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I ______ my keys.

Ken didn't win the game. He's ______.

What word do we not use with 'lost my'?

If you went to a new city and took the wrong bus, you might say:

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It was a nice experience, doing this lesson.

Saturday, April 9th 2011

    hi thanks for the lesson

    Sunday, June 24th 2012

hi, ronnie
this is shahbaz you are excellent teacher i love your teaching specially ur expresion is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogood.

my question?
could u tell me what is my 1st lesson?
i am waiting ur response very patiently.
regard shahbaz

Saturday, April 9th 2011

    You should start by learning basic vocabulary and the “wh” questions!
    Good luck and thanks for watching!

    Saturday, April 9th 2011

      Hello Rronnie tanks 1 want to learn english.SEVIM

      Monday, April 11th 2011

      what are “wh” questions?

      Sunday, June 12th 2011

        who what when where why and how.

        Monday, June 13th 2011

      Hello teacher Ronnie!
      I’m Amira from Algeria!
      I badly want to thank you for all efforts you’ve been doing for us!
      I love your funny way of teaching,I love you so much!
      Thank you for being my teacher!

      Monday, November 26th 2012

      thanks alot mrs ronnie :)

      Monday, November 18th 2013

      thanks you too

      Monday, November 16th 2015

Thank you for your help.

Saturday, April 9th 2011

thank you very much for this ^^

Saturday, April 9th 2011

It’s very useful lesson. I’m fond of your way which you teach. Thank you a lot.

Saturday, April 9th 2011

thanks so much

Saturday, April 9th 2011

This is the best page I’ve ever found. Everybody learning english should watch it.Congrats.

Saturday, April 9th 2011

hi again Ronnie.Really, i feel good for see new video again beacuse i intersted when i had been watch it.My question for you. i use {i lost what i have or own as like wallte,pocket,husband,my book, SO USE I+LOST}but something not own to me as like road as like hours somthing is pubilc can’t be private & speacially for me i say I+AM,WAS+LOST ….} tell me my thought is wrong or wright. i can request from you to correct my sentences & tell me how i can ask you .thanx alot

Saturday, April 9th 2011

    You can only lose something that you possess! You cannot lose a road, or a building unless you own it.
    There are exceptions to this for example I lost sleep, I lost my mind, I lost time etc…but these are idioms!

    Monday, April 11th 2011

mean look me at my sentences & tell me what is right what is wrong & what i should to say for my question .Ofcourse,if you have space time to do that
have anice day Ronnie

Saturday, April 9th 2011

thank you very much for your lecture
may god bless you

Saturday, April 9th 2011

Thanks Ronnie ,

but what about Mousa note, is it correct ?

the public things == use ==> am lost
the private things ==use==> lost my

thanks for nice lesson.

Sunday, April 10th 2011

    simply to say :

    I lost my wallet (–> something you had before) lost = v2

    I am lost (–> in one situation)
    lost = adjective = v3 = passive

    i hope it helps

    Monday, December 19th 2011

Thanks Ronnie . . . .

Sunday, April 10th 2011

thank you very much…

Sunday, April 10th 2011

perfect , I liked that , I’m Brazilian and Im an english teacher too, and it waas very helpful =D

Sunday, April 10th 2011

Hi Ronnie can i have a page that is full with English words English – English ( the most important 500 words in English )
thx alot
Husam alsallal

Sunday, April 10th 2011

Hi dear Ronnie.Thanks to you for this useful lesson.

Sunday, April 10th 2011

so happy , easy to understand<3 big thanx

Sunday, April 10th 2011

its good to learn new languge .thanks to you .i want to in advance level what can do ?

Sunday, April 10th 2011

thanks alot

Sunday, April 10th 2011

Thank you best teacher ,it was so useful and easy to understand

i love you and your best lessons ,im sure i will be than before with your


my greetings

Sunday, April 10th 2011

Thanks for the explanation of Gemayel, but not explaining why a new lesson every day, I had grown bored and I wait for new lessons

Sunday, April 10th 2011

Ronny you are so good

Sunday, April 10th 2011

Greetings from Afghanistan:
In the quiz, i selected “Dog” in the multiple choice. I lost my wallet. Wallet was check as correct and Dog wasn’t. Could you kindly clarify. Thank you.

Monday, April 11th 2011

Thanks for comedy explanation!for that! I got the perfect score!thanks!

