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10/10 thanks for the clarity in your teaching and explanation. Take care!

Guerra Kev

for me I like the Spicy food, that’s why I like Indian Kitchen, also I like Sea food its my Favorite meal Specially the Savory Sea food Soup Really I like it, you know also I like the test of sour when I eat fish normally I put much of lemon, after I take the main Cours normally I like to drink Coffee with milk or tea with milk without Sugar.

Rashad Egy

Thank you! I picked up some new vocab. Soggy and mealy were absolutely new to me.
BTW How should I call the soft part of bread?) I mean outside the bread we’ve got a crust and what’s inside it? Is it a breadcrumb?


    It’s called the crumb, but it’s not commonly used. Most people just say “bread” and only refer to the crust or bread crumbs (small pieces of bread that fall) as individual parts of it.


Thank you Alex, Take care Covid-19.


    I’m doing my best. Thanks for your kind wishes and stay safe.


Thanks alot Alex …


As usual, it was a ripe lesson that I enjoyed.
Wherever I eat in a country, in another restaurant or at home, I often need mustard with meat. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to have it, for example in Italy. In this case, the meat tastes bland for me.
Thanks Alex.
I’m not sure that a ripe lesson is really appropriate in the context ?? Ripe is mature in my mind ??


    Ripe works in this context! It’s not super common to use it in this way, but I totally get what you mean.

    I love boiled sausages and mustard.


Hi Alex, I want to thank you for you lessons and kindness. I started with Engvid 2 years ago, and next june I am going to pass a exam, in english of course!
Thanks very much.

Rey Maria

    That’s great, Rey! I’m so happy to see long-time supporters of EngVid and to hear their success stories. Good luck with your exam! Which one are you taking?


      Hi Alex, it’s a Linguaskill (Bulats). If I am here today I owe it to you. Thanks very much.

      Rey Maria

        That’s a tough one. Good luck!


I like bitter chocolate and sour milk!

Valery teacher

    Sour milk? @_@ But WHYYYYYYYYY?!


      Hi Alex,

      sour milk is something excellent, when it is cold, taken right out of fridge and eaten with the potatoes, it is someting scrumptious !!!

      However, please, Alex, where is the difference between FLAVOR and TASTE. I looked up both the words in the dictionary and they have the same definition. Are they intetchangeable ?
      Thank you,


        I fully agree, adrijana. Alex – Valery and adrijana are obviously referring to zsiadłe mleko. You know, summer midday in the countryside, outdoor meal, new patatoes, dill and soured milk (curds?). Ecstasy.
        As for flavor, it applies to both smell and taste, doesn’t it? Which is quite confusing. It’s also surprising that sweet, sour are flavors, not tastes. Greetings.


          Thanks, tomek. Chyba juz dlugo nie mialem mleko takie, ale czuje smak jak mysle o tym!

          Now I want mashed potatoes with milk and butter…


        Adrijana, when you go to an ice cream parlor, you choose from different “flavors.” You can say “My favourite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate.” You can’t really replace “flavor” with “taste” in this context. The ice cream tastes (verb) sweet. It has a good taste!

        I hope this helps a little. And thank you for the sour milk clarification!


      i think he meant yougurt teacher


Excellent lesson Alex, thank you !


    You’re very welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Thank you Alex! I love bitter coffee and sour lemon :)


That’s great to hear! Good luck with your studies.


God bless you :) …


    Thank you, idoo. All the best to you as well.


I love pretty much all kinds of food, specially salty food and beer, i enjoy fruit and vegetables as well. On weekends i could use a bit of junk food, just a bit. And about you Alex?

Daniel Biazi

    woops! I made a mistake. At the end I meant to say; How about you Alex?

    Daniel Biazi

thank you , great lesson


Hello, Alex. Thank you a lot, I learned a couple of new words. I’d like to ask if there is an adjective to describe jelly-like food. For example, if eggs are underfried, they look like jelly.


    Hmm, good question. I’d probably just say they’re a little undercooked or a little loose, jiggly, or jelly-like/jellyish. Sorry, no formal words are coming to my mind. Any other examples of jelly-like foods? Maybe jellyfish at a Chinese restaurant?


      Thanks for answering. The only example I can think of is a Russian traditional food called “cholodets”:) In Russia we call such kind of food something like “trembler” or “shivering”.


great lesson – thanks a lot!
I’m german and the english word ‘to cook’
is usually translated as ‘kochen’.
This means to prepare some food in boiling water.
But the way ‘to cook’ was used in this lesson it seems to have a more general meaning
also encompassing grilling, roasting etc.
(Overcooked = burned chicken). Is this the case?
Thanks & regards!


    Yes, in English, to cook simply means to prepare food by using a stove, an oven, a barbecue, etc. It’s different from to bake, which refers to the same but with cakes, cookies, etc.


Hi Alex thank you for spending your time teaching us such incredible lessons and for sharing your gift of teaching with us and thank you for being such a wonderful teacher……sure, trying to swallow mealy foods is so hard for everyone…..


    I took a bite into an apple today and threw it out because it was too mealy. Yuck.


Thank you. Mealy and soggy are new words for me.


    Nice! I’m glad you picked up some new words.


Thanks Alex!! Great lesson, as always. Your examples are excellent!!


    Thanks! I’m glad the examples were clear and that you enjoyed the lesson. Good luck with your studies!


Hello Alex, thank you for your videos. You teach very well. In this lesson I got 100%. This subject about flavors and texture is very important. Normally I have been drinking all things bitter, without sugar.Like a coffee, lemonade, wine and so on.


    Everyone’s tastes are different. I like my drinks plain or a little sweet. For coffee, I usually just add a little milk, and I drink my tea black.


