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100% nice quiz :)

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    wow me too :D I think it’s veryyyyyyyyy easy lol ,, I wish if the TOEFL speaking questions were like that. :’)

    Profile photo of Alissarna Alissarna

      LoL, I really hope so!

      Profile photo of siyuan siyuan

    Thanks for these down-to-earth tips for the speaking task for the TOEFL.

    By the way Alex, what does iBT stand for?

    Ciao, great day!!!

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Internet Based Test = IBT

      Profile photo of tc.burak tc.burak

Thank you Alex, good lesson…..

Profile photo of clalonu clalonu

    Please guys I need help I have Interview next month I hope there is some one professional or upper-mediate in Speaking English add me on Skype to speak together I will be very appreciate for Him/Her
    This is my skype

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I’ve got 8 correct out of 9! nice!

Profile photo of jusren ann bernadas jusren ann bernadas

Thank you very much, Sir Alex; At least 2 reasons I always look up to you are : you are the best teacher on line; the way of your teaching is fun!

Profile photo of VietNam1984 VietNam1984

Such a good ideas!

Profile photo of immirgant immirgant

Thank you for introducing in this aspect of TOEFL.

Profile photo of vovchick vovchick

Thank you, Alex, for explaining one of the most complicated grammar topics .
Keep Up the good work .

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Please guys I need help I have Interview next month I hope there is some one professional or upper-mediate in Speaking English add me on Skype to speak together I will be very appreciate for Him/Her
This is my skype

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Profile photo of carlos 2138 carlos 2138

You know Alex…? you are a great teacher ever. I like the way you teach. I also imitate you in my classes.
Now I have one request from you. I hope you can reply to me soon

Profile photo of Imtithal Saeed Imtithal Saeed

My request is about when to use the article”the” and when to exclude it

Profile photo of Imtithal Saeed Imtithal Saeed

    Hi imtithal,

    You can search for the keyword ‘THE’ in engvid.com. There are a bunch of videos talked about that. Hope that help :).

    Profile photo of Attitude.first Attitude.first

      Okeay I will do ….thank you.

      Profile photo of Imtithal Saeed Imtithal Saeed

Thanks for your help.

Profile photo of Maryam Zaky Maryam Zaky

Excuse me,Teacher !could i ask u some questions?How can i get alots of ideas like u teacher. i dont mean that i want to have lots of ideas like u,i just want to know how to have a gerneral idea!

Profile photo of sovanmalitey sovanmalitey

Thanks a lot! Very useful advises

Profile photo of morgan morgan

thanks to engvid.i have been watching your english classes, it’s realy helpful for me, i have a doubt difference of between ( is been and has been) can u explain me?

Profile photo of amithsha amithsha

Hi. My name is Hasan.I would like to know that how find a quiz about To and For to practise?

Profile photo of Hasanagha Zalov Hasanagha Zalov

good tips, thanks teacher. you guy always give me useful instructions in learning English.

Profile photo of duongtranvn duongtranvn

Thanks for his enlightening lesson Alex.I am going to take TOEFL on June 6.However I am not sure whether I can score very well or not.How can I get a score like 80 on TOEFL.What should I do for this score.I think my level of English is upper-indermediate.

Profile photo of Kadir Kadir

Is Toefl more difficult than the academic IELTS? Or could both be similar on the level of exigency?

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

great tips. thanks

Profile photo of marienba marienba

thank you teacher

Profile photo of nguyenhuunam88 nguyenhuunam88

Thank you, from now on I WILL DO THAT…

Profile photo of fabiao bento ribeiro fabiao bento ribeiro

Hello everyone. I just want to make friends and practise English. Here’s my Skype: thuong.hoai18 If you want to speak English with me, find me over Skype and we’ll practise English together :)

Profile photo of Hoaithuong Hoaithuong

    Hi I want to speak with you

    Profile photo of mahdi yavari mahdi yavari

tank your sir.i would learn speak anglish car you help me please

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I like all teacher so much to guide me through the diveo , thanks.

Profile photo of Heng Rithy Heng Rithy

please teacher I want ur skype please

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Nice lesson. I failed on question 4 though. I chose a cat. What reasonable notes can you make in 15 seconds?

Profile photo of tomek11 tomek11

Thank you very much

Profile photo of arguig arguig

Thanks so much Alex. Sometime in the news I heard that they use BILL OUT, NEW EDUCATION BILL. How is that use if possible wanna learn. Thank again.

Profile photo of Nandar Aung Nandar Aung

thank you so much mr. alex

Profile photo of boby arianto boby arianto

Excellent lessons, thank you.

Profile photo of balagog7 balagog7

Thanks Alex, this video was very useful.

However, I’d like to correct a little misunderstanding: actually, according to ETS, it is not allowed to bring notebooks, pens or pencils to the test centre. They will provide sheets of paper (03 in general) and 01 pencil for the task takers. I personally hate this policy because I don’t like to use pencil. In addition, that one which was lent me had a very bad quality and needed to be sharp too many times.
If one of you guys have any question, please check the ETS website – test takers section.

See you.

Profile photo of wilson.med33 wilson.med33

Hey how are you Alex, I would like you to do a video about the names of local foods and kind of meats

Profile photo of javyantony1@ javyantony1@

Thank you Alex, obviously your lessons are helpful for us, I am hoping all of your students successful in TOEFL exam, also me.

Profile photo of saeedred saeedred

Thank you Alex,, it really help me though

Profile photo of Lomen Lomen

can anybody tell me how to approach comprehension

Profile photo of surendar007 surendar007

Video with a very good tips. Great!!