Monday, April 11th 2011

Thank you for your excellent teaching.

Monday, April 11th 2011

I enjoy studying the language with the Queen

Monday, April 11th 2011

Hello Ronnie!!!You describes it very well.I have heard many English lessons from you.Your kind of teaching is excelent.Please accept my congratulations……CARLOS

Monday, April 11th 2011

Hi Ronnie! Many thanks for your lessons! Now “Lost” isn’t confusion for me any more

Monday, April 11th 2011

I can say : I’m lose ( PRESENT SIMPLE) or I’m lost like i

Monday, April 11th 2011

I can say:”I’m lose ” ?????

Monday, April 11th 2011

    No, you cannot say that. We only use the past participle (p.p) of verbs as adjectives. The (p.p) of lose is lost!

    Monday, April 11th 2011

      hi ronnie
      i wanna talk to you and learn some english. i graduated my first class than i have to pass my exam please help me
      thanks care yourself .

      Monday, November 14th 2011

thanks it was one word but a great lesson

Monday, April 11th 2011

Hi dear Ronnie. I’m very hapy because i star to understand English, thanks for yur big help.Please I will like to get your video for my own lesson, and how much does cost. Sorry my English is no so good, Thask again.

Monday, April 11th 2011

Dear Ronnie. Thans for your help. but I’ll like to get your video for my own classes how i’ll get it and how much does cost. please send a email. thanks

Monday, April 11th 2011

    As far as I know there is no way to get the videos. Please email the site administer and ask them!

    Monday, April 11th 2011

      hey Ronnie!

      your teaching style is superb! i need your favor, can u please tell me, how can i send an email to the administer? what’s his/her email address?


      Tuesday, April 12th 2011

        I am sorry I don’t know I will try to get the email for yoU!

        Wednesday, April 13th 2011

    Best way to show your classmates know how to speak English more is… tell them go to this website. Because:
    1. From one video they watched, they could feel confused.
    2. If they get confusions from some video, they can ask the teacher teach in that video.
    3. If you want to get this video to show your classmates, if they have questions to u, so( sorry to say this, hi,:D) sometime you could not get for them answer like the teacher in here could!
    Hi! :D! Good luck!
    Whoever is show this from u will be very lucky! :)! ;D!

    Wednesday, August 10th 2011

Thanks for your help.You are the best teache I never had. Thanks, again

Monday, April 11th 2011

ronnie are you rec new lessons ?

Monday, April 11th 2011

    Yes, soon!

    Wednesday, April 13th 2011

are you rec new lessons?

Monday, April 11th 2011


Monday, April 11th 2011

hi ronnie please help me i have question for you. Meet will cannot come today. Is it right or wrong please tell me and thank you for your great lessons have a great life

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

    That sentence is wrong!

    Wednesday, April 13th 2011


    Saturday, April 16th 2011

i can say:”I’m lost ”

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

Please help me. Which is correct ?
1.Not a word has she said since the film started.
2.Not a word had she said since the film started.

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

    Both sentences are correct, depending on the tense – if it is past perfect # 2 is correct. #1 refers to present perfect.

    Wednesday, April 13th 2011

      We can also say ” She hasn’t said any word since the film started” and i think this is more useful,isn’ it Ms Ronnie??

      Wednesday, December 7th 2011

May you teach me the correct use of ever, never and even ? I often make mistakes.

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

    I will try to make a video for you!

    Wednesday, April 13th 2011

Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for this video!
Could you make one about won and win?
Those’re very confusing for me!!
Thank you!! :)

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

    I will try to make a lesson for you!
    Win is the present tense, won is the past tense. I always win at chess. Last night I won the game.

    Wednesday, April 13th 2011

thank u mam

Tuesday, April 12th 2011

Hi Ronnie I would know if I can use “Lost” in this emotional expression: “I’m lost of you”. In this sentence I meant: “I totaly fallen love with you”. Is it corret to say that? Thanks and a special hello from Venice in Italy

Wednesday, April 13th 2011

    No, we never say “I’m lost of you”! Do you say that in Italian? Sometimes things don’t translate because they are idioms!!!!
    Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Thursday, April 14th 2011

      Hello my best teacher Ronnie.First of all i hope you’re doing well. i just have something to add, we can say :”i’m lost because of you” and here we can imagine the situation, 2 guys were in a picnic,and one of them followed the other as a leadership,but finally,he realized that his friend didn’t have any idea where they are going to.so he says: “i’m lost because of you,and you clamied that you know the way!!”

