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thank you for this wonderful video.
i’m really love your videos.

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    afwan, yaa akhii … don’t use “be” to action verb!! syukran katsiir

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Thanks, easy but sweeti from you to give the new term of endearment!
Maybe i had a mistakes so ever woman write to me a comment of my articles i write to her, kiss you, sweeti,
And the most mistake i was did, that call the shop assistance “darling”, once of them said i am not your darling, i am her for working, and she refused to sell me!
So the favorite tear i use: darling,
Kiss you,
Eve more i use love you for unknown women!
Thanks again, for the new lesson,

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Here in Poland we also use other sweet or shiny things to call a partner like: doughnut, precious (as a noun). We also call them using animal names like: kitty, frog (a diminutive form), honeybee, puppy, mouse (again a diminutive form).

And now an ugly example:

I’ve heard once (in a conversation between only guys) someone who asked his friend: “do you go alone or maybe with your PIG?” O_o :P I know, it is not nice, but sometimes between “dirty” guys this kind of expression exists.

Have an excelent day for all of you. You too Ronnie :*

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    Thanks Ronnie

    Profile photo of mieto1969 mieto1969

Hey Ronnie , can you tell me where to start as I want to cover all of the content in engvid from beginner to advance and from each and every teacher can anyone give me a tidy order of where to start from engvid

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Hej Ronnie! Thanks for this useful lesson.I always enjoy watching your beautiful lessons, you are unique.

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Pupa – in Lithuania some guys call girls, it’s mean the bean.

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Too much sugar in this lesson hahaha
It´s so funny when you (or other teachers from EngVid) say a Spanish word XD
Thanks Ronnie!!

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Thanks my sweet Ronnie, for this lesson.. it was great..

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

A sweet lesson and video class. Some of these terms are often used and written in pink stories of romantic people, also with your best and loved friends. Interesting words have been Snookums, Snooky and Snuggles because I haven’t seen them before. Thanks a lot, teacher Ronnie, sweet and candy explanation.

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thank you, learn new words!

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got it

Profile photo of Shihabva Shihabva

HI Ronne
first of all i want to thank you and your colleagues very much,you are cause of improve our language , i wonder could be i make a suggestion if can getting a kind of a sound for this essay in the top center of a page because we read it but i am not sure from our pronunciation properly or not .
thanks a lot .


in Ukraine boys call girls – chick.

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In our country girls often names boys kotik, it means in English “little cat”

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In Mexico also we use “chaparro(a)”

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Thanks, Ronnie.

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Ronnie, what about the use of “dear” and “my dear”? Are they suitable when talking to strangers? Wich terms would be?

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thanks a lot Ronnie, I loved when you said: “sugar tits” lol, by the way in Mexico we also refer to loved people in short way, I meant, we use at the end of the word “ito” “ita” ex. “gordito”, “chiquita”.
Have a good day “sweety”.


In China, we don’t have an access to youtube.com, is there an alternative for watching your lessons online-video?

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Thank you Sweetums haha

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Thank you Ronnie

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Thanks for this useful lesson Ronnie . Here in Spain we usually use ”cariño, cielo , vida ” y muchos mas

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Thanks Ronnie! It was a nice video.

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Thank you, Ronnie!! Here in Colombia, we use to add a diminutive on words referring to people or objects we love. As an example, we say “bebesita”, “prince site”, “muñequita”. It applies also for people names, so you could be called “Ronniecita”. Thanks!!

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very nice

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thanks, sweetie pie who had more knowledge again to learned by me.

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Here in Brazil we using many terms to refer to our loved person. p.e. Amor, docinho, lindinha, princesa,etc.

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thanks i think your the best you should to speak about the fast learn :)

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In Brasil people call their partnes: “nego” for boys, and “nega” (for girls), which means like “My NIGGA; My Black” in English, but it is used not only for black people, it is used with white/latin or even asian people (that are in large number here at São Paulo’s City)!

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    Profile photo of Felipe Felipe

Thanks ronnie

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thanks ronnie, your vedéos are very good and you are sugar…hhh

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It’s really lucis way of presentation madam. Great to hear your class.

Profile photo of Saitraveller Saitraveller

Thanks Ronnie, I’ve got 10 correct out of 10, :D and we’ve anothers kind of words in Mexico to refer love another person, but in this case “Gordo”, sometimes means love in others not, in some cases is a bad word and it depends in what way you’re saying it. Thank so much for this lesson, I learned lots of words.