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Profile photo of Ramsees Ramsees

I’ve got 8 correct out of 9! Thank you so much :)

Profile photo of Dalila Castro Dalila Castro

Thank you, Alex, very useful tips.

Profile photo of wazhma wazhma

Thank you for these tips. This will help me organize what I need to study for speaking as my weakness is this type of test. I don’t like on the spot questions.
My exam will be in June 18. Hope I will be ready. I am so glad I found this website on youtube!
This is best website I found so far in overall learning english !

Thanks !

Profile photo of melanin78 melanin78

Thank you at all your advice, appreciate your work

Profile photo of hany-ibrahim hany-ibrahim

Is the TOEFL like GED ?

Profile photo of salina2015 salina2015

Thanks a lot, teacher, Alex.

Profile photo of noneego noneego

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of frankyforlife frankyforlife

They’re very helpful tips.
Thank you ~! :)

Profile photo of jiyoungsong jiyoungsong

Thank you,sir..It’s very helpful

Profile photo of shadowbroker1987 shadowbroker1987

Really awesome that tips, Thank you so much!

Profile photo of diegord diegord

6 out of 9

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Profile photo of smilypeep4 smilypeep4

tks Alex

Profile photo of allenhu allenhu

Thank you! it was so really useful.

Profile photo of Mini Mouquet Mini Mouquet

Thank you Alex. You helped me a lot

Profile photo of GabriellaThais GabriellaThais

Thanks Alex for your understandable tips on TOEFL.
I scored 9!

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Profile photo of manimotapothula manimotapothula

It sounds easy

Profile photo of ahmed haamed ahmed haamed

Thanks a lot :D

Profile photo of Ahmed ADAM Ahmed ADAM

thanks for those tips they really help a lot

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great effort ,thanks Alex

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Profile photo of jcuevas jcuevas

Hi i would ile to know what is the best test book preparation for toefl actually? and if someone in this forum has already taken it and have had succeed in this test, i would appreciate your opinion. THANKS

Profile photo of rango16 rango16

I got 89/90 Lol!

Profile photo of Horiah Horiah

Thanks Alex.
This tips are really nice for any exam…

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Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Very nice tips. Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of Lidiane Michelon Lidiane Michelon

thanks goods advices

Profile photo of gusber1985 gusber1985

Thanks for your comments and questions, everyone. I truly appreciate them!

Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hi Alex.

Thanks for the suggestions

when I take the Toefl exam, ¿should i SPEAK and WRITE in a formal manner or should i sound like a native speaker? . For example, which of the following is better:
She is the woman I work for
She is the woman for whom I work

And can i use contractions:
i’d like to go the city
i would like to go to the city


Profile photo of mayldberg mayldberg

thanks a lot

Profile photo of vkachan69 vkachan69

Hi Alex. You are amazingly good teacher. Thanks for your video lesson and advices. I hope your help will bring me good results.

Profile photo of Nizom Nizom

Thank you teacher ☆☆☆

Profile photo of Sara km Sara km

hi Alex how are you? i want to say thanks a lot for your lessons, are very very funcional i learned too much with them.
alex i have a big trouble. it happens that some people i understand very well their pronuntiation, but anothers i don’t understand in the same way, i want to say that if i don’t understand, maybe could be the accent, and i would like to ask your advice on how to do to better understand the different accents and pronuntiations.
waiting for your reply
send you greetings

Profile photo of armando.vald armando.vald

Alex, thanks, make a video about integrated speaking task, thank you!

Profile photo of zurao zurao

Excellent teaching! Thank you very much!

Profile photo of RhInO55 RhInO55

Hello Alex!

Thanks for the good tips. I have never done the TOEFL yet, but if one day I do it, I shall remember your advice.

Bye for now!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Hello Alex
i found it very good , i am at upper-intermediate level of English , i do not know it’s good step to study for TOEFL now or not !! can you give me your opinion ? can you help me :( ?

Profile photo of Mai Darwish Mai Darwish

I got 100.thank you.. It is a great video..

Profile photo of zienta zienta

I’m a TOEFL speaking rater. The advice about having to give at least two reasons is simply wrong. To get a top score in topic development, it’s much more important to have a coherent, sustained, focused response. Test-takers who try to find two reasons often use vague generalities (“to learn more knowledge,” “to enhance social skills,” “to broaden my horizons”) with undeveloped support. One well-developed reason with specific details and examples is much more likely to give you a high score.

Profile photo of HilaryLeslie HilaryLeslie

Hi! I’m from Dominican Republic and since March I’m getting ready by myself to take the TOEFL. You don’t have any idea about how good it feels to find all these free lessons online, especially when you do not have enough money or time to go to any school, anyway, nowadays I work for an airline, which makes me able to afford tickets at a really low price to Canada, in spite of the institutions we have to take the TOEFL here, I prefer to take it in Canada and meet all the team who are making possible my dreams come true. Whether if I can get in 2018 a scholarship or not to study in an English native speaker country, I truly know, I will be glad for all the things I could have learned by the end of this journey; I prepared a self-taught program and it is supposed to be done by the end of this year. Wish me good luck and thanks! Question: Does EngVid is completely online? Or Do you have any institution which I can chose online when I pay for the TOEFL as a location to take the test and kill 2 birds with one stone meeting you guys?

Profile photo of NOA1991 NOA1991

Hi teacher, thanks for your tips to get a higher qualification on TOEFL test.

Profile photo of Zuleyner Zuleyner

thank you Alex , you are a very good teacher

Profile photo of Anka studies Anka studies

Thanks Alex.

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