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Thanks Mr.Benjamin for learning us to talk about regrets and what might have happened by using the third conditional. Due to this English grammar lesson, we’ll learn how to use the 3rd Conditional to talk about things in the past that you wish we had done or had NOT done!
Thanks a million for your quiz because it was right up my alley


Hello Janyl! As I had not seen your comments for some time, I am glad to hear from you indirectly.


Sorry for the mistake Benjamin, I wanted to thank you for the lesson and, seeing Jenny’s comment, give her a friendly greeting from a regular on the site, like her.


If you had not advised me,l would have not to take the quiz.

Gaddafi Malam Yahaya

    Sorry Gaddafi Malam Yahaya,

    it is great that you are practicing this really hard grammar topic, that said, in my opinion, this sentence should be :

    If you had not advised me, I wouldn´t have taken the quiz.

    Unfortunately, Benjamin is explaining the 3. conditional in a mediocre way and he does not mention a lot of the aspects that should be mentioned here.

    Luckily, there are some great lessons and teachers here so I can either revise or learn hier a lot.


OH, my God! the hardest QUIZ thought would be, but final I got 9 /10 { 90%.} Good mark! A ,

here we go.. If I had not listened Mr.Benjamin carefully, I would not have passed the quiz.

Thank you Benjamin for the lesson..

Massawe E

Hi Benjamin, thank you for your nice and interesting lesson!
Now, I feel more confident about this tricky grammatical part!


thx u guru

Wilen Hervin

Thanks Mr.Benjamin


thanks Benjamin for the great job.

Moamen Mohammed

thanks a lot.

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