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

very useful lesson sir thank you

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Dear Alex, your lesson was great. If I win the lottery I have already bought, I promisse will be in touch with you!


Alex,I like your teaching style,I’ll watch yuor vidio

Profile photo of jiaocuihua jiaocuihua

thanks teacher ^^


sir. u have soft teaching skills. i like the way u r teaching.

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Sorry Alex, I can’t give you my mail because I am not loaded at all… A bit broke indeed…

Profile photo of ganery ganery

o0o0o0h, I wish that I was loaded :D but I;m broke these days ;)

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Nice lesson, THX. You are really able to explain very well.

Profile photo of liberator liberator

Well, it reminds me of a situation that I saw some friends were hanging out to a nice restaurant and they were all broke, so they wanted one person who was loaded to pick up the tab :D YaaaaaaaaaaYY lol of course they milked him or her lol

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Judging by the money I make we’ll never get in touch )))

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Hi Alex , I would like to learn about prefixes. Like irresponsible,how do I know it is not disresponsible? Or unsuccessful,uninteresting and etc.Is there any rules?
Thanks in advance


Very good teacher!

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thanks a lot teacher

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Thanks for all of your comments and questions, guys! Keep them coming!

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Hi there i do not know how can i thank you and other teachers I learned a lot of things from you teachers when I came in the USA 7 months ago I can not form a simple question but now I can indenoun: bas, fond, dessous, pied, derrière, culot, fesse, siègerstan


thank you so much


5/5 :)

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Awsome, I got 100%

Teacher, your lessons are very good! Don’t worry about your next lunch. I’ll pick up the tab! lol

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Mr.Alex is a nice teacher.pls,”on the house”Ican’t understand this expression clearly. can you explain more?

Profile photo of denaessam denaessam

Very impressive…..my best complimenta


Thanx.It’s easy for us now.


Without your explanation, these words about money or bill will be difficult in understanding.
Thank you. Understanding the situation where a word is used and the emotion expressed are important.

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thanks for this lesson!

Profile photo of petrywka1992 petrywka1992

hi Alex.i am loaded ;)

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Alex, you are very nice teacher, congratulations!!!

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thank you very much Alex, when i’ll be loaded i’ll send you some money ;)

Profile photo of diouck123 diouck123

can you pls tell me what is the difference between will n would ?? &
When do we need to use these terms ??

Profile photo of neelambak123 neelambak123

Thanks Alex, I have the feeling you will be very helpful to me God bless you.

Profile photo of nhemy1984 nhemy1984

yaay! I’ve got 100

Profile photo of muzzamil muzzamil

Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of Bien Bien

Thank you, Alex

Profile photo of dhissie dhissie

Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of bummia bummia

Need to improve

Profile photo of mhmafzal mhmafzal

happy to learn that. Thanks to teacher

Profile photo of kettyarath kettyarath


Profile photo of dagora2005 dagora2005

thanks loaded Alex!!!

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thanks Alex …….

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i am not loaded but u looks like so let us allow to ask ur email id..hahaaha

Profile photo of subodh subodh

Thanks got 100%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

I got 100%, very interesting lesson. Thanks Alex!!!

Profile photo of Myriam21 Myriam21

Hello Alex! Thanks for the very useful lesson. I have one quick question about “on the house”. Does it mean the same as “on us”? I heard and read this expression in the context of free food or free items. Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of JohannaA JohannaA

HELLO ALEX thank you for the lesson ;it’s really on the house ;it’s nice of you my best teacher ever ;could you accept an invitation to the restaurent ;i’ll pick up the tab ;please correct me ;

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I love your lessons… you’re awesome and I feel i will improve my english ;)

Profile photo of Tin Tin

thanhks, Alex. your lesson is interesting.

Profile photo of Emma Luu Emma Luu

i’m very excited, i have 100%

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

Your lessons are completely useful that is improving my English skills very much. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of VietNam1984 VietNam1984

thank you very much Alex.Your lesson it was very interesting and very clear.I got 5/5.

Profile photo of perez jelly perez jelly

I got 5 correct out of 5.

Profile photo of samkool samkool

easy to understand. Tks a lot

Profile photo of Ho Thanh Tuan Ho Thanh Tuan

I’m loaded, “really rich” hehehheeh I just kidding :)

Profile photo of chicolisto chicolisto

Thank you very much . when I will be loaded I visit you (teacher) ;) :p

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There’s a problem in the videos it’s not your voice ! what the problem ?

Profile photo of mohammedabulsoud mohammedabulsoud


Profile photo of sebastiao.scopel sebastiao.scopel

its such amazing and interesting lesson. thank you very much !!!

Profile photo of nicatagarzayev nicatagarzayev

thanks Mr.Alex

Profile photo of Lam Thi Hang Lam Thi Hang

writing on the board is not clear

Profile photo of awadalgohary awadalgohary

Thanks Mr.Alex

Profile photo of Chessman Chessman

I got 5/5 … im loaded… :)

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thanks Alex i got 5/5……happy

Profile photo of misacute misacute

Thankagain Alex

Profile photo of Anabcadey Anabcadey

How I get your email?

Profile photo of Anabcadey Anabcadey

yippee. i’ve answered all of the questions in the quiz correctly. nice quiz competition.it really works for my self analysis.bye

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Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

Thanks you so much.

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

it’s very easy to understand


thank you very much
i know more now about money…

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I’ve learned very useful phrases in this lesson.
Thank you!
I’m not loaded but I want to leave a comment.

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Thanks Alex, nice lesson

Profile photo of cparedes cparedes

Hi Alex, Thanks for interesting vocabularies.

Profile photo of Minhaj Alam Minhaj Alam

Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Thank you for your sense of humor

Profile photo of Everydaye Everydaye

i’m very happy because i got everything right! Thanks for all!!

Profile photo of malunegraotuc malunegraotuc

I really liked, the best and easiest way you described everything for me. thanks alot

Profile photo of dayib mohamed dayib mohamed

I got 5/5! Thanks! I didn’t know this expressions!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Thank you Alex, very clear :)

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Great content! Thanks!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Thanks Mr Alex .i got 100.

Profile photo of husam simawi husam simawi

Thanks Alex

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4/5 Thanks Alex

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