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I love your great lessons. You’re the greatest teacher.
I think here in Russia the most common are kitty (for women), sun, precious, cat (for men), fish (for kids and women), dear, goddess, doughnut, little baby. And now it’s very common to say in Russia the English word – baby(without any translation).

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Thank you dear! I love watching your videos <3

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Hi Ronnie I am a kind of a fan of you. God bless you.

Profile photo of Patrick Azevedo Patrick Azevedo

Thanks!! I think in my country we add “ing” or “-ng” to boyfriends’ name. I would call Jinung or Jinuring to my boyfriend Jinwoo. It’s a bit awkard in real, so I just use in mobile conversations..

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Hi all can some one help me to starting beginning

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In Brazil we call:
-Amor (= love) and variations like Mor, mozão etc;
-Chuchu (= chayote vegetable);
-Vida (= life)
-Paixão (= passion) -> I say this

ps: some speak gordo (= fat) to.

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Hi Ronnie! Thank you for the exciting lesson about terms of endearment! :)
In Hungarian we use a lot of words with “sweet, sugar” meaning, but for example it is weird to call someone “honey”, because it is a food, so we don’t use this at all. But it is common to call someone “expensive”, I don’t know why. :D Or we use also “my star, my life, my little”.

Profile photo of ani8 ani8

Thanks, Ronnie
In South Korea, old grandparents call their grandchild “Puppy” or “my puppy” a lot.
we call wife “Yeobo” which means precious as much as tres

Profile photo of Leah Leah

treasure and call husband “Dangsin” means same as my body.

Profile photo of Leah Leah

very nice teacher, thanks for this important lesson,

Profile photo of MOUNIR44 MOUNIR44

thanks for sharing this video, here in India terms of endearment we use are-BABU, MUNNA, SHONA, BACCHA, GUDDA, GUDIYA.

Profile photo of Vikas Rathi Vikas Rathi

thanks for this video. i tell you in my country we called to our fiends flaco: hardy, calidad: quality. again thanks for your help

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Hi i have small problem with these senteses..plese select what is the correct one
The teachers are poor in this school/The teachers in this school are poor.plese help me

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thanks. my score was 60

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Hi Ronnie Thanks alot for thie video ,please I want to talk withe u in private on messenger ,Ineed your help please if u dont mind.

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My score was 100

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Thanks Ronnie ! ☺

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Thanks Ronni
I’m so excited with your lessons,I am understanding every single word, cuz you speak slowly,my score was 💯

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This is my first came here to watch the vid. pretty good

Profile photo of Leo Meng Leo Meng

    So welcome!

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Hi there! Some words in Portuguese: amor, lindo(a), lindeza, bem, nen (comes from nenê), gato(a) – it means beautiful.
Don’t you use the word love to call the other person?

Profile photo of priscilasn priscilasn

Thank you krub ^ ^

Profile photo of pwin pwin

Thank you Ronnie

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thank you so much teacher Ronni for this wonderful video , my score was 90

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Thank you so much, Ronnie. I like the way you talk!!!:)

Profile photo of engvid610 engvid610

Many thanks.Ronnie

Profile photo of mohamed Alhassan mohamed Alhassan

I want to practice English !
I’m using Skype.

Skype ID = Defousebro

Thank You!

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thank you for this wonderful video.. i learned

Profile photo of mark@dominick0817 mark@dominick0817

i got 100% correct ,yes!

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many thanks Roonie..In indian songs they used honey sweetie pie ,sweetheart after watching your lesson i understand these slang …check this song” I’m So Cool – Kaaki Sattai movie in youtube search.

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In Italy we use “amore” ❤️

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Thank you for the lesson !

Profile photo of mfligas mfligas

Respect for you

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I also said baby to my boyfriend. ^^

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it’s realy excited

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Very good

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very good

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Ronnie, this class describes exactly who you are: a kindy and sweetie person. Can I call you “babe”? Lol… kisses and hugs!

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Hi Ronnie, there’s this song called “If I Were A Boy” by Beyonce and I’ve been wondering that why is it WERE instead of WAS? I thought WERE is used for more than one person?

Profile photo of Meester1234 Meester1234

    That’s a good question! It’s “were” because it’s in the subjunctive mood. Beyoncé isn’t talking about being a boy in the past; she’s talking about a hypothetical (imaginary) situation where she is a boy.