      Wednesday, December 7th 2011

        or you can say this to flatter your boy/girlfriend, like poem.. ;)
        “I’m lost because of you.. oh, how I miss your touch..” :P

        Monday, December 19th 2011

Ronnie, I like u so much.
Whenever I watch ur video, I will smile and get knowlwdge as well.

Wednesday, April 13th 2011

I need videos in inglis to practic listening

Thursday, April 14th 2011

what is a great explaination of lose / lost ..!great lesson from a great teacher ..
i hope to see more and more of your lessons .. it is so useful ..really i do love u ..thanks ..
god bless you ..

Thursday, April 14th 2011


Friday, April 15th 2011

Hi, could you tell me, where I cam improve my vocabulary.Its better to suggest text book.

Friday, April 15th 2011

Hello Ronnie!!!Your kind of teaching is very nice.You describe everything very clearly.If I had an English Language School I would invite you to work there.You are amazing.I hope everything in future works out well for you.Congratulations…CARLOS

Friday, April 15th 2011

you´re my best teacher.. it´s very easy whit your help.. thanks a lot…so do you help me i don´t understand want vs like. :(

Friday, April 15th 2011

Hello Ronnie, could you help me with words speak and talk? how can i use it well?.
very good classes, you are fantastic!!…

Friday, April 15th 2011

Dear Ronnie,
I am so excited and i understand many things since i am using the engvid.com
i have a suggestion:-
could you make a Vocabulary Book or a video clip?
using the basic American words(special Vocabulary)with description .
i have one vocabulary book Called(VOA special English word Book) this book is so much helpful for me.but the problem is only its not a Video Vocabulary.
i hope you can make like this one, english vocabulary video.
Thanks once again Dear Ronnie.:)

Saturday, April 16th 2011

Thanks Teacher Ronnie! :)

Saturday, April 16th 2011

really this is useful video. Hi Rani, your teaching is very very good. i like your teaching. thanks a lot.

Sunday, April 17th 2011

Thanks Ronnie, you are the Best!

Monday, April 18th 2011

Thank you dear Ronnie, it was a nice video.

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

hello Ronnie , well i have a problem with ” in , on , at , to ” , where and when should me use each one of it ? please help me , have you a video of these words !!

Tuesday, April 19th 2011

this is the best and the easiest way to learn english

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

hi ronnie . i want to ask some questions regarding canada . Can you describe it how is it and what are the conditions of visa I will be waiting for your answer . tuanks

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

    Sorry I do not know about getting a visa in Canada!

    Monday, April 25th 2011

bonjour ronnie . Je tiens a vous demander utiliser adjectif . Je suis en attente de votre reponse bientot . grace.

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

i hope you would know french

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

You are great

Wednesday, April 20th 2011

    You are great too..
    good luck fcabrera

    Monday, April 25th 2011

hi ronnie i want to ask about the canadian immigration . how long it will take to get visa if we are five members in a family . plz write me soon .

Thursday, April 21st 2011

    That question’s above our pay grade, but try here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/

    Thursday, April 21st 2011

      hi engvid
      it’s me again
      I heard this phrase twice in movies(any given sunday and platoon), and I hardly want to know exactly what does mean
      “the six inches in front of face”
      I google it but there’s the speech of Al
      thankx guys

      Thursday, April 21st 2011

      hi engvid
      it’s me again
      I heard this phrase twice in movies(any given sunday and platoon), and I hardly want to know exactly what does mean
      “the six inches in front of face”
      I google it but there’s only AL’s speech
      thankx guys

      Thursday, April 21st 2011

        “the six inches in front of face” I am not to sure what that means. “Six inches in front of his face” would mean that the thing is very close to his face!

        Monday, April 25th 2011

Thank you ronnie teacher. your lesson is excellent.thanks a lot

Thursday, April 21st 2011

I ve found my way with that lesson. I´m not lost anymore!

Sunday, April 24th 2011

thank you very much ma’m………

Sunday, April 24th 2011

I enjoyed this lesson, teacher you are winner

Sunday, April 24th 2011

hi teacher, im here to ask you if it is possible to have your videoes to learn english perfectly..
and specially i want the videoes that talk about how to improve speaking (i mean conversations) .

