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Before everyone asks where the subtitles are, they’ll be up in a few days!

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    Why can’t I see your cat ?! It’s only a (?) .


      Whoops, I messed up the link. It should be fixed now :3

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It is really excellent to practice your English improvement.

Hnin Wai Lwin

    Thanks, Hnin.


that was awesome


    Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


You showed me a weird and totally new world, an unexpected video lesson that stimulated my curiosity and attention. Nice job, thanks a lot Alex.


    Hello Canardo. I just noticed that you are one of active members. It’s awesome we have active members here.


      I’d like to be even more active, the problem is that I haven’t got enough time. But this is a very common trouble, I suppose.
      Stay well.


    Thanks, Canardo. Sometimes, it’s important to do things a little differently to keep things interesting.


Oh, Alex, you are adorable)) Somehow you’ve again managed to find a new and unexpecting way to keep up with our interests))) Thanks for you creativity) It inspires)


    No problem, ColdPenguin! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll make sure to keep you guys on your toes.


unexpexted, your*
Sorry for the misprints)


unexpected* Hey, anyone, can you add an option of correcting out comments, because I’m emberrasing myself right now)))


    I try to get to them if they haven’t been approved yet! Don’t worry, we all make mistakes.

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i like your explanation because you explain every thing with simply manner and there are new vocabulary for me but i prefer the lessons wich are pure and plenty of vocabulary. thak you alex, take care.


    Thanks, SKIKDA. I have many more lessons coming of the type you mention here.


Thank you Alex ^^
It was awesome ^-^


    I hope you can achieve your goal to be a english teacher.


      Sorry I made a mistake: to be an english teacher


        it is better if you let the previous photo of your profile


      yes this photo is better than the other, thak you to follow my advice nkh.453


    My pleasure. Thanks for your feedback, vicky.


Thansk a lot Alex,this lesson was great and easy to understand…I got 10/10…:)

marcos alexandre

    Nice job, marcos. I’m glad the lesson was clear.


You are my favorite English teacher! I love your lessons. Star Wars, Harry Potter and now Final Fantasy! I’ve only played Final Fantasy VIII and it is absolutely my favorite game. I would ask you a question: why don’t you make a video on The Lord of the Ring? It would be amazing! XD

P.S. Are there mistakes in my comment?


    *Rings, obviously XD


    No mistakes detected, Diego.

    Thanks for the feedback, and for following my pop culture lessons. I’d love to do something related to The Lord of the Rings in the future.


Thanks Alex!!Fun lesson ;)


    That was my goal. Thanks, knopfler86.


Thanks Alex for every thanks ..I am enjoy with your lesson.

ali altaee

    “Thanks for everything, Alex. I enjoyed your lesson.”

    Not a problem, ali. Thanks for studying with EngVid.


Hi. Thank you to teaching a new lesson. Actually while l have not seen your video yet(I’m so busy with my lessons) but I’m sure this video is great. I be back soon to watch your training video. Thank you again


    Ha! Thanks. Looking forward to your response once you get a chance to watch the lesson.


Best english video ever!


    Thanks! It was fun to make, and I’m happy to see that students are enjoying it and benefiting from it.


Thanks Alex) you are very good teacher.

Aitbaeva Aizhan

    That’s very kind of you. Thank you.


once upon a day, when i was walking, i’ve SPLIT UP from my friend who is i USED TO study with him in the school, then i’ve gone home and stay BROWSIN’ the internet and I GOT STUCK in my seat looking for a useful website until i’ve found this KINDA website with the FLASHY teacher who is I HEADS UP for his his explanation now and who is I CAN CATCH every thing with him , after that i asked myself” WHEN’ll i be able to speak english like you alex” and i hopped if i found this website befor,i might be an advanced learner, finally i recognise that I’d BETTER to learn english every day and watch every lesson comes out in engVid .




    Nice, SKIKDA! Remember to use a base verb after “had better.” (ex. “I’d better study English every day and watch every lesson that comes out on EngVid.”)

    Thanks for studying with us.


Interesting idea to make this video! Thank you, Alex!

Vitalii UA

    No problem. Thanks, Vitalii. I’m glad you liked it.


I didn’t know that PlayStation was Japanese, thanks


    No problem. Yes, Sony is a Japanese company.


It’s a very interesting way to learn English, Thanks a lot Alex


    You’re welcome. I wanted to try something a little different.


This is my most favorite game of PlayStation platform and hopefully the remake version will not ruin beautiful memories that I have for FF7. Thank you very much Alex for the great effort that you contributed to us. You are awesome!


