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Thank you Ronnie, You are a great teacher as always!


Thank you


Thank’s Roni :) You are my best teacher.


Interesting lesson :) Thank you, Ronnie!


Thanks Ronnie I have got 9 correct out of 9.
Ronnie, you’re Kissed by Fire :)


Thanks Ronnie for this lesson!

I was almost afraid of gingers with this explanation, but I know you are kind persons :-)

Fabio Cicerre

Great! A interesting lesson! Thank you Ronnie!


Carrot Top is an american comedian who have really red hair, so maybe your nickname comes from him :P


Thank you very much red-haired teacher ;)
It was a very funny and interesting lesson


In fact the Ginger girls are the most beautiful and sexy…

Ronnie, you rock!!


I wish all the gingers must be like you,Ronnie :))


Thank u Ronnie it’s much information about gingers ?
Is it wrong to judge people on their physical appearance .


Very nice Ronnie. Gringers are amazing :D


We have gingers in Puerto Rico! Can you believe that? Maybe not, but it is true :)

Zaira Maria

great lesson
i think gingers people more beautiful than others
great lesson and thank you


It’s a nice lesson. I love gingers for their bad temper and yes most of all are really sexy.


    …most of them are really sexy.


thank you ronnie i like your way for teaching


Thanks,Ronnie! You’re a great fantastic Ginger, in deed! And I like you so much! Congrats for the lesson!


I would like to know if calling somebody Ginger is an insult or not. I mean if they are gingers of course. Actually, I think it is, but I’m not sure.


I have fun with lesson. good


I already dated 3 gingers. Part of what you said is really true, lol

Anyway, thanks


I donated to you, Ronnie! It’s so nice to learn from you!


Hi ronnie i want to learn how to speak english fluently pls help me i wpuld like to visit to your school if you have english center or school here in toronto pls. Let me know thanks alot i really appreciate it.


Hi Ronnie, of course you are a redhead, you have freckles, you are pale, you are mad sometimes, even a little evil maybe others, but above all you are beautiful, be happy ginger Ronnie.

Jorge Pedroso

I really enjoyed your lesson, Ronnie! Thanks a lot!


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thanks a lot Ronnie
i like you Ronnie ginger ^_^


I loved your class Ronnie!!! very funny and interesting!!! My sister in law is a ginger, but she didn’t admit by herself. I`ll send this video for her. No doubt she is a ginger!!! kkk


Thank you Ronnie
Every year, gingers can go to Walibi (an amusement park in Belgium) for free, in the honnor of Calamity Jane. This is an opportunity to ride her roller coaster: “Calamity mine”.
If you’re not a ginger, you can take a red wig and introduce yourself facing a jury, which will determine if you can get free access for the day


    I like this fact so much I’m not even going to check if it’s true. I want it to be true.

    engVid Moderator

I love gingers and I loved you Ronnie! Thx a lot!


Great lesson thanks

Zeinab yassin

Very nice lesson, Ronnie!

Angel Pilgrim

Thanks dear Ronnie for teaching, i am really happy for that, so once more thanks


That lesson was so funny. I would never like to kick a ginger… Hahaha..


Very interesting, thank you




I love your sense of humor! :D
thanks a lot~~~


Thanks Ronnie! This lesson was very very cool. I am learning a lot with you. Thanks once time.


Hi Ronnie, it was my first lesson and I liked it soo much.


Thank you miss Ronnie!

Esther Pulgarin

    Ronnie is my favorite english teacher …


I love gingers as much as the Santa does <3
I am Asian ^^


Am I ginger? On head I am light brown. The beard is dark, but about the mouth and chin is all red. And below my neck is all ginger. Am I ginger or maybe :) something special? :)))


is it ‘firey’ or ‘fiery’?


i can’t understand why do you insist about you red hair. 99% blonde and maybe no more than 1% red doesn’t mean you have red hair


Wonderful lesson

Eslam nasrallh

I have a thing for red haired girls..


Hey Ronni,

This is kind of information lesson.
I like it.


Lovely blondhead Ronnie! I am not going to catch and kick you! You are super!
P.S. Don’t abuse gingers! They are rare!


Thanks for the lesson, Ronnie. Mine isn’t natural; I’m faking :) However, in Turkiye we also have natural gingers.. As a compliment(I suppose) we can take Bruce Springsteen’s “Red-headed woman” song into consideration as well as the movie “Romance & Cigarettes”—My favourites!


Ronnie I have finished your all lesson/class.
I just find gingers today.
oyah ronnie I like your slang lesson;here you are the best.I think slang bodypart is nice one;you look so sophisticated here.I am english teacher as well.

chakim hamzah

thanks my best teacher .

aziz isa

thanh miss Ronnie


Roonie you are Best teacher!


difference between farther and further


“Gingers aren’t usually vampires or witches.” No way!


i like your way in learn eng ou so funny


It’s very exciting to learn language with such manner of teaching. It’s a great pity our university’s teachers weren’t like Ronnie!


oh!! thanks Ronnie….I loved this class!!! ;)


Thank you Ronnie.