Monday, April 25th 2011

u look so funny :)

Monday, April 25th 2011

Hi Ronnie,
How’re you hopefully fine.I’m Touseef Abbasi from Pakistan and i love your’s way of teaching and your’s style is also unforgettable so lovely.
Ronnie learn English in Pakistan and also from your’s site i learn lot of things from you.
i want to improve my English speaking and here i haven’t any whom with i speak can you give me any idea how i can improve my speaking.
tatata bye bye:-)

Monday, April 25th 2011

    The best way to improve your speaking is JUST TALK!!! Don’t be shy or afraid to make a mistake. If you don’ t know any English speakers around you, start an English speakers club – make an ad on the internet/local newspaper and begin your own English speaking group! It does not mater how many people are there – just as long as you can all talk! Also, you can look for existing English speaking groups in your area!
    Good luck!

    Monday, April 25th 2011

      hi ronnie. this is so helpful… i will try it and i will try my best to speak english well! tnx

      Tuesday, April 26th 2011


      Friday, April 29th 2011

      wow1great idea..thanks teacher Ronnie:)i love ur way in teaching!regards to ur team:)God bless u Ronnie!

      Monday, May 9th 2011

thaks teach ronnie !!!!☺☻☺☻☺☻
thanks twice !!

Tuesday, April 26th 2011

can we say, the baby lost in the city and her parents looking for him.

Friday, April 29th 2011

    You have to say “The baby is lost, and her parents are looking for HER”!

    Friday, April 29th 2011

hi ronni, you teach very vell thanks for help me

Friday, April 29th 2011

My respected teachers:
you all are great teachers. I love you all. keep teaching english. thanks

Sunday, May 1st 2011

hi hello my tacher

Monday, May 2nd 2011

Hi ronnie this is very useful you’re so amazing

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011

thank you very much. You are the best teacher

Wednesday, May 4th 2011

You are so funny lol

Sunday, May 8th 2011

I have a question, How I know the order of the clasess that I have to do? Or, there is no order at all?

Sunday, May 8th 2011

    There is no order, but you can begin at the beginner level and work your way up! Even if you have studied English before, it is always a good idea to review what you have learned!

    Monday, May 9th 2011

    No order! You can sort by level, teacher, or topic and find the lessons you are interested in.

    Friday, May 13th 2011

i got prefect to the quiz 5/5^^nice i learned a lot teacher Ronnie:)ty

Monday, May 9th 2011

Hi really you are the best

I have one question please
Can i say ” when i stay her more i lose my mony ”

With kind regards

Monday, May 9th 2011


You have a bit kind of humor that become you sensual, beautful and wonderful. Please, send a e-mail to me (crebio@cpao.embrapa.br). I want read something from you exclusively for me!!!!

Wednesday, May 11th 2011

hello Ronnie! can I say: “I’m missed” instead that “I’m lost”?

Saturday, May 14th 2011

    No, “I’m missed” is incorrect to say when you are lost.

    Sunday, May 15th 2011

I am glad to find this site. Thank you for your efforts.

Saturday, May 14th 2011

what is the mean of “any thing else”

Sunday, May 15th 2011

    “Anything else?” means is there another thing you want.

    Sunday, May 15th 2011

plz tell me “which is the way that i can get help about english conservation?

Sunday, May 15th 2011

    There is a lesson coming soon to help with conversation!

    Sunday, May 15th 2011


Sunday, May 15th 2011

Hi Ronnie nice explanation thanks

Tuesday, May 24th 2011

hi. My name is Danielle, and i am learning english, because i love this language, but i have difficult to speak. i like this class. thank you for your help. :-)

Thursday, May 26th 2011

thank you for help us
go ahead my teacher

Friday, May 27th 2011

hello Ronnie, I was learn more in your lesson. you speaking very clearly and my mum understand little bit, because she wasn’t speak english very well. but i try to learn to her but she don’t understand what i am saying. can i have some basic english for my mum please…

Tuesday, May 31st 2011

    Sure… look on the website for “beginner” lessons! Good luck to you and your mum!

    Tuesday, May 31st 2011

Thank you Rannie.I learn more and more

Tuesday, June 7th 2011

yes ican learn eng . am so beginer

Sunday, June 19th 2011

Hi Ronnie, i love your lessons :) please do seprate videos of ‘tenses’ and parts of speech..

Thursday, June 23rd 2011

    Helllo!!! There are already videos on the site for tenses! I will try to do parts of speech for you!!! Thanks for watching and good luck!

