Thank you Gill for this lesson which me confident that the use of the abbreviation I’ll or I’ll is a good trick to don’t make a mistake, for a Frenchman.


Thank you for this interesting clarification.


Hello Gill!
What a great lesson! Congratullations!
You are always confident with your speeach!
Thaks a lot.
Take care!!!

Miguel Geronimo

Thanks a lot Gill.
You are really kind and friendly, for this reason your teaching is more understandable than else teachers.


thanks a lot for this informative lesson, we shall see you soon.

Lesego Shaun

thanks you so much


thanks ya Haja:)🤍




Thank you for the explanation, indeed a “Shall” is used rarely nowadays.


Thank you so much Gill. You are a wonderful teacher. I’d like to ask engVid about this site. When I want to ask something about English, what can I do at this site ? For instance. Question: In the classic film ” Casablanca “, Humphrey Bogart said to Ingrid Bergman,” Here’s looking at you,kid !”. I don’t understand this famous line. I want to ask someone the meaning of this line.


    I want this comment deleted.


@Gill:Thank you so much Gill. I happened to know engVid this August and started to study English in this site. I became a big fan of you. I’m thinking that I want to study all about English(Reading·Writing·Speaking·Listening) from you. But I don’t know how to use this site yet. English language is very difficult for Japanese. Because Japanese people are almost a single race. So there is a possibility for us “to perceive the thoughts of another person without using word”. On the other hand, American people(Japanese people study American English) consist of many races, so ‘there is no other way for them to express their thoughts other than by words’.
And one of the reasons why Japanese people are not good at English is that there is a big difference in the language structure between English and Japanese. Japanese verbs appear at the end of the sentence, and English verbs are placed after the subject. etc.
I wrote my comment to “What should I read?” Thank you so much Gill for your good explanation about classic books. I have read “Pride and Prejudice”and” Jane Eyre ” in Japanese translation. Both books were very interesting. But these books are too difficult for me to read in English. I want you to recommend me contemporary books in 21st century. Recently, I read “The Remains of the Day” by Kazuo Ishiguro and “Dear Life” by Alice Munro. It was too difficult for me to understand. Could you recommend me the books written in plain English such as “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M.Montgomery ?
I would be happy if you would answer that for me.


    @engVid Moderator: I want this comment deleted.


@engVid Moderator : Your site is wonderful. I want to know the meaning of your site’s name “engVid”. Please let me know.


    Thank you so much! “engVid” is a combination of “English” and “video”.

    engVid Moderator

Why can’t I open the video ¿


nice lesson

MK Gopi

hi,Gill,this is Rosine,a fan in your lessons due to your specil sights in some verbs which attch me whole day.in my deeply expression word ‘bite’,that you list some sentences for us to have better understand,thanks,it makes me learn a lot,have a nice day.

Rosine zhen

Thanks a lot for your efforts

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