    (It’s not technically correct, but informally, many native speakers use “was”, e. g. “I wish I was a little bit taller.”)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Thanks Ronnie I understand now! But I am still not sure what a subjunctive mood is, could you please explain what it means or send me the link of your tutorial if you have one so I can see some more examples but if not, I wish you could do them in the future. I just want to let you know that you’re such a great teacher and you are easy to understand. I wish I had you as my English teacher at my school. I have been watching your tutorials and they are very helpful but I did not watch all of them because I’ve only watched the one that I struggled the most.

      Profile photo of Meester1234 Meester1234

Thanks a lot Ronnie I like the way you teaching!!:)

Profile photo of Ramakrishna Pittela Ramakrishna Pittela

Ronnie The President :D

Profile photo of shinigami shinigami

Hello Ronnie!

I’ve started to watch engVid lessons about a year or something ago.

I went to the US for few months while I was in school (about 10 years ago) – every year (for 4 consecutive years) I went for like 1 month and a half with an exchange program and I made a lot of friends.
I really love English and I use it in my everyday life. I can understand movies, songs, people talking fast (as you xD), have a conversation with people from within the US, Canada and non-english speaking countries with their different accents. I’ve got a pretty good accent (according to my American friends) and I try to watch, speak, and write in English when I can.

I’m noticing that, maybe because of lack of day-to-day conversations with natives, sometimes I forget to include a word, proverbs, common ways to say something or just jokes when I speak to someone, even though I understand everything. If I just look at the words afterwards I feel stupid for not remembering them. Plus in these days I feel like I can’t speak or understand as good as I did few years ago.
What do you think I could do to just “remove” this defect?
I’d love to move to the US for a job (so I know for sure I’ll improve everything), and I’m trying to since few years, but immigration laws and stuff give me hard times.
What do you suggest me? Would it be possible to get in touch with you in some paid speaking Skype sessions to get me in shape with my English?
If so you can contact me at a.malinverni@me.com

Thanks so much!

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thank you
& love you Ronnie

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I got 9/10! Great lesson!!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Thanks Ronnie
you are awesome:)

Profile photo of rafat raftari rafat raftari

Thank a lot Ronnie.

Profile photo of fflaviops fflaviops

Thanks Ronni, my favourite endearment term is babe, I use “beautiful babe” for to called my wife

Profile photo of hemtopo hemtopo

many thanks to you

Profile photo of Istrella60 Istrella60

thank you

Profile photo of LinaDocheva LinaDocheva

i’m interested for your lessons

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Thanks Ronnie ❤ and not gonna call you babe 😂

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My dear Ronnie I like you so much thanks for help me with my english, these are good tips .

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Thanks, Ronnie you are amazing!

Profile photo of Romulomach Romulomach

Hi, Ronnie. Can you make a video about Internet Slang? Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for this lesson Ronnie!

My favorite term of end endearment is “boo”, because it’s easy to pronounce in any language (I think).

I know two songs with the term “boo” – My Boo (Usher ft. Alicia Keys) and Dilemma (Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland). Great ones!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

i got 9
thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of laer laer

Here in Argentina we call black (negro)negrito
Fat (gordo)gordito is very usuall and tender

Profile photo of Vivirijo Vivirijo

Thank you, Ronnie. I very like the way you teaching :)

Profile photo of coffeeina coffeeina

Thank you, Ronnie!! I really enjoyed your lesson.

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Thank you! :)

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thank you teacher Ronnie :)

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Excellent video Ronnie. Thanks

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Thanks Ronnie my score was 100

Profile photo of abrenes abrenes

i get it , Finally
second Quiz 100 % :)
very happy
thanks Ronnie

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Funny how i thought “hot stuff” was a expression used to speak about sex, but the way you explain sounds more like a soft word.

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Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

Thank you very much for your video, Ronnie! In Russian we also have such terms of endearment as “pie”, “bun”. Also are very popular words, that are related to the pets: “kittie”, “rabbit”. “Sunny” is also a very common term.

Profile photo of gslog gslog

Thanks Ronnie! Your class is so vivid.

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hello roonie.i was still like the way you teaching, it’s really make me understood what did you said. but i confuse where i have to start. maybe you have a whatssapp account? i want to speak to you directly

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Thanks alot roni
I got 90%

Profile photo of Enas9999 Enas9999

thank your

Profile photo of kathyn kathyn

Thanks a lot Ronnie

Profile photo of Lkinter1 Lkinter1

it’s really wonderful lesson , i love it and i got the full mark in the quiz

Profile photo of phasmaarafaat phasmaarafaat

thank you so much

Profile photo of kaarim kaarim

In Haiti we call cherie doudou or fanm dous mwen , baby also

Profile photo of Realmanblessing Realmanblessing

Thanks a lot,Ronnie. Extremely interesting lesson.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thanks very much Ronnie, and the best terms of endearment for me are honey baby and sweet heart.