Thanks Ronnie!!
Here in Brazil we make a joke saying to these people(gingers) look like rusty iron. LOL

William Flores

i was sure u`re blonde) not ginger)))


Awesome lesson, as always. :)

BTW, did you know that according to a legend people in ancient Egypt not just thought that gingers were evil, but they actually killed them? And despite that, it turned out that Ramesses II, one of the greatest pharaohs (who ruled some centuries later) was a ginger. Seems like over the centuries they managed to make peace with gingers, so there’s hope for all of you. :)


Roonie, I love you so much because you are a great teacher. I’m latin and I have the weird sensation that I can understand canadian accent about english so much better, I hope you can read this one. God bless you and when you read it i hope you smile as always.


Hello Runnie, I’m from Brazil and I enjoy learning watching your videos. Some day I want to go to Canada and meet outgoing people like you.

Kayk Carvalho

A ginger with blue eyes is not as rare as the green-eyed one.

Matthew Estevez

Hello Runnie … I learned a lot of thing
today is first time i heard about ginger people
I highly enjoyed with this unit

i will come to Canada because i want kick your ass

thank very so much


Ronnie, You are my first ginger teacher.
You are highly artistic!
I’ve given a thumbs up to the video on youtube.
Thanks a lot.


Heyy, I’m ginger and I’m not artist neither have freckless, I dont have collored eyes and my parents are not ginger, and I don’t born in UK, in other words I’m mutant! hahahah


Thanks Ronnie so muchhhhhh !!!
now I could get meaning of ” ginger ” .




Wow thanks! This video is hilarious and also pretty much informative. I’d like to see more videos like this i mean about the culture in the USA or Canada.


Ronnie is a great teacher. and she is very funny


i don’t know ginger so let me explain well


i love you ronnie ..you are a graet teacher..and i like gingers im a half ginger hh ..peace


Thank you, I know that ginger means

Charly Pena

nice and funny lesson, thanks Ronnie. But I think there alot of ginger people in Russia you didn’t mention them :D :D

Mohammad Lylah

Hey Ronnie, thank you for your lessons! They are really cool) I’d like to ask you or maby anybody know something about word “ginger” like spice, or something that we eat and it has really different color than orange , fresh ginger has grey color, so why people with orange hair called ginger?


    There are many shades of the colour of hair. from the deep red to the yelloy-redsh. And a ginger root is not gray, actually. And dry milled ginger root isn’t gray, it’s rather yellow-redish.


Hello, Ronnie! Thank you very much for your lessons! I would like to say, that all you have said about gingers is absolutely right. My wife is ginger. And it has been very challenging marriage!


I always appreciate the words like ” I’m proud of being…”

Flora Jyi

so interesting! thanks Ronnie!


10/10 I really love your class


Hi Ronnie,
Your hair is actually golden, different from those celebrities that you listed. When you kept saying your hair was red, I wondered if we had different recognition about red and golden.


I think Gingers are pretty cool.I like red hair.


The ginger is cool!


You are so interesting and funny :3


varye nice i love you vido and than you so much

m daud khan

Thank’s Roni :) You are my best teacher.

m daud khan

gingers :D


I have a lot freckels and my skin is pale, but I do not have red hair :(. Good lesson!! :3


In my country (at least with my friends) the first person that see a ginger, this person pinch of the arm of the others (only with friends, no pinch of ginger lol xD). This is for to get good lucky at least that say my friends, I don’t know if is true, but it’s funny jeje


In the question “Gingers are usually vampires or witches” I checked it TRUE because I thought it had something to do with what she said! Hell Trolling!! Hahahauauahuahuahuahuhau

TL Torey

Moderator note: This inappropriate comment has been replaced with a cat gif.


Thanks Ronnie you´re the best!


Dear Ronnie, thank you for the lesson. :*

Rafael Cortez

I think anyone can be ignored,
but GINGERS cannot.
I am not ginger but love too…..


Thanks for the lesson, Ronnie.

Luiz Alberto

It’s like a FIREEE!
Thanks Ronnie!

Zara Tsorieva

ginger heads yayyy i love them


Strawberry blond and blue eyes how unique are you ? ! I like your lessons Ronnie thx… I wish I were more susceptible not the touchy one…shame on the bullies…thx


Hey Ronnie ! Thank you for this cool lesson.
I really like gingers ! Especially there freckles it has a sexy look :D
Please if anyone found a mistake in my comment you can correct fpr me ♡


Correct it for*


Perfect, I love watch and learn with your videos. Congrats!!!


good information ronie MAM


thanks again ronnie mam,


Congraulations Ronnie “The Ginger” Mcdonalds, KKKKK I loved your Lesson, I have some friends who live in Telford, England and one is red, in Portuguese “RUIVO”and He is an architect , an artist. Thank You


Thanks a lot !


Your hair seems yellow to me, are you sure you’re a ginger?!


    She has other signs of gingers – pale skin and freckles. )))


I was wrong only that gingers are always vampires and witches )))


Thanks Ronnie, it’s interesting lesson. I would like to bring sort of more cultural lesson in order to get more information and keep stick with EngVid.


What a great video about Redheads!!! I wish you made the same about Red necks.


You got 8 correct out of 9.

M kartal

i guess, i have seen some mistake – fiery temper – in google translator


Thanks Ronnie, it’s really interesting.
I love Gingers.

Ayman Ghanem

Ginger kills covid19.

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