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i m poor in english

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    Don’t feeling sad, you not alone :)

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      Me too ^^

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ples teach me

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10/10 ☺. Nice lesson. You are a great teacher. Thanks, Gill.

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Thank you Gill for a useful lesson. I like your lessons very much.

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    Hi Kotat, I am learning this language in the same way as you. I am from Czech rep. and want to know something about life in Russia. Tell me more if you would.
    Thanks Kleo.

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      what do you want to know?

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you

you are something else for us…

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Hi Gill .
Thanks for this lesson .
You said that the article a is not pronounced like “a” but like “uh” . I often hear in English videos the contrary . How come it is said that way ?
Thanks for your feedback .
One more question not related to this lesson . When thanking someone why putting an s at the end of thank or may I drop it .
See you

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Got 10/10

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very good lesson keep us teaching………i had only this much request for u………. i would comment if i had any queries…….. i got 10 on10 ……………….
bye bye

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Fruitful lesson as usual , many thanks Gill

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Hello im new here

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Thank you Gill. How you sink our mind the definite article and how to pronounce “a” like “uh”.

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Great lesson! Thank you very much, teacher.

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Thanks teacher, great lesson!

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    Hello Tuấn Anh ^^

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Very useful lesson, Gill. Thank you so much.

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Nice and useful lesson Gill!!Thanks so much!!
It would be very useful if you made a lesson about the differences between “a/an” and “one”. Sometimes that is a little confusing.

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this lesson is really useful, thanks Gill

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Nice lesson.

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Hi Gill. I miss your original style lessons.

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Thank you for your lesson

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The lesson was amazing,interesting and it easy and i got 10 correct out of 10 !so thanks alot for your lesson.

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it’s an easy lesson , thanks Gill

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Thnx Gill for this first lesson…

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thank you so much

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Thanks Gill.

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Thanks Gill

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Thanks a lot

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thank you

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Thank you, i love it

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very good! congratulations

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It’s very good to have basic knowledge where to use a and an for omitting mistakes. This lesson really clarify my doubts . will be expecting more lesson on grammar. Thank you so much mam :)

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It is too useful
thank you

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Thank you so much…nice lesson

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    Hi,i am sorry to bother you. could we talk in english.if we connect each other.

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      Hi………Is ok yea can talk in English

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        HI benyapha, connect me through line id keyan20 then we can speak through any app and msg me.

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Thank your lecture have really make one to bring out differences between the two articles and knowing what to put in front of each in a phrase.

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thanks you mrs gill for your lessons

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Thank you Gill!

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very useful lesson thank you

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It is a Basic lesson, but is too important for us.
Thanks a lot Gil.

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Thanks Gill, how come didn’t know engVid can be so good for me to improve my English so moch,it’s all awesome

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It’s always good to review the basics. Some people forget that it’s the SOUND that’s important for determining whether to use “a” or “an” and not the head letter of the noun. This is really the trickiest part of it for some students, but it becomes easier with practice. It works with some adjectives preceding nouns as well.

An honest person. (aw-nist)
A European villa.

Nice one, Gill!

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I truly appreciate the nice lesson.


10 out of 10, appreciate your work, Ma’am.

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70/100 m_ _m.Sorry.

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useful lesson even it’s for beginner english student

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A or An. This is the beginning. After, all is more complicated. This Web Site is very usefull. Thank you to all teachers and thank to the organization.

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Thank you so much…nice lesson

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Its simple abut great lesson. Thank you

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I win. Thanks

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thanks Gill

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Thank you Gill.

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Yeah! got 9 out of 10! Thanks miss Gill.

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Thanks I learned a lot

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Thank you

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I missed your wonderful lesson. What a pity.

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Thank you Teacher i Get 9 correct answer……

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Thanx a lot

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oops. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes.

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Hi Gill I’m enjoying your classes. Tank you

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Thank you, Gill!

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Very useful lesson. Thank you so much.

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I’ve learn something new! Especcialy examples with words “a Euro” and “a Univercity”.
Thank you so much, Gill!

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tank your gill

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Thank you Gill, I really enjoy your lesson, I really like your teaching method. Thank you, see you in the next lesson.

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Big thanks Gill, i really enjoy your lesson

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9/10. Not such a bad start! Thanks Gill.


Thank you very much!!!

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Thank you so much…nice lesson

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thank you so much teacher

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Thanks Gill.

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Thanks a lot Gill.

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Thanks. I’m a new student in this lessons. Please help me as you can.

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this is a very good lesson you know.i alway say e instand of uh. thank you very much. i think with tis i can better speak english.

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Thank you so much i really injoined thsis lesson and i hope this page will inprove my study

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Hi Gill,I love your lessons very much . It’s easy to understand and very usefull,Thanks for you teaching.

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Very good.

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Thank you very much.