    My pleasure, Alex. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I also have very nostalgic memories of this game and this time period.


Where’s me? Give me a credit for this idea
But at always, you are the best


    Thanks, TrollerGamer.


Nice way, I am happy because I got 10 out of 10. It seems to me I am getting go head to fluency.

Muhammad Abbas

    “It seems to me I’m improving my fluency.”

    Nice job on the quiz.


Hi again Alex.I watched your video completely and I think it’s so useful. As a matter of fact you made an interesting training video. I really enjoyed. Thanks a lot.


    Thanks a lot! :) I’m really glad you got a chance to watch it and that you enjoyed it.


I haven’t watched the video yet, but I swear I swear I’ll do soon. I just have an urgent question now and I would appreciate if one of the teachers answers me. Is there a difference between “bookshop” and “bookstore” ?? Is one word better than the other to describe the place from which we buy books?? I have this thought because of the words ” shop” and ” store” themselves. Shops usually smell better than stores, hahahaha particularly the smell of old books. :)


    Hello. I’m not a teacher but I guess I can answer to your question. Bookshop is a synonym of bookstore. If I don’t make a mistake bookshop is a shop which sells book while bookstore is a store which books can be bought and sold. I hope it can be useful and you can understand my words. Good luck.


    “Shop” is more common in British English, “store” in North American English – but they mean the same thing!

    And yes, second-hand bookstores smell amazing :)

    engVid Moderator

Fantastic, thank you very much. I wrote another comment on Youtube, too ; )


    That’s cool! Thanks for the amazing support, Cristian.


100%?Very useful! ?


    No problem! Thank you for studying with me.


Hi Alex unfotanetly there ins’t “Türkiye/Turkey” option, after donate button.


    Oops! Sorry, I don’t know all the details of that.


Thank you so much, Alex! It’s a great and fun lesson. I adore to learn English by means of computer games. Now I’m playing in Life Is Strange (by the way, Square Enix too). As to FF, I’ve played FFIX on Playstation, it is an awesome game as well!


    I love FFIX, and I’m interested in playing Life is Strange one of these days. You have good taste!


Thank you so much


    It’s my pleasure. Thank you for studying with us.


Thanks for helping me to know how I can improve my language through you.


    Any time! Thanks for studying with EngVid. We’re always happy to help. :)


Thank you very much for this original lesson!


    You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


this is a great lesson , thanks


    No problem!


Thanks Alex


    Any time. Thank you for studying with EngVid.


Hi Alex! I took the quiz (10/10). I’ll see you next time. Bye!

Júlio César L Sousa

    Nice job, Julio Cesar. As always, thanks for clicking.


      You’re welcome, Alex! It’s my pleasure. By the way, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017.

      Júlio César L Sousa

        Thanks, Julio Cesar. Same to you!


thanks a lot. I love english !


    You’re welcome. I also love English! Haha.


      Yes English ! My own laguage also is so interesting, but I think the points in your language are more !


Simply amazing!!!
And you know, I’ve never played this game, but… You really got me with this video, thanks a lot and keep on it!!!


    Thanks for checking it out, and for enjoying it!


Hi Alex. Invaluable resource to teach english languaje using videogames. Congratulations Alex and EngVId!!
I would like share something.
My favourite videogame was Medal of Honor. It had historical information (well, a “real fiction” Steven Spielberg style), photos, original videos of WWII, soundtracks by Michael Giacchino (graphics quality uhmmm), but this game put me up to study the english languaje used in the videogame, as well to read and corroborate historical information. Thank you for this lesson. I support you on you propose to continue FFVII and certanly donate to EngVid! Greetings!


    That’s awesome! Videogames can be very educational.

    engVid Moderator

    Very cool. Thanks for this feedback! I never knew that Giacchino did the soundtrack to those games.


Great lesson! I loved it! Everyone should give videogames a try as a way to improve English learning. They are rich in vocabulary, grammar structures and slang, especially RPGs. The three Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger on the SNES helped me a lot during my high school years.

Mateo Bonavento

    Now you’re speaking my language. The SNES era was truly wonderful! I also loved playing Breath of Fire.


It is really really a great lesson.
I learned a lot of it.
I liked the way that no specific grammar was taught , but random and well chosen


    Thanks, Mohamad. My goal was to use the game as a text, and to discuss whatever grammar or vocabulary came up. I hope it worked.


Game, Videos, Films, etc…Can enybody learn to speak English just through these media?.