    Saturday, June 25th 2011

Thank you very much my teacher i am hnan of saudi Arabia and i understood this lesoon Look good me and i can answer all your questions

Thursday, June 30th 2011

Thank you

Friday, July 1st 2011

hi ronnie

how about being defeated? is it correct to say “i’m lost(at the game)”? or the only way to say it is just “i lost the game”?

thanks for the help

Monday, July 4th 2011

    “I’m lost(at the game)” is wrong in this context… it means that you are at the game and you are physically lost.
    “I lost the game” means you were defeated.

    Tuesday, July 5th 2011

      For concentration, as asked , can we say ”I lost my concentration in/at the game”?

      Friday, June 2nd 2017

thanks for teaching

Wednesday, July 6th 2011

could u plz teach us what if ,although, neither ,How can I properly use them.Love u

Wednesday, July 6th 2011

how can i do a quiz? i click the quiz above, but nothing happen.

Monday, July 11th 2011

Ronnie ur simply the best thnks for helping us .i;m still facing dificulty in pronouncing th sound.

Friday, July 15th 2011

I like your the way of funny teaching,you’re good teacher.

Wednesday, July 27th 2011

I’m not want to be a loser learning english. this is the right way to learn english engVid. thanks cute,redhead from Canada,xoxo.

Sunday, July 31st 2011

nice teaching method

Tuesday, August 9th 2011

i almost didn’t want you to leave

Thursday, August 11th 2011

Hi! Ronnie.
I often said, I lost my weight.
Now i know correct conversation.
Thank you for your help.

Friday, August 12th 2011


Saturday, August 13th 2011

i wouid like to lean more lesson from miss ranni.her’s teaching way easy to understand.actually i wii try to be a native speaker helping your advice.

Tuesday, August 23rd 2011

hhhh thank you for this video
I want to learn a lot
can you help me ??

Thursday, September 1st 2011

Please keep up the good work!

Sunday, September 4th 2011

ronnie i’m lost whithout you

Wednesday, September 7th 2011

without engvid.com I’am lost…….i got perfect score.

Saturday, September 17th 2011

teaching is very good…

Friday, October 7th 2011

Thanks my dear Teacher Ronnie.

Friday, October 7th 2011

thank you

Monday, October 31st 2011

Hi Ma’am ronnie, what are the difference between LOSS.. LOST.. & LOSE.. I really really confusing how to use correctly in that words. plz explain it to me bye and god bless…

Wednesday, November 9th 2011

    Lose/lost = verb= can find/did not win………. I lost my wallet.(past) The Reds will lose the game.(base)
    Loss = noun. Weight loss is important in America.

    Wednesday, November 9th 2011

Hi Ronnie, it’s really a pleasure for me to see your videos, i like the way you teach, really fun, cool, not boring. I wanna ask you some questions which is not related to the section of this lesson. my questions: Is it right that Past Simple emphasizes the use of “time” of something that we did in the past and Present Perfect emphasizes the “work or the result of work” that we have done in the past? and whats the difference between Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous tense? I need your answer and I hope the answer from you can be really helpful for my confusion in this case. Thank you :)

Thursday, November 10th 2011

    You are right about present and simple perfect!
    Present perfect continuous has “ing” on the verb…Ex I have been living in Indian for 4 years. We use this for an action that started in the past and is still true now. Present perfect the action has stopped. Ex. I have lived in India.

    Thursday, November 10th 2011

      Thanks so much for your answers Ronnie.
      Have a nice day! :)

      Friday, November 11th 2011

Hi Ma’am ronnie how are today, I hope you always ok by this moment.. Ma’am ronnie what’s the different between the worD… LATER & LATTER… please make a lesson for me regarding that words thanks and god bless you!

Saturday, November 12th 2011

Come on Ronnie, why do you teachers try to trick us? We all no you are alone in the classroom, there are no students attending while you teach. It’s obvious, we’ve never heard them make any noise, or voice. I’m right, aren’t I?

Sunday, November 13th 2011

    We teachers are magical wizards and witches, with beautiful dragon and unicorn students. They do make noise and answer questions but you can’t hear because you don’t believe they exist!

    Monday, November 14th 2011

      Philosophy is something I’ve always liked. I hope the students don’t breathe the fire from their mouths :) Thank you for your answer ;)

      Tuesday, November 15th 2011

      Ronnie, your are really amazing, I love you, thanky you so much!!!