Thank you a lot! I like salty snacks and sweet desserts)


Nice tshirt


That is a good lesson. I’m a begginer but I understand the class :-D


thank you for this lesson
I’ve scored 90/100.
There was many new vocabularies for me in this lesson.
I guess i should repeat the lesson many times to memorize those vocabularies.


It is an interesting lesson, especially you teach it. Thanks.


10/10. Thank you Alex for extension of my vocabulary. Savory soup, mealy apples, mushy potatoes is absolutely new for me. BTW I prefer sweet and sour Chinese food.


I would like to have a sweet and savory food for my Dinner, though i am still a bit full from the lunch today. am i using the correct English words?


Your explanation was very clear and enjoyable


Hi ,

Thanks you for the restaurant vocabulary.
I learnt vocabulary and grammar English for speaking reading and writing
Your videos help me a lots

Eugenie mye

This vocabulary is very useful Alex, I liked it, your examples were so good! thanks a million!


Alex thanks!! for your explanation, it’s a lesson very interesting.

Leydi Leon

I’v just drunk a delicioius green tea with fresh mint from my little garden while learning new vocabulary with you. I prefer savoury and spicy to sweet and I’m very curious about foreign foods using coloured fruits and tasty vegetables as oldest varieties still naturally grown. I’m very fond of nature. Many thanks to you.


Your lesson was really Rich and Heavy ..
Thank you so much


i want to know about that q:3. The adjective used to describe something that has not been cooked is:

Ahmed otaify

Thanks Alex sir,you are teaching so good and your pronunciation is too fluent.love from India.


Great practice Alex.

I love Mexican spicy food. Tacos al pastor for me are the best!!!


Thank you so much, I have learned some new adjectives.


i am from Venezuela. excelent lesson, thank you. i learned some words about flavors and tastes food. good bless you


Hi Alex! I learned a lot of vocabulary related to foods which are nice, thank you.


you didn’t mention “tangy”.
isn’t it common?

milad 2500

Hi Alex, I got 10 correct out of 10,thank you, i got a lot of new words,it was a useful lesson.

Radwan S.

thank you. its a g reat video with amazing teacher.And I also want tp tell you,you are look like Ricky Gervais.


Very interesting. You´re a good teacher.


Excellent class Alex. Thanks


Thank you . I’ve learnt new things to day because of you. I like how you teach.


Thank you teacher, Im repaet this lesson because 10/6 but you my best teacher :)

sumeyye unal

thnx alex your lesson rich of information
i learned a lot from you beside i loved your teaching way
bless you and i want lot of your lesson


nice way to teatching i like you
you are crunchy!!!



    Mist Skyler

Thank you very much! The only problem now is that I have to eat something after your lesson ?



    Mist Skyler



i got 9 correct out of 10
i learned vocabulary that i had never know before
thank you Alex

salma Almateri

I like this lesson especially you used props making the lesson very relaxed and approachable. Practical in daily life and not too heavy in a 20-min video. Can you give me a couple of sentences using savory or decadent in them. I don’t usually hear these two words that much.
Due to Covid-19, our school has totally switched to online learning. Your video with props is good model to imitate! I use Studio within Canvas platform. In recording your video, what app or program did you use?


Many thanks Alex. I have learned some new works and enjoyed the way you teach. Best regards from Israel.


Hi Alex, thanks for this lesson. I learn some more vocabularies about food today. In France, we can take ” un café gourmand” not a gourmet. It’s a coffee with some small cakes or sweets. How do you say for this?
I like your tee-shirts. You are so fun and your lessons too.
Take care, Alex.




You are perfect teacher, thanks a lot.


I love your all lessons. as if I watch theater :)
by the way i love salty snacks!


You are perfect teacher! Thanks.


Yes, 10 out of 10. Thanks Alex.

Sam Island

Alex, perfect class. It was great way to improve the vocabulary. Thanks a lot.


Hi, Alex.There is a dish called mapo tofu in Chinese restaurant. The flavor is not only spicy, but also makes my lips and tongue red and hocus. I wanner know how to describe the flavor in English. Thank you! I have watched some of your videos. They are very helpful because they are common, and close to our life. I will keep going.


Hi, Alex! Thank you for this lesson and all lessons that you have done. Its so so interesting and useful!
I am from Ukraine, so I used to eat not spicy food like you. When I lived in China it was so hard to find habitual food. There was a lot of fatty and greasy meals, too spicy and absolutely not delicious foods. Some food was bland. You can’t imagine how looks their fast food. Burgers and burgers and fries are so so oily. I was missing Ukrainian food. delicious nutritious borsch, light salads, cheese and coffee. There weren’t coffee and cheese. Actually there were, but its were hard to find and expensive to buy. So now I am at home and I am so happy to brew a cup of coffee, to eat juicy fruits, crunchy home potatoes and my habitual food.


Thank you Alex for the interesting lesson.

What about well-done, medium-done, etc. food/steak?


Thank you I got 10/10

mawada ssaaad

Hi Alex. thanks for your sweet teaching. I got 10/10


10/10! Thank’s for explain this and I loved spicy food ;)


the perfect lesson for me … food lesson …
and of course i’ve got 10 over 10


10 out of 10 yyyeeaa


Thanks Alex for that incredible new lesson.

Emmanuel MANDEBI

best regards,Alex
greetings from Kazakhstan 17 Dec2o21:)


10/10….I took a fright…wow…Thank you, professor.
I hear you have a lesson on the movie Star Wars,but
I can’t find it. What do I have to do?


I really like this lesson!
So many words to describe food it is very interesting.
Thank you very much Alex for your explanation.

Denise Pimenta
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