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Grace a vous je vais bien apprendre un grand merci.

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I got 10/10
Thank you, Lady Gill

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You are great Lady Gil

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thanks gill! i got 10/10!!!!!

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Hi Gill! Thank you so much for your lesson! It was very interesting!

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I got 10

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Hi Gill, thanks you for your lessons!!

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Thank you Gill for this useful lesson.

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I got 10/10 Thanks Gill for this amazing lesson

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thanks Gill u r so kind:)

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Thanks a lot.

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Thanks a lot,I clearly understood the difference A or AN.

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Indonesian people says thank you

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    sorry i should use say not says

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thanks gill,good lesson。

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very well

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I got 9/10! What a great lesson!

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the question 6 why we do not use ‘an’ for ‘uniform’?
6. Which one of the following needs to have ‘an’ in front of it?


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very good teacher. thanks a lot gil. you explain very clear, with good compreension.

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that was easy

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It was easy

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9/10 Thank you for your lesson teacher.

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so its fucks me,
beacuse nowaday i can use it

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I want to know about article. How many aticles and what are they? What are the definite article and indefinite articles?Plz explain if you can teach.☺😊 And your teaching is good. I decided to watch all your video arting from now.

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Hello, Gill. I like the way you teach. Use a very simple language. Thank you!

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thanks a lot

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I can’t believe that I got 100! ! !

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Cheers teacher

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I´am learning a lot, thank you.

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Thank you for yours lessons Jill. It’s so clear and very interesting. I learn a lot. I’m very enjoy to learn english with you.

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So intersting

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i got 10 score. thanks for giving us so easy lecture

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Thank a lot Gill

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Thank a lot

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is anyone there to practics english with me ? add me on facebook. facebook.com/jeewan.upadhyay2

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this sites, is the most easy way to learn english

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Thank you very much

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Really a great lesson.

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you very much.

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Look Alive.

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Thank you!

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perfect result again. Thank you.

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in quiz i got 6 correct out of 10. thanks for this quiz

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Thank you for the video,it is really good :)

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Thank you very much, liked teaching very much.
—Priya Patel
—Grade 6
helps me alot in school

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This is A simple but necessary lesson. I confess that I had forgotten AN exception. Therefore, this video was useful for me (and I am sure that for everyone here as well). I got 10/10 on the quiz! Thank you, Gill!

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good test

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Dear Gill,
your lesson is a masterpiece to me; a lesson to remember.

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It was helpful to me. Thanks a lot, Dear teacher “Gill”

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thanks for a useful lesson gill.

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This lesson has been very helpful. Thank you.

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so nessesary begins rule
P.S. sorry for my mistakes

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It was a great lesson. It’s an honour to be your students. A euro dollar is having high time value of money. At one time, a girl wanted to buy a big amount of them thinking that the price rise would continue and she could sell them for high value per unit in the coming time.

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9/10. thank you gill

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    Same i got 9/10 too;)

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I got 7 out of 10
I will try my best
Thanks a lot for this lesson

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10/10 ☺. Nice lesson. You are a great teacher. Thanks, Gill.

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Awesome lesson got 100% by the way I am very happy that EngVid.com give us free lectures in different fields of english language…

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Thanks a lot Gill for this amazing lesson, in my opinion you are one of the best teacher in this website and in my life as well. I knew about the rule of A and An but with you I have learnt extra.

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Thanks a lot teacher. Now I know how to use it, in “a” sentence.

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The session was super great. I have only one comment about using difficult words like “Heir” which I found it not an easy once. In the other hands, it’s could enrich our vocabulary storage. However I found it difficult for biggeners.
Thank you again Ms Gill.

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it is so helpful

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Thank you dear Gill, you know how to teach. You are easy to understand

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100 correct….yeeeyiiiiiii
Thank you Gill..you’re a special teacher

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100 %. It was too easy for me.

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Thank you dear

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my first lesson!!!!! I like so much

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thank you

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thank you so much teacher Gill it’s help me alot.

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Thank you dear Gill. I started your lessons from the beginning. I learn something new every day!

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I would like to know why is “a uniform”, but not “ an uniform”.
Please explain it, Gill.

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Thank you, Gill. Easy to understand that the sound is important.

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10/10 thank you very much

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Many thanks…..

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i m poor in english
i am from Saudi Arabia

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Thanks. 10 out of 10.

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Thanks a lot for this useful lesson.I got all correct.

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I got 9 of 10, a great score! But in this case it’s most complicated because it’s necessary to know the correct pronunciation of each word, in my case, it’s a work in progress!

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very well score 10/10 thanks Gill.

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A very thankful for your great lesson mam!This lesson reminds me basics.It’s very useful,more informative,and very clear.you have explained eloquently.you are amazing,and elegant.I love your lesson as ever.

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