      Thursday, January 19th 2012

u are the best teacher

Monday, November 14th 2011

    Thank you, I’m trying to be :)

    Tuesday, November 15th 2011


Tuesday, November 29th 2011

hey Ronnie!Thenks for help friend!

Tuesday, November 29th 2011

nice test, i scored 100%, thank you very much Miss Rani. i am taking your classes. my english was nothing but it’s now being something.

Saturday, December 10th 2011

hi,ronni ,i live in REGINA(CANADA) from pakistan,i loved ur teaching method.i have accent problem,plz give more lesson pronounciation.Thanks.

Friday, December 16th 2011

Hello Teacher
thank you for lessons

Sunday, January 8th 2012

helo mdm ronne, simply i typ smethng in youtube reg spokn englsh by acidnt i got ur website today i has watchd two clses and its very nce . I want to knw whch one is fst cls. I am sure i sugest to my fndz watch ur valuable cls regas. Yusuf

Friday, January 13th 2012

Many thanks for your lesson ,, :)

Thursday, February 23rd 2012

hi iam from United Kingdom thank you so much ronnie have nice time.

Friday, March 2nd 2012

thank you Ronnie lovely teacher

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

You said I must not say : “I lost weight ! All right. Is it the alone exception ? For instance must I say I lost apetite or my apetite ? Thanks you very much for your answer Kind regards

Saturday, March 10th 2012

    Sorry Ronnie! Forget this text Please watch the second ! Thank you very much

    Saturday, March 10th 2012

excuse me Ronnie i wanted to write:
You said I must say : “I lost weight ! All right. Is it the alone exception ? For instance must I say I lost apetite or my apetite ? Thanks you very much for your answer Kind regards

Saturday, March 10th 2012

    Yes, I lost weight seems to be the only exception I can think of!!!

    Wednesday, March 14th 2012

      Hi I download your videos regularly and learnt plenty of things from you and other speakers as well. Here is a question for you, quite tough, but no one is perfect. Why don’t we use ”my weight”?. Thank you and you are my best teacher.

      Friday, June 2nd 2017

thanks to this lesson.when do i use the p.simple & p.perfect in speech?

Sunday, March 11th 2012

Hi Ronnie,
Thank you very much for your a great knowledge and a great effort

Monday, March 12th 2012

thank you thank you thank you

Wednesday, March 28th 2012

you are a great teacher who made English like a pastry …..nice to have it….thank you very much….regards, Somdev Paramel -India

Sunday, April 15th 2012

Hey!Great job!Thank you very mush.But when me can use loose?

Saturday, May 5th 2012

    Loose is an adjective – it describes a noun. Ex. The pants are loose. My tooth is loose.

    Sunday, May 6th 2012

Thanks teacher

Friday, May 11th 2012

I am hassan hosni
I stydy english because I love this language , it is my favorite language .
thank for Good . who made yoe a teacher for me .

Monday, May 28th 2012

thank you teacher!! I am stydy English I have to learn English, because I am living in USA

Sunday, June 10th 2012

thanks for the lesson

Sunday, June 24th 2012

Think you so much

Monday, July 2nd 2012


Saturday, July 21st 2012

thanks teacher for your ossom lesson.Not only i but every body learn more from your lesson

Wednesday, August 8th 2012

Hi RONNIE, your classes are nice.
In fourth quiz question, If you went to a new city and took the wrong bus, you might say “I am lost.”
But I feel “I lost my way” is the perfect answer. Because if I went to a new city with group of people and I was lost by them, I can say “I am lost”. But In the above question, I am doing the action. So it should be “I lost my way”.
Please explain me. Before that say big hi bcz I am your big fan.

Monday, August 27th 2012

Hey Ronnie , i already said that but i have to say again.. Im impressive how all your lessons are so useful.. Many thanks one more time..

Monday, October 8th 2012

Hello, Your lessons are very useful, thanks Ronnie.

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

hi Ronne thank you for a reach information i hope to see you

Sunday, October 28th 2012

hi Ronne ur lesson r very usefull i want more lession..ur my good and best english teacher

Sunday, November 25th 2012

Thank’s a lot Ronnie !!!