Profile photo of redmal redmal

thank you honey :)

Profile photo of Redfoo Redfoo

in our mother language , mean in poshto we use “zargeya” to the person we love it

Profile photo of fahim007 fahim007

Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of saidsalim saidsalim

Thank you ronnie😘

Profile photo of Mardi06 Mardi06

Thank you

Profile photo of RachidHD RachidHD

it was so amazing Ronnie

Profile photo of alloverqueen alloverqueen

Great lesson teacher, I made 100 in my quiz.

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Hi teacher I’m a new studen

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Hi ronnie! Really thank you for your video, kisses

Profile photo of Ozfrat Ozfrat

Thank you i am new here and really i enjoyed this lessen

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9/10 I am happy

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Thank you

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7/10 wow

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Profile photo of miriam.cordeiro miriam.cordeiro

Thanks Ronnie, by the way, Bie is an Indian word mean my love.

Profile photo of haithamali74 haithamali74

    #haithamali BIE isn’t curecct word.it’s BHAI which mean brother.
    By the way in Pakistan and in India peoples like to use JAN or JANU for their lovely relations like wife,girlfriend…

    Profile photo of WAQAX JATT WAQAX JATT

Very interesting the conference, thanks Miss Ronnie I like your pedagogical methods

Profile photo of YURIEN82 YURIEN82

Thank you. It’s very funny.

Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x

Thank you Ronnie.Pesian people use jan infront of people name (pronounce like John)to show their love.Thank you again Ronnie JAN
for being a great techer.

Profile photo of Paris4 Paris4

I’m very happy after 10/10.
thank you miss Ronnie..

Profile photo of WAQAX JATT WAQAX JATT

Thank you, Ronnie! In Russia we can almost any word turn to term of endearment. From “piggie” to “raviolly”. Intonation makes the most high influence on meaning.

Profile photo of Julia Uzhva Julia Uzhva

Ronnie you’re the best as you keep me moving excited on this program. In education you come across different kinds of words you’ve never heard before, now word of endearment is so interesting to me,because I have never heard it before

Profile photo of Wuraola65 Wuraola65

I got 9 and I feel like I’m learning well … thank u very much Ronnie you r amazingggggg

Profile photo of Tasneem barqat Tasneem barqat

in Arabic it’s habibi “حبيبي” for ur boyfriend and habibti “حبيبتي” for ur girlfriend

Profile photo of Tasneem barqat Tasneem barqat

You’re very good and funny I couldn’t stop laughing ♥️😂

Profile photo of Shitoos Shitoos

Dear Ronnie, thanks a lot. I learned a lot of endearment name from this lesson. And I use them immediately on my kids, hottie、sweetpie, and so on.” you are pet.” “Mommy, I’m not your pet, I’m your baby.” We are not Scottish, we are Chinese. Sometimes, we use piggie、meat with my children which means they are part of my body, if they fell hurt, my body will fell hurt too.

Profile photo of ivyliu ivyliu

messed up almost all of them =[

Profile photo of jessicaflores jessicaflores

I got 9 out of 10. Thanks sweetheart.😆

Profile photo of trozo trozo

Ronnie’s videos are good and learning,i passed my exams.

Profile photo of Fadil Ahmed Fadil Ahmed

I did once. I said darling to a canadian girl in the streets of Mexico , she got angry too, I got scared, my friend from Arizona use to call me like tha

Profile photo of Sergiomr Sergiomr

This terms of endearment are fantastic

Profile photo of abayaful abayaful

hi Ronnie . i was watching jwoww and snooki on MTV and i remember roger calling jwoww “monkey” ! did i hear it right ? i mean did he really call his girlfriend monkey ???is it common to say it to boyfriend/girlfriend that or not?>?

Profile photo of arezoo66 arezoo66

Thank you, Professor,
I find it difficult to pronounce letters, and that’s because most of our studies are taught in French,
I hope you can help us with some videos on how to learn good pronunciation,
Thank you

Profile photo of Bouaoukaz Karim Bouaoukaz Karim

I didn’t understand the part why do they like in MEXICO to callmpeople fat or G

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL

I didn’t understand the part why do they like in MEXICO to callmpeople fat or G

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL

I didn’t understand why do they like calling people
fat or gordo in MEXICO?
Plus, what does gordo mean?

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL
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