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Wow! Great!!! Culture learning and at the same time English vocabulary. THANK YOU!!!!

Profile photo of Sandra Escofet Sandra Escofet

Thx Ronnie, helpful lesson! I want to be a president and my work will be major! LOL XD! Have a nice day! :P

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Love people don’t hate people😍😍😍

Profile photo of Kumar saurabh Kumar saurabh

Sorry Ronnie but this is not true that there is no holy book in hinduism religion. It has the world most powerful book ‘Bhagvat gita ‘where you can know who are are and what will the purpose of your life.

Profile photo of Kumar saurabh Kumar saurabh

    the world most powerful book -_-
    sorry friend but the Qoran is the God’s book so it’s the powerful ;)

    Profile photo of AbdelaaliOulfatimi AbdelaaliOulfatimi

      Okay, we are not arguing about this. They’re both powerful, all right?

      Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    You’re right, of course! Thank you for the correction.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

I really do respect whatever you believe, it is your choice anyway. You have done a very amazing job comparing the religions and pointing out the similarity between them. But, it would be more beneficial if you brought out words in English related to how the one is practicing religions in general. For instance, but not limited to: pray, worship, ritual etc. I think you know what I mean.
Thank you again

Profile photo of Hassan ABS Hassan ABS

    That’s a great idea for a lesson! I will add it to the list of requests.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Grate idea.

    Profile photo of omid74 omid74


      Profile photo of omid74 omid74

I believe in God but I love your lesson, thank you very much.

Profile photo of rmarcel rmarcel

    Exactly. Me too!

    Profile photo of omid74 omid74

Ronnie thanks for this remarkable lesson.
That seems you are a half muslim:)
There is no god but Allah :)
I want to send you a book, if it is possible.

Profile photo of ahmeterd ahmeterd

Hindus have a Holy book Named “Shrimad Vaghbat Geeta”.Most commonly “Geeta”. Shri Krishna is a lord.

Profile photo of Shuv Agata Shuv Agata

ths Ronnie , it,s a useful lesson ,there will be a heaven that prepared for the good people who followed Allah and the prophet Mohammed ( peace be up on him ), and a hell prepared for the bad people who doesn,t follow Allah and Mohammed , by the way i,m a Muslim and i am proud of that

Profile photo of yasser Daoud yasser Daoud

Love you Runni, awesome lesson. I like Atheism too it is more open-minded than other Religion.

Profile photo of Rajab1234 Rajab1234

thank you Ronnie for this lesson

Profile photo of Rdwan nour Rdwan nour

Interesting lesson, I practiced catholicism for many years, nowaday rarely. Personaly I like regions, we can find greats philosophy quotes in books of religions

Thank you for this lesson Ronnie!

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

I think you don’t know about Hinduism holy books. In Hinduism World’s most popular “Bhagwat Gita”, “Mahabharat”,”Ramayan” and so many “Puran’s” are there.

Profile photo of MR PATEL MR PATEL

this lesson was so useful and practical,thanks a lot:)

Profile photo of aminkohzadi aminkohzadi

Assalamun Aleykum) Thanks for lesson,it was so amazing. By the way I also don’t agree with statistic,İ suppose the shia people more of the 20 pre cent)

Profile photo of Mir Murad Mir Murad

    Yeah i agree your idea

    Profile photo of LIYIZHONG LIYIZHONG

Unrelated to this video, when I write for example, “He’s a very old dog, and therefore,needs little food.”
are those two commas used correctly, or should I lose the second comma?
Thank you mam.

Profile photo of Rob101 Rob101

Great lesson. Thanks.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Dear Teachers I am happy to communicate with you. I do love Ronnie ‘s explanations. They’re really helpful and easy to understand understand

Profile photo of Yulio1959 Yulio1959

Great lesson Ronnie, Thanks.

Profile photo of marbeck marbeck

great analysis above type of religion, I believe than many people need think in that because it’s very important.

Profile photo of wilson1407 wilson1407

I really appreciated your teaching for all of us and I think your thoughts and believed about God this is your own personal thing but i really do love the way you teach and i really wanted to thanks you so much

Profile photo of abosheaba abosheaba

super frist lesson finished

Profile photo of madesh1988 madesh1988

Thank you Ronnie .. but can you search again about why Christianity and Islam are similar ..
.. you will find that they are similar because the maker of them is the same god .. Allah
I am a Muslim and I am proud of that . To be a Muslim you should also believe in previous prophets like Jesus and Moses …You have a good brain Ronnie . Search again and you will find the truth.

Profile photo of llahmed ashrafll llahmed ashrafll

Thanks for your superb lesson and give further information about Religion.
Good day Ronnie….

Profile photo of Khyber Gul Khyber Gul

Thanks Ronnie. Very interesti g😚

Profile photo of Cadelle Cadelle

Put God first in everything you do .that what is ďenzel said

Profile photo of Boubacartolba Boubacartolba

the best teacher! thank you for this lesson :)

Profile photo of Quenn Quenn

First time here! Thank you for this lesson Ronnie!

Profile photo of taylorbr taylorbr

thanks.this topic was amassing!

Profile photo of werya werya

Thanks, Ronni you are an awesome teacher and cool

Profile photo of Rajab1234 Rajab1234

After almost 7 months, it’s good to be back learning English with you Ronnie! Great lesson, I didn’t know anything about Hinduism and Buddhism

Profile photo of Leo Lima Leo Lima

Thank, Ronnie, I got 8/9 correct, your lesson is awesome.

Profile photo of che1707 che1707

Hey Ronnie! Nice Job! But, could you permit me some corrections?

The name of the original Buddha is Siddharta GAUTAMA, not Guatama.
And Buddism was born in India (Siddharta Gautama was born in Lumbini near the Himalayan foothills, but began teaching around Benares, India)

Profile photo of MolineroBR MolineroBR

You are very cool. And your speech was eleborate and easely understending. Some moments was funny. Thank you.