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

thank you very well. I like your B… You are good girl …

Friday, December 21st 2012

^____^ good job ^_________^

Sunday, January 6th 2013

Ronnie taught very good lesson, She is very good teacher

Monday, January 14th 2013

Hi, teacher. I appreciate ur teaching way. The lessons are very useful for us. I’m desire to be fluent English. what do you advice which way is the most effective learning grammar or only watching video. I’ve been learning English since september, but still I’m not believe myself. I can’t keep conversation going, my English talk always dies in a few minutes. Everyday I learn new words but next day I feel that they already lost from my mind.

Wednesday, January 23rd 2013

the way of teaching English is fantastic.
I understand better the difference between losing and who is the loser.
Even if I have to do a little practical exercise. thanks Ronnie

Saturday, February 23rd 2013

Thank you funny Ronnie. I’m no longer lost with lost.

Saturday, February 23rd 2013

Hi Ronnie i go 100 on the test thank you

Sunday, March 3rd 2013

could you tell me difference between adj. and adverb. thanks

Monday, April 1st 2013

how is not a “wh” question because its starts with ho.

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013

Hello my Ronnie Teacher.
May i please.ask you how can i makes my English Better?
for your info…i did learned the English by my self..No one teaching me.
I just let you know about some thing i did to leaning English are:
1-Watching to EngVid.com lessons.
2-Watching to English movies with or without translating.
3-doing many English practises.
4-listening to English music.
5-Making a conversation with my friends C2C by skype they are from UK/USA/Canada and Australia.
And still my English is cracking.
In addition to i got Arabic and Turkish language..
I needs your help..if you please.
Thank you for your all lessons.
you well done.
Take Care.
Have a good and nice day.

Sunday, April 14th 2013

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 5th 2013

thanks Ronnie , with your effort I never get lost

Wednesday, July 31st 2013

Thank you Ronnie! “Lost” reminds me the movie Tropic Thunder wich has a funny speech with the word lost. Robert Downey Jr says: “God damn it man! We are fucking super lost!” :D

Thursday, August 1st 2013

thanks ronnie :)

Tuesday, September 17th 2013

thank you

Wednesday, October 16th 2013


Monday, November 18th 2013

Hi i want to know that.. If i send skype request to some one else .. so how can i say … can i say like this …. (I have sent the skype request to you or else I have sent a skype request to you or else I have sent skype request to you ) Please I need clarification on it..

Wednesday, November 20th 2013

Hi Ronny,
is thera a different between he’s the loser or he’s a loser.
Thx for help!

Monday, December 9th 2013

Hi, Ronnie :)When will you teach a new lessons about diffrent subject? For example, about reported speech. I wonder it… your lessons enjoyable :)) you are so sweet*
I wait your other lesson bye…

Monday, March 3rd 2014

Hi Ronnie, I really enjoy your lessons.

Friday, March 21st 2014

Thanks .

Saturday, April 5th 2014

HI Ronnie! You’re such an awesome teacher! I am looking for a lesson about EUPHEMISM but there’s no available. Could you make one because I want to learn the commonly used euphemisms both in Canada and the USA. Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, June 24th 2014

I owe you!

Tuesday, July 8th 2014

Hi Ronnie!
Is there, by chance, an adverb referred to the verb “to lose”?
Thank you in advance! :)

Thursday, September 25th 2014

Hi ronnie i’m lina I love the English language but I don’t know where to start I beg you help me. Sometimes I say to myself that I would not learn to speak it.
I Track your lessons in Facebook or on this site and I like the way you explain lessons.
Sorry if some of the words incorrectly in writing

Saturday, January 10th 2015

I think they don’t say “I lost my weight ” because it means all weight

Sunday, May 10th 2015

I GOT IT!!! :D 100%

Tuesday, May 12th 2015


Tuesday, October 13th 2015

Thank you, Ronnie!!

Thursday, October 26th 2017


Friday, May 4th 2018

You got 4 correct out of 4.

Sunday, October 28th 2018

You got 4 correct out of 4.

I think if I say I am lost , maybe they will understand that I am last.

Sunday, October 28th 2018

THANKS .you are the best teacher .i understand this lesson very well thanks

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019

Hi Roonie,you are the best also you remind me my ESL teacher class when I came in Canada.I have a lot of good memories from him.Thanks a lot 👌

Thursday, January 24th 2019

Thank you Ms. Ronnie.

Wednesday, July 3rd 2019

Thanks for the episod

Thursday, November 7th 2019

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