    Depending on your level of engagement with them, as well as your use of outside resources like dictionaries and translators, it can get you to a functional level. To really excel, having another speaker around you helps.


thank you so much Alex it s an impressive lesson it really helps me a lot to improve my vocabulary

Pink Sara11

    My pleasure. Thanks for checking it out. I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson.


Thank you very much Alex…! I like this kind of lessons!


    No problem. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I had a good time making it.


Thanks a lot Alex. The Chrono Trigger also is a good game too. Maybe in future you think about lessons with this title. Cheers.


    An excellent choice! I’ve never actually finished the game, though. I have a save file on my Nintendo DS, but I haven’t touched it in almost 2 years now. I’ll need to go back and finish it one of these days.


I got 10/10 marks in the test. When will the videos on 3rd and 1st conditional verbs appear?

Adwait Shiva

    Nice job! We have videos on 1st and 3rd conditional on the site already. You can check for them with the search function at the top of the page.


Plus, the quiz was great

Adwait Shiva

I like learning English when you teach

Adwait Shiva

    Thanks for commenting, Adwait Shiva. I’m glad you enjoyed the quiz!


J’ai 71 ans et donc ne comprend pas grand chose aux jeux vidéos qui passionnent mes petits enfants. Grâce à toi, je peux enfin comprendre un peu et apprendre l’anglais.
Merci, excellent professeur.


    De rien, beernaard! I’m happy to hear that you’re improving!


Thank you so much Alex it s an impressive lesson it really helps me a lot to improve my vocabulary …………….slang

Shams Mahsud

    That was my intention. Thanks a lot, Shams!


It was good video~
Always thank you


    My pleasure! As always, thanks for studying with EngVid, vicky!


Really loved it…!
you’re such a great help, dude!

waiting for more videos!


It’s a good thing to learn English when you play a video game, it’s very interesting how the game uses the phonetic sounds to explain the situations and you can learn a lot of short terms and definitions. It was a great lesson ’bout these topics with role games. Thanks a lot, teacher Alex, a good explanation and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year all of you.


    Same to you, angardiobel. I hope 2017 brings you health, joy, and prosperity.


love you Alex sir I am your new student ,thanks from your All videos


Thanks, soei. Same to you!


It’s pretty cool lessons. Also it’s really helps for my english. My english is improving little by lttle. Thanks a lot Alex.


Thank you for a good lesson!

prince devitt

Hi Alex,
Very nice lesson :) I used to be a gamer and I learned a lot english thanks to video games but now I’m over it.


hi alex, super nice lesson, thats make me motivated to learn english


Alex you are a really amazing teacher thank you very much for youre work and for learnig us to do better in English thank you form the bottem of my hart

Ylljam Gjikola

I watched the entire video and it was really clear to understand the history of FFVII. Hope we can see the second part of it and more about video games cause it’s simply fantastic and nostalgic at all!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Awesome!!! Thanks Alex. You are a great teacher!


Wow! I really had fun answering the quiz. I got 9 out of 10. Thanks teacher Alex.


I did start learning English with video games, more specifically with FFVIII. I’ve never played FFVII, I’ve been trying to make time to do so but now that FFXV just came out I think I’ll be able to wait until Square Enix releases the remake, and to be honest this is the first time I’ve heard of it, I hope it doesn’t take as long as XV! :)


thanks Alex, nice lesson.


I relay enjoy your lesson .
Thank’s very much .


Hello, Alex! I love video games since I was a kid (back in the 80s), and this is one of the most brilliant videos I’ve ever seen on the net! I absolutely loved it! I hope you can record more about english and video games in the future. It’s amazing!

Thanks for all your classes, you are awesome!


I loved this video, man. Thank you!!!

Jakub Alvarez

Innovative method of teaching . Excellent Alex than u a lot

Rajesh namala

Hello Mr Alex I’m very happy to know you I don’t know alot of English and I hope to learn English and become good at it so I need your help to achieve that

Ali Sameer AlAidy

tell me what the first video i shold whatch

Ali Sameer AlAidy

thanks teacher


thank you Mr. ALEX
it was a wonderful lesson


hello Alex…

I read a idiom yesterday in book which I could not understand..that is written below:-

Mark Twain lost his temper occasionally and wrote letter that turned the paper brown.

kindly tell me the meaning of “Turned the paper brown”.



thanks Alex


Hello Alex! YOU ARE AWESOME! you always intrigue me to follow your videos. and I have a question and I’ll appreciate you if answer me and that is: why sometimes people use do/does/did before the base verb is affirmative sentences?,for instance, she does have a cute handwriting.


thanks a lot Dr Alex


I got 3/10
But I am not a player of FF7


Excellent!Many thx, Mr.Alex!:)

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