Profile photo of zaarina2013 zaarina2013

I’m Muslim….I live in Iran and I read Qur’an .
this lesson was great to me

Profile photo of royarezaee royarezaee

It was a fantastic lesson. It was awesome to know you are agnostic, and I love you even more for that. As much as I can, I try to study different point of views. I think it’s important to study the books you mentioned (and not), and then you have a nice understand of all. It’s really exciting comparing opinions different from mine. Just to clarify, according to the documents, “in Antioch the Lord’s followers were first called Christians”. (Acts 11.26) I, myself, found in that Jesus, what I was looking for. Therefore my religion is a person, according to the document. He was totally insane or he was teaching the truth. Thank you for being so wise and courageous at the same time.

Profile photo of Edsantos Edsantos

i’m muslim today i learn lot about other religions thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of negar1994 negar1994

good i learn neuw information

Profile photo of salim pbl salim pbl

it was so amazing video i have learned alot thank u ronnie

Profile photo of Holy yota Holy yota

Very good, i’ve learned new words and more about the culture thanks very much.

Profile photo of Rana1121 Rana1121

I´m so happy….I can understand perfectly this lesson….Veeeeeeeeeery Goooooooood.

Profile photo of TioBlack TioBlack

thank you Ronnie it is a beautiful lesson in English in Egypt we say the religion to god but the country to all must be we respect others

Profile photo of hazem gamal hazem gamal

I got only 6/10

Profile photo of tatuan tatuan

Hello teacher. I am deist. I believe in a god. But god is a convention. He can be a person or only a force. And why believe I in this. Because i guess that this is logic. And for me everythings should have logic. Thank you for this wonderfull lesson.

Profile photo of adriano.qwe32 adriano.qwe32

You are an agnostic I’m very happy when I understood that we are in agreement thank youuuuu and i love u ronnie I’m your follower from first lesson.

Profile photo of Ramin Salimi Ramin Salimi

Hello There,

I love the way of your teaching.
And I believe there is one religion that is humanity.

Profile photo of primta primta

love the way you teach, cool.

Profile photo of hanifsm hanifsm

I love Ronnie’s videos.

Profile photo of caonez caonez

Awesome!, the whole religious world explained in fifteen minutes. No one as a talented teacher like you could do it. I’m really impressed

Profile photo of PacoBe PacoBe

Query 8, I´t not true that there is no governing book in hinduism! The book it’s called Mahabharata.

Profile photo of ilmeg ilmeg

love u so much! thanks for this funny and conscious lesson ^^

Profile photo of dilanuksul dilanuksul

My religion is Jehova Witness.Thank you

Profile photo of Raymond1954 Raymond1954

    that’s great

    Profile photo of KungFuFelipe KungFuFelipe

we can believe or not.It doesn’t matter.The important thing is we should respect to each other and LOVE.
thank u:)Ronnie:)

Profile photo of eesraa87 eesraa87

thanks a lot

Profile photo of Sameh Fayez Sameh Fayez

I understood your thoughts.my sweetest teacher, humanity is the biggest religion.

Profile photo of Coc aamin Coc aamin

Hello I love your teaching Ronnie I don’t have a religion too

Profile photo of Parniahio Parniahio

I got 9 out of 9. Thanks, Ronnie

Profile photo of M Arshad M Arshad

Pretty good to learn more about religion and in english was opened my mind! loov u Ronnie

Profile photo of rguedes rguedes

Thanks Ronnie for this interesting lesson.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Ronnie, your topics is amazing, keep on that.

Profile photo of laeras laeras

I’ve never seen a teacher like i thank too much

Profile photo of Ossama Zyat Ossama Zyat

it was very intresting thank you

Profile photo of rabil rabil

I love Ronnie’s videos

Profile photo of Yoanct Yoanct

hi ronnie i want to join your classes please tell me how


Profile photo of sara omair sara omair

Good lesson, am muslum and i respect and i love all of humanity, this what my religion teach me.
Love you ronnie.

Profile photo of Hamilton19 Hamilton19

I didn’t understad 1.15 billion of muslims is 15-16%population and 520 millions of hindu the same. How it is possible?(

Profile photo of LeraValeriya LeraValeriya

Thank you Ronni

Profile photo of Somaia Abo Elnaga Somaia Abo Elnaga

I didn’t understand 100% the Buddhism, however was such a great lesson!

Profile photo of Danielfcv Danielfcv

Thank you for this lesson

Profile photo of mufeed mufeed

I got 9/9

Profile photo of mufeed mufeed

thank you for this useful lesson i learned about some other religion and learned more English vocabulary

Profile photo of Askyar Askyar

Thank you for the lesson

Profile photo of Nedjy Nedjy

With all due respect whatever you believe or not my teacher, anyway it’s your choice. You have done a fantastic and amazing job comparing the religions and pointing out the similarity among them and I really appreciated. Again I do really thankful for your explanation about the topic, I think our goal is to learn English Language, whatever you believe, it’s obsoletely up to you, and either you’re Muslim, Christian or any other and personally, I respect all of them. I’m a Muslim and I’m proud of it, I believe Allah the Creator and the Master of the Universe, Common to all religions. Anyway, Love Human. At the end thank you so much, Ronnie, for your excellent explanation.

Profile photo of Samadinezam Samadinezam

Easy lesson.

Profile photo of al willis al willis

Amazing my dear teacher Ronnie! I´m learning more about culture and different kind of societies.

Profile photo of Mar FS Mar FS

im a muslim i like your explanation always thanks for your great lessons

Profile photo of Abdelaati laghnimi Abdelaati laghnimi
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